Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe First Drive

Published On Apr 02, 2014 By Rahul for Jaguar F-TYPE 2013-2020


Jackhammer is a pneumatic tool that combines hammer and chisel together. This is generally used for boring ground. Jaghammer on the other hand is the F-TYPE- Jaguar's response to the world - that we know how to make sports cars and we will drill our way through and snatch back our market share. 50 years ago, E-TYPE was a highly successful sports car and the F-TYPE is built to regain the status for the British marquee in the present world.

We drive the new F-TYPE Coupe and find out how good is it. Does it retain the character of the E-TYPE and if it is a true successor to it? Read further as the misery unfolds.


The F-TYPE Coupe is based on the C-X16 concept, and the first production ready car was the convertible. The F-TYPE Coupe is designed on three lines that flow across the silhouette. The first two are the same on the Convertible as well, these being the ones that run on the swage line and the rocker.

For the coupe, the third line is the fastback roofline. This makes the side profile look proportionate with the long bonnet and also increases the size of the boot space improving practicality. The rear haunch on the F-TYPE is massive indicating the amount of power it transmits to the wheels, ready to sprint from the drop of a hat. There are two options in the F_TYPE, one with the body coloured roof or the black panoramic roof. Our favourite is the latter one.

Jaguar F Type

The rear does resemble the E-TYPE, especially the tail lamps and if you are chasing it, then you are reminded of a growling cat with its gleaming eyes, when brakes are applied. The V6 gets a twin exhaust while the V8 gets quad-pipe exhaust for the grunt note.


The F-TYPE has been designed for the driver alone hence it is a 1+1 set-up. Everything is driver-focused and the co-driver is a mere passenger as everything is enveloped around the driver. The cockpit is analogous to a F22 Raptor fighter. Sharp, sleek and ergonomic design. The gear knob isn't the circular and rising one, it's a stick that can be pushed with the flick of your palm. The steering wheel gets the flappy paddles and even a rose gold push-start button.

The R Coupe gets R badging in the cabin and all the models get the inflatable side-bolstering wings on the performance for better hold during cornering. The R Coupe's instrument binnacle, armrests, door inserts and centre console also have leather. Suede cloth has been used on steering wheel, instrument binnacle pods and seat facings. The interiors also the same body colour stitching on the seats.

Engine and Transmission:

There will be three engine options on the F-TYPE Coupe. One is a 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged producing 336bhp and 450Nm of peak torque, second is the S version with the same engine with 374bhp of power and 460Nm of torque. These are supercharged engines with different tunings. The grunt produced by the engine is fodder to an enthusiast's ears. The S variant also comes with active exhaust that further enhances the exhaust note. This power is sufficient for the push on winding roads. These come mated to an eight-speed "Quickshift" ZF transmission powering the rear wheels.

The third engine is on the R variant. This has a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 motor that churns 541bhp of power and maximum whooping torque of 680Nm. Plant your right foot and you will get that adrenaline rush, the bellow in your chest will just gush out all the happiness covered under your stress. Getting a smile on your face is an under statement for the R variant, it makes your day. One cannot stop being happy, when you get behind the wheel of the R Coupe. The exhaust note and the mind boggling acceleration just cannot be resisted.

Driving Dynamics:

The F-TYPE has the perfect 50:50 weight distribution for V6 and V8 has 51:49. One can easily slide the car the whole day. The F-TYPE is certainly the best handling Jag ever made. The suspension on the Coupe is stiffer than the convertible and this can be felt on bad roads.

The V8 has a heavier and faster steering too. Even the brakes on the V8 are better than the V6 variants. India will miss out on the amazing ceramic brakes that have 6 callipers at the front and 4 at the rear. These brakes do not fade easily and have better braking ability.

Switch on the dynamic mode and there is a major difference in the way the vehicle behaves. The throttle response is immediate, the shifts are quicker and even suspension is stiffened further. There is another option to set the steering, throttle, suspension and gearbox in different modes too.


The Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe is stylish and spectacular in looks. It is not just good in looks but even a ferricious animal that can be easily tamed. It cannot be compared to the German rivals, but this is the car that isn't just a head turner but even fun behind the wheel.

It can go out of hand and get its tail out, and this is what is a character of a sports car, others are closer to becoming a robot that doesn't do anything wrong.

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