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` 1.0 - 1.1 Cr*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
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  • Economy
    13.2 kmpl
    Service cost
  • Performance
    3604 cc
  • Comfort
    Cruise Control
    Sun roof
  • Safety
    Parking Sensor
  • EMI
    5 years


March 13, 2015: Adding more flavour to a very tasteful range indeed, Porsche Cayenne, Macan and Panemera models will be offered with more customisation options. This includes a new Rear Seat Entertainment system for all four-door sports cars, and new to the Cayenne range, Sport Classic wheels including wheel arch extensions.The infotainment system gets two high-resolution 10.1 inch colour touch-screen displays, which boast a resolution of 1280x800 pixels.

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    S Diesel
    2967 cc, Automatic, Diesel, 17.2 kmpl
    `1.0 Cr*
    3604 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 13.2 kmpl
    `1.1 Cr*


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*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi

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Porsche Macan Color Options

  • White

  • Sapphire Blue

  • Black

  • Agate Grey Metalic

  • Rhodium Silver Metallic

  • Jet Black Metallic

  • Mahogany Metallic

  • Dark Blue Metallic

  • Palladium Metallic

Porsche Macan Specifications

Variants Fuel Type Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power
City Highway
S Diesel Diesel Automatic 2967cc
14.7 17.2 258bhp @ 4000-4250rpm
Turbo Petrol Automatic 3604cc
8.5 13.2 400bhp @ 6000rpm

Porsche Macan Review


A car brand that stands tall in terms of luxury personified, along with the thrills of pure speed on the road, is Porsche. This is a company that has pioneered some of the finest engineering marvels of this century, with a craftsmanship that has been honed over almost a century. Some of the grandest innovations of the time have emanated from the chambers of this company, and here is another. The Porsche Macan is a luxury vehicle released by the company in 2014, a model that has refined the standards that this acclaimed manufacturer has stood for. The four doored compact SUV is the latest addition to the range of luxury cars that this car maker has. It is packed with numerous functions, meant to mix both performance and style and deliver the best road instrument out there. It is built with a well capable V6 engine, conditioning it for the best performance to go along with the glory of comfort and luxury that it offers. The SUV is offered in three variants, the Macan S, the Macan S diesel, and the Macan Turbo. The three variants are meant for unique features and qualities. Among the three, the Macan Turbo is the high end variant in terms of performance capacities. It is gifted with a mighty 3.6-litre twin turbo engine, enabling a peak torque of 550Nm. This goes along with a maximum power of 400hp, making its vehicle a fine performer on city streets. Coming next in line with regard to performance is the Macan S, also armed with a twin turbo engine, 3.0-litre in capacity. It fires with a maximum power of 340hp, and a maximum torque of 460Nm. The Macan S diesel has a normal 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel engine. It gives a maximum power of 258hp, and a maximum torque of 580Nm. The range of top speeds that the three variants have fall between 230kmph and 250kmph, making this a vehicle trimmed for decent performance on the roads. Coming to the softer side of this SUV, it has luxurious features both inside and out, making for the very best drive atmosphere one could ask for. Its characteristic headlights and large air intakes give it an enhanced appeal at the front, while muscular curves rake up the attention for the side profile. The well built, hefty machine is imposing on every feature that it is made with. Inside, it is stuffed with features for the best comfort and elegance. Large seats built on ergonomics philosophy and the best materials together build the most expensive atmosphere for the passengers to bask in.

Porsche Macan Exterior


The Porsche Macan is one of the most well sculpted, finely built machines. For an SUV, it comes with an immense pleasure in its exterior format, brought together with the most finely carved feature. It has headlights integrated into the bonnet. And below are large, imposing air intakes. The bonnet stretches through to the wheel arches. The roofline slopes down towards the rear, imitating the customary sports car count our made for aerodynamic superiority. A highlight in the visual spectacle of the Macan is its side blades, available in lava black finish. Besides giving the vehicle a sportier flavor, they enhance the side profile, making the doors look narrower and sleeker. The wheels are 21-inches, with prominent fenders dressing them and improving the overall profile. The rear end of the car is slender at the top, growing wider into broad shoulders above the rear wheels. The rear hatch is styled with a touch of grandeur to seal the rear end. The narrow LED tail-lamps have three-dimensional proportions for a greater depth and attention. Te muscle-toned toned body is meant to catch all eyes on the road.

Exterior Measurements:

The SUV stands as a heftily built, well capable machine. It stands at a height of 1624mm, giving it dominance and supremacy on the roads. This, together with an impressive width of 1923mm ensures that this machine makes its highlight on the roads. It stretches for an lengthy, 4681mm, and has a wheelbase that goes for 2807mm. All put together, it strikes a well honed, attractive exterior dazzle for all audiences on its path.


