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  • Colors
  • Economy
    22.3 kmpl
    Service cost
    4,662 /yr
  • Performance
    1248 cc
  • Comfort
    Power Steering
  • Safety
    Central Lock
    Brake Assist
  • EMI
    5 years


April 17, 2015: Tata Motors, is planning to phase out Vista in coming months. The prime reason for this move is that the sales of this car have gone very low and then the company also have to focus on the latest lineup that include Zest and Bolt. It is believed that currently the manufacturing of this model is carried so as to clear the remaining inventory and production is expected to last till August.

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    TDI LS
    1405 cc, Manual, Diesel, 19.1 kmpl
    `5.0 Lac*
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    TDI LX
    1405 cc, Manual, Diesel, 19.1 kmpl
    `5.5 Lac*
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    Quadrajet LS
    1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 22.3 kmpl
    `5.5 Lac*
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    Quadrajet VX Tech
    1248 cc, Manual, Diesel, 22.3 kmpl
    `6.2 Lac*
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    New Tata Vista Tech


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    Tata Indica Vista Expert Review Video

    Tata Indica Vista Expert Review Video


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    Tata Indica Vista Drivetech4

    Tata Indica Vista Drivetech4


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Tata Vista Color Options

  • Dew White

  • Jet Silver

  • Cavern Grey

  • Blue Chill

Tata Vista Specifications

Variants Fuel Type Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power
City Highway
TDI LS Diesel Manual 1405cc
16.2 19.1 70bhp @ 4500rpm
TDI LX Manual 1405cc
16.2 19.1 70bhp @ 4500rpm
Quadrajet LS Manual 1248cc
19.1 22.3 74bhp @ 4000rpm
Quadrajet VX Tech Manual 1248cc
19.1 22.3 74bhp @ 4000rpm

Tata Vista Review


This company is one of the oldest home grown car makers of the country. They have always been the manufacturer that has a huge customer base as well as compatibility with the consumers demands. They have quite a lot of vehicles in their fleet covering almost all the segments in the Indian car market. One such vehicle is their stylish hatchback series, Tata Vista , which is a classic example of how the company can manage to get everything under one roof over the wheels. It is offered in four colorful shades that are very bright and bold for the buyers to choose from. It is being presently offered in three variants namely, LS, LX and VX Tech to choose from in this series. There is an option to choose from a Tdi or a Quadrajet mill, both of which are quite reliable and proven. It has a mileage which though is not very appealing, can still stand as a better choice than most of the other offerings in hatchbacks. It has a great power and pick up that supports the engine and has a tried and true performance. The exteriors look very elegant and the body paint is very glossy and looks very splendid. It has an outer measurement which makes it look quite big enough and its wheelbase particularly is very good. This has resulted in spacious interiors, which gives comfortableness to all the occupants. The leg room is very wide and along with it, the head space and shoulder room too are very generous. It has been decked with a very good music system. This is a 2-DIN unit which is compatible with multiple media players like CD, DVD player, and has an interface which has an Aux-in and USB ports as well. This unit also has a capacitative touchscreen of size 6.6 inches, which makes the display visibility clear and additionally for better convenience to the user. The touch user interface is very smooth and adaptable as well. This stereo unit has also been given a few speakers as well as tweeters, which are well placed for better quality of the sound distribution. The controls of phone as well as the audio unit are mounted on the responsive power steering wheel and this is an immense advantage to the driver, while on the move. Furthermore, this hatchback is blessed with Bluetooth connectivity, which adds to the convenient aspect of this vehicle. The top end trim has an advanced navigation system equipped into it and this is a highlight feature not usually offered in hatchbacks regularly. The infotainment section is additionally enhanced by providing many notifications, which benefits the driver. The comfort of the driver has been addressed by offering facilities to the steering section. The steering wheel is given a tilt adjustable facility to it and adding to it, power steering feature too is offered, which helps the driver in easy maneuverability even in peak traffic conditions. This eases the driving function and is very beneficial feature to have in any car. When it comes to the cabin temperature, an air conditioner unit is offered which has well placed vents in the compartment as well. The adjusting facilities of this vehicle is well provided as there are headrests to the front seats and they have an adjusting function to them. The driver seat is fixed, but at the same time it is integrated with a lumbar support, which keeps the positioning of the person, while driving very comfortable and avoids any kind of discomfort. The rear seat is foldable completely and this results in an increased boot space to bring in more luggage as and when required. The vinyl seats in the base and mid range trims is colored in dual tone of ebony black and sahara beige. It looks diverse and trendy too at the same time. While the top end variant looks more classy and is much more comfortable for having fabric upholstery. The inner door handles and the fabric inserts on the doors add a chic look to the entire cabin. There is ample storage offered and this contains pockets for storing in the front and rear doors and a glove box in the dashboard with pen and card holder additionally. Furthermore, there is a boot compartment of 232 litres capacity, which can hold good amount of baggage within it. Added features can be said to have a vanity mirror to the passenger sun visor, which is a comfort factor. The external structure looks very good and is quite appealing to go for it. The headlamps too are very powerful for having triple barrels within it and this makes the entire frontage seem trendy. The front and rear bumpers, the outside rear view mirrors as well as the door handles are layered in body color. This design makes it look uniform and for that, its image is enhanced to be more elegant. Additionally, the lining of the bumpers along with the door handles and the pair of fog lamps are painted in chrome to increase the rich external picture. The hood strips plus premium weather strips too are in chrome to improve the skin of this hatchback and make it more emanating with sheen. This car is fitted with a set of robust steel wheels and furthermore, these are covered with full wheel caps depending on the variant selected, which appears very trendy. It is built in with advanced brake assist mechanism that would not only help in achieving better stability, but also avoid any possible skidding on wet surfaces. The crumple zones in the bonnet and leg room are keenly designed to protect the impact from any external collision and injuries to the front passengers. Whereas the occupants are protected from the sides as there are side assist beams. There is an advanced engine immobilizer equipped into all the trims for keeping theft related threats at bay as this mechanism inactivates the engine, when tampered with externally or from inside. A central locking system with keyless entry along with key-in reminder, driver door and seatbelt reminder too is in displayed in the instrument cluster for additional safety. This hatch can be called to be child friendly, as child lock safety is built into the rear doors to avoid any unauthorized exit of the kids. The company offers a warranty of two years or 75000 kilometers, whichever comes first. This can be further increased at an additional cost to up to another two years, which can be paid to the authorized dealers directly.

