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Rating of Maruti Swift Dzire 2014-2017

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Best and cheapest car for the LONG RUN

for VDI
On: Dec 26, 2016 | 29 Views

Hi there fellow member,

This is the review about my car MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT DZIRE (DEC-2011)

I have been driving this car for more than enough time but I can say without any regret,this is the best car in its class with unmatched performance and highly efficient engine which has greater shelf life and peppy, easy and fun to drive engine in any condition whether in a worse traffic condition or on a highway. This is the car for those of you who want - cheap labor, easy to available spare parts and repair, efficient and good mileage. This is a hardcore car with slick and responsive steering.Now further, I will be explaining the crucial and important things about the car:

Handling :- This car as all of you know electrical assisted hydraulic power unit that is lighter if you are in traffic and as you gain pace on the highway the car steering becomes heavy but not in a negative way, it feels like you have more control over the car as you cross 100 KMPH on the highway. The car has a stiffer suspension that helps in cornering in harsh conditions as the car gets old the steering shows its true color and becomes more responsive and fun to drive.

Styling and Interior :- The car has decent styling and swept back headlights which look cool according to that time when we have purchased this car and with alloy wheels and leather seats you will get a premium feel from the car, talking about the dashboard, from some places it feels to be as cheap plastic is used but as you get used to you will not feel it as most of the time you will be occupied by the fun to drive engine.

Engine And maintenance cost : - As I have already told you the engine is peppy to drive and efficient too, this engine as approved by all over India by the number of sales of MARUTI car and another version which car be seen in FIAT, CHEVROLET's engine which is same modified engine used by MARUTI and engineered by FIAT, is cheap to maintain, all the normal and crucial engine parts are easy to available. I have driven the car approx. 1.7 Lakh+ kilometer in plain as well as hilly area and have changed its clutch plates at around 1.5L Kilometer, and that was the only major repair that has happened to the car and that too have only cost me 15,000 INR including service cost of that time. As far as I know its the best car for fuel efficiency and maintenance charges.

Conclusion:- If you have budget of around 6.50 L to 7.50 L it's the best car you can buy, for its MARUTI trust and low cost of maintenance and if you want to have a car that loves you back and not become a menace for you after few thousand of kilometers, just close your and buy this car. REAL VALUE FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.


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