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How is the performance of Fiat Grande Punto?

The performance of Fiat punto EVO makes its mark every time you drive it. Beginning with the petrol versions Fiat has provided two option a 1.2 litre and a 1.4 litre engine .They produce 64bhp and 90bhp respectively. Technically these engine are the same as the outgoing Punto but the way Fiat Punto EVO handles has improved with the increased ground clearance and it performs well on leveled as well as uneven roads.
The multijet 1.3 Litre engine also comes in two types of tune, one putting out 75 bhp while the other a topnotch 90bhp. The 75bhp engine has been tweaked a little and hence improving the drivability. The final drive ratio have been made shorter. The 90bhp carries the same state of tune and gearing as the outgoing.Turbolag is present in both the options and the punch in pickup can only be felt above 2000rpm.Downshifts are common while overtaking other vehicles in petrol as well as diesel. Regular gear changing has to be done while moving in city traffic conditions. The 90bhp version performs well on highways and that could be felt prominently. Punto

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