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February 5, 2014: Audi has unwrapped its Audi R8 V10 Spyder at the Auto Expo 2014. The powerful Spyder has a convertible roof and gets the 5.2 L V10 powertrain that produces a peak power of 525bhp and peak torque of 530Nm. The engine of the robust Spyder comes mated to a 7 speed S-tronic dual clutch transmission and has the capability to clock 0-100 kmph in just 3.8 seconds. The exteriors of this car carry premium headlights with LED day-time running lights, iconic Audi grille, curvy hood with company’s badge at the centre, aluminium bordered front windshield, blackened alloy wheels, air-dams at the rear wheel bulge and more.

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Audi R8 Cars

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* Audi R8 Prices shown here are indicative prices only. The Ex-Showroom price range displays the lowest approximate price of R8 4.2 FSI quattro car model throughout India exclusive of tax, registration, insurance and cost of accessories. For exact prices of Audi R8, please contact the Audi dealer.

Audi R8 Review

Audi R8
Audi R8 Pictures

When we consider the finest sports cars in terms of their technologies, Audi R8 is the best option. Precision and performance are put beyond the limits in Audi R8. Engineers of Audi had developed the car which is embodied with best technology thereby fulfilling the requirement of perfection for the car. The four rings being the firm fixture in the motorsport and the new introduced quattro permanent all wheel drive engine had made the Audi R8 the topper in various racing events throughout the world.


Audi R8 has V8 mid-mounted engine and with quattro permanent wheel drive which adds to the performance, control and stability of the car. The newly introduced FSI technology in 2001 is such that the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber, all which helps in increasing the engine efficiency and the engine performance. It is to be considered that Audi is the first car to use Aluminium in building the body of the vehicle. And the latest upcoming in this technology is high-strength AudiSpace Frame (ASF) , which provide more strenght to the3 vehicle with maximum possible light weight. Audi magnetic ride adaptive damper system is a new inovation by Audi having special damper oil, the shocks are so developed that the viscocity of the fluid filled in them can be changed with the applied magnetic field. There by making the car to adjust in different conditionns with appropriate damping force.


The mid-mounted V8 engine of Audi R8 with 4.2 litre displacement and four valve FSI technology is highly capacitive to produce 309kw of power and is capable to accelerate the new Audi R8 from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 4.6 seconds. The maximum torque delivering capacity of Audi R8 is 430 Nm with the amazing thrust it providing. With a top speed of 301 Km/hr the Audi offers a maximum comfort of power and thrill as possible, all there by providing excellent driving enjoyment. Besides generating power of the vehicle from displacement, the mid engine present in Audi R8 utilises high-revolution techology. This technology is highly capacitive to provide a top broad speed band of 8250rpm. With this high-revolution concept Audi R8 provides high torque, spontaneous movement response even at very low speeds of the car. The excellent thrust provided by Audi R8 is because of the its suspensions all ultimately increasing the transverse acceleration. The six speed manual gearbox is such developed that it fulfills the requirments of a racing car. This manual gearbox has been much more advanced to a R tronic transmission in order to increase the performance of the car. Automatic mode with wire shift technology allows even very short shift times.

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Audi R8 Models

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Petrol Models

  • Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro

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  • Audi R8 5.2 FSI

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  • Audi R8 V10 Plus

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  • Audi R8 Spyder

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Audi R8 TachoMeter

Editor's Take : A person buying the Audi R8 will be the last person to be concerned about the fuel efficiency, still for readers, it gets about 3-5km/l depending on the engine variant and the type of driving.

Power of Audi R8

Audi R8 Photos

Editor's Take : The power produced by the Audi R8 is phenomenal, especially the 5.2-litre V10. This produces 520bhp of power, while the newly launched V10 Plus produces 550bhp of power.


Colors available with all variants of Audi R8
  • Phantom Black Pearl Effect
  • Sepang Blue Pearl Effect
  • Brilliant Red
  • Estoril Blue Crysta
  • Teak Brown Metallic
  • Daytona Grey pearl effect
  • Samoa Orange
  • Panther Black
  • Ibis White
  • Ice Silver Metallic
  • Suzuka Grey Metallic

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Audi R8 Gear

Editor's Take : The acceleration produced by the V10 is capable to push you back into the seat and create a bellow in your chest.

Audi R8 Interior

Audi R8 Interior

Editor's Take : The interior styling of the R8 is pretty sport, with top-notch interiors and high-end leather. The seats are bucket and only two of them are there as it has mid-engine.

Interior Images
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8
  • Audi R8

Engine and Performance

Audi R8 Engine

Editor's Take : The performance of these engines is astounding and there is loads of power that is always available on the tap of your right foot.

Stereo & Accessories

Audi R8 Accessories

Editor's Take : The R8 comes loaded with several features that you will find in supercar, like high end music system with touch screen, navigation, etc.

You can now buy Audi R8 accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Audi R8 DashBoard

Editor's Take : The R8 being based on the Gallardo is agile when it comes to handling. Drive it on the track or on the road, and you will be comfort to push to without any difficulty.

Safety and Security

Editor's Take : The safety features on the R8 are the airbags, aluminium spaceframe, ABS with EBD and ESP.

