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` 3.2 - 4.2 Lac*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
3.5 / 5based on 24 reviews
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  • Colors
  • Economy
    20.0 km/kg
    Service cost
    4,023 /yr
  • Performance
    1196 cc
  • Comfort
    Power Steering
  • Safety
    Central Lock
    Brake Assist
  • EMI
    5 years


March 20, 2013: Maruti Suzuki India in keeping with the current market trend has released a limited edition Eeco dubbed as Maruti Eeco Smiles at a starting price of Rs. 3.32 lakh (Ex-showroom, Mumbai) . This limited edition model does not feature mechanical changes but boasts of plenty cosmetic ones. The new Eeco Smiles comes with wheel covers, mud flaps and 'Smiles' stickers on the side profiles and the rear. Inside the cabin it now sports a new double DIN music system with USB, new doormats and dual tone seat covers. All these extra features have added Rs. 9,490 to the price of the car. The car houses a 1.2-litre petrol engine that generates a maximum power output of 73bhp along with 101Nm of peak torque, while returning an impressive mileage of around 15kmpl. The vehicle is also available with the CNG kit option, which promises to return a mileage of 20km/kg.

Maruti Eeco Price List

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  • Variants
    Ex-Showroom Price
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    Variants Ex-Showroom Price Select to Compare
    5 Seater Standard
    1196 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.1 kmpl
    `3.2 Lac*
    7 Seater Standard
    1196 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.1 kmpl
    `3.3 Lac*
    5 Seater AC
    1196 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.1 kmpl
    `3.5 Lac*
    Ambulance Petrol AC Plus HTR
    1196 cc, Manual, Petrol, 15.1 kmpl
    `3.9 Lac*
    1196 cc, Manual, CNG, 20.0 km/kg
    `3.8 Lac*
    CNG 5 Seater AC
    1196 cc, Manual, CNG, 20.0 km/kg
    `4.2 Lac*
    Flexi Green
    1196 cc, Manual, CNG, 20.0 km/kg
    `4.2 Lac*



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*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi

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Maruti Eeco Color Options

  • Blue

  • White

  • Red

  • Black

  • Silver

  • Gray

Maruti Eeco Specifications

Variants Fuel Type Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power
City Highway
5 Seater Standard Petrol Manual 1196cc
11.8 15.1 73bhp @ 6000rpm
7 Seater Standard Manual 1196cc
11.8 15.1 73bhp @ 6000rpm
5 Seater AC Manual 1196cc
11.8 15.1 73bhp @ 6000rpm
Ambulance Petrol AC Plus HTR Manual 1196cc
11.1 15.1 73bhp @ 6000rpm
CNG HTR 5 STR CNG Manual 1196cc
16.0 20.0 63bhp @ 6000rpm
CNG 5 Seater AC Manual 1196cc
16.0 20.0 63bhp @ 6000rpm
Flexi Green Manual 1196cc
16.0 20.0 63bhp @ 6000rpm

