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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Is The Legal Age To Learn Driving In India?

    You can apply for a learner’s license for driving a car only after you turn 18. This remains valid for 6 months after which you may choose to either give your driver's license test or extend your learner's license by another 6 months.

  • What Is The Best Place To Learn Car Driving?

    Maruti runs its own driving school which are the most trusted source to learn a driving lesson. Even some of the local schools boasts of the state of the art Simulator technology are equally good to learn driving.

  • How Much A Car Driving Package Will Cost?

    A car driving learning lesson costs around Rs 3000 to 5000 per month depending on the school you are choosing. The costs may differ depending on whether you choose to learn on a sedan or a hatchback and the duration of the lesson.

  • In How Much Time Can You Learn To Drive?

    A usual car driving lesson spans from 15-30 days with 1-2 hrs of daily car driving exposure. The duration in which you can learn depends on your age, a person of near 18 has a faster tendency to learn than a full grown adult who has crossed his 20s.

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