Tata Vista Exterior


It looks splendid in its unique design of its overall structure and looks very elegant and classy. The VX Tech trim has fog lamps to its front end on either sides of the air dam on the bumper. This helps in providing better visibility and also gives added style to the look of the car from the front. The headlamp cluster which has three barrels within it is spread in style from the sides of the grille to the end of its A-pillar. This gives a unique picture altogether and makes it more trendy. There are two outside rear view mirrors fitted onto the doors and this is featured with an internally adjustable function, which can be manually operated. The bumpers look very slender and gives an edgy look to this hatchback. These bumpers are in body color adding to the sharpness of its image. Both the windscreen's are quite large and the front one is also fitted with a couple of intermittent wipers as well. Hood strips over its body are offered in chrome to improvise the rich look. The top end variant is decorated with additional elements such as a premium chrome weather strip. Furthermore, the door handles, bumpers on either ends and fog lamps are layered with chrome to their surroundings. The front facade is enhanced with a radiator grille, which is wide enough and is in a dashing design. There are some chrome elements on the grille, which adds to its classiness. Its wheel arches are astutely carved out and are fitted with steel wheels covered with radials. The rear end has a radiant tail lamp cluster along with side turn indicator. Then the boot lid has a company's insignia embedded on it along with other variant badging. While the rear bumper has a licence plate console as well.

Exterior Measurements:

This hatchback series has an overall length of 3795mm along with a total width of 1695mm. It stands at a decent height of about 1550mm, which gives good head space to all the occupants. It has a very good wheelbase of 2470mm and has a ground clearance of 165mm.


Ed's take: The Indica Vista was always a spacious hatchback, just like its predecessor Indica. The interiors were also leaps and bounds ahead of the previous generation and the recent facelift has also solved the quality issues in the car.


Its dashboard is integrated with a drive pro console which displays information that is helpful to the driver. The interior cabin has a theme, which is in dual tone, ebony black and sahara beige. This makes the cabin look more diverse and gives it a more appealing image. While the LX and LS trims are offered with vinyl seats, the top end variant seats are covered fully with fabric and hence has a smoother look as well as feel. This trims additionally is decorated with chrome to its interior door handles and further the door pads are cushioned with fabric inserts. The front and the rear doors too have been provided with storage space by fitting pockets to them into which handy things can be stuffed with. There is a glove box built into the dashboard which additionally has a card holder and a pen holder too within it. Both the driver as well as the co-passenger has been provided with sunvisors, whereas the co-passenger is additionally offered with a vanity mirror fixed to the visor.

