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Maruti Gypsy is one such car which is meant to held on to any type of terrain. Engine of the car is a thermal conductive type which works well in both cool and hot environments. Petrol engine is more powerful and more responsive in the harshest of the climatic situations. With four wheel Maruti Gypsy is capable to work in the roughest of road situations. With the five speed gear-box pattern it is high mileage delivering car on highway. Space inside is much more attractive aspect appealing for its demand in various departments like military and police.

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Maruti Gypsy
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Some countries have vehicles, which define the entire automobile segment in that country. Though the automobile market in a country has a large appetite to fit both domestic as well as international manufactures, some companies remain to enjoy an unending customer loyalty to their products. One such company is Maruti India, which is one of the largest automobile manufacturer in India. Regardless the model, in any segment the first choice of a customer remains to be a Maruti car. Be it the exceptionally efficient service centers spread throughout the country or the unending range of services offered by the manufacturer in the country, Maruti always struck the right chords with Indian customers. The best thing however remains its legacy, which helped the manufacturing giant in not just gaining ever increasing customers, but also an impressive experience, which comes handy when a new vehicle needs to be launched in the market. Being the manufacturer of the first people’s car, Maruti 800, the company never ceased to grow ever since. It forayed into the SUV market with Maruti Gypsy in 1985, when off road vehicle and SUV as a term were in a budding phase. A legend among off road enthusiasts, Maruti Gypsy continued to be extensively used by people not just in the regular localities, but also for hardcore purposes such as military and other off road capabilities, where the vehicle needs to pass through some of the toughest terrains in the nation. It is no secret that Maruti has been a preferred option for not just customers but the government officials too. Though the vehicle was initially offered in a soft top convertible design, it soon progressed to offer a hardtop , so that the off road capabilities stay intact irrespective of the environmental constraints. With its amazing build which maintains a robust appeal, the 1298cc engine offers a superior control over the vehicle and it even allows the user to witness more power. Since the vehicle runs on petrol, the performance and pick up are extremely impressive hardly leaving any room for design loop holes. With an interesting 210mm ground clearance, Maruti Gypsy provides challenging off road capabilities even in terrains as raw as hills. The diaphragm spring clutch in the Maruti Gypsy is designed with enough strength to withstand high rotational speeds.

The entire build of the Maruti Gypsy from the tyres to the framework are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. The load on the engine is also considerably less in Maruti Gypsy, which already has a strong thermal conductive nature where it heats up in extremely snowy conditions. Though high temperatures might not be a considerable issue, the low temperatures certainly end up being a tough call. The maximum output generated by Mahindra Gypsy is an apt 80bhp at 6000rpm. The various weather conditions this vehicle can handle makes it one of the most successful SUV in the nation which actually stuck to its traditional design.

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Maruti Gypsy Models

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Petrol Models

  • Maruti Gypsy King Hard Top Ambulance

    The manufacturer has equipped this SUV with a 1.3-litre, G13B petrol engine that comes with a multipoint fuel injection system. It is equipped with 4-cylinders and 16-valves, which generates 1298cc. It can generate a maximum power of 80Bhp at 6000rpm, while producing 103Nm of peak torque at 4500rpm. This engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox that sends the power to all the four wheels in a 4WD layout. This variant is intended for medical emergencies and it comes with aspects like a pair of 3-speed intermittent wiper with wash function, hazard warning light, hydraulic clutch in cooling fan, distributor-less ignition, multi-function lever, fabric upholstery, vanity mirror on left sun visor, adjustable head restraints, front package tray, lockable glove compartment, driver side rear view mirror, spare wheel cover, floor carpet and steering lock.

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  • Maruti Gypsy King Soft Top MPI

    This soft top trim comes with removable canvas top and foldable front windshield. Apart from these, all the other features are same like those in the Ambulance trim.

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  • Maruti Gypsy King Hard Top MPI

    This hard top trim comes with fibre reinforced plastic top and with a front footstep assembly. Apart from these, the remaining features are similar to those in Soft Top MPI trim.

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Maruti Gypsy TachoMeter

Equipped with a powerful G13B MPFI engine, which has 16-valves and runs on petrol. With four cylinders in the vehicle, the mileage of the vehicle is expected to be slightly low, but this Maruti Gypsy features an impressive 11.96 Kmpl mileage on highway, while the same comes down to 8.45 Kmpl for the city roads. With a displacement of 1298cc, the vehicle is capable of handling better fuel usage, so that excessive fuel is not burnt unnecessarily. With a maximum output of 80bhp at 6000rpm and offering a maximum torque of 103Nm at 4500rpm, Maruti Gypsy can clearly be deemed as a powerful vehicle.

Power of Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Gypsy Photos

Maruti Gypsy comes with a 1.3-litre engine that has four cylinders. This engine offers a maximum output of 80bhp at 6000rpm, while the maximum torque hits 103Nm at 4500rpm. The G13BB Multi Point Fuel Injection engine has 16-valves, which never fails to perform. The vehicle is more prominent in off roading probably due to its four wheel drive mechanism. The four wheel drive works effectively for the roads as well as the uneven terrains. The effectiveness of the power is evident in the way the Maruti Gypsy handles it despite the issues of bushes and rocks. The way vehicles travels on the the upward direction such as on hills and other terrains is really impressive, thanks to its adequate power.