Maruti Eeco Review


In India, there are automobile manufacturers and there is Maruti . Be it the thirst to have a native automobile manufacturer or the unbeatable service stations all across the country, the company always hit the right notes with Indian automobile audience. Every car it launches has the same amount of curiosity and when the product finally launches, the crowd find themselves applauding. The reason is a simple fact that this company never actually took Indian customers for granted. Inspite of constant customer base, they strived hard in bringing some of the very innovative automobile design parameters to the country. While maintaining the iconic models the company created over the years, it went on to produce more iconic vehicles whose ubiquitous appeal helps them attain a cult status relatively quicker than others. The 800, the Omni and the Alto, these are just some of the few vehicles, which registered their place with any individual who is aware of the automobile industry of the country. After launching such iconic vehicles, indisputably the most successful family commuter remains to be the Omni. With its iconic sliding doors and a capacity to handle 8 passengers with ease, it instantly became a sought after choice for large families which India is renowned for. But the changing times force even the most sought after vehicles to think a step ahead and offer an alternative so that the vehicle remains iconic and customer is provided a choice to opt for a much contemporary vehicle. Volkswagen faced it, Mini Cooper faced it and in Indian market, this acclaimed manufacturer faced it too. So it opted to leave the Omni intact without any change and launched an new vehicle, which would cater the needs of contemporary customers. The alternative was the Versa. But after a lot of efforts by the renowned car maker, they ultimately decided to launch this model, the Eeco which reflected its contemporary design architecture not just in its name but also in its truly Eco-friendly functioning and an advanced exterior framework, which bears no resemblance to the Omni and hence acts as a true distinct product. The latest version is offered in a five seater design also has an AC, while the seven seater version offers a great comfort for even larger families. A CNG kit is added in the car's CNG five seater AC version. The model also comes with a powerful 1196cc BS-IV compliant engine. The fuel competency of the vehicle is enhanced by the engine management system of the engine, which ultimately succeeds in being a perfect solution for Indian roads as it also offers an amazing 15.1 Kmpl mileage. The company also succeeded in offering the vehicle in a refreshing look, which does compete with both the routine transportation vehicles as well as SUVs and MUVs, while maintaining its highly affordable pricing. The 1196cc engine runs on petrol which makes the output power obviously competitive. With 73bhp at 6000rpm, this car also offers equally competitive torque of 101Nm at 3000rpm. Being an environmental friendly car at its core, it offers spacious interiors also to match its comforting exterior conscious. The whole structure is simple with a less nuisance about additional embellishments in the external framework. Evidently, the manufacturer means business with this model and its design reassures its stand on the same. The five speed manual transmission allows the vehicle to maneuver through different speeds with ease. The CNG variant, however is designed in a bi-fuel mode, so that the vehicle can run on both petrol as well as CNG. The interesting part is the fact that both fuels use the same 1200cc engine, so there would not be a significant difference in performance and comfort. The CNG mode however can only cater an output of 63bhp at 6000rpm and the torque produced by the mode is an equally decent 84Nm at 3000 rpm. The Intelligent Gas Port Injection bi fuel technology, dubbed as i-GPI, helps in increasing the fuel economy and offering safety, which would have been compromised when the same CNG kits are installed by customers individually from other sources. The factory fitted CNG kit also provides a genuine affair where any further issues can be resolved by a reliable source, the company itself. There is something distinct about this car be it the elegant exterior design or the uber cool interior design or even the really satisfying performance. Offering revolutionary products like Omni, this seems to be the perfect successor to the iconic vehicle. As a new update to the growing market demands, the manufacturer released the 'Smiles' variant, which offers a few advanced tweaks in the interiors as well as exteriors as a very affordable price. By giving in some additional money, customers can avail a new level of luxury with advanced 2-Din music system with USB, a pair of powerful 15 cm speakers, dual tone seat covers, a set of durable black floor mats for interiors and stylish full wheel covers, mud flaps and an exclusive 'Smiles' stickers on the body, which gives the truly exquisite feel of this limited edition. This model too is however available in both petrol and CNG options.

Maruti Eeco Exterior


Exteriors are refreshing as they follow similar DNA of Omni and Versa yet maintains a distinct fresh appeal to their design. The front fascia has a simple headlamp cluster with front grille decorated between them. The front bumper is relatively large, so that the collision impact would not effect the vehicle mechanics directly. With a balanced exterior design and minute stylish body graphics, it manages to pluck all the right strings in the contemporary design world. With clear lens headlamps and black colored bumper, front fascia is complemented further by the twin air intakes. Though the headlamps seem usual they do maintain their distinction, which along with a visually elongated front design creates a distinct appeal to the vehicle. The wide front windscreen offers a better front view which is further enhanced by the sleek bonnet, which does not obstruct the front view for the driver. The superior ground clearance of the vehicle also means that the vehicle can have a better ventilation due to wide open windows around it. The four doors for passengers are also sufficiently huge making the entry into the vehicle and the exit an easy action. The wide doors are however provided with slightly compact windows, which somehow do seem reminiscent of the Omni. The side profile offers a rather plain design. The wheel arches are wide and hence offer an easy motion of the tyres even in the most uncomfortable drives. The rear view mirrors and the door handles are designed in black color, so that they fit in with any body color. The sporty looks are further enhanced by subtle detailing in the side profile. The rear design follows the regular design rule books with simple vertical tail lamps and a wide windscreen with a big bumper, which somehow resembles the front bumper. The limited edition Smiles however offers a much refreshing design. The mud flaps in the front and the stylish full wheel covers enhance the authority of the vehicle and succeed in making this a better experience as a whole. But most importantly its the exclusive Smiles graphical details that set the vehicle apart from the rest. The vibrant graphical design elements instantly capture the customer’s curiosity.

Exterior Measurement:

Being a multi purpose vehicle, it offers pretty decent exterior dimensions. With a length of 3675mm, the vehicle is best suited for transport business as well as other purposes. The width of 1475mm also ensures an easy maneuvering through the busy Indian roads. The height of 1800mm just enhances the entire driving experience by offering a sufficient headroom. The wheelbase is 2350mm. The ground clearance is also an appropriate 160mm, which helps the vehicle avoid the discomfort caused due to uneven terrains.