Interior Comfort:

All the trims are offered with a power steering feature. This function is immensely helpful to the driver as it reduces the amount of effort, a driver has to put into the drive. An air conditioning unit is fitted into the cabin to all the variants and this unit is manually regulated. The company has also given it a proficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit) with well placed vents in the compartment for evenly distributing the air into all the corners. The steering wheel is of three spoke in the LS and LX variants, while the VX Tech trims is fitted with a four spoke steering wheel. The instrument cluster has light intensity adjustment to it in the mid and high end trims. These trims additionally has power windows facility too, whereas the mid range has this feature to the front doors alone, while the latter trim has this facility to both the front and rear doors as well. An illuminated key ring hole along with an instrument cluster are few additional features that are available in the top end trim. A power outlet is fitted at the front side of the cabin. This outlet is useful for charging any electronic device. The front cabin has a light which has two spot lights within it. The front windscreen has wipers fitted onto them which has a seven speed function available to them. Apart from all this, there are remote controlled release levers for fuel lid as well as the boot lid for added convenience of the driver. Other personal adjustable facilities too are equipped into the compartment, which makes life much more simpler. The driver side seat is fixed and has a lumbar support provided to them for an extra benefit. The front headrests to the seats have an adjustable function. The rear bench is fully foldable and this is very useful. Tilt adjustable steering is offered only to the VX Tech variant, which helps in adjusting the steering wheel according to the height and built of the driver.

Interior Measurements:

This model series has a modest boot space of 232 litres, which can be further increased once the rear bench seat is folded and a lot of stuff can come in. This capacity can easily hold immense amount of luggage and is very resourceful, while undertaking long journeys. Apart from this, it has a fuel tank that can take in about 37 litres of diesel in it. This hatchback can take in five passengers with ease and give them ample leg space along with head and shoulder room as well.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Editor's take : The acceleration of the 1.3-litre diesel is good and there is no turbo lag.


It is available in two diesel engines which are equipped with a five speed manual transmission gear box. The Quadrajet engine can attain a top speed of 160 Kmph and can breach the 100 Kmph mark within 16.1 seconds. Whereas the TDi motor reaches a maximum speed of 159 Kmph and can attain the 100 Kmph in about 15.6 seconds.

Tata Vista Engine

Engine and Performance

Ed's take : The 1.3-litre quadrajet is definitely the pick of the lot. The engine is frugal and has good pick-up also. The 1.3-litre quadrajet is one of India’s favourite diesel engines and has to the ideal choice, if you have loads of travel.


The LX trim is integrated with a 1.4-litre TDi based small diesel engine and can displace 1405cc. It too has four cylinders and sixteen valves which is based on turbo charged direct injection fuel supply system. This engine adheres to all the norms of BS-III. It can produce a maximum power of 70bhp at 4500rpm and generates a torque of 135.4Nm at 2500rpm. The VX Tech variant is fitted with 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel engine, which has a displacement capacity of 1248cc. It can generate a maximum power of 73.97bhp at 4500rpm and can generate a peak torque output of 190Nm at 1750 to 3000rpm. This engine also four cylinders and sixteen valves integrated to it and is based on common rail fuel injection system. It complies with all the BS-IV based norms of the country. Both these engines have been skilfully coupled with a five speed manual transmission gear box, which ensures smoother gear shifts at all times.


Editor's take : The quadrajet engine is known for their fuel efficiency and same is the case with the Indica Vista diesel.


This hatchback is being offered with two engine options to choose from. The Quadrajet motor has a common rail based fuel injection. This small diesel engine has the ability to churn out about 15 Kmpl within the city limits and between 22-23 Kmpl on the highways. The other engine is a TDi (turbocharged direct injection) based motor, which also has a intercooler. This mill can give out 13 Kmpl on the city roads and about 19 Kmpl on the bigger roads.

Power of Tata Vista

Editor's take : The power produced by the 1.3-litre diesel and the 1.4-litre TDi for BSIII markets.


The TDi engine can generate a maximum power of 70bhp at 4500rpm and produces a peak torque output of 135.4Nm at 2500rpm. The Quadrajet motor delivers a top power of 73.97bhp at 4000rpm and can produce a peak torque of about 190Nm at 1750 to 3000rpm.

Tata Vista Accessories

Stereo & Accessories

Ed's take: The Indica Vista gets features like steering mounted audio controls, in-built music system, Bluetooth connectivity with music streaming. Now, there is also the driver information system and touch-screen infotainment system.


A 2-DIN music system is integrated into the LX trim, which supports multiple players. It has CD, Radio tuner and has a USB and Aux-in port as well. Furthermore, an IR remote too is offered. This can be enjoyed with the help of four speakers and two tweeters fitted into its cabin. The top end variant, VX Tech is bestowed with a 6.5 inch TFT screen which has touchscreen capacity. This too supports CD, USB, Aux-in, DVD and Radio plus additionally is offered with an SD card slot. This trim is further has an advantage of having the audio and phone controls mounted onto the steering wheel. Both LX and VX Tech has a Bluetooth connectivity to them. All the trims have an instrument cluster which have information regarding fuel consumption, distance to empty, multi trip meter and digital clock as well. The high end trim, VX Tech is blessed with an advanced satellite supported navigation system.

