CNG for earth....truly satisfying

By shail from suratDecember 08, 2010 | 22781 Views | 47 Comments

Maruti Wagon R

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Look and Style Truly International look with good road presence Comfort Very comfortable front and rear seats for tall persons. High roof space. Refreshing interior... Pickup I read so many reviews complaining weak pick up in petrol, but believe CNG mode pick up is very very good.....u can experience the difference. Mileage I get 225 KM for 8.7 KG gas...which comes around 25.86km/kg. My running cost is Rs. 1.25/km with AC always on. Best Features Good Mileage, powerful AC, easy handling and braking. Needs to improve When turning right side, Front driver side pillar reduces upcoming vehilcles visibility...   Overall Experience Very satisfied with my car's performance...i bought it in Oct 2010. Actually so many people suggested me not to go for company fitted CNG kit as it costs extra 60000, while in market you can install CNG kit for 30000. But I got an expert's advice that it is fitted with i GPI technology, it means that gas input in the engine is controlled by computer which is resulted in homogenous combustion and gives best I don't have any regret spending some extra bucks after it.....
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User Comments

Asked By Javid Khan 09 Dec,2010 09:59:52 AM

Thanks you Shail. Long live SURAT. I am also originally from Surat/Olpad. It is very important to Keep our Surat Pollution Free Using CNG. I have visited Surat every year. Lately, I can BREATH much better in the city. Because of CNG Buses and Auto Rickshaw, air quality improved quit a bit. If we ALL started using CNG for our transportation, then our Children will pray for us else Curse us for filthy AIR. Surat is Beautiful But Need Clean AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maroo Surat, Taroo Surat..

Reply By shail 11 Dec,2010 10:15:06 PM

thx javidbhai.....yes...surat is changing....and changing for good...

Reply By Tvrai 23 Jun,2011 12:14:50 PM

Dear Javed, I do share the same enthusiasam with regard to CNG for better AIR. Though there is less availabilty of CNG in A.P, I brought recently a CNG variant and happy to contribute to cause. Hope the Govt. change its policy and develop the availability of CNG on par with other fuels. I personally beg all viewers / readers to continue their effort in saving the planet for our future generations.

Asked By bandish 21 Dec,2010 08:59:11 PM

wagon r cng is verry verry good car in milage

Asked By bandish 21 Dec,2010 09:09:03 PM

i have purchased a new wagon r cng lxi on 15 december 2010, my first trip was about 270km and i got average of 25 km.. this is amezing car... i am full stisfy in millage.. i am happyy... thanks

Asked By Harish 23 Dec,2010 01:17:53 PM

Respected sir Actualy this is my you, i heard about CNG,that cng is not safe. Please give me information that cng is safe or not. THANKS

Reply By sudhir 05 Jan,2013 09:55:05 PM

Which gas tothe selected on available in Pune? be used for wagon R CNG or LPG? Is

Asked By HARSHAD 25 Dec,2010 06:54:26 PM


Asked By Avinash C Saxena 27 Dec,2010 07:20:05 AM

When will Bhopal have CNG filling station. Let me also know experiences of Wagon R with LPG.

Asked By gaurav puri 06 Jan,2011 02:41:14 PM

can anybody tell me about the boot(trunk) space of the car.

Asked By Dr Salil Sakalle 07 Jan,2011 04:38:48 PM

Hi Shail, I am quite motivated to hear your experiences with Wagon R CNG. Though I have used old wagon R for 7years, still people say they've reduced its power,that can be felt when AC is on, how true it is? Another thing that apprehends me is, still network of CNG filling is very limited in MP, only in Indore that too very few stations. The capacity of CNG tank is 7-8kg right? I am afraid to get into queue every 3rd day. What mileage it is giving in city on petrol, can you or anybody tell? Can you or anybody tell, what are the prospects of getting CNG easily in near future through out the country?

