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  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:51.0

    Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. launched its new Mahindra e2o- electric motor car in India. This compact electric car will be replacing the existing model of Reva. Touted with lithium ion batteries that are charged by electricity, it is the most convenient and eco-friendly car in India to date.
     This compact mini hatchback is powered by 48-volt lithium -ion batteries, that would generates 25bhp accompanied with 52.9Nm of peak torque. The brand promises that this electric engine can be fully charged in 5-hours, and once fully charged, the e2o will run up to 100 kms with a top speed of 81kmph.
    The mini hatchback holds a future inspired design with technically advanced DNA, that would be a most convenient intercity car. The car has been made of high impact dent and scratch resistant panels. Driving this mini hatchback would a much easier affair with the advanced fully automatic transmission, where no gear and clutch shifts are required. Mahindra e2o would a very convenient, clean and easy going car. All thanks to the batteries that favour 0 emissions and a cleaner environment.
    The front fascia appears aggressive with muscular wings, a huge radiator grille and stylish headlamps that are incorporated with turn indicators. The wheel arches are deeply crafted and show the strength of this compact electric car. The car appears chunky from the side view and has distinct character lines which extended till the B-pillar.
     The mini hatchback is a smart one too, with an array of accessible smart features. Mahindra e2o can be accessed with your smart phone. The Mahindra brand brings the coolest way to handle a car, one can charge the battery, lock the car or play music without even entering into it, with just their smart phones.

    Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:55.0

    The Mahindra e2o features a future inspired design that has been loaded with unique styling features, to make it all the more charming. The trendy colour options make it all the more unique and modern. The e2o has wider mechanics that encapsulate handsome space inside. The front fascia appears aggressive with muscular wings, a huge radiator grille and stylish headlamps that are incorporated with turn indicators. The grille gets glossy black lining.

    The wheel arches are deeply crafted and show the strength of this compact electric car. Mahindra cars have been known for their robust and durable nature. The car appears chunky from the side profile, with distinct character lines and an extended B-pillar. The ORVM's and the door handles get black colour finish. The windscreen and the window glasses are big and provide good amounts of sunlight and air transition, all of which keeps the cabin clean, airy and fresh. The roofline falls abruptly and merges with the boot area, while the rear end is defined by a set of chunky tail lamps and chrome linings.

    Mahindra e2o - Interiors

    2015-01-21 14:30:54.0

    With the increase in shoulder length, the scope of a bigger cabin in the Mahindra e2o is increased. The seats appears to get good upholstery. The passengers are immediately invited by the dual tone seats. They are large and comfortable and get a dual colour tone for the fabric. The application of good quality plastic inside enhances the cabin feel. Some features are highlighted with silver accents. The steering wheel is big, with wider dials for the multi-information panel. Convenient positioning of air conditioner vents helps to chill the cabin in a span of mere minutes. The central console gets dual cup holders for both, the driver and front passenger. The incredible space management for the cabin provides fair space for all passengers.

    The big windshield and large glasses keep the cabin airy, clean and simple. The 6.2-inch LCD screen is first-in-class with a nice interface, which assists in one touch operations for various features. It has an acoustic sound system that provides complete MP3 solutions inside the cabin. The gadgets inside offers a premium feel to the passengers.

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  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:52.0

    Mahindra Reva introduced yet another electric passenger hatchback, the e2o. The car is loaded with lithium-ion batteries that are extremely responsive and eco-friendly. With this new addition into the product line, Mahindra Reva focuses on conservation of energy and offering an alternative to fuel driven cars.
    Mahindra e2o encapsulates 48-volt lithium-ion batteries that will produces 25bhp along with 52.9Nm of peak torque. The brand promises that these batteries would be fully charged within a time frame of 5 hours, and once fully charged, the e2o will run up to 100 kms with a top speed of 81kmph
    . The new e2o has a state-of-the-art infotainment system. A 6.2-inch LCD screen is embedded in the dashboard, which is a first-in-class feature and assists in full touch interface. It can pair up with an array of devices varying from i-pods to i-phones. This is coupled with speakers that provide an acoustic sound experience inside the cabin, with amplified sound and perfect tones. The system comes with DVD, Bluetooth, ipod, radio and USB support.
     Moreover the fully loaded navigation system covers 1.5 million kilometers of roads across 1200 cities. While on the way, one would get access to 5 million points of interests, including ATM's, charging stations, restaurants, cafes, etc. It will even help to track the destination and plan the way.
    It is loaded with a full fledged driver information system (DIS), that diligently points out all the vital information. It provides information about the service timings of the car, its daily driving efficiency score, etc. It even helps to pair this clever hatchback with your smart phone, through which one can access numerous features of the car.  

    Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:53.0

    Recently Mahindra Reva Pvt. Ltd. introduced its very smart, fully electronic passenger hatchback-e2o, with exciting features. The hatchback has been developed with a lot of research and experiments and as a result it boasts one of the best designs as a mini compact, best in class features and safety. Mahindra rates the attributes of comfort high in its priority list. In this new edition, the makers did their best to anticipate advanced technologies even on mere details, so as to enhance the travelling experience in this hatchback. The suspension system is an incorporation of gas charged shock absorbers, that enables this compact electrical car to move across the worst of roads with minimal discomfort to the passengers.

    Ingress for the rear passengers is easy with just an operation of knobs on the front seats, it even imbibes oodles of space inside for a comfortable ride to all the passengers. It is flooded with smart features that would make one fall for the cleverness of the car. It has electronically controlled AHV air conditioner, which gives efficient cooling throughout the cabin with those big vents. Moreover, one can start the AC without even entering the car, with the help of their smartphone application. One can operate the AC, set the timer in regards to initiation of cooling or heating with this application.

    The seats are large and comfortable and moreover the headrests on all the seats make the journey all the more pleasurable. With a wide shoulder length, Mahindra e2o can happily accommodate 4 adult passengers in it.

    Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:54.0

    The exciting Mahindra e2o has wider mechanics that encapsulate handsome space inside. The front fascia appears aggressive with muscular wings, huge radiator grille and stylish headlamps that are incorporated with turn indicators. It has been developed with vital attributes that are especially developed for security of occupants.

    The seats are supplemented with pre-tensioner seat belts, that hold up the passengers from rolling forward in the event of sudden braking or collision. All the seats get their respective headrests that focus on reducing tension to the neck area and deliver a comfortable ride all throughout.Moreover the hatchback has been developed with scratch and dent resistant panels that prevent it from obtaining any scratches even in the brush and congested traffic. The electrical ORVM's and power windows can be operated from inside. The wipers and washers are built in a scissor construction that allows cleaning of maximum area, while travelling in rain or foggy weather, thus enhancing the visibility. The multi-core traction immobiliser ensures safety, as with this feature the hatchback can only be unlocked with its original keys. All in all, the makers have tried to incorporate maximum safety features in the e2o.

    Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:53.0

    Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicle Pvt. Ltd. launched its all new Mahindra e2o in India. This pretty little hatchback is embedded with an array of convenient features. The makers focused on making the e2o more simple and convenient that has hassle free operation.

    This is the basic idea for making majority of features that could be operated at the touch of a button. The front seats bend and retract themselves with just a touch of the tab on the sides of the front seats. This hatchback can be unlocked with just a touch, moreover the operation of electrical outside rear view mirrors has been made easy with a touch that helps to adjust them as required. The power windows are operated with touch feature inside the hatchback as well. Ranging from ignition to opening the dual glove boxes, the operation of features has been simplified with the introduction of the touch and operate feature.

    The very smart, technologically assisted hatchback can be operated with the Mahindra Reva application in your smart phone, with just some touches on it, to select the required application. With the help of this app, one can upgrade the vehicle software from time to time with the introduction of new technology that would help e2o to stay new always. With the help of this application one can even start the air conditioner without ever entering into the car, the app helps to set the timing and desired temperature.

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  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-01-21 14:30:52.0

    Mahindra Reva believes in delivering cost effective mobility solution to their buyers. The all new Mahindra e2o is touted with 48-volt lithium-ion batteries that will produce 25bhp accompanied with 52.9Nm of peak torque. The brand promise that these batteries at their core would be fully charged in 5-hours, and once fully charged, the e2o will run up to 100 kms with a top speed of 81kmph.
    This super smart compact hatchback can save up to Rs 85,000 in a year, as compared to a petrol car. The regenerated technology ensures reduced maintenance and will also conserve energy while on the drive. The new Mahindra e2o is developed out of almost immovable parts; it requires just one servicing in a year that would add to onces savings. Moreover, no oil changes or fuel recharge feature makes it all the more convenient and cleaner. The body panels are dent and scratch resistant and are easy to replace or repair which would also help in lowering down the costs.
    The smart new generation car could be recharged with solar light, and amazingly stores it within its batteries. As a result, one can supplement their house hold electricity needs with the help of Mahindra e2o. This e2o model would be replacing the existing Reva model from Mahindra Reva Pvt. Ltd.
    The car offers more to explore and astonish the customers with each of its feature. One can upgrade their e2o from time to time with Mahindra Reva Applications, resulting with upgraded technology and exciting features.

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