You can now buy Tata Vista accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Ed's take: The safety features on the Indica Vista include ABS and dual airbags. The handling has been improved on this hatchback.

It is bestowed with an efficient suspension, which works its way through in providing great stability and driving pleasure. Its front axle is fitted with an independent, lower wishbone, McPherson strut with a coil spring. It is equipped with a braking system, which consists of hydraulic brakes which are diagonal split, independent dual circuit, which is vacuum assisted. Whereas the rear axle is equipped with a semi independent, twist beam with coil spring and shock absorbers. The front wheels are fitted with a set of disc brakes, while its rear wheels are fitted with a set of standard drum brakes. It has a steering which is rack and pinion power assistance.

Safety & Security

Editor's take : The safety features on the Vista include ABS and dual airbags.


This section is equipped with quite a lot of features in this series that provide robust protection to this hatchback. It is integrated with an advanced braking mechanism of an anti-lock braking system along with an electronic brake-force distribution. This enables the driver to have a better control over the car and is available only in the top end variant. Additionally, this trims is fitted with an interior rear view mirror, which has an anti glare effect to it. The crumple zone in critical areas as well as side beam assists are designed into this hatch for reducing the impacts over its body and therefore avoid most of the damage and injury as well. A central locking system is offered for easing the effort and further a keyless entry too is provided along with it. A high mount stop lamp is fixed onto the rear windscreen and it helps in alerting the other vehicles from far off too in let know of this car's presence. Child safety locks are built into the rear doors to avoid any unauthorized exit by children. To the front seats, emergency locking retractor based seatbelts are offered for additional benefit. The instrument cluster sports safety notifications such as key-in reminder, driver door reminder and a seatbelt reminder too.

Tata Vista Wheels


It has a set of 14 inch steel wheels and are fitted with radial tubeless tyres of size 175/65 R14. These wheels are covered with full wheel caps to both LX and VX Tech variants. Additionally, as a standard feature, there is a full size spare wheel offered and is placed in the boot compartment along with a tool kit for assistance.


1. Navigation system is available.
2. Advanced safety mechanism is offered.
3. Exterior image is very appealing.
4. A capacitative touchscreen based display system.
5. Fully packed with automated functions.


1. Ground clearance is quite disappointing.
2. Absence of alloy wheels.
3. Cabin elements can be improved.
4. Performance of its Tdi diesel engine is poor.
5. Fuel economy can upset the pocket.

Tata Vista Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
5,01,176 5,04,513 5,07,870 5,11,861 4,91,493 5,03,826 5,25,858   Get On Road Price  
5,46,537 5,50,390 5,54,299 5,57,472 5,36,668 5,49,702 5,72,193   Get On Road Price  
Quadrajet LS
5,47,373 5,48,892 5,54,566 5,45,573 5,38,785 5,48,444 5,71,429   Get On Road Price  
Quadrajet VX Tech
6,18,597 6,21,007 6,27,466 6,17,687 6,09,792 6,20,558 6,44,236   Get On Road Price  

Tata Vista Expert Review

Tata Indica Vista D90 Reliability Report
Tata Indica Vista D90 Reliability Report Expert Review
Tata had introduced the D90 variant of the Vista as the new flagship model. This is one of the most advanced Vista, as it didn’t just get a better engine but several upgrades on the inside as well. We get our hands on this Vista for a long term as it became a part of our garage to see how good is this flagship. Read our reports to know more about the Indica Vista D90. [read more]

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    By Ashok| February 04, 2013 | 27707 Views
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  • bad experience from tata on my car
    By asharaf.m| October 04, 2012 | 6409 Views
    Look and Style   Comfort   Pickup   Mileage   Best Features   Needs to improve   Overall Experience dear readers,i am the owner of tata indica vista car bearing reg.no.KL01 BG 8296.i hav purchased this car on 17th August2012.yesterday my car completed @3100 kms.day before yesterday evening i noticed that some leakage of oil from the engine.yesterday early morning i went to the kulathunkal motors workshop... Read Full Review
  • Best Car, No second thoughts.
    By Mohit Verma| October 17, 2012 | 3772 Views
    Look and Style: I looks good, not as good as some other options. But offers a good competition.   Comfort: Awesome comfort, feels like home.   Pickup: Good   Mileage: Good, I get around 20 kmpl with city and highway   Best Features: Stability, I have driven my at a speed of 150 km/hr. And I found it stable and in my control.   Needs to improve: Reduce some weight.   Overall Experience: Great  ... Read Full Review
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