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November 19, 2013: Fiat, the Italian automaker is planning to unveil the Jeep brand at the upcoming Indian Auto Expo. Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler will be the first two products to be launched in India. Cherokee will be a more upmarket product and is expected to be priced around Rs. 55-70 lakh. The vehicle has been spotted several times during its test rounds on the Indian streets. The Grand Cherokee will be powered by a 3.0-litre, turbocharged, V6 diesel engine that churns out a maximum power output of 237bhp and 550Nm of peak torque. Initially, the company will bring the SUV as completely built units (CBU), might go CKD after the launch.


Being the creators of the SUV segment as a whole, Jeep never stopped innovating and creating new products, which created a perfect balance between the existing traditional designs and the latest technological excellence in terms of design as well as machinery. Jeep launched several models since its inception, lends its designs to other manufacturers and gradually made a world. Jeep launched its recent Jeep Grand Cherokee which is undoubtedly the most awarded SUV in the market. Jeep Grand Cherokee is not just a powerful vehicle but also an innovative SUV. Hailing from a breed of the initial SUVs, who actually opened an entire segment, which would cater to the future of several companies. The vehicle won awards which signify not just its look or performance but even for intimate vehicle details such as luxury and crash withstanding capabilities. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is awarded as the SUV of the Texas and Luxury SUV of Texas awards in 2013. It also won the Best Buy certification from the Customers Digest. In terms of safety, the Jeep Grand Cherokee succeeded in impressing the US government as it was awarded a five star rating for the side crash testing, which can be explained by the safety and security obsession which Jeep had, in a good way, as they amounted to a hefty 45 features, which work seamlessly during the drive, so that the driver as well as the passengers stay safe even while in motion. The other safety awards include top safety pick up by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , Forward Collision Warning System as advised by the NHTSA, best in class ground clearance award due to its innovative Quadra Lift technology. The performance too, is highly lauded with awards noting its engine as the Ward’s Top 10 Engine, best in class capability, best in class driving range and the Motor Week awarded it with the Driver’s choice award. RMAP successfully awarded it the SUV of the year award in 2012. 

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No matter how superior the mechanics of a vehicle are and regardless of the comfort offered by it, ultimately it is the visual communication that works. As long as the vehicle looks good, customers might be ready to compromise the additional issues. However, in case of vehicles like Jeep, where interior mechanisms are class defining, the exteriors just help in reassuring its excellence. With its LED based lamps, the vehicle offers a simple design with sleek appearance, which not just improves its aerodynamics but also enhances its off road capabilities. The masculinity of the vehicle remains intact regardless of the the soft corners and edges in Jeep Grand Cherokee. The front grille is really appealing with minimal detailing, so that the vehicle actually works perfectly and looks robust. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a large bumper, which is adequate to avoid minor collision impacts. The vehicle's intensity is further amplified with the huge 20 inch aluminum alloy wheels , which have five spokes as well as the chrome bezel inserts. The driving of the vehicle is made rather stylish with its stylish framework, which gives out a formidable appeal to the vehicle. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is distinct in the sense that it provides an impressive exterior appeal irrespective of the sporty requirements of the vehicle. The lower section of the vehicle offers a breath of fresh design due to the belly pan integrated duct braking, which enhances the cooling effect of the vehicle and further offers a superior performance. The intriguing black shade for the lower front grille is an innovative approach, which explains the years of expertise and multiple awards bagged by the Jeep brand. It apparently seems that the company mastered the art of blending in aesthetic design, aerodynamic compatibility as well as class defining characteristics which ultimately create a unique design destined to succeed. The royal design of exteriors take it a notch ahead in its headlamp cluster design and the amazingly placed fog lamps as well as rear reflector lamps. The way chrome embellishes the exteriors side window outlines as well as the door handles is really a pleasure to watch. The side profile offers minute detailing for the wheels, where the wheel arches slightly come out of the frame work though this happens only as a matter of few centimeters.

The tyres lay protected by almost half of their design into the framework. Most of the tyres though, mate with the surface of terrain, so that maximum ground clearance can be claimed. The vehicle offers a distinct side profile, which speaks a lot about itself without uttering a word. The detailing offers a better image of the vehicle not unlike the air flow patterns. The rear bumper offers a dual exhaust system along with a chrome lining between the tail lamp cluster. The rear windshield is decorated with a spoiler, which adds up the sporty appeal of the vehicle . The boot has a simple structure but the tail lamps really steal the show with their no nonsense design diving the lamps between the rear framework and boot. This is probably reflected in the entire Jeep Grand Cherokee design. The roof is amplified for sporting escapades with its roof railings. The vehicle offers an amazing design throughout and this is something which does not qualify to be debated - what Jeep does to an SUV, a market it personally pioneered, where other brands merely try to catch up. It is just the sheer pleasure of riding a Jeep that takes over any doubt of checking other SUVs in the market.

