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12 Videos of Ford Ecosport Available
  • Via:YouTube  |  February 26, 2015
    Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford EcoSport Expert Review

    January 22, 2015



    Here comes the latest Eco Sport to answer all your questions that you have about it. This is one of the best offerings by Ford and is expected to hit the Ford outlets by mid 2013. The newly released video on You-Tube features all that you want to enquire about.


    The video of this car displays that it has three engine options. One is turbo petrol, which is an eco boost about that Ford has been discussing much, another is 1.5 litre petrol and the third s 1.5 litre diesel. The Ford Eco Sport is a 1 litre, 3 cylinder turbo charged petrol 999 cc engine with a decent fuel-consumption.


    In terms of design, as per the video, this car has kinetic design. Its front has been created pretty bold and aggressive. The side profile of the vehicle has been carved brilliantly by etched wheel arches to give it a muscular look. At the bottom it features a black mud guard that protects your vehicle even if you drive through mud, water and dust. The back portion of this SUV has a stepney along with an up-lifted body that gives it a different look.


    The video shows that its cockpit has been made unique right from the number pads to push start button, from climate control to well-defined dashboard. Ford has equipped it with sink which is something new that the maker has introduced in India. It not only has voice control but it is the far more advance system


    application just like your iphone and android phone have.


    The seats are quite comfortable, nevertheless, there could be a little thigh support. The lumber support is good and it has an arm rest that makes the gear-shifting comfortable. The quality of the plastic used in this SUV, is decent. The front seats can be adjusted as per your requirements. The video displays that there is a lot of room at the back seat as well, especially the leg room which makes your journey memorable. The back reclined seat can be adjusted and can be folded. Besides this, There is a possible 60x40 split that makes the seat can even go further out.


    Ford has played the game quite well as far as the price of this bike is concerned as this car is a sub 4 metre SUV and also has a one litre engine to get excise benefits. The ground clearance of this car is 200 mm and still, it does not really fall into the category of SUV, thus, it gets another 3 per cent excise duty cut. However, the exact price of the car is yet to be disclosed.


    Ford impresses with the practicality that the manufacturer has given to make it an entirely urbanus SUV. This SUV is undoubtedly a performer in terms of ride and handling which has been made pretty smooth and cursive. Even at the corners you do not hesitate to go with a good speed which gives you confidence while touring.

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  • Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford as a company is known to be a trendsetter in the automobile industry by bringing the automobiles at an affordable price without compromising with the performance. The company has created ripples in the automobile industry with its Lincoln, Endeavour and other innovations. Being a key stockholder in Aston Martin, the company displays the same authority in designs which seem aggressive yet remain comfortable, all of which make the Ford cars second largest automobile manufacturer in America and fifth largest in the world. In an effort to develop ecologically friendly automobiles following the already polluted environment, Ford launched its innovative EcoSport with is efficient not just in terms of performance but as its key designer stated, the Ford EcoSport is visually efficient. The vehicle is displayed at the 11th Delhi Auto Expo where it received rave response from distributors and customers equally. The compact crossover segment which was a hit in Indian automobile market since the beginning. With increasing players in the segment who were keen on constantly making cars which were compact from outside while spacious from inside, Ford went a step ahead and created a compact SUV that not only ensures the regular parameters but also plays its part in creating an environmentally friendly vehicle which makes the unique Ford DNA stay in tact. In an attempt to create awareness among the already anxious auto enthusiasts of the country Ford Asia Pacific and Africa allowed the dealers to have a first look at the vehicle thereby providing their individual opinion regarding the vehicle and observing the anticipation they have over the vehicle’s success not just as dealers dealing with business perspective but with a consumer perspective as well. They can be seen explaining individual specifications of the vehicle according to them, which stand out and the way they predict the crowd, especially youth,  will react to the Ford EcoSport.

    Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster, two arch rivals and huge market partakers. These lately launched cars have been shown in a latest video. The video also displays an anchor coming out from Ford Ecosport and telling the viewers that “Hey wait! I am in a double role and we both will discuss these two cars”. Both the anchors starts the conversation with an argument; is Ecosport faster than Duster or its one of the anchors who has driven it speedily.The video further displays one of the anchors discussing about Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster whereas the other anchor moves out of the picture, which means he came only for the guest appearance. The remained guy explains that “The two cars behind me have all that you always aspired for and its time to make your valuable dreams come true by driving one of the cars.

    In terms of engine, the video displays the new Ford Ecosport boasts a 1488 cc DV5 diesel. The power out put of the engine 90 bhp @ 3750 rpm whereas the peak torque of 204 Nm at 2000 rpm. The engine of Renault Duster houses 1461 cc diesel. The dCi engine scoops out the peak power out put of 108 Bhp at 3900 rpm and the utmost torque production 248 @ 2250 rpm. The exteriors and interiors of both the cars are amazing and ravishing.

    On the whole, the the newly and latest Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport are not only just cars, however, they bring the entire lifestyle with them and that is what have been discussed in the video,. Undoubtedly, they are from the true makers .

    Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford has always been a company which has been associated with excellence and luxury ever since its inception, particularly in the Indian market. The company not only created an unmatched brand for itself but it also provided varying performance options across its different models. Creating benchmarks with its amazing Ford Endeavour, the company since saw a great amount of success both in terms of products made as well as technology innovated. Reflecting its concern over the environmental issues, the company invested a lot in updating the available technology to suit the needs and demands of the environment and the people involved in it. In the same track, the company launched its EcoSport in the brazilian markets, following the success of which, the model is being launched all over the world keeping key focus in the Indian and Chinese automobile markets. Since the vehicle boasts its environment conscious design, the factors such as fuel consumption, design ethics are kept at priority. In the Delhi Auto Expo, conducted in January 2012, the company allowed the auto enthusiasts to predict the specifications and the performance factors by having a walkthrough around the displayed EcoSport. Speculations were high as expected as the company which made them has barely ever disappointed its customers. While 70 per cent of the audience expected the vehicle to have more than 1.4 litre engine in order to keep up with the heavy built compact crossover. But David Filipe, assistant vehicle line director at Ford APA mentioned the amazing 1 litre ecoboost engine which provides a 170 Nm torque at 1500 rpm and an amazing 118 hp

    Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford is the first company to manufacture an automobile that American middle class could afford. Ever since its inception, the company headed one of the worlds highly used automobiles while maintaining its ethics and design principles. Believing in providing the self endorsed “fordism” which ensures in providing inexpensive automobiles at the rate of a better livelihood not just to the customers but also to the workers, over the years Ford maintained these values intact which is clearly visible in its designs. The automobile manufacturer has its share in some of the luxury vehicles in the world such as Aston Martin and Lincoln, these help the vehicle in creating a global automobile to the domestic customers while maintaining affordability as a prime parameter. With growing demands and concerns from the automobile industry, Ford did what it does the nest, creating an affordable vehicle which has the luxury as well as the concern put up answered in the right balance without compromising with either one of them. Ford tried its best in achieving this and left the decision to the auto enthusiasts/ Initially though, it launched in brazil and the vehicle was very well received in the country triggering the quest for a global conquest. The company primarily concentrated on the Indian and the Chinese automobile markets as the ecological concerns such as fuel efficiency and the engine performance are some of the prime requirement of the customers in these areas. Joe Hinrichs, Group Vice President of the Ford Motor Company for Asia Pacific and Africa, explained the reasons why the new Ford EcoSport will be perfectly suitable to the market.

