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    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Rs   4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
    Bugatti Veyron
    Bugatti Veyron
    Rs   12.0 Cr*
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  • VS
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Rs   4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Rs   5.01 - 5.79 Cr*
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  • VS
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Rs   4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
    Aston Martin DB11
    Aston Martin DB11
    Rs   3.97 Cr*
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  • VS
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Rs   4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
    Lamborghini Urus
    Lamborghini Urus
    Rs   3.0 Cr*
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  • VS
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Ferrari GTC4Lusso
    Rs   4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
    Lamborghini Huracan
    Lamborghini Huracan
    Rs   2.99 - 3.97 Cr*
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Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
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Mileage 4.00 kmpl
Service Cost -
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank 91 Litres
Engine 6262 cc 
BHP 680
No. of Cylinders 12
No. of Gears -
Parking Sensor Yes
Airbags Yes
Duration 5 years
EMIRs 10,05,914
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Showing information of Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12 - Petrol variant

GTC4Lusso highlights

August 2, 2016: Ferrari has launched the GTC4Lusso in India at a price of Rs 5.2 crore. The company has also launched the GTC4Lusso T variant at Rs 4.2 crore (both prices ex-showroom India). The GTC4Lusso is is essentially a replacement to the FF. 

It is powered by a 6.3-litre petrol engine pumps out 689PS of power and 697Nm of torque. The power is effectively harnessed by a dual-clutch, 7-speed automatic transmission and is fed to all four wheels. Since those power figures are slightly more than its predecessor, they pay dividend at performance testing. 0-100kmph is dealt in 3.4 seconds and the GTC4Lusso reaches a top-speed of 335kmph. While the former is 0.3 seconds quicker, the latter is exactly the same as that of the FF.

The GTC4Lussco T, on the other hand, gets a 3.9-litre V8 engine that puts ouut 610PS of power and 760Nm of torque. It comes mated to the same 7-speed dual-clutch unit as the GTC4Lusso. The setup is enough for the car to complete the 0-100kmph sprint in a 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 320kmph.

Although it is way more expensive and has two doors less, the Ferrari sums up as a rival to the Aston Martin Rapide, Bentley Flying Spur W12 and the Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso price list (Variants)

Variant Ex-Showroom Price   Compare
3855 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 4.0 kmpl
Rs 4.2 Cr*
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6262 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 4.0 kmpl
Rs 5.2 Cr*
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Ferrari GTC4Lusso Price in Other Cities

City Ex-showroom Price
New Delhi Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
Mumbai Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
Bangalore Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
Chennai Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
Hyderabad Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
Pune Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
Kolkata Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*
Kochi Rs 4.2 - 5.2 Cr*

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*Ex-showroom price New Delhi

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Petrol Automatic  4.0 kmpl -

Ferrari GTC4Lusso review


This is one car-maker that every second person in the world would have heard off. Ferrari has been viewed as the epitome of bold and the aggressive design skills around the world. We've got to say, there's nothing quite as astonishing for us as a super-car that bears the closest semblance to F1 models, and these cars have managed to attain that feat. The GTC4-Lusso, is one of the models awaiting to be launched in the Indian market, and we know for one that the online space is abuzz with anticipation. So here we are, delving into the car's many facets to bring out the good and the bad this beast possesses. So as to when that the model is on Indian roads, you'll know where this car strikes it high and where it doesn't.


1. Amazing exterior sculpture, and we're sure nobody who can resist something as attractive as this.

2. Power-packed performance, making it one of the fastest cars ever built.


1. The cabin space might repel luxury oriented customers, for it is rather constricted.

2. It suffers with a case of low ground clearance, and would probably take the brunt of the infamously uneven and huge Indian speed-breakers.

Stand-Out Features:

1. The 10.25-inch Infotainment system brings a marvellous touch to the inside, and we're sure that modern audiences would relish this feature.

2. With a host of techno aids such as E-Diff integrated into the system, it makes for a decent level of safety to match its intense speed qualities.


This machine is packed with a mighty V12 engine and when you listen to the sound of it roaring, you feel rather heartened. The car leaps to a top speed of nearly 340kmph, making it one of the most deadly road machines presently available. We were rather under the impression that the inner environment, like most of Ferrari's models, would suffer. However, the cabin was highly polished with a rich taste, that is sure to compel any passenger. The presence of strong comfort and entertainment features also strengthens the overall experience, ensuring a more holistic ambience. A very sound style was also infused into the atmosphere, and we thought that it was reminiscent of more mainstream luxury saloons, rather than the cockpit of a sports car. Overall, this is one of those vehicles that just doesn't disappoint. It targets a specific niche of buyers, and then reins them all in.


This is probably one of the few vehicles that make a true impact in terms of look. The low and agile shape of this vehicle is a real stunner, and we know for one that the younger generation have their eyes out specifically for appearances like this. We believe that the vehicle has cut something of a balance between a hatchback and a normal car, with the roofline blending into the rear region concisely.

The sharp, hawk-like shape of the front makes a more prominent gesture, and we thought this was the defining element in the vehicle's powerful image. At the bottom of the face is a massive grille that stirs up a unique persona. The prancing horse emblem of the company rests at the focus of the grille, and this does lay a more distinguished touch to the picture.

Moving upwards, the slick headlamps resemble many other models of the company, including the 488 GTB. The headlamps angle inwards at the bottom, sharpening as they move upward.

The massive hood flows downwards, gently merging into the front skirt. The fine curvatures on the hood bring a more refined visual aspect forward, along with the serene lines over it.

