Ten Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Car

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Think of the safety items that you require in your car. What springs to mind? Airbags? Seatbelts? Of course they do, and rightly so. Those are some of the most important safety features in any car. How would you react though if we were to tell you that there are a few safety objects that are almost as important in terms of safety as airbags and seatbelts and yet majority of the drivers forget to carry them in the car? Well, there are in fact a few such items that a lot, if not all of the drivers do not consider a part of the required safety checklist.
Sometimes if not for deliberate ignorance, simple forgetfulness will bring you down in situations where you require certain items and you forget to pack them. So here, we bring you a list of the things that you should always carry in your car to make your journeys safer and more stress-free.


Owner’s manual

This is among the first items that are shifted out of your glove box to make room for those stacks of CD’s and their covers. As important as your CD’s are, always keep some space reserved for your Owner’s Manual as it will definitely come in handy when you need to get rid of that pesky flashing light or figure out why your car’s sound system is malfunctioning. The Owner’s manual is printed with all the possible problems and information regarding your car in mind, so remember to always keep it at hand.


First-Aid kit

Although most of the cars nowadays come with a first-aid kit already in the car, it is a good idea to get one in case you did not get one with yours. And if your manufacturer did indeed supply you with a kit, ensure that you keep refilling it with the necessary supplies. Any small incident or mishap may occur that would require the use of one and that is when you’ll be grateful for it.



Long journeys often demand the presence of a flashlight in your car. They have varied uses and are especially useful for night-time driving. Flashlights also come in handy if at any given time you need to have a look under the hood of the car or check for tyre problems. However remember to keep spare batteries if you plan on using a conventional battery operated torch.


Mobile charger

You’re alone on a long drive and your cellular device runs out of charge. To make matters worse your car breaks down and there is civilization for miles. You’re then faced with two options; either leave your car to the mercy of the roads and walk to the nearest town or city, or wait for help to arrive. Neither of them seem like very appealing choices. Hence the need for a car mobile charger that will ensure you are always a simple phone call away from help.


Puncture sealant

Considering that most cars nowadays come with tubeless tyres, most drivers do not have to worry overmuch about a puncture. However if the journey is a long one then chances are the tyre will still need replacement or repair before you reach your destination or the closest repair station. In such cases it is extremely helpful to carry a puncture sealant to give your tyre that extra durability to help you reach your destination or repair station.


Distilled water

Distilled water is one of the things that come at a very cheap price, but are of extreme importance to the functionality of a vehicle. In addition to this, distilled water is volatile and has many uses. You may need to pour it into your radiator for cooling, top-up battery or wiper water levels or any end number of uses. If nothing else you may require it to simply wash grease or dirt off your hands after taking a look under the hood.


Basic set of tools

A basic set of tools is usually a very handy item, especially on long journeys. Apart from the usual jack and wrench tools carrying a set of screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, pliers etc. often helps to hold things together while driving to a repair centre. Duct tape is also a must in your basic tool-kit.


Spare fuses

Not a lot of people consider this a priority, but spare fuses are an absolute must in the car. Driving without properly functional headlights or wipers is quite hazardous in case of fuse failure. Carrying spare fuses may actually end up saving your life.


Food and water

Carrying a storage unit of potable water and edible food is also a very good idea when going on long journeys. Trips where you expect to drive through wilderness or forested areas are the ones where you may expect trouble with your car. Any such incidents will be easier to handle with food and water to go around for everyone.


Up-to-date insurance and registration

This may seem like an obvious fact but you would be surprised to find out how many people often forget their insurance or registration documents at home and then get into trouble when unable to produce it upon demand by an officer. Keeping it in the glove box or the dash board compartment is a definite must as it may be required at any given moment.

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