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  • Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford Motors created its brazilian centric automobile EcoSport as an effort to create environment friendly automobile which would not have to compromise with performance standards. Following the success in the Brazilian market, the company launched the latest version of the EcoSport with special concentration on highly populated asian markets such as India and China. The company recently showcased the EcoSport in China where Ford’s chief designer Ehab Kaoud gave a walkthrough of the vehicles striking design and the values it imparts along with the performance. The new EcoSport, as Ehab notes that the EcoSport reiterates the typical Ford DNA with its predominant front grill which helps it look proud and strong. The headlamps are thin in design and are elongated, thus aptly placed giving the car an efficient finished look. With a refreshing perspective, Ford took the term efficiency from a channelised performance oriented aspect to a complete visual aspect. The efficiency is also noted to be in terms of visual efficiency so that the vehicle performs at high aerodynamic specifications with ease. The company achieved this by cutting the excess materials and cutting the excess weights. Among the striking exterior details, one detail Ehab Kaoud mentioned being pleased about is the hood line, which extends to the A-pillar and thereby merges in the framework at the rear giving an amazing silhouette which reflects creativity of the car from side view. Efforts such as these, as Ehab notes, are indications at dedication Ford had towards creating unique automobiles. The rear design is significantly stressed while designing making it an aggressive vehicle with even minor aerodynamic detailings such as the curve radius, the blended door handle in the tail lamps, etc.

  • Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford showcased its global vehicle, Ford EcoSport compact SUV at the Auto Expo 2012. This new compact SUV is absolutely perfect. The car is sleek, smart and dynamic. Ford calls EcoSport the ‘right-sized’ SUV which has almost everything right from its fuel efficiency to its size and consumers’ needs. The major highlights of the new global vehicle comprise of its sleek and smart looking profile that makes it stand out from the rest of the SUVs in the market today. The car has flawless proportions and the slim elongated headlamps along with the stylish and chic grille makes the entire car look modish and handsome. The price of the Ford EcoSport is expected to range between Rs 9 lakh to Rs 12 lakh.

  • Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Ford EcoSport, the upcoming vehicle in the Ford India’s portfolio is spawned on Fiesta’s platform and the dramatic styling of the EcoSport remains true to the car that was unveiled at the Asian motor show. The vehicle comes with loud designs which can be termed as extrovert that are surely head turner when driving through the road.A massive, open-mouthed grille gives it a very different feel from the Fiesta, and the high bonnet line, machine gun-like fog-lights and heavily raked windscreen enhance the radical image. Narrow headlights add further aggression, while the flared wheel arches and rising beltline give the car a well planted look.Ford has done a decent job at the rear, too. The C-pillars and wraparound rear screen fluidly gels well, and the rear door- mounted spare wheel is well integrated, keeping the EcoSport under four metres in length.Once you step into the overtly high cabin which is extremely easy to get into, there is plenty of legroom available in the vehicle for giraffe head people as it comes with high seat position and the interiors look akin to the latest Fiesta however EcoSport still has some more airy feel at the front end. Boot space is just 346 litres with the rear seats in position (they fold to offer 560 litres), which isn’t much more than some large hatches.

  • Via:YouTube  |  January 22, 2015

    Since its inception in the Indian automobile market, Ford has enjoyed its distinct luxury market by creating a brand of itself lasting through ages. Despite many companies being created every day and innovations emerging every minute, Ford put its best efforts in working along with the changing environment and thereby successfully delivering products that are sure to raise the standards of automobiles. Being a true believer of design, the aerodynamic effects and simple design tweaks the company offers allow it to have its mark intact over years. With the new Ford Ecosport, the company is trying to enter the compact SUV segment in India. The EcoSport was first designed and distributed for Brazil and now the latest version is being exported all over the world with India as a prime market. Considering the admiration Indian auto enthusiasts have for Ford, the decision seems completely logical. 

    The new marketing campaign of Ford Ecosport brought the task of discovering the cities of India from the customers’ eyes, allowing the Indians to share their own discovery that can explain the city in a distinct manner with the help of Ford Ecosport. The company chose RJ Mantra to be the face of the campaign. Since the campaign requires users to discover the city, the vehicle is given to the selected applicants for three weeks. They can have the EcoSport to work or discover in weekends. A camera crew is also provided to the entries helping the selected applicants discover better. A provision of having a few friends too is available as true urban discoveries stay incomplete without friends to discover them with.

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