The delicate design of the fenders by the side highlights the company's design marvel and we thought it unites perfectly with the seamless design of the rest of the vehicle. The well styled alloy wheels were great in our opinion, and you can view the red callipers beneath the wheels.

The vision of the side is replenished by the slender line that runs from the bottom of the front wheel to the upper portion of the rear. The beefed up region of the rear brings a more harmonious proposition to the vehicle.

At the rear side, the circular tail-lights by the corner inherited the typical Ferrari design, and we know we spotted this at the rear of the 488 and many other models as well. The wide curvatures and inserts in the metallic skin add a more glamorous posture to the vehicle.

At the bottom of the rear skirt, the sport-design twin exhaust pipes attract elegance into the look, while the prancing horse label at the centre of the tail-gate seals the look off.


The cabin is not large at all, and most people would know considering that this is a cockpit designed for a race-car. Luxury and comfort are a negative as well, seeing as there's barely enough room to incorporate such elements. Nevertheless, we'd have to say we enjoyed the power-packed aura of the cabin, and it perfectly suits the high-speed experience that this car brings to you. A particular up-side that we observed is that the cabin is moderately larger than Ferrari standards. In addition to this, it comes with two rows, and this does hike up the appeal for most of our customers.

Legroom at the front is decent, but if you're accustomed to high end luxury saloons, this won't nearly match. The same for the rear could have been expanded slightly. Meanwhile, taller and bulkier members of our team had a handful of things here and there to complain about, but the overall ride does dull your worries with a more pleasant and satisfying tone. At the front, the dashboard comes with a mixture of Beige and Black, and we thought the scheme was rather marvellous. The lower region of the dash is in black, sharing the colour of the seats, while the upper region is drenched in dark black.

The AC vents come with a unique, round shape, with a large cowl that extends the beauty there. At the centre of the dash is a massive 10.25 inch HD screen like you've never seen in any car before. The screen hosts an advanced Infotainment entertainment platform, and this edges this car over other Ferrari models in terms of in-car entertainment.

Meanwhile, the steering wheel comes with the classic, Ferrari sports-style design, with the prancing horse emblem at the centre and buttons incorporated by the bottom. Positioned directly ahead of this, the three-piece instrument cluster hosts a tachometer, a speedometer and a digital dial, all of which blend together to make a perfect looking cluster region.

The wrap-around style sports seats are enough to give you a more than cosy feel, and we sure did feel a lavish touch here. The large headrests come embroidered with the Prancing Horse emblem, while the black contrasting swipes on the seats add to a more resplendent feel. The plush leather wrapping on the seats enriches the drive experience even further, and we thought all of this together helped to balance the brazen, masculine quality of the car with some strong feminine themes as well.


The vehicle comes with a 6.3-litre V12 engine, probably among the most powerful drive-trains in the world. It displaces a heavy 6262cc, but that isn't all, for there are more stunning figures along with this. For power, the engine delivers a grinding 690cv at 8000rpm, while its torque pounds at 697Nm at 5750rpm. We were quite baffled with the overall design and performance of the engine, as we've got to admit, it’s not anywhere close to regular cars we find on our roads. This car soars to a stop speed of 335kmph, and this makes it one of the fastest road machines ever built. Apart from this, it blasts from 0 to 100kmph in just 3.4 seconds, and that's pretty much all you'll ever need to hear about its performance, folks.

Ride and Handling:

The vehicle's inner dynamics house a Ferrari-patented 4RM Evo four wheel drive system. This has been integrated with the rear wheel steering, resulting in a 4RM-S system which is a unique Ferrari patented modelling. The suspension mechanism is further enhanced with a new-generation SCM-E damper control, which builds stability on unruly road conditions. A host of other techno aids have also been implemented into the vehicle, and this is more than expectable, considering its uncanny speed capacities. Apart from the regularly known ABS and EBD, this car also comes with a Slip Side Control 4.0 system, which helps to regulate the drive conditions at high speeds. Along with this is an Electronic Differential system, which also boosts the drive dynamics to its fullest. All in all, the car seems to have mastered the roads, and we thought that the comfort quality was un-compromised. There was minimal strain within the cabin at any time, and all stressful trends in the ride were swallowed with utmost ease by the system, a mark of this company's formidable engineering. Braking was also near perfect, with the synchronisation of many different facilities that bring the car to its safest groove at high speeds. Despite the powerful surge of the engine, cornering and stopping were far easier than most people would have imagined them to be.


Strong safety facilities form a core of this machine, seeing as it is one of the most lethal vehicles on city streets. The seats have been ergonomically designed, ensuring little discomfort when driving. Integral head restraints provide safety for the head and the neck. Meanwhile, firm seatbelts keep the occupants well strapped in, ensuring that the perils of high speed are kept insulated during the drive. Also present for additional security are advanced techno aids, from ABS and EBD to E-Diff and many others. The chassis system has been programmed with a strong and robust design, ensuring that the vehicle is kept rooted to firm safety throughout the drive.


This is one of the last cars that anyone in the world would want to turn down, and we know for one that the younger generation would be swooning over it. It has it all. The most intense style, gorgeous interiors and hard-wired performance meet in this exceptional masterpiece, and we have to say that there are few vehicles that can match its splendour. Nevertheless, one needs to take into account that this is one of the most expensive road cars ever made, and that it comes with a minimal utility purpose: The sole intent that this machine has, is to drive and to drive fast. So at the end of the day, if you're the type that shells out big moolah to enjoy the thrill of a race car on city roads, then this is the model for you. However, if you're in the class of people that would just prefer an ordinary vehicle that comes with a large cabin, some good comfort and an affordable price tag, then you'd be better off looking at other, more conventional models.

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