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Challan Pay

Check your challan online for free & Pay car challan in minimum possible steps at CarDekho to make yourself escape from penalty and other issues.

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What is Challan Pay?

Challan Pay is your go-to online service for hassle-free challan payment. With Challan Pay, vehicle owners can effortlessly settle their challans with just a few clicks. Don't let pending challans and mounting late fees haunt you any longer! Stay one step ahead of the game and experience the thrill of being challan-free.

Additional benefits:

  1. Our online service offers a convenient platform for vehicle owners to manage and pay their challans (traffic fines) efficiently.
  2. Simplifies the process of challan management, saving vehicle owners time and effort.
  3. Offers a centralised system to view, track, and pay all pending challans in one place.
  4. Reduces the risk of missing or forgetting about challans, avoiding potential penalties or legal issues.
  5. Offers a record-keeping feature, allowing vehicle owners to maintain a digital archive of their challans for future reference.
  6. Enhances transparency by providing access to historical challan data, empowering vehicle owners to track their compliance over time.
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Please Note

Disclaimer - The info only includes challan(s) data derived from various third party sources and may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Once you've paid the fine, it typically takes a few weeks for the settlement details to be accurately reflected and synchronized with the records at the RTO. If you inquire about any pending fines during this period, they may still appear as 'Pending.' It's important to note that while the settlement of the fine itself usually occurs promptly, the complete synchronization with the RTO database can take several weeks.

About the Process

  • Select your service

    1. Select your service

    Choose the specific service you need for your car.

  • Enter your car details

    2. Enter your car details

    Provide the necessary information about your car, such as registration number, make, model, and year.

  • Book your service

    3. Book your service

    Schedule an appointment for the selected service.

  • Pay online and enjoy the service

    4. Pay online and enjoy the service

    Make the payment online and enjoy the convenience of the service being provided to your car.

Review & Rating


Overall Rating

Based on 3 Reviews

3 rating and reviews

Siddhartha wrote a review on 28 Aug


A must-try for convenient bill payments!

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Lakhya Jit Sarmah wrote a review on 22 Aug


okkkk, Serves the purpose! Thanks

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Amaan wrote a review on 22 Aug


On online challan it shows it has not paid.

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Frequently Asked questions

How can I pay my traffic challan online?

To pay your traffic challan online, you can follow these steps:
  1. 1. First, check your pending challans for free using our platform.
  2. 2. Once you have identified the pending challans, you can proceed to make the payment directly through the CarDekho platform.
  3. 3. Our platform provides a convenient and secure online payment option for paying your challans hassle-free.

Are there any additional charges or convenience fees for online payment?

Yes, there is a small convenience fee associated with paying your challan online. This fee covers the costs involved in facilitating the payment on your behalf and making the entire process more convenient for you. The convenience fee ensures a smoother and hassle-free experience while settling your pending challans.

How long does it take for the settlement of a fine to be updated in the RTO records?

After paying the fine, it can take a few weeks for the settlement details to accurately reflect and synchronize with the records at the RTO. During this time, if you check for pending fines, they may still appear as 'Pending.' It's essential to understand that although the fine settlement is usually quick, complete synchronization with the RTO database can take several weeks.
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