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11 May, 2012: Maruti Cervo is going to be introduced by the company around Diwali this year. The small car will replace the car next next door, Maruti 800 which has garnered a huge success in India since 1983. Maruti Cervo price is expected to be tagged around Rs 1.5 lakh giving a tough competition to Tata Nano. This car is already plying on Japanese road with the badge of Suzuki Cervo. However, the Maruti Cervo would differ from Suzuki Cervo on a lot of levels from both features and specifications point of view. It is said that this affordable hatch will shell out 25 kmpl of mileage.


India’s largest auto manufacturer, Maruti is planning to launch another small car model Maruti Cervo in entry level segment in the Indian auto market. Maruti is working aggressively to launch Maruti Cervo in Indian market as a counter attack to Tata Nano which has stormed the auto market with its ultra low cost. Maruti is a market leader for small car market but the launch of Tata Nano has affected heavily the sales of Maruti 800. It is expected that the Maruti Cervo will be priced in the range of Rs 1.5 to 2 lacs. To reduce its manufacturing cost Maruti Suzuki may reduce some features from the original model which is available in Japan. It is also expected that after the launch Maruti Cervo will overtake the company’s most popular models Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto.

In a tussle to capture entry level segment in the Indian auto market, Maruti is aggressively working on Maruti Cervo to launch it in the Indian auto market by the first quarter of 2012. Maruti Cervo is a five door hatchback model with spacious passenger cabin. Maruti Cervo will be equipped with the 0.7L, 660cc petrol engine which is able to produce maximum power of 60bhp. This power-plant delivers peppy performance with great fuel efficiency.

The arching roofline, sporty headlamps and fog lamps which is placed next to its large grille makes the front appearance of Maruti Cervo very aggressive. Its rear is also appealing with its high mounted large tail lamps. The rear seat of Maruti Cervo can accommodate only two passengers while the front row has a lot more storage space as compared to the rear row. The luggage box has enough space to carry daily shopping bags.

After the launch Maruti Cervo will surely attract the younger generation with its sporty stylish look, classy interiors and sleek exterior design. The extremely sleek look, efficient engine and economical price range is bound to give a good start to Maruti Cervo. According to the predictions and speculation of auto experts, Maruti Cervo will be the fastest and most selling car in the Indian auto market, after its launch.

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The most fascinating feature of Maruti Cervo is its funky exterior which comprised of sexy curves, flow lines and sporty appeal. You will fall in love with the car at first sight. The exterior looks is unique and declares it a new generation vehicle.

The front face of the car is compact which give a feel of blend of classic and modern car. The headlight cluster is in 'eye' shape which houses round turn indicator and headlamp. Right down the headlmaps cluster, smiling grille are placed with chrome finished strip. The honeycomb radiator grille are neat and clean. Fog lamp is not available with the Maruti Cervo. Just below the upper grille, a rectangular strip of lower grille in black is placed. However, the front and rear bumper is in body colour. Apart from this, body colour side view mirrors, body colour door handle bars add to the stunning beauty of the sexy avatar. Small turn indicators are fitted at the front side of the car. It is also clear that the rear passenger side door will be lesser in width as compared to front door. That might trouble the rear passenger when access.

The rear side of the car is as superb as the front one. The rear side is adorned by rear spoiler, placed at the top of the rear hatch, funky rear wiper and dotted LED brake light. The taillight cluster also is to come in the same design as front but in smaller shape which comprised of brake lights and turn indicators. A compact antenna is also fitted on the rear roof for sporty looking. The tyres are nicely covered by wheel covers.

Exterior Measurements

The upcoming model of Maruti named as Maruti Cervo is to land here with slight changes in dimension and features in order to reduce price and avoiding taxes. There is no official word on its dimension but we can predict that it would be having more or less same size as Maruti Alto.

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Not only the exterior of the Maruti Cervo but also the interior of the car is eye-catching and spacious. Let's start from steering wheel. The steering wheel is expected to be three spoked and powered that helps to handle the car with ease and less physical force. The steering wheel is adjustable as well. Maruti Cervo is believed to come here with wider dashboard comprising round AC vents at both end and instrument panel just behind the steering wheel. A large storage box, standard to all compact cars, in front of the front passenger is a must. Rear view mirror is also a part and parcel of the machine nowadays.

The seats for driver and other passengers are wide and comfy with small headrest. Headroom and legroom at both rows are pretty enough for four passengers. But if you try to adjust three people at rear seats, it might be troublesome. Maruti Cervo is blessed with seatbelts for all the passengers. The flooring and roof are in slender layer in order to provide enough space. At the rear side a big boot space is there. The boot space is nicely carved and having completely flat surface that allows to put more items in it.

Interior Comfort

As it is already mentioned that the car is more spacious at front and rear. All the seats are provided with seat belts, enough headroom and legroom. However, the leg and headroom is larger at front row. It is also expected that Maruti Cervo will come with larger boot space. In that kind of boot, you can put tin type stuffs as well. So as a result, it can be used as an MPV. Storage space is to be ensured at front row and rear too.

Interior Measurements

At this point of time, it is not possible to provide exact specification of interior measurements. Nevertheless, we may hope for pretty good headroom, legroom and storage space in the car.

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Acceleration & Pick-Up

The Maruti Cervo which is already dominating Japan's roads comes loaded with a 660cc DOHC engine with VVT. The maximum power and torque figures are 60 bhp and 64 Nm respectively. It is to be noted here that the 0.7L petrol engine is housing VVT technology that ensure maximum power release thereby enhance overall engine efficiency. The car is speculated to cross 0-100 km/h sprint in around 25 seconds. The top speed of the car might be around 115 km/h.