Colors available with all variants of Maruti Gypsy
  • Dolphin Blue
  • Harvest Green
  • Silky silver
  • Ruby Red
  • Superior white

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Maruti Gypsy Gear

Maruti Gypsy features a G13BB Multi point fuel injection engine, which runs on petrol. The engine also has 16-valves and four cylinders, which gives an estimate about the pick up of the vehicle. The Maruti Gypsy undoubtedly has a powerful engine, but the machinery is further enhanced by the five speed transmission, which has a two speed transfer. This vehicle goes from 0–100 Kmph in just about 16.4 seconds.

Maruti Gypsy Exteriors

Maruti Gypsy Exterior

The exteriors of Maruti Gypsy are specifically designed to match the off road capabilities of the vehicle. The fact that Maruti created a vehicle, which was used even by the military personnel is an indication at the design and engineering excellence attained by Maruti. The overall design is offered both with a soft top model as well as a hard top model. The soft top variant though offers a simple convertible design, the vehicle falls vulnerable in the odd temperature zones where the vehicle inevitably falls prey to the environmental issues. The hardtop variant however offers a bolted top, so that the passengers are more relaxed. The entire structure of the vehicle is an innovative effort in creating a sustainable off road vehicle. The front fascia defines authority of the vehicle which is really helpful in creating a powerful image in terms of the viewer. The Maruti Gypsy has a prominent front grille, which was a typical Maruti design that has lasted throughout the early years of its manufacturing. The headlamp cluster and the front grille fit in a long rectangle with the typical round headlamps in the edges almost along the breadth. The basic structure also depicts a straight design for the front fascia instead of curvy structure. The front bumper has a subtle statement with reflector lamps on the bumper, which adorn in the slightly framed bumper design. The front bumper also offers a stylish appeal to the vehicle and more or less helps the vehicle in avoiding most of the obstacles. The side profile of the vehicle is also a pleasure to watch as it demands power and a simple design statement. It never seems flamboyant and no excessive muscle is placed anywhere. The beautiful thing about that however is that the Maruti Gypsy does exactly what it is supposed to do, it performs. One of the most important thing that needs to be considered however is the price of the vehicle. Maruti did a really amazing job in maintaining a cost effective design despite not compromising with the performance. The side profile offers two reflectors at each end and the wheel arches of the vehicle are slightly prominent protruding out as an additional element rather than a part of the framework.

The entire design, in fact, seems a bunch of bits and pieces perfectly coupled together making the vehicle a real pleasure to modify or develop whenever required. The side profile also offers a simple black lining in the under part of the body to avoid any bushes or rocks effecting the doors or chassis. The rally versions however offer halogen lamps so that extreme off roading can be achieved. The drivers side has a rear view mirror and the spare wheel is equipped with a wheel cover. The front foot step assembly is provided for the Maruti Gypsy Hard top, while the soft top version comes with a foldable front windscreen so that the vehicle remains extremely windy while riding.

Exterior Measurement

The overall length of Maruti Gypsy measure around 4010mm. The measurements of the vehicle are apt and are created in a way that it would be an easy transition to the Indian automobile customers who are relatively new to the SUV segment, at least when it was launched. The width of the vehicle is kept at a decent 1540mm, which again reassures the perfect build and appeal. The overall height of the vehicle is a decent 1845mm. The wheelbase of the vehicle is big enough to fit most of the rocks and bushes, so that the SUV can maneuver through the roughest of paths. The Maruti Gypsy has an enormous 2375mm wheelbase. The front track of the vehicle is 1300mm, while the rear track is 1310mm.

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Exterior Images
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Gypsy Interior

Maruti Gypsy Interior

The Maruti Gypsy features slightly traditional design as it is mostly devoid of any modern contemporary designing features. The SUV though, offers a great build with innovative interior system with respect to the time, when it was designed . The interiors offers quality spacing for eight passengers with two passengers sitting in the front while the remaining six sitting in opposite rows in the rear section of the SUV. The most impressive part of the vehicle however remains the spacing offered for the passengers in front row. The leg room in the front row is ample and since the seats can be adjusted further, the vehicle features a class defining space. The driver as well as co-driver seats are adjustable hence they can be altered according to the user specification. The air conditioner vents are placed both in the corner near the driver as well as of the co-driver. In order to offer decent safety for the passengers, the grip bar handles really come in handy for the uneven off road drives. The gear rod is reminiscent of the traditional Maruti manufacturing, which can be traced in the Maruti 800. The three spoke steering wheel gives a decent grip to the vehicle. The design offers a simple statement however. Minor safety features such as safety handles, seat belts are offered though the contemporary safety design features such as airbags are not provided which might be a problem for people who would like to travel at high speeds. Though at simple speeds, the relative safety of the vehicle is ensured. The interiors can however be customized to match user requirements in terms of personalization features such as seat covers, the car floor mats, steering wheel embellishments, etc.