Pros & Cons

Audi R8 Pros :

Excellent speed and control at road

Audi R8 Cons :

Space for luggage and sitting capacity

Audi R8 Specifications

Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power AC Power Steering Central Locking
City Highway
4.2 FSI quattro
Automatic 4163cc
8 Cylinder 32 Valve
5.03 8.06 423.76bhp @ 7900rpm Standard Standard Standard
5.2 FSI
Automatic 5204cc
10 Cylinder 40 Valve
4.31 7.63 517.6bhp @ 8000rpm Standard Standard Standard
V10 Plus
Automatic 5204cc
10 Cylinder 40 Valve
4.32 7.75 541.7bhp @ 8000rpm Standard Standard Standard
Automatic 5204cc
10 Cylinder 40 Valve
4.2 7.51 517.6bhp @ 8000rpm Standard Standard Standard

Audi R8 Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
4.2 FSI quattro
1,63,82,000 1,68,05,000 1,62,02,000 1,68,05,000 1,62,02,000 1,68,05,000 1,69,65,000   Get On Road Price  
5.2 FSI
1,87,52,000 1,96,99,000 1,89,93,000 1,96,99,000 1,89,93,000 1,96,99,000 1,98,87,000   Get On Road Price  
V10 Plus
2,05,00,000 - - - - 2,18,14,000 -   Get On Road Price  
2,12,25,000 2,16,43,000 2,08,67,000 2,16,43,000 2,08,67,000 2,16,43,000 2,18,50,000   Get On Road Price  
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  •   Volkswagen owns Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Bentley. This adds several luxury and sports car brands under the VW Group umbrella. In an attempt to diversify its portfolio Audi introduced the R8, its new flagship in supercar territory. The R8 is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform, and was named after the Audi R8 race car. Since, it launch, the vehicle has seen several new variants, we drive the newly launched R8 V10 Plus, which is the flagship model of the R8 and to stretch its legs, we take it to the Buddh International Circuit.   ...
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  • aggressive and exotic at the same time.
    By milind | |2190 Views
    2 people found it helpful.
    the Audi R8 initailly used the 4.2 litre V8 internal combustion engine. the R8 was officially launched at the Paris Auto Show on Sept.30 2006 and got a overwhelming response from the car lovers !!! it was up to the expectations from a car engineered in the AUDI stable. the perfect blend of style, speed, Technology and Quality !!! the R8 is a dedicated Sports car, but the handling is as smooth as butter. the R8 also introduced the worlds first LED... read full review
  • A bargain at this price
    By Hopping Bunny | |2212 Views
    7 people found it helpful.
    I was contemplating the R8 versus the i10 and given the traffic conditions in India, the R8 wins hands down. What won me over was its stunning 0-100 kmph acceleration in 3.5 seconds and its top speed of over 300 kmph. I can imagine myself blazing the roads of Chandni Chowk and Flora Fountain in rush hour traffic, leaving the unfortunate ones by my wayside. The price of petrol is a cause for great concern and I would need to dig deep into my pocke... read full review
  • Audi R8 Review
    By amit | |3061 Views
    4 people found it helpful.
    Audi R8 is the expensive beast that everyone wish they had. I don't own this car, neither i am planning to buy. I went along to the showroom with a friend who was taking a test drive. Its the most beautiful expensive car available in India currently. The looks were breathtaking. I have just fallen in love with the way the body is sculptured. Its so expensive that its out of reach of common man like me. But none the less Audi has created a beast t... read full review
  • AUDI has made one of my dream sports car.
    By Monish D Kurup | |2699 Views
    3 people found it helpful.
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  • Audi R8 caught testing yet again; more clear snaps this time
    Posted On | 1404 Views

    Less camouflaged pictures of the second generation Audi R8 are coming from the Nurburgring circuit. The sports car wore a black wrap which clearly shows the subtle contour changes from the current version. The vehicle is expected to hit the world in 2015 and will replace the current R8 which was introduced back in 2007. R8 is one of the most successful flagship model for Audi, and the company is eying strategically to keep the design similar to that of the current R8 – thats what people adore the most about R8.

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  • 2015 Audi R8 Spied at Nurburgring, exhibits subtle changes
    Posted On | 2084 Views

    This is one of the first time that the next generation R8 has been spied fully camouflaged testing on Nurburgring (Green Hell!). Audi introduced the R8 in 2007 and since then the super car received mild facelifts, the next-gen was expected this year but due to certain final stage changes, the launch is shoved to 2015.

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  • Audi Introduces R8 USB Memory Stick at Rs 3,299
    Posted On | 2802 Views

    German luxury car maker Audi has today announced the introduction of a USB memory stick designed in the form of its famous sportscar Audi R8 V10. To be sold at all Audi authorized dealerships, the sporty red coloured R8 USB memory stick is priced at Rs 3,299. The USB memory stick has a plastic casting and is produced with the highest quality of material to match Audi’s criteria for perfection. The lights at the front of Audi R8 V10 on the scale of 1:72 memory stick flash when the USB is plugged in adding to the style quotient. The R8 V10 USB memory stick has a 4GB memory capacity.


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  • what is its speed | Reply
    Posted By PAVIT SINGH |
  • WHEN WILL IT BE ON INDIA'S SHOW ROOM????????????? | Reply
    Posted By Ashraf |
  • The aerodynamic structure ain't as good as Lamborghini , so that it would add up its speed....? | Reply
    Posted By Pradeep |
  • How many colours are available in Audi R8?
  • What is the boot space of Audi R8?
  • What engine oil is best for my Audi R8?
  • Is Audi R8 available through CSD canteen?
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