Reply By Shail 10 Jan,2011 09:46:22 PM petrol mode when AC is on you can feel the lack of power in pick up but when its running on gas power is much much greater . CNG tank capacity is 10 kg, at good pressure you can easily fill 9 Kg. My latest mileage is 256km for 9kg gas. In petrol mode I haven't figured out mileage yet. About the prospect of CNG availability, one thing is quite clear that as a futuristic fuel and good option to petrol,diesel CNG network is definitely gonna grow in our country, If I talk about my hometown there are 22 CNG stations in Surat city only.By googling you can find more info about CNG prospectus in MP. Good luck....Cheers.

Asked By Saurav 23 Jan,2011 11:04:02 PM

I use my Alto LXI 06 once a week so if i go for CNG will it be a good decision for the future propect of the engine, NEW CNG Kit is costing Rs. 21k

Asked By Ashish Kala 01 Feb,2011 06:19:08 PM

Shail I purchased my wagonr lxi cng on 20th dec 2010 and have done 2500 km's till now as my running on working days is 90 km's.avearage.. Performmance is amazing on CNG and auto switch over feature is unique in this vehicle. I was spending 7k on petrol earlier which has come down to 2k on CNG. Here in Delhi& NCR we have plenty of CNG Stations and it does not takes more than 5 minutes at the station. Some of the Unique Features Auto Switch Over to CNG mode Ease in re-filing as there is no need to pick up the bonnette , re fueling inlet is at the rear. Dual ECM ( ONE FOR PETROL & ONE FOR CNG) helps in zero power loss while in CNG Mode. iGPI Tech which controls the fuel thru unique injection. Cylinder Fitting in the Boot is amazing with spare tyre can be removed easily by lowering the rear seats. Thanks Maruti for this Excellent CNG Vehicle.. cheers.

Reply By Shail 02 Feb,2011 08:35:49 PM

yup...indeed it is an excellent car...I've reached 5000 kms and engine is getting smoother...enjoy your ride..Ta..

Reply By Surender 03 Feb,2011 11:40:24 AM

I want to know about the boot space after fitting the CNG cylinder,how much boot space got wasted?I am planning to take in next 2 weeks, It would be great, if anyone can send me the photo of boot space in Wagon R LXI CNG.

Reply By prabhakar shukla 07 Feb,2011 01:10:29 PM

Go to maruti website and download the wagonR CNG brochure. The pics of boot with CNG is given.

Reply By Arif 01 Apr,2012 02:47:00 AM

Hi , I need your help in setting the Auto Switch mode to CNG , my wagon R Lxi CNG , does not gets switch tp CNG , i have to manually do it by pressing the Green Button on the CNG Panel next to steering. is there any speed or gear limitation for this auto switch to happen. Also please do let me know , how can i figure out , if the car is Auto Switched to CNG Please do let me know ASAP Thank in Advance

Asked By Vijesh 16 Apr,2011 09:47:51 PM

please any one tell me does WagonR comes in both Petrol and CNG option ? so that both option if available can be comfortable if gone to the places where no CNG is available ?Plz reply back as I want to get only this version of Wagon R(Petrol CNG company fitted).Also tell its model so dat it will be easy for me to go directly for it.

Reply By shail 19 Apr,2011 05:42:26 PM

Wagon R CNG by default comes in petrol mode, CNG is additional feature. So when there's no CNG available around you can run it on petrol. Company fitted CNG comes only with Lxi variant. Its not available with Vxi variant. So anyhow Lxi is the only available choice. Good Luck....

Asked By CarDekho Team 17 Apr,2011 09:05:03 AM

If your useage is more than 80 to 100kms then only get the CNG or LPG car or else stick with the Petrol Wagon R.

Reply By Vinod 05 Dec,2012 05:02:27 PM

80 to 100 KMS per day or week...etc..?

Asked By MURALI MOHAN GADE 01 May,2011 04:08:16 PM

Hai, I am Murali Mohan from Hyderabad. I am planning to purchase Maruti Wagon-R, CNG version. My daily usage is around 20 Km/day. Is it advisable to go for a CNG version for my usage level? or is it better to go for a Petrol one? In future, the petrol prices may be rising to very high levels. So, Please suggest me in taking a decision. Also please tell me the availability of CNG in Hyderabad. Thanks.

