Dangers of texting while driving

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Use of one’s cell phone while driving is another upcoming driving hazard nowadays. Many among us do it. It could be casual use such as texting or browsing or tweeting, or checking up on an official mail, bottom line is that any of this activity can end up in an accident. As a matter of fact using your cell phone while driving happens to be as risky as driving under the influence of alcohol, but nobody pays much attention on the topic. Most people think that it is easy and they can handle a car easy while messaging.

The Dangers

You get distracted!

The most integral part driving a car is keeping your eyes glued to the road. Using a cell phone clearly means taking your eyes off the road and on the screen which means you are not adhering to the basic rule of driving. Our roads are full of numerous hazards like cars, motorcycles, sleeping policemen, cows, cyclists, inconsiderate drivers, vegetable/fruit vendors, pedestrians, and many many more potential threats. So while you were texting, it is highly likely you could rear-end into somebody or something as you are already distracted.

Speed does not matter!

Do not think that perhaps doing it at slow speeds means it’s safer. Whether you text while being at 50kmph, or creeping in traffic, the practice is outright dangerous. If you notice carefully, many people forget to apply the handbrake while parked at a long red-light. These cars usually creep backwards into another car or motorcycle or anything that happens to be behind the car in question. And honking does not help because the driver is distracted in his/her cell phone. Even in slowly creeping traffic, many of us choose to text while spending time in traffic, perhaps posting that they are stuck in traffic, and keep creeping forwards when people ahead have come to a halt. Now this is a personal experience, I was slowly inching ahead in a massive traffic jam and came to a stop like everybody, but driver lost in her own world came and banged into my motorcycle and broke my rear fender. She got away with an elusive ‘sorry’ and I ended up paying up a huge bill for the spare. What we do not realise that our car might not mean much to us but the fellow ahead might value it more than anything. Being careful and considerate is what I ask here.

It actually is a major hazard!

People tend to take this lightly but they should not. This might sound like an innocent crime but what happens if a pedestrian gets hurt very seriously and perhaps looses a limb. Our roads are full of risks and threats whether it is day or night, traffic or highways, residential or commercial areas.

How can you help?

Spread awareness!

We understand that it becomes difficult to teach elder drivers but it is worth a shot reminding them that it is a dangerous practice. Teachers and mentors shall inform their students about this major hazard and warn them about potential troubles they might get into.

Set an example!

Young people observe what you do while driving, hence, set examples by not using the phone yourself while driving. If you expected and important text or call, pull over to the side of the road and attend to your business while stationary at an apt location. Other occupants learn what you do and might just understand that it is necessary.

Simple tips and advices can help everybody make our roads a safer place to be. Remember that while using your cell phone while driving might pose a great risk for the fellow man on the road. Someday it might be you or your loved one who might witness an accident from somebody who was using a cell phone while driving. It is better to start from the basics and spread awareness across among our circles. Why wait for the government to set norms for something which is a simple matter of common sense!!

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