Car Service History

Planning to sell or buy a car? Get OEM verified Service History within 72hrs.


The service history of a car refers to the record of all the maintenance and repair work that has been performed on the vehicle throughout its life.

  1. Detailed Service History report for download
  2. Info on Odometer reading
  3. Date of each service 
  4. The type of service performed 
  5. Info on Parts replaced,If any parts were replaced during the service, the service history may include a list of the parts that were replaced and the reason for their replacement.
  6. Info on Accidental, Damaged or Flooded condition
  7. Info on Odometer tampering and type of issue

Please Note

The Service History of the car is made available in collaboration with OEMs and other Authorised Service Centres. This service is typically fulfilled in 3 working days

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