Asked By Ajit 09 May,2011 02:57:05 PM

Hi I brought the new wagon r Vxi model in June 2010, i am looking to convert it into CNG. Should i go with the company/dealer fitting or should i do it from outside.

Asked By VIJAY TRIPATHY 24 May,2011 05:29:42 PM

i want to purchase a small new car with in 2 week time and zero down my choice to maruti wagon -R CNG, cheverlot- beat-WITH CNG, hundiaye- I-20 WHICH WILL BE THE MOST SUITABLE CAR-SHARE EXPERIENCES

Reply By skmnaidu 03 Jun,2011 07:31:35 AM

Hi there, I think there is on CNG Beat.

Reply By Kali 03 Jun,2011 07:32:19 AM

Hi there, I think there is no CNG Beat.

Asked By Shilpak 12 Jun,2011 09:13:01 PM

Hi I am interested in buying either Ritz LDI(545000/-) or Wagon R LXI CNG(465000/-). The running is approx 60-70kms /day. What I understand is the cost per km should be Re.1.50 and Rs.2.50 respectively for Wagon R CNG & Ritz LDI.I have some apprehension about CNG since it shares the same engine with petrol obviously having the same compression ratios, this could result in higher maintainance for the CNG engine. Would appreciate if somebody could put some light & suggest a better car.

Asked By ajaj 16 Jun,2011 11:52:49 AM

cng ke sath petrol ya diesel tank hota h ya nhi pls reply

Reply By HK 25 Jun,2011 11:51:33 AM

@ajay .. there is petrol option with CNG

Asked By Sumit Sharma 03 Jul,2011 08:27:37 AM

Hi! I am having a wagon R Duo Model 2008 i.e LPG. I am not getting the good average in LPG, so can i convert this to CNG ? For CNG can i use the same cylinder and how much it cost ? Pls. reply...

Asked By ishwar singh 10 Jul,2011 05:25:10 PM

Hi, i want to buy a car. My daily required running is 120 kms. Whether I should go in for diesel or cng model. my budget is arounf 4.5 lac. I have zeroed on maruti wagonR lxi cng. how much is capacity of cng tank in kgs of wagongR. please advise.

Reply By shail 11 Jul,2011 07:51:41 PM

CNG tank capacity is 10kg, at good pressure you can easily fill in 9kg and average is pretty good too...just keep in mind cng pump network in your area...cheers..

Asked By sawa 01 Aug,2011 01:00:36 PM

hi I have purchased Wagon R CNG a month back, Quiet happy with its performance. Yesterday while traveling at a speed of 50kpl I bumped in big pot hole, Though I did not feel any problem but am scared and want to know if anything would have got damaged, is there a way of checking it. sawa

Reply By shail 01 Aug,2011 11:48:34 PM

Just for precaution measurement, Check it thoroughly in your next service at dealer's workshop. If you feel bumpy ride, engine distortion check it immediately...have a safe ride..cheers....

Asked By nagendra 09 Aug,2011 04:34:52 PM

Dear Mr.Shail, Thanks for writing a wonderful review which have motivated me to purchase Wagon R Lxi CNG. I have a couple of queries & would be thankful if you can clear them. I checked both Lxi & Vxi & found that in Vxi i have lot more safety features . My daily drive is around 70- 100 km & sometime i need to do the highway driving but majorly its a Delhi city driving.What will you advice me , either to go for Lxi CNG or to go for Vxi & get the CNG fitted from outside. Your valuable advice can help me to take a better decision. Regards

Reply By shail 13 Aug,2011 11:32:47 AM

Hi Nagendra, Thanks for your appreciation. I suggest you to go for Lxi CNG, the reasons are 1) i GPI technology 2) company warranty and service. I will advice you to go through and having understanding of i GPI technology and how it is different if we fitted CNG kit from outside. You can get it online googling,maruti website or any genuine auto expert. As far as safety features are concerned, driving manoeuvering is excellent in city traffic condition and at high speed as well...just a week ago i was thrilled to drive it at 130 KMPH on express way. Other safety features my understanding is that if you are willing to spend extra bucks you can fit ABS and airbags in Lxi variant as well, but get it done using MGA. I hope this will help you clear your doubts...Chao...

