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Rating of Chevrolet Beat

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In a Heart- Beat (Chevy)

for LS
On: Aug 04, 2016 | 49 Views

Booked the Car on 23rd of February following the offers from Chevy

To my surprise, the car was registered on 29th February.

Got the car delivered on 9th of March and this is how the day follows

Let's rewind to the previous day. Got a call from the showroom on 8th March for the delivery of the car and the time I would like to pick it up. Obviously was very excited about my first car/the Family's first car rather.

Planned out the delivery time for the next day and it had to be in the evening. We didn't want the car to suffer in the scorching heat.

First time I opened the door and entered into the driver seat, held the steering and it was all an emotional moment. I realize the fact that it is machinery but I also knew that this was going to be a long-term bonding and many memories would follow to cherish. While on the way back, I looked at my Mom, seating behind and saw a smile on her face.


Today is 4th of Aug, as I sit to write the experience for the car, I would say I am a proud to drive the car every day, though my love for it restricts it to be used in rough conditions. I am addicted to the car as I walk down to pick up my bike, I always crave to drive the car, which makes more sense to drive in Bangalore as you never know, when it rains. Moreover, it is a fuel efficient and compact car. right? I am sure all beat owners would agree to it. Believe me or not, I have made some of my friends envy for their wrong choice of car.

It is comfortable to drive, compact to fit in any parking lanes, enough room for a small family, very trendy and stylish for young drivers passionate about driving and above all, felt like has more power in pick up, than swift, though I do not understand all the tech specs, all these, comes at an affordable price.

I love the Muscle look flowing from the side of the car. The new facelift version is just too T-Rexy. The compact bonnet makes the car steerable in compact roads. Just too easy to handle.

I would not want to drive/own any other car than this. Oh and I do not like it when someone asks me for the keys for a test drive. I would rather suggest them to go call up a dealer.

Love the fact that My first car is my best of all compact cars available in the market.


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