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BMW M8 Coupe Competition User Reviews

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  • BMW M8 Competition Coupe Exhilarating Performance, Luxury, And St...

    The BMW M8 Coupe Competition is a gorgeous car with amazing features. I have always enjoyed the interior of my M8 and the exterior is very elegant too. The automatic transmission and powerful steering accounts for the effortless drive. The petrol engines can support a drive up to 250km/h. I would also give this car a 5 star for safety as well. It c...Read More

    By radhika
    On: Feb 16, 2024 | 38 Views
  • BMW M8 Coupe Competition Dominance Redefined, Precision Perfected

    I love my BMW M8 Coupe Competition for a weekend of disquisition, and it was an indelible experience. My machine turns routine peregrination into instigative emprises by acting as a gate to new gests . Every trip I take in my machine represents a treasured chapter in my life s story. The BMW M8 Coupe Competition is unmatched because to its readdres...Read More

    By amit
    On: Feb 15, 2024 | 107 Views
  • BMW M8 Coupe Competition Unleash Your Drive, Experience BMW Excel...

    The BMW M8 Coupe Competition will unlock my drive and give i an Comfortable automotive perfection experience. The M8 Coupe Competition is aimed to give a driving experience that s authentically unmatched, from its important face to its cerebral inspired by racing. You ll be in comprehensive admiration of the M8 Coupe Competition s stirring accelera...Read More

    By abha
    On: Feb 14, 2024 | 293 Views
  • BMW M8 Coupe Competition Mastering The Roads With Unrivaled Perfo...

    The BMW M8 Coupe Competition is a high Performance proud tourer that blends surprising Power and sumptuous comfort to give motorists with unmatched road Performance. The M8 Coupe Competition is aimed to rule every afar of tarmac thanks to its important binary turbo V8 machine, ambitious appearance, and muscular portions. Every component of the M8 C...Read More

    By gourav
    On: Feb 13, 2024 | 206 Views
  • Power And Performance Without Compromise The BMW M8 Competition C...

    The BMW M8 Competition Coupe turns heads with its gorgeous styling but also delivers jaw dropping performance to back it up. Its 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 generates over 600 horsepower allowing it to rocket from 0 60 in just 3 seconds flat. Yet unlike some supercars, the M8 has no issues with daily driving thanks to its smooth shifting 8 speed automa...Read More

    By svati
    On: Feb 12, 2024 | 40 Views
  • Drive With Uncompromising Performance In The BMW M8 Coupe Competi...

    Embrace unmatched power and accuracy and drive with solid execution in the BMW M8 Coupe Competition. This elite exhibition extravagance roadster addresses the zenith of BMW s design ability, offering amazing execution, lavish solace, and trend setting innovation. With its strong motor, race reared case, and lovely craftsmanship, the M8 Roadster Riv...Read More

    By parul
    On: Feb 09, 2024 | 33 Views
  • Unparalleled Performance

    My experience with the BMW M8 Coupe Competition has been a symphony of power and luxury. The roaring V8 engine delivers exhilarating performance, catapulting it from 0 to 60 mph at breathtaking speed. Its sleek design, coupled with advanced technology, oozes sophistication. However, the complex infotainment system might be overwhelming initially, a...Read More

    By neha
    On: Feb 08, 2024 | 35 Views
  • Best Car To Drift

    BMW M8 Competition is a luxury grand tourer with a twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 625 brake horsepower. It can go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 300 km per hour. Evo it's comfortable for everyday driving and can also handle twisty roads is a grand touring vehicle with a top-tier interior and a wild, elegant, and exotic style...Read More

    By anmol sharma
    On: Jan 25, 2024 | 38 Views
  • Good Car

    The M8 is the ultimate Bimmer, delivering astonishing performance paired with a deadly look. It truly embodies the essence of the ultimate beast.

    By hemant tanwar
    On: Jan 19, 2024 | 38 Views
  • Great Car

    Exceptional performance - it's the fastest car reaching 0-100km/hr, truly worth it, and remarkably comfortable.

    By jeeteswar
    On: Jan 08, 2024 | 44 Views
  • Good Performance

    The looks are pretty good, but I like all Bimmers because they excel in comfort, performance, looks, and road presence. I am a fan of the BMW M8 CS Coupe.

