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Published On Feb 18, 2013 05:50 PM By CarDekho

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My car smells…like my dog…

For those of us who have pets (I mean like dogs, cats, giraffes etc. not goldfish!), one of the niggling issues when driving down on a holiday with them is, how do I stop my car from smelling like a combination of wet pet fur, drool and pedigree? The second most googled query, what do I do to keep my pet pooch occupied during a seven hour drive?

Well from a battle hardened road warrior and pet owner here are a few tips that might help you keep your sanity as well as lower the smell quotient in your car. Since I own a naughty seven-month old mixed breed brindle, most if these are doggy-styled tips…


1.      Avoid bathing your dog 24 hours before your journey. They tend to smell a bit after their bath. A bit of a gap will help.

2.      Feed your dog 2-3 hours before the drive. Some dogs get uncomfortable due to motion sickness (yes, dogs can get affected too!) and may drool all over your expensive new Stanley Leather Boutique seats. Better still, if you can avoid feeding him before the drive, that’s even better.

3.      Carry treats like chew-sticks, doggy bix etc. If your dog gets jumpy give him something to chew on, this will distract him.

4.      Exercise your dog before the journey. The most common remedy. He will be tired and long for a nap, sleeping through your journey.

Stop every 2 hours. Take him for a walk and give him some time to relieve himself.

5.      Spread a mat/blanket on the floor of the car instead of the seat. This will help reduce motion sickness. Also, keep him on a leash to prevent him jumping around and distracting the driver.

6.      Plenty of cuddles and reassurances from you will go a long way to calm him.

Make sure you clean your car thoroughly after. A simple vacuum + wipe down will do. Tip: Use wet wipes on plastic surfaces for a nice clean finish. Buy a sticky roller (the one you use to remove pet hair from clothes) – Scotch Brite has a good one – and run this over the carpeted areas and the seats in your car.

These are a few simple things, when done, will make your drive-down-holiday-with-your-dog better!

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