Aston Martin Vantage

` 1.4 - 3.5 Cr*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
  • Economy
    8.5 kmpl
    Service cost
  • Performance
    5935 cc
  • Comfort
    Cruise Control
    Sun roof
  • Safety
    Parking Sensor
  • EMI
    60 months

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  • Aston Martin Vantage
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*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi

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Vantage Color Options

  • Ocellus Teal

  • Lightning Silver

  • Marron Black

  • Silver Blonde

  • Silver Fox

  • Mako Blue

  • Sunbrest Yellow

  • Grey Bull

  • Appletree Green

  • Tungsten Silver

  • Bridgewater Bronze

  • Mariana Blue

  • Hammerhead Silver

  • Quantum Silver

  • Amethyst Red

  • Stratus White

  • Volcano Red

  • Midnight Blue

  • Hardly Green

  • Morning Frost White

  • Yellow

  • Storm Black

  • Skyfall Silver

  • Kopi Bronze

  • Madagascar Orange

  • Meteorite Silver

  • Red Lion

  • Arizona Bronze

  • Cobalt Blue

  • Jet Black

  • China Grey

  • Selene Bronze

  • Concours Blue

  • Onyx Black

  • Viridian Green

Vantage Specifications

Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power AC Power Steering Central Locking
City Highway
V8 Sport
Automatic 4735cc
8 Cylinder 32 Valve
5.2 10.8 430bhp @ 7300rpm Standard Standard Standard
V8 4.7L
Manual 4735cc
8 Cylinder 32 Valve
5.0 9.6 420bhp @ 7300rpm Standard Standard Standard
V8 Roadster
Automatic 4735cc
8 Cylinder 32 Valve
5.15 10.41 420bhp @ 7300rpm Standard Standard Standard
V12 6.0L
Manual 5935cc
12 Cylinder 48 Valve
4.12 8.5 510bhp @ 6500rpm Standard Standard Standard

Aston Martin Vantage Review


December 26, 2014: Aston Martin V12 Vantage S has been voted as the 'most elegant car of 2014' by viewers of popular French automotive TV show Automoto TF1. This sports car is the company's fastest series production car to date and features carbon fibre grille, new roof and rear graphics packs, lightweight forged alloy wheels, bespoke finishes on seats, doors and control . It is powered by the same AM28 6-litre V12 engine that powers its entry level version model but in a more powerful tune. This car produces 11% more than its regular version with 573 PS, 9% more torque with 620 Nm and is 14% much faster with 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds. While the top speed for this model is pegged at 305 km/h, this sports car gets a top speed of 328 km/h.


This is a brand that pioneered new age mechanics, raising the entire automotive field to where it stands today. Here is a company that has delivered excellence, refined and upgraded across the span of almost a century. This company stands for mainstream engineering from the heart of the industrial revolution, mainland Britain. It is a company well seated as one of the prime car makers in the world, and one to boost the stage for years to come. One of the finest models that this world class brand has brought out is the Vantage series, a vehicle that highlights the revolutionary engineering capacity of this company. The all new generation of this model dazzles on all facets of its build. This upgraded roadster is made for the testing the capacity of the roads, armed with performance capabilities that push all limits known to cars around the world. Packed inside the hood of this road hogger is a mighty V8 engine, one of the most greatest power plants in the world of speed. The massive power of this machine translates to the roads through the help of a flawless 7-speed Sportshift-2 gearbox. Harnessed with all of this, it sears the roads with amazing speed and performance. It has figures that back its formidable display, capable of a top speed of nearly 290 kmph. Also, it can go ripping past the 100 kmph within a touchdown of 4.9 seconds. This makes it one of the fiercest machines ever to be set loose on the roads. The insides of the roadster is filled with thrills to match its exuberant performance. The simply designed cockpit has the most fulfilling of auras. It is layered with fine metallic accents and brought together with a range of other expensive materials. The cabin has all new ergonomic interior environment groupings and carbon fiber interior finishes. It goes out of its way to charm its passengers with contrasting seat accent colors and unique stitching. The vehicle also offers a great level of personalization for its passengers, allowing them to choose from numerous leather and quilting options to seal the atmosphere they want within the car. In addition to this, a rich array of woods, carbon fibers and other exquisite materials are offered as decorative devices for the interior. Moving to the luxury of its exteriors, this vehicle is built with the goal of stunning its passengers, and it accomplishes this by numerous rounds. The well sculpted exterior format of the vehicle reflects the prowess in design that its manufacturers have dedicated themselves to. It is built for an elegance that combines visual aesthetic with aerodynamic stealth. Its low, ground gripping profile adds a touch of beauty to the eye of its beholder, while at the same time, giving it the agility to weave through the roads at high speeds. The front bonnet is large and wide, elegantly sloping down from the convertible roof. The well designed, streamlined poise that the vehicle is built with gives it a sharper look with an uplifted rear end and a sunken portion upfront. The roadster looks stunning with the roof stowed away, modeled for the most imposing appearance even among convertible cars. Its front windshield is angular, slanting back for a sleeker shape to the vehicle overall.



