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Skoda Citigo Review


21 May,2012: Skoda Citigo will enter the Indian car market with the support and assistance of Volkswagen. Skoda is a sister concern of Volkswagen and it is being said that Skoda Citigo will be a low cost alternative to Volkswagen Up! Officials of Skoda India feel that Skoda Citigo, which was initially planned for Europe also, has the ability to grab huge sales in India. It is expected to launch in late 2011 in Czech market and in Europe the launch will be done in early 2012. Rumor has it that even Volkswagen Up! is expected to arrive in India at a later stage . The Citigo will be a cheaper alternative to parent VW's Up!. However, the price is not yet available.The new small car is a crucial model for Skoda as they are entering a new sector and must get everything right to secure its position in the small car market.


Eyeing rising demand for reasonably priced small cars that consume less fuel and have fairly less maintenance and operating costs, Czech automaker Skoda Auto has spawned Skoda Citigo. The Citigo will literally be a 'Simply Clever' car and proving its name, the new small car by Skoda will be a city car and is expected to be zippy on city roads. The Skoda Citigo is based on the Volkswagen Up platform. This new Skoda offering was unveiled at the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor Show. Industry experts believe that Skoda Citigo is expected to rival Volkswagen Up which is also an upcoming model in VW India’s fleet. Since Skoda Citigo is not available in India this review is based on the model available in UK.

As per Skoda Citigo’s UK review, the hatch offers optimum space, relentless agility in the city and  comes in attractive trims with the latest technologies in it. Skoda's 4 door small car is aimed at being a practical and spacious city car.  Skoda Citigo can seat four passengers in comfort and house a spacious boot. The rear seats can be creased to have of pretty hefty boot space. The front looks of the car is though not an exact copy of, but has close similarity with Skoda’s recently unveiled concept: MissionL. This concept is supposed to be the driving factor of all future Skoda cars. Skoda Citigo will be an attractive choice, offering many clever ideas. The car offers all of Skoda’s values in a compact package and fits perfectly with the company’s aims.

The Skoda Citigo features the same 1 liter petrol engine that Volkswagen Up! uses, in two different states of tune. The Skoda Citigo in UK offers an option of two 3 cylinder petrol engines with 59 bhp and 73 bhp of power output. The engines and gearboxes mated to a five speed manual transmission for the Citigo have been optimized to be scotch. Reports also suggest that there will be an electric version available in future. Citigo is expected to deliver a decent mileage and with very low emissions of 96 kgm.

The main differences between the VW Up and Skoda Citigo are differently shaped headlamps, restyled tail lamps, reshaped bumpers and different alloy wheels. Skoda’s small car will be priced in a rational way without compromising quality, practicality, design and safety. For the first time in a Skoda vehicle, the designers have used a Head-Thorax side airbag to protect the heads of both the driver and the front seat passenger, which is usually found in larger cars. “City Safe Drive”, a new brake assistance system based on a laser sensor that is activated automatically at speeds below 30 km/h when there is danger of a collision; will be introduced in Skoda Citigo. The Citigo is one of only two cars in the city car segment to offer the emergency braking functionality.

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Overall, Skoda Citigo with the finned grille and lots of chrome on it coupled with peculiar xenon headlamps throw a characteristic Skoda image. The grille slightly curves in the middle to incorporate Skoda’s mighty logo placed on wide sedan-like bonnet. The Citigo is launched in three-door and five-door versions. The designers have given the car a distinct look that defines this as a new Skoda. Skoda Citigo adorns body color bumpers. Fog lamps are incorporated on both sides of air intake grille to enhance safety in unfavorable weather conditions. Body color door mirrors and body color door handles can be seen in both the models. In the 3 door version there is an Antenna on the rear side of roof which is elevating slightly towards front before slanting towards windshield. Rear wiper is a sure shot feature while even rear defogger can accompany it. Large and elevated body color bumpers dominate the rear side. Unlike most hatchbacks, which feature a round or horizontal tail lights, Skoda Citigo will have vertically placed tail lamps. The rear windshield is rectangular and is small is length. The hatch has long wheel base of 2420mm. Skoda Citigo is an excellent value-for-money proposition as it is the undercut version of Volkswagen Up! which has the same features.

Exterior Measurement

The Skoda Citigo is a five seater stylish compact car. The exterior dimensions of Skoda Citigo are its length is 3.56 meters, width is 1.65 meters and height is 1.48 meters. Its compact dimensions guarantee comfortable handling in the city roads with generous wheelbase of 2.42 meters.

