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February 5, 2014: BMW has unveiled the i8 electric hybrid car at the Auto Expo. It was unwrapped by the Legendry Indian Cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. The green car, i8 comes powered by a 1.5 Litre twin-power turbo petrol motor that has intelligent energy management system. The petrol mill churns out a top power of 231bhp, while the electric motor produces 131bhp of maximum power. The car gets sporty dynamics throughout its profile with extended bonnet, kidney grille, sporty bumpers, alloy wheels and modest tail lights. Even the interiors are developed by quality inputs to make it comfortable, appealing and worthwhile from inside.

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BMW i8
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The eminent Bavarian automaker, BMW AG, earlier astonished the luxury car world with its ‘M’ and ‘X’ badge vehicles, now introduces an exhilaratingly power packed ‘i’ badge in the form of BMW i8 Sports car. Initially as a prototype, the intriguing BMW i8 plug-in hybrid was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show where it gathered an overwhelming response from the spectators. In order to raise the heart beat levels it was also featured in the Hollywood flick, Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol. Finally at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show the production edition, designed by Benoit Jacob, was showcased. And now India will witness this awe-inspiring thriller machine at the upcoming 2014 New Delhi Auto Expo.


The BMW i8 is essentially a one of a kind unification of sheer beauty with brain and brute power. The revolutionary hybrid vehicle extracted out of BMW EfficientDynamics technology is an electric cum 3-cylinder petrol car. Being a hybrid, it never compromises on any front be it fuel efficiency or driving dynamics or even sporty mobility. The innovative BMW eDrive expertise provides an ideal combination amid high-voltage battery and electric motor that result in best of the performance with minimal consumption. The optional charging lets the battery to charge 80% in mere 150 minutes via electric cable at the conventional electrical socket. The electric motor churns out a decent 131bhp of power, while the commanding BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5L petrol powertrain gives out 231bhp of utmost power and a terrific torque of about 320Nm.


A quick glimpse, from any angle, at the exteriors of BMW i8 screams ‘Sports Car’. This is due to its low and horizontally stretched bonnet alongside prominent kidney grille and very sporty bumper line with large air intakes. The headlights come with innovative LED laser light technology in a U-formed frame. The sides of BMW i8 contain long wheel base together with representing truly athletic design concept with ‘layering’ curves and lines flowing dynamically all around. The BMW i8, with its fantastic scissor gates and lustrous roof-line, leaves no quandary of a sports car. Overall be it rear or front the revolutionary design language endows a three dimensional look. Moreover the astonishingly dominant stature is presented by the monolithic appearance of BMW i8.


The interiors of BMW i8 leave no stone unturned to replicate the sporting legacy of the exteriors. Here the ‘layering’ effect creates more visual ecstasy compared to exteriors. The extremely light-weight leather used for the seats, door sill, and steering wheel is none other than innovative ‘Spheric’ leather. Every bit inside is neatly placed and is exceedingly convenient for the driver, like the properly aligned centre console, iDrive controller and easy to use digital instrument panel. The comfort aspect of the BMW i8 is remarkable even at high speed cornering. On the material inside, one is free to choose from three equipment lines namely Halo, Carpo and Neso. Here Halo and Carpo are 100% leather gears, while the Neso provides more of the sporty edge to the interiors with its light-weight and recycled resources.

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BMW consists of a lightweight body structure which is a vital factor for high performance vehicles and especially for electric vehicles. This light bodyweight when combines with Twin Turbo 1.5L three-cylinder powertrain with a 7.2 kW lithium-ion battery pack gives the car an extraordinary edge in terms of mileage. The car can be fully charged from a regular garage outlet in three hours of time. BMW i8, when battery topped off, is able to deliver 35 kms in all electric range and less than 2.5L /100 kms fuel efficiency with the combination of electric-gasoline technology which sounds pretty. The quality of German engineering can be seen when the ECO driving mode which is made for efficiency-optimized driving style, further awakens the car to feel light and agile enhancing the overall fuel efficiency.

BMW i8 Exteriors

BMW i8 Exterior

The exterior carries the design cues of the concept car which believes in the philosophy of Vision Efficient Dynamics. Temptation increases when watching the car from a close distance. The car features plastic construction elements which are strengthened with carbon-fiber and aluminum components in the chassis with interlocked surface lines. Every component is arranged to appear aerodynamic from each angle. The front of the car consists of dual kidney grille with two large air intakes and seems to be low and wide in appearance. As it stoops on the streets, the long wheelbase, short projections and solid build status describes the overall characteristics of a sports car. The side profile shows the embellished slicing; outlining that is lengthy with flat silhouette that underlines the dynamics of the sports car. The car from the front to the rear poses three dimensional vibrant look which is awe inspiring. The LED headlights comes as standard in BMW i8 and matches with the sporty notion on which it has been crafted. The lighting system is in LED form with high-beam and low-beam is far and wide from each other. There are optional high-beam headlights with laser light technology that will be available in a special edition which will be launched by the end of 2014. The first of its kind laser lights are molded in two frames consisting of classic BMW I U-shaped casing through which the running lights and the built in indicators will be operated, and the second covering will circumvent around the innovative laser light unit highlighting its three-dimensional nature. One of the most interesting and important aspects of the car is its spectacular scissor doors which move upwards when opened and blends perfectly with aerodynamic bodyshell of the car. Ergonomically, the door handles are located inside the door panel. The overall exterior impression of the car is certainly amazing and seems to charm the young age groups.