Exterior Measurement:

Jeep Grand Cherokee offers the perfect set of dimensions with an overall length of 189.8 inches, which signifies the internal spacing it offers. The overall height of the vehicle, excluding the roof rack, amounts to 68.1 inches, while the same with roof rack is 69.3 inches. The front track of the vehicle measures 63.9 inches , while the rear track measures an impressive 64.1 inches. The width of the vehicle is what catches the customer's eye because it simply stretches 76.5 inches, so that the vehicle not just maneuvers with ease in busy streets, but also provide perfect spacing for the passengers inside the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The ground clearance of the vehicle is 8.6 inches, which is pretty impressive and clears any doubt regarding its win for the best in class ground clearance award.

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Interiors of Jeep Grand Cherokee are really grand with a sheer luxury appeal they offer the passengers. The vehicle is undoubtedly the best in class with innovative infotainment system, dual zone air conditioning system, extremely admirable steering wheel and not to forget , the luxurious padding on the seats as well as wheels.

Interior Comfort:

Jeep Grand Cherokee removes all barriers between a luxury sedan's interiors and an SUV's interiors. The vehicle actually offers equally competitive and slightly better features when compared to its rich siblings in automobile segments. The vehicle is designed on the principles of simplicity and it is evident in the way its features can be availed at a simple design structure, where even the large mechanical features such as lifting the SUV's ground clearance for select terrains, can be done by the push of a button. In terms of comfort Jeep struck all the right notes and appears seamlessly perfect. The auto mode in the dual zone climatic control system eases the atmosphere inside. The solar sensors included in the system allow the users to have a better heating facility. The rear seat is also equipped with outlets for sufficient heat and air conditioning effects, so that the exclusive temperature settings can be availed. The dual zone automatic temperature control is also coupled with the dual zone manual temperature control , so that the decision is left to the customers regarding the way of selection. The cabin air filtration is an innovative feature, which allows the interior air supply to be healthy. The leather wrapped steering wheel offers a distinct exclusivity to the vehicle. The electronic vehicle information center is actually quite handy in providing a better feature packed setting which enables the passengers to have a real time feel of the audio, speed of the vehicle and the adaptive speed control, which is partly an option. The heated steering wheel and the mounted paddle shift controls enable the driver to have better handling capability with respect to the vehicle . The steering wheel also comes in wood. The infra red sensor and the rear seat outlets allow the Jeep Grand Cherokee's customers to have not just a comfortable ride but a safe one too. The steering of the vehicle offers a sufficient grip to handle off road capabilities.

Interior Measurement:

The interior head room of the vehicle is impressive at 39.9 inches in the front, while the same for the rear row is 39.2 inches . The leg room in the front amounts to 40.3 inches while the same in the rear is slightly less at 38.6 inches. The interior passenger volume of the vehicle is a luxurious 105.4 ft. The maximum seating capacity of th vehicle is five and it has a fuel tank capacity of 93.1 litres.

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Acceleration & Pick-Up

An SUV is not just expected to perform on the rocks and jungles with ease, but also requires the vehicle to perform equally in areas where the scope of traveling at a speed is facilitated. Such world class performance cannot be recreated by most of the off road SUVs. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is designed with a 6.4-litre engine in the global market, while the same is expected to be launched in India with a 3.0-litre engine, which performs impressively, so that the speed and pick up of the vehicle is perfect in the Indian terrains. This is the level of world class expertise offered by the vehicle. With a pick up of 0 to 100 Kmph in a matter of few seconds, the vehicle offers a promising specification; it rules the streets with its unbelievable speed and comfort. The top acceleration offered by Jeep Grand Cherokee is also promising as it travels at a high speed in low as well as high temperature zones.

Engine and Performance

Jeep as a brand has a lot of baggage behind it in terms of experience and expertise. The decades of experience and the awards it won over years explain a lot about the company which is particular about engineering excellence. Jeep’s engine offers a five speed automatic transmission. The four wheel traction control of the vehicle and the electronic stability control. The Quadra Trac four wheel drive is actually designed to provide an innovative handling capability. As the engine, no matter the capacity which can probably be around 3.6-litres, is integrated with the traction control system , the capacity of the vehicle is perfectly kept in check. The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s traction system features modes based upon the driving requirements, hence the vehicle is capable of offering distinct performance characteristics according to the environment or the terrain the vehicle performs in. The innovation does not completely come to a stand still there as the electronic stability control enhances the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s engine power by having a superior control with the ESC system . Interesting fact for Indian automobile customers however remains the mileage which is expected to be around 17 Kmpl in the city while the same escalates to a 23 Kmpl on highways.