Engine and Performance

Maruti Cervo has been launched in Japan already and doing very well. After seeing the response form the country, Suzuki is planning to launch the machine in India under the alliance with Maruti Udyog. As the tradition for Suzuki, the Maruti Cervo would be launched here with less luxury features but engine would be more or less same. That means, Maruti Cervo will be fitted with new generation 0.7L petrol engine with VVT technology. This engine, must be of 660cc, would churns out 60bhp of maximum power and 64 Nm of peak torque. The powertrain is equipped with some of the advanced technologies which ensure better fuel economy and power. One of the technology which is incorporated in the mill is Variable Valve Timing (VVT). The VVT is there for greater fuel efficiency, less carbon emissions and minimum power loss. The system allows the timing of the intake valve to be altered when the mill is in action, hence making sure that is no chance of power loss or wastage. This results in lesser carbon emissions, greater fuel economy and refined mill efficiency. The technology also ensure quick pick-up, starting and power for any kind of roads. Maruti Cervo would come fitted with four speed automatic transmission that uses the power very well and clears the traffic in an amazing way.


A yet-to-launch miracle product from Maruti Suzuki, Maruti Cervo, is expected to be launched in India with a 0.7L, 660cc petrol engine that will do away Maruti Alto, Maruti 800 and Maruti Wagon R. This entry-level hatchback is capable to generate a peak power of 60 bhp and top torque of 64Nm and the engine power will be delivered through 4 speed automatic transmission. An advanced Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology will be loaded in the powertrain to enhance the fuel efficiency of Maruti Cervo. The technology promises better mileage by optimizing fuel consumption. As per estimation, the car would give around 20-24 kmpl of mileage. However, a lot will depend on the size, weight and tyres. But what we mention is desirable in a car which is going to replace Maruti's top selling models in India.

Power of Maruti Cervo

Maruti Cervo will be a compact car loaded with quality features from Suzuki. The five door hatchback is believed to be introduced in India equipped with 0.7L petrol engine. The engine size will be 660cc. Even though the engine size is small but it is to develop impressive power of 60 bhp and a peak torque of 64 Nm. The Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology of the engine helps to enhance power, torque and mileage figures considerably. The technology is also responsible for optimum release of power, thereby power loss during driving is protected. As a result, engine efficiency is increased, lesser carbon emissions and greater fuel consumption. This also make sure smoother and comfortable driving experience with excellent fuel economy.

Stereo & Accessories

This most sought after feature might be present with a few equipments. It will largely depend on the pricing of the car. But higher-end type multimedia features are a no-no. Maruti Cervo is believed to be brought in India with air conditioning system that promises cool atmosphere inside the car when summer sets in.

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Braking & Handling

Maruti Cervo is receiving overwhelming response in Japan and the company is expecting same kind of success in India too. In view to ensure the same, the alliance of Suzuki and Maruti is not supposed to give their best. Braking system in Maruti Cervo will be conventional type that will follow front disc and rear drum brake. We can't expect ABS system in this price range. The car will also house newer shock absorbers. The suspensions are responsible for smooth driving which not only increase riding pleasure but safety also.

Safety & Security

To handle and maneuver this car in city traffic is very easy and much comfortable. Its compact size, quick responding transmission and control features make the drive much easier and smooth. Power steering in the car help to handle it with less effort. Apart from this, parking the vehicle anywhere is much easier due to its small dimension. The Maruti Cervo is expected to be fitted with central locking and AC.

As far as safety is concerned, Maruti Cervo will be equipped with standard active and passive safety features. The major prediction about safety are two airbags, engine immobilizer, front and side impact beams, passenger side rear view mirrors, child safety lock, seat-belts and anti-theft system. Driver's and front passenger airbags are a must for Maruti Cervo.


As this will be a replacement of Maruti's best selling model, Maruti Alto, now. It is speculated that it will be equipped with 12 inch wheels with attractive wheel covers like you must have seen on the internet. Over 2,000 mm of wheelbase would be installed for standard stability and balance of the machine.

Maruti Cervo Pros

Stylish exterior and interiors, great fuel efficiency.

Maruti Cervo Cons

Only standard features will be available that any entry level car offers.

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  • a fail product from maruti
    By abhishek goyal| | 548 Views
    Look and Style: It looks quite decent compared to the competition Comfort: It would be good Pickup: Not known Mileage: Not known Best Features: Not known 1. The thing is Maruti Cervo will be fail product , 660 engine is not enough in india as airconditioner is used 8-9 months a year, engine cannot take load of a/c 2. It is not Japan, you have to provide 1000-1100 cc engine with 4 cylinder to run on indian road and road conditions are not good out... Read Full Review
  • Maruti Cervo details and suggestions
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    Look and Style- The Maruti Cervo looks very good as per the images available on net. The styling is also decent. Comfort - Since the vehicle is not out, I have no idea of how it's comfort would be but it should be decent lke other Maruti cars. Pickup - This section is also not known. Mileage - No idea , but it needs to give more than 30 kmpl in present conditions if fuel prices increase Best Features - It's brillaint looks , some what mil... Read Full Review
  • cervo really rocks....................
        Look and Style-Good   Comfort-superb   Pickup-may good  being it has higher bhp   Mileage-No way to beat maruti...........   Best Features-Hope it's value for money   Needs to improve-No idea-after seeing only we can tell this.   Overall Experience-Excellent-Another  one trendsetting for           MSIL        ... Read Full Review
  • Change Time
    By Shailendra| | 1423 Views
    Maruti Cervo will not only DOMINATE Auto Market for coming few Years but this will also force other Auto Companies to brainstrom & let their think tanks come with something that Indial People really want.....A good looking CAR with good features, that they can drive in one of the Worst Road & traffic System in the World. Good to know few companies still understand needs and capabilities of a common people. Tata Initiated it and as obviou... Read Full Review
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