Exterior measurements


The sporty electric machine looks a little short from the front with the wheelbase measuring 2,800 mm. The car is 4,700 mm long, 1,940mm wide and the height measuring 1,300 while the overall curb weight is 1,500 kilograms.

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BMW i8 Interior

BMW i8 Interior

The steadiness outside, continues to spell the same magic inside the car. A novel way is adopted for the layering concept inside the car at the central console and instrument panel where all the elements are light and efficiently placed. For the first time, the composition of material used is 20 percent lighter than regular leather. BMW i8 comes with three trim levels which differ in terms of materials used. The ‘Neso’ trim comes as standard which boasts of true sportiness in every detail, while the other two ‘Carpo’ and ‘Halo’ equipment lines are offered as optional leather equipment. Carpo comes in two colors while Halo tops the range with special leather tanned in olive extract. The car offers enough room for 4 adults in a 2+2 seating layout with LifeDrive architecture especially developed for i-series vehicles. The passenger compartment and the boot at the rear is partitioned using chemically toughened glass ensuring excellent acoustics on the go. The narrow lightweight seats provide high level of comfort even in a hasty position. The concept adopted inside the car creates a new dimension for the future vehicles.


Interior Comfort


This time a fresh approach is adopted for the comfort level by Bimmer (BMW). The supercar has an array of interesting features that is certainly suitable for a twenty-first century car. The multi-functional instrument panel does a variety of jobs from technical information display to driving comfort. The iDrive computer system comes in a 8.8 inch display format with clear user interface through which amenities like air condition, heater, navigation system, audio system and communication system is like a piece of cake. All the controls like gearshift, iDrive operating system, eDrive button, start/stop button and the Driving Experience control switches are located at the center console for the comfort of the front passenger. The car is equipped with integrated SIM card for enabling mobility services from BMW ConnectedDrive which also have navigation services to enhance electric mobility functionality like Range Assistant, Intelligent Emergency Call and Online music on demand. BMW iRemote application gives the liberty to the passenger to exchange information using smartphone like controlling charging process and supervising advance preparation before any journey. Tailored sports steering wheel with mounted buttons provide ease of access during the journey.

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Engine and Performance

BMW for i8 has chopped its classic 3.0L 6-cylinder engine in half. Under the hood there is a powerful turbocharged 1.5L inline 3-cylinder petrol engine combined with a 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. The smart combination of BMW TwinPower Turbo and eDrive technology added with intelligent energy management system gives i8 performance of a pure-bred sports machine. The all-wheel driving experience with efficient torque distribution is geared towards optimized dynamics. The sophisticated chassis technology features a double-wishbone front axle and a five-link rear axle that are connected together by an ‘energy tunnel’ containing the battery pack. It helps in creating low center of gravity needed for enhancing the characteristic of a true sports car. The dynamics and responsiveness is further enhanced by a 50/50 weight distribution which is an example of excellent engineering. Variable splitting of the front-rear power in line with the changing driving modes makes exciting to corner on roads. An unusual scope is guaranteed in the car with adjustment of drive and suspension settings in order to adapt the driving experience according to individual preferences. For this, Driving Experience Control switch is provided which gives the driver liberty of choosing different modes like COMFORT, ECO PRO, SPORT and eDrive mode for diverse driving capability.




BMW represents a revolutionary and future-focused concept of the driving pleasure for which it is known for. The pairing of the two motors generates hefty 362hp and 570Nm of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission gearbox transfers power to the rear wheels while the electric motor distributes the power to the front wheels via two-speed automatic transmission. The plug-in hybrid technology offers excellent potential for enriched efficiency and sporty-driving characteristics. The three-cylinder Twin Turbo technology on the other hand, consists of high-performance turbocharging system and direct fuel injection with meticulous injectors positioned between the valves. It is further supported by VALVETRONIC throttle-less load control which increases efficiency and response at the same time. The engineering department has not only developed internal combustion engine and the electric motor, but also the power electronics and the lithium battery to meet the high quality standards of a sports car.


Acceleration and Pick-Up


The combine effort of both the motors gives the car an excellent push-up the moment engine is turned on. The car pounces from 0-100 in just 4.4 seconds of time and reaches electronically controlled top speed of 250 kmph. In order to get more rigorous acceleration when cornering, the engine controller returns to the default power as soon as the steering position turns small. The key to this impressive acceleration and pick-up is its comparatively low weight and the perfect combination of gasoline-electric motors which proves that high efficiency and extreme dynamics are simultaneously possible.