Maruti Eeco Interior


Interiors fit their purpose by giving a spacious interiors which assure the comfort of the passengers. The fashionable digital meter array, which notifies the fuel level, trip meter and the odometer as well as the striking design they feature all together make them easy to understand. The sportier appeal of the front seats give the vehicle a brand new comfortable experience and a comfortable feel, so that excessive drives would not be an uncomfortable experience. The regular family is considered while designing the vehicle, which is evident in the way the interiors are designed comfortably. The legroom and headroom are something which are given special focus in the interior design. The dual tone design of the interiors also takes the visual luxury to an entirely new level. The bench design for the rear seats enables a comfortable ride for more passengers. The assist grips for the co-driver as well as the rear passengers help in offering secure journey. The molded roof linings and cabin lamps in front and rear help in improving the ambiance of the interiors

Interior Comfort:

The seating flexibility makes it a suitable choice for travelers who are intending to have a comfortable drive in any weather. The AC included is quite powerful and the heater too does its part decently. The front seats have integrated headrest which gives a pleasurable ride to the customers over long drives.

Interior Measurement:

The interiors extend according to requirement as is evident in various customized models such as Ambulance. The interiors offer a 540 litres boot space which makes sure every corner of the vehicle is stuffed by the passengers. The seating arrangement is also enough to accommodate five to seven passengers. The front seats are reclining and the drivers seat can be slided based upon the drivers riding comfort.

Maruti Eeco Gear

Acceleration & Pick-Up

It need not offer the best speed in the automobile market as it is not designed for that segment. But for its segment, the vehicle does a fairly good job by offering 146 Kmph top speed, which by all means is a good figure for the regular commuter segment. This vehicle is also good with a quick transition from 0 to 100 Kmph in 15.7 seconds. The BS-IV compliant 1196cc engine does help the car maker in attaining proper speeds, which ultimately does help in enriching the driving experience as a whole. The simple designing and a weight which is kept in check inspite of heavy passenger handling capacity does help the vehicle in reaching speeds unattainable by most affordable vehicles. The machine operates through a five speed manual transmission, which helps in transferring from individual gears seamlessly without much noise, thanks to its Diagonal Shift Assistance (DSA) technology, which also ensures the continuity in gear change does not break.

Engine and Performance

All the variants are fitted with the same engine as the engine displacement of 1196 cc. The BS-IV complaint engine helps the vehicle secure a good performance, which is both fuel efficient and performance driven. The aluminum engine is mated with multi point injection system, which offers better fuel combustion and hence better performance. The engine is included with a five speed manual transmission system with DSA system, which helps in a smoother gear transition. The engine used is reported to be highly environmental friendly and fuel efficient.

Maruti Eeco Mileage


When this modelled company makes a vehicle, it is almost an unwritten rule that people expect superior mileage and fuel economy. Be it the years of market presence or the dedicated service offered by the company, it some how holds that privileged position, where its products are showered with high speculation and anxiety and mostly, even with success. It succeeds in saving fuel with the help of crack sensor and knock sensor. The innovative high pressure fuel injection also helps in delivering a superior mileage of 15.1 Kmpl, which is something that makes this vehicle distinct from others. The four cylinder 1196cc MPI engine assures in giving a maximum output of 73bhp at 6000rpm and the torque produced by the vehicle reaches 101Nm at 3000rpm, which again is pretty decent for regular commuting. The CNG version however provides a 63bhp and a slightly less torque of 83Nm. But what the CNG version lacks in its torque, it gains in its improved mileage of approximately 20 km/kg and a fuel efficient journey. The fuel capacity of the vehicle too is more for CNG at 65 litres, while 40 litres of petrol can be stored in the vehicle.

Power of Maruti Eeco

When a vehicle features 1196cc engine and is BS-IV compliant, it is destined to perform exceptionally. With an amazing 73bhp at 6000rpm and an equally competent 101Nm torque at 3000rpm for the petrol version and a very promising 63bhp at 6000rpm and torque of 83Nm at 3000rpm for the CNG variant act as an example to explain the amazing features of the vehicle as a whole. The bi-fuel option in the CNG version helps in making a quick transition from petrol to CNG easily without any major hitches. This is very helpful as the driver can adjust the required power by choosing the fuel type based upon the terrain where the vehicle is being ridden on. For highways and other hassle free areas, CNG fits the purpose by offering an unbeatable mileage and maintains the fuel efficiency. For a smoother ride across city roads, petrol mode can be opted for.