Reply By nagendra 13 Aug,2011 04:43:23 PM

Thanks a lot Mr.Shail . Regards

Asked By Hari 14 Aug,2011 11:46:30 PM

Hi Shail, Could you please let me know the current CNG fuel cost and the millage we receive. Also kindly let me know on-road price of Wagnor LXI CNG model?

Reply By shail 15 Aug,2011 12:23:10 AM

hi...current cost of CNG in Surat (Gujarat) is Rs.39.75/Kg. Mileage is excellent as well, I have reached 15000 KM, my average is 230 km for 8.4 kg gas which is around 27km/kg(Rs.1.48/km) with AC ON all the time. This average is on highway, for city traffic condition it is around 200 Km for same amount of gas. On road price varies from place to place as local taxes and VAT or any additonal taxes are different. You need to check local dealer for on road price. My on road price was Rs. 4.70 lacs in Nov 2010. Cheers....

Asked By shail 15 Aug,2011 12:22:02 AM

hi...current cost of CNG in Surat (Gujarat) is Rs.39.75/Kg. Mileage is excellent as well, I have reached 15000 KM, my average is 230 km for 8.4 kg gas which is around 27km/kg(Rs.1.48/km) with AC ON all the time. This average is on highway, for city traffic condition it is around 200 Km for same amount of gas. On road price varies from place to place as local taxes and VAT or any additonal taxes are different. You need to check local dealer for on road price. My on road price was Rs. 4.70 lacs in Nov 2010. Cheers....

Asked By Hari 15 Aug,2011 11:31:44 AM

Hi Shail, Desired answer.. Thanks..

Asked By rajesh sabara 25 Aug,2011 10:25:02 PM

Hi Shail I am planning to purchase a new Wagon R Lxi or Lxi CNG with in a week , i am not daily user of the car. please guide me for that, Is there any extra suspension/jumper fitted in this CNG car?? what's the average of both the car and fuel efficient? your reply will help me a lot thanks

Reply By Shail 29 Aug,2011 06:16:36 PM

Hi Rajesh, WR Lxi is petrol mode and Lxi CNG has both petrol and CNG mode. Price difference between both variant is about 60k to 65k. My car's average in petrol mode is 19 KMPL and on CNG it is 26 KMPKG (on highways). Running car on CNG is more economical. It is advisable to get Lxi CNG model if price factor is not an issue. i GPI is intelligent Gas Port Injection technology and its advantages are: Contemporary i-GPI technology Vehicle body design for CNG system Performance and Driveability at par with gasoline powered engine Safety reinforced: High Quality Components, Integrated wiring harness, CNG system leak-proofing, toughened suspension High fuel efficiency Dual ECU system for enhanced performance Lower running costs by 60 percent Extensive performance testing Peace of Mind: Full warranty coverage, Service support across the country No compromise on engine life So, These are some advantages of i GPI technology, you can visit maruti suzuki website for more details. I hope this will help you with your decision. All the best....

Asked By rajesh sabara 25 Aug,2011 10:26:36 PM

what is the iGPI technology??

Asked By rajendra prajapati 01 Sep,2011 11:58:24 AM

I want to buy a maruti car 1.wagon-r cng lxi 2.maruti ritz lxi or vxi Is maruti ritz lxi or vxi available in cng option from maruti company fitted cng kit ?if yes please suggest me the car.

Reply By shail 09 Sep,2011 06:23:04 PM

Unfortunately ritz is not available with company fitted cng kit. Only alto, wagon r, zen estilo, eeco and sx4 is availabe with this option. Ritz is available with diesel engine.