Jeep Grand Cherokee being a true SUV, stands tall in terms of technical excellence, so that the vehicle performs well both off road and on road. The global version of Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is equipped with a powerful 6.4-litre engine which is capable of producing a maximum output of 468bhp. The robust engine also offers an exceptional torque of 624Nm. Since the engine is coupled with a five speed automatic transmission, the vehicle can easily traverse between various speeds without facing the load of excessive alterations on the engine. The seamless gear transfer helps the vehicle in offering appreciable fuel efficiency which further improves the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s fuel economy. The Indian version of 3.0-litre diesel engine itself speaks volumes as diesel is one of the most economic fuel in the world which can offer a performance that almost matches a petrol engine. Since the vehicle is yet to be launched in India, the exact specification of its engine and performance parameters cannot be revealed for sure. The experience that the automobile industry had with Jeep does indicate a powerful performance oriented vehicle which would enhance its off-road and four wheel drive capabilities to the maximum effect.

Power of Jeep Cherokee

Over the years of innovative engineering and design, Jeep has always been a company, which was associated with innovative design, excellent off road capabilities and high performance oriented design. The entire structure is based on creating a powerful design. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is by far, one of the most advanced and impressive part of the Jeep. Over the years, Jeep certainly worked extremely hard in delivering top international level performance. The vehicle is powered with a powerful 6.4-litre engine in the international version while the same in the Indian version is reported to be of a 3.0-litre diesel engine . The 6.4-litre engine which has eight cylinders however brings out a peak output of 468bhp which is sufficient to run the vehicle efficiently through the most diverse terrains. The vehicle is also equipped with an equally powerful 624Nm torque which offers exceptional mileage. The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers an amazing 2987cc displacement , which could also offer exceptional power and successive torque in the Indian version. The transmission of the vehicle is selected as an automatic transmission system so that world class expertise and performance can be delivered to the vehicle. The specialty of Jeep Grand Cherokee remains in the splendid performance offered on highway terrains, rough terrains and other uneven paths. The vehicle almost travels in a few steps away from traveling vertical.

Stereo & Accessories

Interiors are plush and offer best in class accessories. The dual zone air conditioning enhances the comfort, while the audio stereo system just keeps sounding better with every new track. The interiors have the controls to handle the additional outer controls such as the wheel driving modes, Quadra lift system, etc. The interiors also offer power windows and a plush design factor.

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Braking & Handling

Vehicles, particularly SUV’s have a high demand for a traction system, which can allow the vehicle to maneuver on the roughest of terrains. It is one of the prime defining feature as it reflects how efficient the vehicle uses the technology it is offered in the manufacturing. Even the most efficient mechanisms like four wheel drive system are doomed to go unnoticed, if the SUV is unable to adapt itself in run time to any terrain it is driven on. Since Jeep is a company which was not just class defining but also a class ahead of its competitors, it offered some of the most innovative solutions to address this issue. Jeep Grand Cherokee is created as a vehicle which can utilize the available technology in the best possible way. Jeep termed the new traction system as ‘Selec-Terrain’, which can offer five modes of traction which can be adjusted based upon the environment. The modes are designed to match different terrains and driving modes such as Sport, Snow, Sand Mud, Auto and Rock. Though some of the SUVs may be claiming similar feats, driver friendly options such as adjustment of ground clearance offer a pleasant gesture at creating a better driving experience. In the rock mode however, the height of ground clearance increases by an amazing 2.6 inches. While in the snow mode, the ground clearance increases slightly, so that better traction is achieved which in turn makes a comfortable drive possible even in snowy cold areas. The altering height according to the terrains enhances the handling and traction capabilities of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The adjustable traction system helps in facilitating travel in the roughest paths. The increase and decrease of height is something the driver can control at any instant of driver’s travel making the entire journey a pleasurable one. The power is metered more evenly between axles and more calibration is achieved in snow mode. Proper traction to maintain balance is required on slippery paths such as mud and sand where friction is less. The front wheels of Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with disc brakes and the rear section is equipped with disc brakes. The front end of the vehicle has Independent suspension while the rear has multi link suspension.

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Safety & Security

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a perfect companion for the handling and safety parameters. The vehicle offers superior handling with its Quadra lift system and Selec-Terrain transmission system. The vehicle stands tall at offering superior safety with the standard airbag and other options. It was awarded to have the best collision impact resistance.


Jeep Grand Cherokee might be launched with 20 inch wheels, which clearly depict the masculinity of the vehicle . It offers a decent provision of being mostly under the framework, so that the various adjustments based on the terrains can be achieved. The wheels are also kept large, so that the situation specific Quadra lift system can avail 2 to 3 inch additional ground clearance with ease without effecting the vehicle’s suspension at all.

Jeep Cherokee Pros

The vehicle is a beauty, performance is really impressive, the interiors are class defining

Jeep Cherokee Cons

Price tag is expensive.

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