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March 04, 2015: Koenigsegg has revealed its another potent Agera supercar at the on-going Geneva Motor Show. Called the ‘Agera RS,’ the supercar is a stripped-and-whipped version of the successful ‘Agera R,’ and offers a mighty 1160 bhps to be explored on the tarmac.It gets its power from an uprated version of the familiar 5.0-litre V8 mill, which has been optimized for regular pump gas and now puts out a whopping 1,160bhp, as compared to the 960bhp of this car. While the transmission duty is fulfilled by the same 7-speed paddle-shift transmission with auto shift mode Electronic differential. Only 25 examples of this series will be manufactured, out of which 10 have been pre-booked.

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Automatic, Petrol, 8.0 kmpl
Rs 12.0 Cr*
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  • Koenigsegg Agera 5.0 V8
    sree on 05 Apr, 2011
    Look and Style : Amazing Comfort : Yet to see Pickup : Jet like Mileage : Respectable in that speed Best Features : Racing looks Needs to improve : Just display it in public Overall Experience : Amazed at its cost. This is god's car not for the indians. Good Bye... 86

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Koenigsegg Agera Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Petrol Automatic  8.0 kmpl 6.0 kmpl

Koenigsegg Agera review

This company draws acclaim from far and wide for a stunning range of cars that go beyond conventional automotive limits. Here is a model that revisits the company's original grandeur, and takes race-car standards to an all time high. The Koenigsegg Agera is their most admirable achievement, a top class vehicle like few others ever seen on roads before. This is an awe inciting sports model built for the finest and the toughest, with performance capacities meant to set the streets ablaze. It shatters all records set by city cars prior to this, with a massive eight cylindered engine that defines speed on the streets. It can blast to a staggering top speed of around 400 kmph. As for the acceleration, the monumental build of the engine allows it to reach 100 kmph in less than 3 seconds, so much so that extraordinary is hardly the right word to describe its speed capacity. Its exterior features are made at par with its astounding interior achievements. The exquisitely built sports car has the slimmest, most streamlined shape. Its body is a vessel for the most precise aerodynamic capacity. It has a low profile like a few other vehicles ever built, almost meaning to touch the aerodynamic feel of a Formula One car. This is a one of a kind model in various aspects. It is the only road car out there with a detachable and stowable hardtop. This, along with a decent 120 litres of luggage space provides good space to its passengers. This machine sets out to combine the very best of neck breaking performance, and useful function in one piece. The vehicle is built with two variants, the R and the S.


It is crafted with the most exquisite elegance, going further than most cars in a pursuit for perfection. The artistic make of the sports car, with its low profile and trim build, is sure to get all heads turning wherever it goes. Its low and slim build gives it an irresistible, sensual look. Adaptable rear wings make it look even more stunning on every level. It has a wide frontal area with a bumper that slopes down from the roof. Its front lights are angular with a trim, scissor like shape. It has Dihedral Synchrohelix swing doors with an elegantly smooth movement, going past convention. Its one-piece carbon fiber roof quickly stows under the bonnet to reveal a roadster. The 2013 R variant features the world's lightest and strongest hypercar wheels, with the spokes and center part of the wheel completely hollow and made out of carbon, in one piece. The overall look of this masterpiece is something similar to a bullet, with a low, sharp and stealthily shaped form that merges high speed with unrivaled looks.

Exterior Measurements:

It stretches to a total length of 4293mm. It has a wide, floor embracing build, with a width that goes for 1996mm. The sports like build of the car comes with the lowest possible height, at just 1120mm. It has a spacious wheelbase of 2662mm. The front track is 1700mm, and the rear track, 1650mm. It has a front overhang that is 885mm, and a rear overhang of 752mm. The luggage capacity of this machine is about 120-litres, while it has a fuel tank that can carry 80 litres.