Reply By sumit 24 Oct,2011 07:28:17 PM

hi shail. thx for ur honest and valuable information.u r doing a good job. Pls keep it up. i am confused between wagon r LXI cng and hyundai i 10 cng. can u give me comparison between them including features and price . i m residing in delhi. bye tk cre

Asked By sumit 24 Oct,2011 07:32:56 PM

hi shail. thx for ur honest and valuable information.u r doing a good job. Pls keep it up. i am confused between wagon r LXI cng and hyundai i 10 cng. can u give me comparison between them including features and price . i m residing in delhi. bye tk cre

Reply By shail 24 Oct,2011 10:51:34 PM

Thanks for your appreciation. You haven't specified i10 variant.Its available with two options. 1.1 L IRDE engine with D-Lite,Era and Magna. 1.2 L Kappa engine with Magna,Sportz and Asta variants. Wagon R Lxi CNG has 1 L K Series engine. As long as I know i10 doesn't come with company fitted CNG, Pardon me if I'm wrong. Accent has company fitted CNG kit. Kindly let me know exact variant you are looking for in i10. I'm not an expert but I might be able to provide you some useful information. Cheers...

Asked By Josy 27 Oct,2011 02:18:30 PM

i10 doesnt come with company fitted CNG kit but, there are authorized dealers who can fit CNG kit which costs about 63K in Mumbai and the warrant doent lapse if you go with them. Again, mileage of i10 on cng is about 18 which is still lower than WagonR. I had done a lot of research before finalizing my deal for WGR CNG - as Sahil sahil mentioned, the performance and comfort on WGR is just amazing...

Asked By kishor hol 30 Oct,2011 09:19:48 PM

Hi Shail,thank you very much for valuable information on wagon R has helped me to finalize my decision of buying my first car i.e. WAGON R LXI CNG.

Reply By shail 02 Nov,2011 07:15:15 PM

Congratulations....Welcome to the club....enjoy your ride...

Asked By Amit 10 Nov,2011 11:59:00 PM

is there any boot space left in cng model?

Asked By JAYESH 21 Nov,2011 10:18:29 PM


Reply By shail 24 Nov,2011 05:35:58 PM

Go for green mate.....diesel prices are subsidised and it increases air pollution.

Reply By JAYESH 25 Nov,2011 10:41:01 PM


Asked By nagendra 22 Nov,2011 02:08:39 PM

hi shail, thanks for your advice , i got wagon r cng. Can i start using it on cng right from first day or shall i drive first 10000 km on petrol & then on cng. Kindly guide. Regards

Reply By shail 24 Nov,2011 05:27:45 PM

You can use it right from the first problem mate...light on pocket as well...its i Gpi so enjoy the benefit of extra bucks you spent...cheers...

Reply By sanjeev 28 Nov,2011 07:30:14 PM

what is the capicity of cng tank?

Asked By sanjeev 28 Nov,2011 07:28:28 PM

Can anbody tell me how many kg cng fill in wagnor tank?? cng car service is cheaper then diesal eng..?

Reply By rahul 28 Nov,2011 08:08:45 PM

The Capacity is 10 KG, but you can fill easily upto 9 Kg.

Reply By Arif 01 Apr,2012 02:51:22 AM

And how much is the Petrol tank capacity and how much does a single bar on the display meter measure.

Asked By rahul 28 Nov,2011 08:06:51 PM

Thanks a lot Shail.. Almost all my queries answered above.. Just have one more... What's the diff between LPG and CNG ? While searching for the WR Lxi CNG, i saw the fuel type as LPG.. Can you please clear.. :)

Reply By shail 30 Nov,2011 07:44:19 PM

Technologywise both are same. I'm not sure about LPG price. The main concern is filling as filling of LPG from cylinder to vehicle is illegal. You must keep in mind your local LPG station network before making any choice. cheeers....

Asked By Prashant 13 Dec,2011 03:56:23 PM

Hi Sahil, my daily travelling is only 40 KM. Is Wagon R CNG version is best choice. I am staying in Thane, Mumbai.