Maruti Eeco Accessories

Stereo & Accessories

Since the overall cost is less, which meant that the manufacturing cost should also be kept in check, the car maker did not specifically bother in offering the best available interior accessories. Most of the features available in high end models of this brand themselves, such as Swift or SX4 are nowhere to be found in this vehicle. One of the variants has the option of having air conditioning. Stereo system is something which needs to be an individual purchase. However, the limited edition Smiles version features powerful 15cm speakers along with other perks at a considerably low cost.

You can now buy Maruti Eeco accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

It is designed for handling five to seven passengers and even patients for its ambulance version. So it is expected to have a superior braking system and extreme handling capabilities. With a classic driving comfort, decent handling and a surprising stability, it apparently complies the existing safety norms of the Indian automobile industry. The ventilated disc brakes along with brake drum in the rear offers a comfortable stopping of the vehicle even at high speeds. The suspension not only offers a comfortable ride but also features an efficient functioning. The McPherson Strut suspension in the front is promising and the three linked rigid type suspension in the rear just enhances the service.

Safety & Security

After satisfying all the security norms in the country, it remains to be a prime requirement to reflect the same with the passengers. With a turn radius of 4.5 meters and a suspension system which offers a decent maneuverability, it is safe to say that this is a safe vehicle in its class. The build quality of the framework and the chassis are superior and leave a little room for flaws. The headlamps leveling, side impact beams, child locks all in all make the ride a secure one. The seat belts are anyways provided for all the passengers. The high mount stop lamp also acts as a prominent factor in the interior handling. The high quality components and design elements such as integrated wiring harness and CNG system leak proofing make sure that the safety is something that would also reflect in the machinery.

Maruti Eeco Wheels


It features a basic 155 R13 LT tubeless tyres, which assure durability and are best suited for varied environmental conditions. The regular version offers steel wheels, while the limited edition Smiles version features a fully covered stylish wheels.



1. An ideal vehicle for families.

2. Very easy to drive on city roads.

3. Fuel economy is up to the mark.

4. Initial cost of ownership is affordable.

5. Spacious interiors.




1. Engine performance can be made better.

2. Acceleration and pickup must improve.

3. Cheap looking interior plastic.

4. A few more safety and comfort features can be added.

5. Exterior appearance is can be better.


Maruti Eeco Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
5 Seater Standard
3,15,932 3,46,008 3,40,623 3,46,233 3,31,110 3,39,551 3,47,658   Get On Road Price  
7 Seater Standard
3,32,992 3,60,362 3,57,797 3,63,593 3,47,783 3,56,910 3,65,191   Get On Road Price  
5 Seater AC
3,46,003 3,73,609 3,70,641 3,76,840 3,60,252 3,70,158 3,78,571   Get On Road Price  
Ambulance Petrol AC Plus HTR
3,86,942 4,15,239 4,13,652 4,18,507 4,02,009 4,11,824 4,17,585   Get On Road Price  
3,82,561 4,13,715 4,10,322 4,16,983 3,98,776 4,07,258 4,16,035   Get On Road Price  
CNG 5 Seater AC
4,18,816 4,50,632 4,46,852 4,53,899 4,34,242 4,44,175 4,53,321   Get On Road Price  
Flexi Green
4,21,247 4,52,911 4,53,502 4,56,179 4,41,356 4,49,497 4,55,611   Get On Road Price  

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  • A car made for middle class family
    By gladwin| January 31, 2010 | 17622 Views
    maruthi Eeco is a difinite value for your money. This vehicle is specially designed for the middle class family..for a big middle class family this car satisfies to the core. It is definately spacious, stylish but it doesnt have power steering and rich interiors in which maruthi has to concentrate.The best feature in this vehicle is its fuel efficiency it can give 15 kms in the city itself..... Read Full Review
  • maruti eeco 5 seater AC
    By NEERAV SINGH| February 03, 2010 | 6543 Views
    at least power window,power stearing,leather interiors,central locking,and anti lock braking system should be added in this may increase cost for adding this and adding the car will be fully comparable with other cars. at least it look smarty.... Read Full Review
  • Maruti Eeco 5 seater AC first trip review
    By docel| July 03, 2010 | 14270 Views
    I took my brand new Eeco for a 1600km trip immediately after the home delivery by Pratham Motors. We were at heights ranging from 4000ft to 8000ft. in the Nilgiri and Munnar ghats. The above pics were shot at Devikulam, 5400ft MSL ? the board was there but we missed taking a pic of it. Eeco performance: The Eeco ran very well at the h... Read Full Review
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