The expensive performance of the car does not leave its interior compromised in any way. Despite being a low trimmed sports car, it manages to offer a spacious and luxurious cabin. The inside is polished for elegance and luxury, accented with premium materials. It has an automatic air conditioning system with a climate control feature. Well positioned vents ensure the greatest circulation within the cabin. An adjustable rear view mirror brings good utility to the passengers. The dashboard is styled with elegance, a host of features integrated into it. The speedometer is illuminated for the greatest visibility. The cockpit is also suited to host innovative technology to level up its passengers' experience. The multifunctional infotainment system and configurable instruments provide unsurpassed functionality. The uniquely designed steering wheel and seats are prime examples of Swedish ergonomics; they are the perfect combination of comfort and support. The stylish, carbon adjustable seats are meant to strike the perfect balance between comfort and support. The aniline leather and sporty alcantara inserts feature elongated diamond stitching. The crest adorns the head rest. A lightweight, rigid, carbon fiber shell supports our specifically engineered ergonomic foam. All in all, this is an interior that strives to serve the very best to its passengers.

Interior Comfort:

An air of tranquility and comfort pervades within the cockpit. The cabin is decorated with the best of material and fine metallic accents. The steering wheel and seats are designed to reflect a unique and innovative build, at the same time, capturing the best comfort for its passengers. The seats are adjustable in height and rake. The brakes are made of carbon ceramic, and the floor wears a leather carpet. Everything between the headliner and carpet is adorned in either carbon fiber, precious metals, alcantara, billet aluminum, or aniline leather. The 7 inch high-definition touch screen provides all vehicle information, acting as the command center for controlling all elements of the car. Technology of the most supreme kind hosts the best experience for its passengers, such as the multifunctional infotainment system, and an MP3 player with USB connection. A tyre monitoring system, a G sensor and an alarm are additional features present for the passenger's unending use. An intelligent life po4 battery is present in the cabin for extra utility and function.

Interior Measurements:

The insides of this vehicle are quite good with ample leg, shoulder and head room for all the occupants.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

This machine is powered to the most awesome performance capacity, possibly the single best seen in street cars ever. It is made for the most formidable speed, acceleration and power one would expect in any vehicle. The R variant dashes to the 100kmph mark in just 2.8 seconds, a world record that only a handful of vehicles through history have ever matched. It reaches the 200kmph point in 7.8 seconds, and 300kmph in 14.53 seconds. It has a top speed of around 440 kmph, perhaps one of the highest in street cars of today. The S variant zips to 100kmph in 2.9 seconds. It takes 7.9 seconds to reach 200kmph, and just below 15 seconds to hit a staggering 300kmph. It manages a stop speed of about 400kmph.

Engine and Performance

The vehicle is powered by a 5.0-litre, V8 engine, which has four valves per cylinder and is capable of giving out a tremendous performance. In case of the R variant, the engine is integrated through a DOHC (dual overhead camshaft) configuration, enhanced with titanium connecting rods, dry sump lubrication, and a negative crank pressure functionality. Its carbon fiber intake makes gives optimized performance with intact tacts. The engine is also equipped with a multipoint fuel injection with dual injectors per cylinder. There are four high powered fuel pumps with their 'return less fuel system' further enhances its performance. Topping it all of is a twinturbo with 1.4 barboost pressure. The engine powers this variant to a top speed of 440 kmph. It roasts the streets with an acceleration rate of just 2.8 seconds to breach the 100 kmph barrier. In the case of the S variant, the engine has double overhead camshafts. Dry sump lubrication adds to the polished performance of this engine, which is also equipped with twin turbo superchargers, a multipoint fuel injection and an optimized carbon fiber intake. The engine's capacity is funneled through a specially developed 7-speed dual clutch transmission system. This trim can boost the car to a top sped of about 400 kmph, with the acceleration rate making no setback at 2.9 seconds.


The cutting edge technology that raised this machine has left no feature untouched. It is made to weld the very best of all features in one massive product. A leading fuel consumption of around 20 miles per gallon puts this car well apart from the regular ones of the day. It also comes with a fuel tank capacity of 80 litres, scoring as one one of the most well thought out products any company could have released.