Asked By shivam 17 Dec,2011 12:35:50 PM

Hi Shail,your brief and exact description about wagon r cng has narrowed my options down to wagon r cng or i10 (cng fitted from a dealer).Could you please help me further choose the best one of the above and please from your experience,could let me know what is the difference in maintenance cost of a cng car as compared to a petrol car and the life of the respective engines. Please reply ASAP ,since planning to buy within 2 weeks.Regards

Reply By shail 10 Jan,2012 07:17:26 PM

hi...sorry for late response. Wagon R has 998 cc engine, while i10 comes with two options, 1.1L IRDE and 1.2L Kappa.So obviously you can feel more power with i10. After 15 months and 25000 kms with my car, my experience with engine running on CNG is very pleasant. Maintainance is same as petrol engine, as I haven't face any major issue. My initial research before buying my car, got me info that Maruti's i GPI driven engine is tested for 10 lacs Kms so engine life is also not an issue. You might have bought your car by now, whatever it is....congratulations...n enjoy your drive...cheers....

Asked By jaimin 20 Dec,2011 11:48:33 AM

hello frns..i m thinking to buy wagonR cng.. plz tell me hows pick up of it??? is it safe?? i hv also heard that there is problem with high speed turning....plz tell me guyz , m really confuzed....

Asked By avi 07 Jan,2012 08:46:22 AM

dear all is it true that wagon R petrol has more pickup than CNG ? what about maintanance ? plz reply as early as possible.

Asked By Deependra 03 Feb,2012 12:59:49 AM

dear sahil, plz suggest me that a wagon-r is worth buying for me as i,m a big travel freak. once in a 2-3 months i used to make a tour of about about 2000km.I had heard that a cng fitted car is just a city car u can not tour with it as, even while crusing on petrol mode it does not show's performance as of a normal lxi varient. plzz suggest me dear asap.

Reply By shail 03 Feb,2012 09:54:12 PM long as I know, normal lxi variant and CNG has same 998 cc K series I don't feel any difference regarding performance. Other point is, On what terrain do you usually it mountain or open? My max single day travel was 900 kms in open terrain, and I find it comfortable. The other thing is your boot space for luggage, cng availability. The main thing one need to understand is that 998 cc engine has its limitations but it is very refined. You will definitely get more power in 1.2 L engines and higher segments. So you need to work out your priorities and get the best one suits you. Its definitely not JUST A CITY every fortnight I drive about 600 kms to and fro, from my city and it is very comfortable ride. After 15 months, I reached 28000 kms and still its fun with blue eyed boy....Cheers...

Asked By dinsh 04 Mar,2012 04:17:07 PM

Hii sir.... I wnt to buy a car bt 4-5lkhs.....i use my car once a week..i m confusd..i would go to which variant petrol diesel or cng

Asked By Varun 13 Mar,2012 09:34:14 PM

Hello Shail ji, I really appreciate your knowledge and valuable advice you have given for cars.I am planning to buy new swift desire or new honda city corporate.I prefer CNG but can not compromise my choice of car as well. So, my questions are 1)Can I get company fitted CNG on these cars or any car before delivery?Is that beneficial on these cars? 2)As I go for shot trips on my CAR with family, what boot space will be left once CNG fits in? or its completely gone? 3)Are ABS,EBD things are really of use/worth or its just to attract customers?Earlier also cars were running without these? Awaiting your quick response. Thanks Varun

Asked By shantaram 11 Apr,2012 10:04:26 PM

i want to buy a new wagon r vxi in cng model.but i have a doubt that somebody told me that cng model can not gives mileage after one or two years as promised. or what is the capacity of the cng tank.what is the pick up as compare to the petrol.or the mileage in AC on condition.

Asked By brijesh 15 Apr,2012 10:51:45 AM

I want to purchase a Wagon R Lxi CNG model my friends told me that if you purchase the car then run first 5000 kms on petrol as the new car engine want lubricant. If you run your car only on CNG then the perfromance of the car deteriorate and there will be more wear and tear in the future Kindly advice me. Brijesh singh.

Asked By kvwagaskar 24 May,2012 09:58:40 AM

Is cng pump available in Ahmednagar?

Asked By srb 15 Jun,2013 12:12:14 PM

which is the best compare with lpg, petrol in wagon r. cost per km

Asked By prasansh 18 Apr,2015 10:24:57 PM

I want to buy a car which one to choose wagonR or hundai i10

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