The outer structure of this series is rigidly built, meant to provide protection for the passengers, and to suit the vehicle in a dazzling exterior cover at the same time. It has an extruded bonded aluminum VH body structure, and this feature enables it to swoosh through the streets with safety and protection secured at the same time. Further, it has an aluminum, magnesium alloy, composite and steel body, and this takes the barriers of safety raised even higher. It also has extruded aluminum door side-impact beams. As for the style quotient, the car is honed for the perfect symbolism in beauty as well. It has well cleaved curves shaped from carbon fiber, bringing a blend of both form and function. Propped upfront is the iconic front grille that has company's name badge embedded, surrounded on both sides by sleekly shaped headlamps. Halogen projector headlamps and high intensity discharge headlamps are incorporated with the front lights, and they add to the looks of the car, and to the safety aspect as well. The full height windscreen is swept back for a streamlined edge, blending seamlessly into the multi layered fabric roof. At the rear end is a one piece Aero Duct boot lid with an integrated rear spoiler, meant for enhancing the airflow. The rear lights are incorporated with LED rear lamps.

Exterior Measurements:

The vehicle has admirable exterior measurements, stretching for a length of 4385mm. It has a width of 1912mm, with a squat and ground gripping profile that it is made for. This is further raised to 2025mm including the door mirrors. The sleek, low profile of the vehicle culminates in a short height of 1260mm, giving it the ideal posture to prowl the streets with ease in its high speed. Its wheelbase stretches for 2600mm. It weighs about 1630kgs. All put together, this is a vehicle ideally suited for what it does, which is to plough city streets with ferocity and fervor.

Full Front View
Front-Left-Side More Sidewards
Full Back View
Right Side
Front-Right-Side Normal Elevation
Grille View
Side Mirror Focus (Mirror Glass)


The insides of its cabin offers the most fulfilling experiences, ensuring that the passengers leave behind the ardor of being enclosed in a car. The seats are wide and comfortable, made for preserving the quality of driving alongside high speed performance. The most expensive materials together decorate the interiors, ranging from an array of woods, carbon fibers and metallic accents. It has a full-grain leather interior. Honing the luxury quotient is a piano black facia trim. A graphite centre console finish and surround breaks past barriers to finish the elegance of the cabin. A leather sports steering wheel makes for the best grip, along with eye catching beauty blended within it. Electrically adjustable sports seats with side airbags weld luxury and safety in one pack for the passengers' best benefits. Powerfold exterior heated mirrors make for added comfort and a touch of exquisite beauty as well. A heated rear screen automatic temperature control rakes this up. Organic electroluminescent (OEL) displays dial up the techno glitz inside the cabin. Turning to the sophistication of the inside, the car is fulfilled on all the best marvels of tech inside of it. It has an advanced trip computer with all the standard date needed to keep the driver alert. Rear parking sensors, along with a tyre pressure monitoring system ensure that firmest safety accompanies grandeur. This is also hand in hand with an alarm and immobilizer, and a remote-control central door locking and boot release. Going many miles further, it completes the luxury of its system with LED map-reading lights, along with lamy pen and pen holder. An automatic temperature control allows for optimized comfort with respect to the air conditioning and heating.