    By kush patel
    On: Jan 05, 2024 | 22 Views
  • Electrifying Road With Innovation And Performance

    Absolutely love my BMW M8 Coupe Competition! The power is insane ? feels like a rocket on wheels. The design is super sleek, and it turns heads everywhere. Interior is like a high tech cockpit, and the seats are comfy. Handling is impressive; it hugs corners like a champ. However, keep in mind the sporty setup might be a bit stiff for daily commuti...Read More

    By afzal
    On: Nov 22, 2023 | 89 Views
  • Exclusive And Amazing Design

    With a very exclusive design, the BMW M8 Coupe Competition is a five-seater coupe. It gives a very strong performance and has an eight-cylinder petrol engine. It is feature-loaded and is a great luxury interior with great comfort. It comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument panel, Adaptive LED projector headligh...Read More

    By george
    On: Oct 18, 2023 | 49 Views
  • The Ultimate M Series Coupe

    Because of this, I have the utmost respect for this model. This model appeals to me because of all the wonderful features it can be extended to include. The BMW M8 Coupe Competition, which deftly blends celerity and delicacy, displays superior authority. This model's qualifying ability has long since made an impression on me. Due to its delicate de...Read More

    By kashif
    On: Oct 15, 2023 | 48 Views
  • New Iconic Design

    It is a five-seater luxury coupe and has a new iconic design. It has a decent performance and a striking presence. It has an excellent level of comfort and safety. It has an all-wheel-drive system and gives around 8 kmpl mileage. The price range starts from around 2.44 crores and has unmatchable driving experience. It has superb build quality and h...Read More

    By amandeep
    On: Oct 12, 2023 | 101 Views
  • Excellent Car With Amazing Specs

    This car is truly exceptional, boasting impressive specifications. Its speed surpasses that of other cars, and the exhaust sound is remarkably powerful and exhilarating.

    By bintu
    On: Oct 11, 2023 | 32 Views
  • Luxury With Uncompromising Performance

    I'll invariably have the utmost appreciation for this model because of this. I detect myself drawn to this model because of its surprising characteristics. The BMW M8 Coupe Competition exhibits unequaled authority as it consummately combines celerity and indulgence. The capability of this model to give to others has astounded me. Its magnific appea...Read More

    By mohit
    On: Oct 09, 2023 | 29 Views
  • Supreme Power With BMW M8 Coupe Competition

    Due to this, my reference for this model has no bounds. Because of this model's outstanding features, I detect myself charmed by it. With its indefectible emulsion of celerity and fineness, the BMW M8 Coupe Competition reveals unequaled authority. I was relatively impressed with this model's capacity to give. It exudes substance thanks to its magni...Read More

    By sahana
    On: Oct 04, 2023 | 116 Views
  • My Test Drive Experiance

    I recently got the chance to take the BMW M8 Coupe Competition for a test drive, and it was a blast. The vehicle handles like a dream and is tremendously quick and nimble. It has a twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 625 horsepower, and it sounds incredible. The automobile has a tonne of amenities, and the cabin is elegant and comfy. Anyone seeking a ...Read More

    By taklu
    On: Sep 27, 2023 | 41 Views
  • A Great Competitor

    The BMW M8 Coupe Competition is an automobile masterpiece that seamlessly marries energy with precision. Beneath its smooth outdoors lies a ferocious four.4 liter V8 engine, delivering a jaw-dropping 617 horsepower to all 4 wheels. This brute pressure catapults the M8 to 60 mph in an insignificant 3 seconds. Yet, it's now not just about instant lin...Read More

    By norman
    On: Sep 22, 2023 | 107 Views
  • This Car Is Incredibly Fast And Agile

    I recently had the opportunity to drive the BMW M8 Coupe Competition, and it was an absolute blast. The car is incredibly fast and agile, and it handles like a dream. The engine is a twin turbocharged V8 that produces 625 horsepower, and it sounds absolutely amazing. The interior is luxurious and comfortable, and the car is loaded with features. I ...Read More

    By subhajyoti
    On: Sep 18, 2023 | 36 Views
  • Best In Luxury And Performance

    The M8 Coupe Competition is a very powerful and performance driven car. The 4400 cc and 8 cylinder engine can produce a large amount of torque and power. The elegance of the performance in unmatched and feels very comfortable during highway rides as well as the city rides. The exterior design is also very eye catchy and having M8 specific Kidney gr...Read More

    By nandini
    On: Sep 13, 2023 | 37 Views
  • BMW M8 Competition Coupe Is For Speed Demons

    The BMW M8 Competition is a high performance two door is Powered by a 600 horsepower engine, it rockets to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. That's supercar speed, It also handles amazingly thanks to rear wheel drive and sticky tires. But with great speed comes a big price. It also gets poor mileage. The M8 Competition is purely about no limits ...Read More

