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Check your challan online for free and pay your car challan in the minimum possible steps at CarDekho to avoid penalties and other issues.

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What is Challan Check?

Challan Check: Unlock the Power of Instant Online Challan Checking and Payment! Don't let pending challans put the brakes on your freedom! With Challan check, now breeze through the tedious task of paying fines with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to the fear of missing out on pending fines and hello to a hassle-free solution that puts you back in the driver's seat.

  • Check Challan(s)
  • Pay Challan(s)
  • Here are some additional benefits:
    - Stay One Step Ahead:
    Say goodbye to the fear of missing out on hidden challans. Challan check keeps you informed in real-time, ensuring you never overlook a single fine on your car. Stay in control, stay in the know!
    - Instant Access, Instant Relief:
    No more endless queues or waiting games. Our lightning-fast platform grants you instant access to all your challan details. Simply log in, check your challans, and bid adieu to those pesky fines in a matter of moments.
    - Never Miss a Beat:
    Don't let a single challan slip through the cracks. Our real-time notifications ensure you stay on top of your fines, so you can swiftly take action and avoid unnecessary penalties. No more fear of missing out!
    - Unparalleled Convenience:
    No need to disrupt your busy schedule or waste valuable time. Our user-friendly platform lets you access and pay your challans anytime, anywhere. It's like having a personal challan assistant in your pocket!
    - Peace of Mind Guaranteed:
    Rest easy knowing your personal information is safe and secure. Our robust encryption safeguards your data, allowing you to handle your challans with complete confidence. Your privacy is our top priority.

    Ready to break free from the chains of challans? Join thousands of car owners who have already discovered the ease and efficiency of ChallanCheck. Visit our website or download our app now and reclaim the joy of driving without the burden of unpaid fines!

    Please Note

    Disclaimer - The info only includes challan(s) data derived from various third party sources and may be incomplete or inaccurate.

    After settling the challan, it usually takes a few weeks for it to be accurately displayed and synchronised with the information at the RTO.

    About the Process

    • Select your service

      1. Select your service

      Choose the specific service you need for your car.

    • Enter your car details

      2. Enter your car details

      Provide the necessary information about your car, such as registration number, make, model and year.

    • Book your service

      3. Book your service

      Schedule an appointment for the selected service.

    • Pay online and enjoy the service

      4. Pay online and enjoy the service

      Make the payment online and enjoy the convenience of the service being provided to your car.

    Review & Rating


    Overall Rating

    Based on 35 Reviews

    35 rating and reviews

    Yadvinder Singh wrote a review on 15 May


    V gud and quick to know abt ur pending challans

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    Yusuf Ali wrote a review on 02 Mar


    Very good is per chalane bhugtan Bhi To Hona chahie Ek option Aana chahie

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    CarDekho Expert

    Thank you for reaching out! Currently, the service you're looking for is not available. Our team is working diligently to expand our offerings. Please stay tuned for updates!

    Answered on 05 Mar

    Rajiv Seth wrote a review on 19 Jan


    Thanks for the detailed information. It's nice to note that all challans are prior to my owing this vehicle.

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    Frequently Asked questions

    What is Challan check and how does it work?

    Challan check allows you to view and pay your pending traffic challans. Our system retrieves this information through the RTO API, ensuring that you have an accurate record of your traffic fines.

    How can I check if I have any pending traffic violations or challans?

    To check for any pending traffic violations or challans, you can use Challan Check. Simply provide the vehicle details and use the challan check service on our platform. This service allows you to check all your challans for free, providing you with information about any pending traffic violations associated with your vehicle.

    What information do I need to provide to check my challan status?

    To check the status of your challans, you will need to provide the relevant vehicle details. These details typically include the vehicle's registration number, which will enable our system to retrieve the necessary information and display any pending challans associated with your vehicle.

    Can I check challans for multiple vehicles?

    Yes, you can check challans for multiple vehicles. Our challan check service allows you to verify and access information regarding pending traffic violations for each vehicle individually. Simply follow the same process for each vehicle by providing the respective vehicle details.

    Are there any penalties for unpaid challans?

    Yes, there may be penalties associated with unpaid challans. It is essential to promptly address and pay any pending traffic violations to avoid further penalties or legal consequences. Our challan check service provides you with the necessary information to stay on top of your pending challans and take the appropriate actions to resolve them.
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