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Rear Cross Side View
Drivers Side View Door Open
Roof Antenna
Front Cross Side View

Skoda Citigo looks extra stylish with illuminated instrument cluster with the tachometer, trip meter and certain warning alarms as well. Front headrests merged into the seats, as well as a number of other smart solutions, make the Citigo a “simply clever vehicle.” Steering is sure to have tilt adjustments and electrical power. Even the windows are powered electrically and operated just with a finger. Skoda Citigo is definitely a passenger friendly car. The interior design includes numerous storage compartments, cup holders and multimedia systems, as well as storage pockets on the sides of the front seats. In addition, a special bag hook integrated in to the glovebox handle, and a photograph holder on the central console will bear testimony to the cleverness.

For the first time in a Skoda vehicle, a portable navigation system is available. The device is fitted to the dashboard and can be removed easily and used on the go. Being an integral part of the vehicle's onboard electronics, the system provides not just navigation, but also hands-free calling with built-in Bluetooth and onboard infotainment. Using a 5-inch touch screen, the driver can view important information about the car (onboard computer, optical signals from the parking sensors, etc).


The Skoda Citigo is very cleverly designed, especially when it comes to the interiors with a proportionately laid out seating arrangement that offers ample space for a comfortable ride for four passengers proving to be an ideal family car. The cup holders, the satchel hook attached to the glovebox handle for dumping any useful things and the addition of the latest touchscreen navigation system are provided for passenger comfort.  The photograph holder on the central console and the side bags on the front seats are provided with the in-built Bluetooth and onboard infotainment system which enables the user to take the calls while driving with utmost ease. AC is likely to be very effective in Skoda Citigo.  There is an “Easy Entry” system that allows easy access to the rear seats in the 3-door version.

Interior Measurements

Skoda Citigo is likely to be the owner’s first car. Unlike, the other models available in the UK, it is not a reminder of London Underground trains as the seats are covered with plush upholstery. Also the steering wheel is more easy to handle. This model will have a boot volume of 251 liter, which can be extended to 951 liter by folding down the rear seats. The car's long wheelbase of 2.42 meter provides enough comfort for four passengers even on long trips. The legroom is ample for front passengers and overall Skoda Citigo is abuzz because of its practical space inside. There is style as well as comfort with functionality.

There are nets attached to the side bolsters of the front seats for drinks bottles, a mobile phone slot which sits in the cup holder and even a clip on the dashboard to hold a photo or map in view.

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Gear Shifter
Passenger Seat
Trunk Open
Sun Roof And Moon Roof
Skoda Citigo Color Options
Skoda Citigo is offered in five different shades, the shade card includes hues like spring green metallic to depict the environmental friendly nature of the car, sunflower yellow, tornado red, brilliant metallic silver and deep black pearl effect.
Acceleration & Pick-Up

The acceleration and pick up of any car greatly depends on the engine’s output and transmission, new Skoda Citigo does not disappoint in this respect. The new Skoda Citigo ensures more power and acceleration as the new hatchback comes installed with finer technologies. The vehicle is loaded with a 1.0 litre, MPI, 3 cylinder, 12 valve petrol engine in two trims that can generate varied power of 44 kW/59 bhp and 55 kW/73 bhp respectively with the help of 5 speed manual gearbox. This highly advanced engine offers better performance and high acceleration as compared to other petrol variants that enables Skoda Citigo to cross the 62mph barrier in a span of 14.4 and 13.2 seconds with a top speed mark of 165 kmph.

Engine and Performance

Skoda, being the subsidiary of Volkswagen, shares the same platform for Skoda Citigo as with the upcoming car, Volkswagen Up! The Skoda Citigo will be offered in two variants; as a 3-door hatchback and a five-door hatchback in international market. The 1.0 litre 3-cylinder 12 valve MPI petrol engine will power the car but with varied peak power and peak torque output. The engine can produce a peak power of 59 Bhp and top torque of 95 lb/ft in the Skoda Citigo. The same 1.0L MPI engine in Skoda Citigo also holds the capacity to produce the peak power of 73 Bhp and a torque of 95 lb/ft. The engine comes with emission norms of Euro 5.  Reaching the operating temperature even on short distances, the engines are highly economical. Two highly economical green engines will offer impressively low fuel consumption figures of 68.9 mpg and 62.8 mpg respectively; with emissions of just 98g and 108g CO2/km respectively. Skoda Citigo hatchback is said to deliver a decent mileage of 11 kmpl on the city roads and 15 kmpl on the highways. The car is capable of accelerating to 62mph in mere 14.4 sec and has the capacity to attain a top speed of 165 kmph. The 5 speed manual gearbox is quite efficient, which enables smooth shifting of gears and transmits the power to wheels that maneuvers the car with ease in the high-traffic zones.