    By deepayan
    On: Sep 08, 2023 | 175 Views
  • A Beast Unleashed

    The BMW M8 Coupe Competition is an automobile surprise that epitomizes electricity and performance. Its bold design and aerodynamic strains call for interest on the road. The heart of this beast lies in its twin-turbocharged V8 engine, delivering mind-blowing acceleration and an exciting trip. With its particular managing and adaptive suspension, t...Read More

    By nikhil
    On: Sep 04, 2023 | 67 Views
  • Declaring The Winner Before The Race Begins

    Starting from a price range of about Rs. 2.44 crores, the BMW M8 Coupe Competition is a competitive car model. The perfect finish and dashing look of Coupe is what attracts me the most. The mileage provided is good at 8.7 Kmpl, making my driving experience smoother and better than ever. It is a versatile and practically structured luxury car. The t...Read More

    By prajyot
    On: Aug 27, 2023 | 40 Views
  • Best In The Segment

    The car is super awesome in terms of speed, but the mileage is very low. However, when it comes to looks, I have no words. Overall, the car is value for money and the best in this segment.

    By aaryan vijaykumar ghate
    On: Aug 24, 2023 | 60 Views
  • Powerful And Exhilarating Coupe

    A thrilling and highly deciphering roadster that tests the restrictions of speed and control is the BMW M8 Cope Competition. Its pretentious and athletic plan shows the specialist's extraordinary limit with regard to translation. The M8 Roadster Contest is equipped with a horrendous motor that gives fierce speed increase and extraordinary administr...Read More

    By test
    On: Aug 21, 2023 | 28 Views
  • Blend Of Luxury And Elegance

    The BMW M8 combines some baffling specs. it's quicker to 60 mph than a Ferrari F8 Tributo, it rips through the quarter afar in the same time and it does all of this with an aft seat and an unappeasable luxury poise those others do not retain. Actually, the aft seat is not practical for full-overgrown humans. Indeed so, the M8's soothing cabin is on...Read More

    By aditya
    On: Aug 14, 2023 | 28 Views
  • Ultimate Driving With Supercar Performance

    This M8 gives a super performance and can go 0 100 in only just 2. 5 sec that feels first unrealistic, and unimaginable. Despite their excellent handling, full of lavishness and luxury and high-quality materials other than that it is less with Advanced technology, including a curved dual-screen dashboard and a head-up display that is more futuristi...Read More

    By amit
    On: Aug 10, 2023 | 40 Views
  • It Gives A Decent Performance

    The BMW M8 coupe competition is a wonderful car with a 4395 cc petrol engine mated to 8 gears. This car is the top model in the BMW M8 series. Offers a good mileage of 8. 77 kmpl. This car is very premium car at the price range of 2. 44 crores. Also available in automatic mode and offered 6 colour options. Overall, a decent car for the money. a ble...Read More

    By vinu
    On: Aug 08, 2023 | 44 Views
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What is the ARAI Mileage of BMW M8 Coupe Competition?

Vikas asked on 18 Feb 2024

The ARAI Mileage of BMW M8 Coupe Competition is 8.7 kmpl

By CarDekho Experts on 18 Feb 2024

What is the maximum power of BMW M8 Coupe Competition?

Devyani asked on 15 Feb 2024

The maximum power of BMW M8 Coupe Competition is 616.87bhp@6000rpm.

By CarDekho Experts on 15 Feb 2024

How many colours are available in BMW M8 Coupe Competition?

Devyani asked on 18 Nov 2023

The BMW M8 Coupe Competition is available in 9 different colors - Brooklyn Grey ...

Read More
By CarDekho Experts on 18 Nov 2023

What is the wheelbase of the BMW M8 Coupe Competition?

Devyani asked on 28 Oct 2023

As of now, there is no official update available from the brand's end. We wo...

Read More
By CarDekho Experts on 28 Oct 2023

What is the engine displacement of the BMW M8 Coupe Competition?

Abhi asked on 14 Oct 2023

The BMW M8 Coupe Competition has a 4395 cc engine.

By CarDekho Experts on 14 Oct 2023

What is the tyre size of BMW M8 Coupe Competition?

BMW M8 Coupe Competition is available in 1 tyre sizes - F:275/35 R20,R:285/35R20.

What are the specifications of the music system?

Radio,Audio System Remote Control,Speakers Front,Speakers Rear,Integrated 2DIN Audio,USB & Auxiliary input,Bluetooth Connectivity,Compass,Touch Screen,Android Auto,Apple CarPlay.

What is the kerb weight of the BMW M8 Coupe Competition?

The kerb weight of BMW M8 Coupe Competition is 1945.

Does the BMW M8 Coupe Competition have a sunroof?

BMW M8 Coupe Competition does not have a sunroof.

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