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Stereo & Accessories

BMW i8 Accessories

The bells and whistles are up to the mark in this new offering from BMW. The BMW entertainment department has left no stone unturned in providing comfort and first-rate music experience to its patrons. The ConnectedDrive Services let you open up an array of features which also includes Online Entertainment and music on demand. The Online Entertainment offers more than 22 million tracks and about 250 genres. Whether it’s a coastal tour, beach party or regular route to the work, BMW ConnectedDrive have the right track for the right situation. It has also interoperability to connect any of the modern devices such as smartphones and tablets. User have to just open an account for unlimited access to the music with BMW music partners and then songs can be listened or downloaded on the built-in hard disc. This feature is limited to some European countries but BMW will further expand to other countries. Besides this, 360° ELECTRIC technology let you charge up your car in home, public charging stations making comfortable and supple utilization of electric mobility.

You can now buy BMW i8 accessories online. Great discounts available.
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BMW i8 Wheels

The powerful arches of the wheel are skillfully engraved on an outstanding 20 inch light-alloy aluminum wheels which comes as standard. The large wheels with their adapted, aerodynamically improved design, helps in suppressing turbulence which is responsible for reducing efficiency. Also their effect is strengthened by aeroflaps placed behind the front wheels and ahead of the rear wheels. The sporty front and rear wheels measures 7JX20 and 7.5JX20 while the front and rear tires measures 195/50 R20 and 215/45 R20 respectively giving firm grip on the road.

Braking & Handling

BMW i8 DashBoard

Five driving modes have been provided in the car to adjust efficiency as well the dynamics of handling the car as per user preference. The sophisticated chassis technology combined with Dynamic Damper Control gives unusual performance on the road. It is based on double-wishbone front axle as well as five-link rear axle which are particularly configured for intelligent weight savings and play and important role in braking and suspension. The Electric power steering allows sports car styled high-speed precision and makes easy maneuvering in the cities while the Dynamic Damper Control adjust their characteristics according to the driving mode selected. On start, COMFORT mode is activated which offers an intelligent balance between fuel efficiency and sporty performance. ECO PRO mode is created for efficient-optimized driving style. SPORT mode allows sequential manual gear selection and simultaneously switches to sport driving settings while eDrive for pure-electric driving experience. The car is deeply engineered with multi-stage brake-energy recuperation system that let the driver alter the level of charge to the battery under throttling and braking situations.

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Safety and Security

BMW i8 comes equipped with LifeDrive architecture that gives it an array of tools to combine intelligent lightweight design and safety to gain highest quality standards. The car has DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) enabled that includes Anti-lock braking system, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Brake Standby, Brake Assist, Fading Compensation, Start-off Assistant, and Brake Drying function. Furthermore, the Dynamic Traction Control is activated by push of a button which raises the stability control and allows controlled drive wheel slippage to easier kick-off on snow or other loose ground. Occupants’ protection is maximized by standard safety equipments consisting of electronically controlled restrained systems, front and side airbags integrated into seat backrests, head/curtain airbags for each row, three-point intertia-reel seatbelts that includes belt stoppers, belt tensioners and belt force limiters etc. Aluminum structure provide extra safety for Drive module, in case of any front and rear collision, these absorbs a large portion of energy generated. Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic used in the car is flexible in form but has been proved extremely robust in crash tests. The ConnectedDrive also have some safety roles like Park Distance Control, rain sensor, rear view camera assist; surround view, collision warning, pedestrian recognition and braking functions, etc.

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Pros & Cons

BMW i8 Pros :

Futuristic design elements, horsepower more than a six-cylinder engine and excellent fuel economy.

BMW i8 Cons :

Price seems to be too high.

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    Remember the white i8 grabbing the eye balls at the BMW stand in the 2014 Auto Expo Delhi. Well, the German automaker has announced the production plan for this futuristic hybrid car and not to mention the most efficient one! The production of the i8 will start this April and the initial deliveries of the vehicle will start by June in few location across the globe.

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    The German car brand, BMW paves the way for its i-brand by bringing BMW i8, which has officially been unveiled by Sachin Tendulkar, Bharat Ratna awardee, at the 2014 Auto Expo. BMW i8 is expected to be launched by the end of this year. Under this brand, the company introduces the i-8 petrol-electric hybrid car, specially designed for the urban crowd in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where problems like pollution and congestion are common. 

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    BMW India has started teasing its petrol-electric hybrid i8 as speculations are rife that it is going to be unveiled at the coming 2014 Indian Auto Expo. It has released some images of it on its official facebook page and recently, it even released a teaser video of it, putting all speculations to an end and confirming its India launch at the Delhi Motor Show.

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    BMW i8 is country's first hybrid super car, the vehicle will open a whole new segment of hybrid super cars. The expected price if the vehicle is Rs 1.5 crore (Ex-showroom price).


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