Tips to Ensure Good Fuel Economy

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Thanks to constantly rising fuel costs, fuel efficiency has become an even more important factor in new car purchasing decisions. From car makers to consumers, everyone is trying to find alternative means of fuel efficiency in the form of diesel, gas or electric cars.  Every penny saved is a penny earned. If you believe in that, allow us to share a few tips to conserve fuel.

Ensure correct tyre pressure

It is extremely important to regularly check your tyres for correct inflation. Under-inflated tyres can cause additional fuel usage. This is because low tyre pressure causes the tyres to flex excessively, which requires more power exertion from the engine to rotate the wheels. This will in turn increase your fuel usage. Ensuring correct tyre pressure will definitely minimize your fuel bill.

Remember to drive in appropriate gear

Driving at a certain speed requires you to be in the optimum gear for that speed. If this practice is not followed, it results in lower fuel economy as the engine runs in higher revs on lower gears. The correct gear for every speed is different for every car. You can find the recommended gear for a particular speed in your owner’s manual.

Drive with fuel efficiency in mind

Remember to always drive at optimum speeds to ensure fuel efficiency. When moving forward from a stop, remember to keep the acceleration gradual and the gear shifts optimum. Rapid acceleration from a stop will always require more effort from your engine than if you accelerate it gradually. Moreover, maximize the use of the 5th gear at speeds of more than 60kmph in order to minimize the load on your engine.

Avoid frequent braking, gear changes and acceleration

In order to maintain good fuel efficiency, remember to minimize braking. This is because it takes the engine a lot of power to move from a stopped position and accelerate forward. Where possible, step lightly on the brakes and try to keep to keep the car moving whenever possible. Frequent and unnecessary gear changes also affect fuel efficiency so optimize your gear shifts to conserve fuel.

Avoid running your engine unnecessarily

Try to minimize the time you spend with your engine on idle. Do not keep your engine on idle for more than two minutes at a time. If you’re stopped at a long-duration red light or loading and unloading luggage, switch off your engine.

Use the air conditioner only when necessary

Wise usage of the A/C will go a long way in minimizing your fuel bill. An air-conditioner can add up to 20 per cent more fuel usage depending on the car size, driving speed, ambient temperature, and traffic conditions. To further improve fuel efficiency while using the A/C, keep the air intake controller in recirculation mode and switch the fan speed back to the first speed after the cabin has cooled to your desired level.

Ensure Regular Service of Your Car

Regular servicing of your car is one of the best ways to maintain good fuel efficiency. A regularly serviced car will eventually save up to 6 per cent in fuel charges and will at the same time keep your car in good running condition. It will also minimize the chances of developing problems in the future. The best advice would be to get your car serviced every six months or 10,000km, whichever comes first.

Do not ride the clutch pedal

Avoid driving with your foot resting on the clutch pedal as this may cause clutch slippage. Clutch slippage is when you depress the pedal and then release it in order to maintain a fixed position when on a steep slope. Doing so results in increased fuel consumption and also premature clutch wear.

Travel light

Try to keep your car’s gross weight to a minimum. A car’s gross weight is measured in terms of the amount of additional weight it is carrying like fuel, engine oil, passengers and luggage. Taking all unnecessary weight off your car will ensure that your engine requires less effort and sips fuel better.

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