Skoda cars are well known to offer descent mileage and Skoda Citigo is looking to continue the legacy. Being equipped with a petrol engine, the small car is expected to deliver the fuel efficiency of 11 kmpl in the city that will step up to 15.4 kmpl on the highways. Since Skoda Citigo is a small car it comes mated with a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. Being an environment friendly car, its CO2 emissions vary from 96 to 98 g/km.

Power of Skoda Citigo

As per the available review Skoda Citigo will be a 1L petrol car which will be strong enough to belt out maximum power of 59bhp under its bonnet. It is also believed that Skoda will add two more three-cylinder petrol powered engines under its flagship. The engine in a three door Citigo is capable of generating the power output of 44 kW/59 BHP and top torque of 95lb/ft. On the other hand the same 1.0L MPI will churn out the power of 55 kW/73 BHP and torque of 95lb/ft in five door hatchback. The base variant of Skoda Citigo comes packed with a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. An automatic gearbox is mated on the high-end models.

Stereo & Accessories

The Skoda Citigo comes with 2 DIN music systems and embedded audio/ stereo system supportive of CD/ Mp3 player placed right at the central panel. An attractive feature in Skoda Citigo is in-built Bluetooth and onboard infotainment system which enables the user to take the calls while driving with utmost ease. Other accessories are portable navigation system, Using a 5-inch touch screen for onboard computer, optical signals from the parking sensors, etc, cup holders, storage pockets on the sides of the front seats, a special bag hook integrated in to the glovebox handle, and a photograph holder on the central console.

You can now buy Skoda Citigo accessories online. Great discounts available.
Braking & Handling

A unique braking system is incorporated in the car. The Braking system in the Skoda Citigo is expected to have front disk and rear drum brake. The Skoda Citigo, while moving under the speed of 30 km/h in the traffic, will sense automatically and detect any hindrance in the front and apply the brakes bringing the car to stop and thus avoid any collision. With the latest breakthrough in technology, Skoda Motors have manufactured the best-in-class hatchback Skoda Citigo that ensures maximum passenger safety. The other safety features like Anti-Brake Locking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), parking sensors, fog lamps, traction control and the rear seat belts on the car come as a complete package to deliver top most safety. The head-thorax side airbags are embedded in the car interiors for the driver and the passenger’s safety to avoid any sort of injuries in case of car collision. The sophisticated hatchback is equipped with a power steering to aid the user in handling the car comfortably in association with the five speed manual gearbox.

Safety & Security

The Czech manufacturer has manufactured the car keeping the passenger safety as a primary objective in mind. Apart from that, the auto major has introduced a unique braking system called “City Safe Drive” in the car, which applies the brake automatically in the traffic, when the car is moving under the speed of 30 km/h. A 5-inch touch screen navigation system is deployed in the car to assist the driver in directing the way through roads. The head-thorax side airbags embedded in the car provides the cushioning effect to the passengers and the driver in case of head-on or sidewise collisions. The Skoda Citigo is incorporated with the top-notch safety features to ensure maximum safety to the user. The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) in the car avoids the locking of the wheels during the application of brakes including the sudden brake. The Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) distributes the force applied during braking evenly on the wheels and works in coordination with ABS. The other safety features include the parking sensors, traction control, fog lamps and many more. The rear seat belts with tensioners keep the passengers well comforted at the same time holding them to the seats in case of accidents to avoid major injuries.


The eight spoke aluminum alloy wheels propel Skoda Citigo. The car is built on a 2.42 m wheelbase, which surprisingly long for a small hatchback. The Citigo is one of only two cars in the city car segment to offer the emergency braking on wheels.

Skoda Citigo Pros


Small size, attractive safety features, and styling will target young audience who already own a car and are in need of a second car or as Skoda terms it “best ager” for the growing family needs.


Skoda Citigo Cons

Low powered engine, Irritating sat-nav, similarity to Volkswagen Up!

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