Interior Comfort:

The interiors are suffused with luxury and warmth, striving to bring the most homely environment to the inside of a machine. Besides its lavish interior design, the cockpit of this vehicle also brings a host of accessories and convenience features meant to notch up the ride quality. An efficient air conditioning system, with ducts strategically placed for maximum circulation is present inside of the car. Further aiding this is an automatic temperature control feature. Front and rear parking sensors relieve much burden from the driver's side, providing full assistance when in need of parking. Memory front seats and exterior mirrors bring the most sophisticated technology to the aid of passenger comfort. It goes out of the way to offer luxuries, with power-fold exterior heated mirrors and heated front seats. A tyre pressure monitoring system aids the driver, putting him on tabs with his tyre's inflation needs at all times to minimize risks of lowered air pressure. A remote control central door locking and boot release feature brings control over the vehicle to the driver's thumb-point, leaving nothing left unturned in a never ending quest for perfection in luxury. A trip computer occupies the center of the dashboard, giving all critical details to the driver, and allowing him to stay informed at all times. An alarm and engine immobilizer seals security for this expensive engineering marvel, ensuring that it is kept within safe reaches always.

Interior Measurements:

This Aston Martin Vantage has enough space to fit tall, lanky and hefty people. It is made for comfort and ride quality to go alongside neck-breaking performance and speed. It has large, comfortable seating arrangements that ensures the luxury of the cabin is raised even further, with softness and comfort to go hand in hand with wideness and space.

Rear Boot (Open with Luggage)
Central Console
Steering Wheel
Left Corner Front View
Door view of Driver seat

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Powered by an incredible engine that only a handful of vehicles in the entire world are allowed to wield, this is a machine made for ruling the streets. It can roar to top speeds of around 290kmph. Furthermore, it takes just below 5 seconds, a mere 4.8 seconds, to race from 0 to 100 kmph, making it a great engineering marvel. All of this together makes this a staggering road menace, and one that sets its mark on the manufacturing of the British echelons, as well as the entire automotive field itself.

Engine and Performance

This latest update of the series is armed with new generation engineering like nothing seen before. Shut beneath the hood of this machine is a mighty V8 engine, one of the most powerful engine in the history of this company. It has 32 valves, incorporated through the all alloy quad overhead cam system. The engine's prowess is further refined with the help of fully CNC machined combustion chambers. All put together, this is a drivetrain meant for intense performance. It has a displacement value of 4735cc. It fires the vehicle with a maximum torque of 470Nm. This goes hand in hand with a stomping maximum power of 420bhp. All of this together sends the vehicle sailing to a top speed of 290 kmph. It can shoot from 0 to 100kmph within 4.8 seconds. Channeling the power of the massive engine is the all-new 7-speed Sportshift-2 transmission. All in all, this is one of the most formidable engineering marvels let loose on city roads.


The marvels of this company is based not only on the performance that their vehicles deliver, but an all rounded feat as well. This machine is built for bringing the best quality on all facets. The thrills of high speed and rib cracking performance are accompanied by softer benefits such as fuel economy. With a mileage value of about 7.2 kmpl, the top grade sports machine also secures an all rounded health. This is a truly great mileage value considering the machine's high speed capacity and exuberant build.


Power of Aston Martin Vantage

The power plant running this vehicle has is one of the most revolutionary technologies in the automotive world. Armed with a mighty V8 engine, it is made to toast the streets with performance beyond all known borders. The engine has 32 valves, integrated through the quad overhead camshaft system. It has a displacement value of 4735cc. With the best of inner mechanisms, this sports car can soar to a top speed of nearly 290 kmph, and raise from 0 to 100 kmph within 4.8 seconds. All of this is enabled with the prowess of the V8 drivetrain, capable of pumping a maximum power of 420hp. It also fires a peak torque value of 470Nm, sealing this machine as one of the most formidable to be set loose on the streets.