Interior Comfort:

Interior comfort of the Maruti Gypsy is enough to match the off road facility of the vehicle. Though the SUV would not classify as the most luxurious vehicle, it sure does the work. The knee support in the front seats is sufficient to allow passengers to travel miles together easily. The information cluster is pretty old school with simple design and block structure. The vehicle stands out in the same section for working in a minimalistic design. Interiors also comes with fabric upholstery for the hardtop version, a vanity mirror on the co-drivers sun visor, a front package tray and a lockable glove compartment. The seats can be adjusted and reclined based on requirement and even the head restraints can be adjusted accordingly.

Interior Measurement:

The vehicle measures up accurately due to its 1540mm width, so that the interiors can be equipped with enough features. The fuel tank capacity of the Maruti Gypsy is an impressive 40 litres which, considering its mileage is sufficient to handle long adventurous rides.

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Interior Images
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy
  • Maruti Gypsy

Engine and Performance

Maruti Gypsy Engine

Maruti Gypsy features a SOHC, MPFI engine which has a displacement of 1298cc. The in-line engine also succeeded in offering four cylinders and 16 valves, so the vehicle offers superior power. The four wheel drive just amplifies the overall performance of the engine. The engine actually is more powerful than it seems with an amazing maximum output of 80bhp at 6000rpm, while the torque is also a sufficient 103Nm at 4500rpm. The 5.1 meter turning radius of the vehicle signifies the vehicle’s performance even in off roads. The engine is capable of producing a city mileage of 8.45 Kmpl and the same increases significantly on highways to about 11.96 Kmpl.

Stereo & Accessories

Maruti Gypsy Accessories

Though Maruti Gypsy does not offer the accessories of a luxury vehicle but it can still offer a decent interior accessory set. With a simple interior build the accessories and stereos are certainly something, which can be delectable. The simple stereo system might be available with a few authorized dealers.

You can now buy Maruti Gypsy accessories online. Great discounts available.


Maruti Gypsy Wheels

The SUV has to have a perfect wheels to assist the vehicle so that the exceptional performance can be handled by them. Maruti Gypsy found the best companion to this powerful vehicle and it hence choose the 205/70 R15 wheels . These 15 inch steel wheels also help in improving the exterior appeal of the vehicle.

Braking & Handling

Maruti Gypsy DashBoard

Maruti Gypsy offers a decent braking ability which along with its four wheel drive acts perfectly in maintaining the off roading of the SUV. The front section of the vehicle offers disc brakes while the rear offers drum brakes. These effectively offer a sufficient off road capability for the vehicle.

Safety and Security

Maruti Gypsy Safety

Maruti Gypsy offers a very powerful and satisfactory handling. The front section of the vehicle offers leaf spring with double action damper with boaster suspension and the rear also offers the same performance. The safety of the vehicle is ensured with the seat belts and safety handles. The steering wheel can be locked in order to ensure a safe and secure drive. The Maruti Gypsy does offer a very impressive off road capability and it is really laudable to see how good it can perform even in the worst environment.

Pros & Cons

Maruti Gypsy Pros :

1. Engine performance is good.

2. A sophisticated four wheel drive option.

3. Very simple to drive on city roads. 

4. After sales service is good. 

5. Can host seating for six passengers.


Maruti Gypsy Cons :

1. Old fashioned exterior appearance. 

2. Interior design is not up to the mark. 

3. Fuel economy is very poor. 

4. Cost of ownership is expensive. 

5. No ABS and power steering option.

Maruti Gypsy Specifications

Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power AC Power Steering Central Locking
City Highway
King Hard Top Ambulance BSIV
Manual 1298cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
8.45 11.96 80bhp @ 6000rpm Not Available Not Available Not Available
King Soft Top MPI BSIV
Manual 1298cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
8.45 11.96 80bhp @ 6000rpm Not Available Not Available Not Available
King Hard Top MPI BSIV
Manual 1298cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
8.45 11.96 80bhp @ 6000rpm Not Available Not Available Not Available

Maruti Gypsy Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
King Hard Top Ambulance BSIV
5,42,187 5,73,182 5,78,427 5,75,743 5,62,718 5,69,362 5,75,734   Get On Road Price  
King Soft Top MPI BSIV
5,79,252 6,10,563 6,16,772 6,13,032 5,99,940 6,06,784 6,13,579   Get On Road Price  
King Hard Top MPI BSIV
5,93,195 6,24,752 6,31,420 6,27,222 6,14,183 6,20,973 6,27,910   Get On Road Price  
Maruti Gypsy prices were updated on August 29, 2014
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    The Indian Army has been the biggest Maruti Gypsy buyer, and now it has decided to phase-out Gypsy from its inventory. Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari are now fighting to replace the vehicle under a project expected to cost more than Rs. 3,000 crore.


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    A bad news came for Maruti Suzuki India from the end of Indian Army. The Indian Army will soon phase out Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. The homegrown Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) along with Japanese Nissan Motor Co are in the queue to replace the legendary Gypsy 4x4 off-roader used by the Indian Army. The bidding for the Indian Army tender will be kick-started once the decision over the technical aspects is given to the standards. Among all, two companies will provide their vehicles by April 15th and the testing will start by the end of April.

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