Power of Koenigsegg Agera

The two variants are both of top notch performance capacity, miles apart from regular street cars one would find. The S produces a maximum power of 1030hp at 7100rpm. Combined with a maximum torque of 1100Nm at 4100rpm, this is performance that is well beyond usual ranges. It has a top speed of over 400kmph. Zooming from 0 to 100kmph takes just below 3 seconds. As for the R, the peak power is 1140hp at 7100rmp, and the maximum torque is 1200Nm at 4100rpm. This variant pushes the top speed even further up to 440kmph. Its acceleration from 0 to 100kmph takes 2.8 seconds, inching past its compatriot, the S variant.

Braking & Handling

A carbon fibre chassis with aluminum honeycomb and integrated fuel tanks make for optimal weight distribution. This gives the car safe handling and stability that is meant to sustain, even beyond the most notorious speed barriers. The suspension system is designed for the most devout control and handling. Two way adjustable double whishbones equip the front and rear suspension. In addition to this, gas-hydraulic shock absorbers make for stable and smooth driving, free from strain and bumps. Progressive and lightweight anti roll bars at the front and rear rob all hindrances that may be faced by the car, making for most comfortable of drives. The braking system is also of the most sophisticated type a vehicle could ask for. The front brakes have ventilated ceramic discs, equipped with power assisted 6-piston calipers. The rear brakes have the same ventilated ceramic discs with 4-piston calipers instead. The traction is controlled with 5 different handling modes, modeled after F1 style cars. The most advanced of technology aids this car in its pursuit for perfection. The Electronic Stability goes ahead of all other cars' driving systems, meant for the most refined of stability controls. Power steering and power brakes complete the machine's handling, making it nothing short of untouchable.

Safety & Security

This is possibly the most sophisticated car of its era, with only a handful of other road cars even near to it in terms of its rib-cracking performance. Safety, as a result, is not left compromised in the slightest bit. Dual airbags shield the passengers at all times. In addition to this, extra 4-point seatbelts keep them secure at all times, and through all high speed dashes. It has an impact absorbing body design for the worst scenario. A digital alert helps to curb chances of anything going wrong. The Electronic Stability feature helps bring maximum safety when driving, along with the power steering and power braking features. The carbon structured body is made with impact absorbing bars, a crash-proof design to bring down the damage in the worst case scenario.


The wheels of this car are a one of a kind design, and this is no exaggeration. The lightest set of 19 inch wheels in the world arm the car, with a hollow carbon fiber make that is specifically engineered for high flying speed and performance. Michelin Supersport tyres arm the wheels, unidirectional with asymmetric tread pattern. The tyres are made to handle the greatest speed load, capable of taking the intensity of 420 kmph.


1. It has a high grade performance, possibly one of the best on the street.

2. The engine is a one of a kind with extreme capacities.

3. For its high performance, it has a low fuel consumption.

4. It has a most highly styled and exquisite exterior, with one of the lowest body profiles ever.

5. It has a great handling and control, meant to aid in its high speed capacity.


1. The low build and aerodynamically shaped exterior leave its interiors suffering.

2. It can only seat two people in its cockpit, as the space within is limited.

3. There are not a lot of comfort features for the passengers.

4. Its price range is very high.

5. It has a low ground clearance.

6. It can use additional safety features, to balance its extraordinarily high performance.

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Another potent version of Koenigsegg Agera supercar has been officially revealed at the on-going Geneva Motor Show. Called the ‘Agera RS,’ this is a stripped-and-whipped version of the successful ‘Agera R,’ and offers a mighty 1160 bhps to be explored on the tarmac. Read Full News

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Koenigsegg Agera has finally been launched in India today, it is one of the big launch witnessed by the Indian auto industry. The new car has been launched at a whooping price of Rs 12.5 crore ex-showroom Delhi. It is the first power car from the Swedish auto giant which swears on the luxury, features and looks in Agera. The car gives a dynamic look and seems to be ready to roar on the Indian shores. There are many luxury cars making its entry in India in the fall winter season. Recently BMW 6 Series convertible was launched. The new revised version of Volkswagen Passat has also been launched today . Read Full News

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