Stereo & Accessories

A vital element that drives this vehicle to its full glory, is the equipment and accessories decorating the interior. The inside of this sports car is stuffed with features for comfort and luxury, ascending the ride pleasure by many levels. An advanced Infotainment system with capacitive switching gives the passengers full access to entertainment all through the course of the ride. A satellite navigation system builds the best aid for the driver, providing a firm guidance all through the way. A DAB audio system brings the pleasure of great music to the inside of the car, aided with a radio system, an A2DP Bluetooth audio, and a USB connector with waveform audio format, media player and MP3 audio compatibility.

You can now buy Aston Martin Vantage accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Intense performance fades without the aid of a great control, and this car has gathered the methods for the perfect balance between this machine's mighty speed capacity and its much needed element of control. An advanced braking system equips the vehicle, ensuring that the thrills of speed are unleashed only with a channeled and stable means. It has ventilated and grooved two-piece floating discs, 380 mm diameter with six-piston mono-bloc calipers. The same goes for the rear, with the only difference being the 330 mm diameter and the four-piston mono-bloc calipers. In addition to this, this high tech machine is gifted a dynamic stability control, for improved hold over itself without the driver's skill needed. The sophisticated build of this machine takes technological aids to a further front, with Anti lock braking system and Electronic brake force distribution systems also improving overall balance and stability for the best control over the ride. An emergency brake assist raises the braking system even further, ensuring that emergency situations are controlled and well handled. Traction control, a hydraulic brake assist, and a positive torque control systems seal the handling and stability that the ride offers, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in a pursuit for perfection that a machine can offer.

Safety & Security

A machine built for power as immense as this one is not let loose without locking in its most prime factor - Safety. And the company's engineering ensures that this feature is wrapped up and well sealed from all sides. It is complete on all standard safety features, with tight seatbelts strapping the passengers in all through the way, and airbags shielding them from all over. The body structure of this sleek machine hides its most important factor - it is specifically structured for an impact resisting body format, ensuring that collisions are absorbed for the best protection possible. In addition to all of this, the aid of technology is brought to upgrade safety to the fullest. This is a car that employs all the best technologies out there for the firmest security. It has the standard anti lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution systems. Going beyond conventional boundaries, it has an efficient 3 stage dynamic stability control that provides optimum stability. These security systems together make sure that all mishaps are prevented beforehand. Striving to seal safety to the finest, the vehicle is also equipped with an emergency brake assist, ensuring that during emergency situations, everything is well handled and accidents are prevented. Topping all of it off from the technological frontier, the car brings traction control, a hydraulic brake assist, and a positive torque control system to cement safety to the very fullest. And as a result, nothing is left amiss with this vehicle.


The top notch manufacturing of this model ensures that all aspects are sealed for the very best quality. The machine's high end performance is matched on all levels. It is gifted with a set of 19 inch 5-spoke cast alloy silver painted wheels. Only the very best radials are allowed to adorn them, with the high quality Bridgestone Potenza worn at the front and rear wheels.


1. Astounding engine capacity and performance.

2. High class, attractive looks and appearance.

3. A well decorated, appealing interior format.

4. Stability and great handling secured.

5. A great choice of personalization made available for every stage of the machine.



1. It is rather expensive, possibly the most among all company vehicles.

2. A better fuel economy would be welcome.

3. The interior space suffers as a result of the high grade exterior format.

4. The comfort features available inside could be enhanced for the luxury that manufacturer has offered.

5. It is a formidable vehicle with great speed capacity, and as a result, it could use further enhancement in terms of safety and protection.


Aston Martin Vantage Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
V8 Sport
1,35,00,000 - - - - - -   Get On Road Price  
V8 4.7L
2,55,00,000 - - - - - -   Get On Road Price  
V8 Roadster
2,75,00,000 - - - - - -   Get On Road Price  
V12 6.0L
3,50,00,000 - - - - - -   Get On Road Price  

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