The cabin of this machine is suited for providing the finest comforts to its passengers all through the ride. The inside of the cabin is large and spacious, with a layout of the best of all features integrated together. The seats are large and well cushioned, built on a sophisticated ergonomic architecture. It has a three-dimensional arrangement of the controls, making for a cockpit-style layout within the inside. The sporty feel of the vehicle is further honed by the style that the cabin delivers. The instrument panel is built with a three-tube design, imitating that of a classic sports car. Three tubes – just like in a classic sports car. It has a centrally positioned rev counter. Sitting by the right is a high tech 4.8-inch color screen, transmitting information from the on-board computer. The center console is ascending and well positioned, allowing the passengers to easily shift hands between the steering wheel and the PDK gear selector. To the left is the ignition lock. A newly designed multifunction three-spoke sports steering wheel enables a firm grasp on all times, invoking a base principle among the sports car realm that this company advocates. Two manually operated and ergonomically positioned gear-shift paddles enable fast and sporty gear changes. Beside all of this, a wide range of customization is available for the aid of the passengers' unique tastes. The palette of materials and decors ranges from classic to sporty. The interior is available in various leather materials, and upgraded in its beauty with the help of elegant wood dark walnut. Carbon or brushed aluminum formats are also available for maximum personalization of this homely machine.

Interior Comfort:

The style and elegance of the vehicle is complete only with the tranquility and comfort that its interiors make for, and the Porsche Macan does not fall short in regard to any of these. It has a wide, spacious interior design, built on philosophy that is meant to integrate its passengers perfectly into the vehicle. With a design appearance founded in sophistication and the most excellent ergonomics, it strives to reach out to its audience and to gift them with the most of any machine's benefits. The ascending console and the three-dimensional arrangements of the controls ensure a perfect blend of form and function, giving the passengers their finest comfort and ensuring that the looks of the cabin keep pace. The multifunction sports steering wheel enables a great hold for the driver, and also adds an edgy touch to the cabin design. A steering wheel heating option is available. An advanced audio system, armed with the best surround system, ensures that the passengers are on the receiving end of a great audio experience. An on-board computer equips the interior with the most advanced feature possible. Multifunction buttons for the telephone, radio and on-board computer level up the design and comfort of the interior, taking things to a new level for the passengers. The sports style seats offer the best comfort during high speed cruises, keeping the passengers in their skin always. The air conditioning is advanced, with vents strategically positioned for maximum circulation. This is aided with a 2-zone automatic climate control. A remote central locking with remote closing feature is also available as a standard function. The design of the interior includes the most exquisite materials. This includes a leather steering wheel rim and seat centers in Alcantara. In the Macan Turbo, the adaptive Sports seats with 18-way adjustment are completely upholstered in leather. On request, the addition of leather, wood, carbon or aluminum is also brought into the picture to further decorate the cabin to its very fullest.

Interior Measurements:

This is an SUV made for the best space and luxury necessary. It includes a generous spaciousness in its make, ensuring that tall, lanky and broad shouldered men can all relax inside of it without lack of space. Furthermore, the seats are large and well cushioned, further raising the comfort and lavishness that the car makes for. The luggage compartment has a massive size of 500 litres. This is raised further by folding the rear bench, to an extraordinary 1500 litres.

Porsche Macan Gear

Acceleration & Pick-Up

This is a vehicle modeled for the best figures in terms of speed and acceleration. The Macan S variant scores a top speed of 254 Kmph, and can pick up from not to 100 Kmph within just 5.4 seconds. The Macan Turbo is the most powerful of the lot. It has a thumping top speed of 266 Kmph, making it one of the most capable SUVs made on the roads. It further has an acceleration rate of 4.8 seconds. The Macan S diesel falls behind of its compatriots. It has a top speed of only 230 Kmph, and can raise from naught to 100 Kmph in 6.3 seconds.

Engine and Performance

It comes with a great engine capacity, possibly one of the best for the segment of SUVs. All the variants have a stunning V6 engine, incorporated through a direct fuel injection system and VarioCam plus feature. The Macan turbo is the most capable of the three variants, with a mighty 3.6-litre twin turbo engine. It has a displacement capacity of 3604cc. It pumps a maximum power of 400hp and a max torque of 550Nm. The Macan S has a 3.0-litre twin turbo engine, the second most powerful variant. It has a displacement value of 2997cc, along with a peak power of 340hp and a peak torque of 460Nm. The drivetrain of the S Diesel variant is a 3.0-litre normal engine, capable of a displacement value of 2967cc. It has a maximum power of 258hp and a surging peak torque of 580Nm. Going into the specifics of the vehicle's performance, the S variant has a top speed of 254 Kmph, along with an acceleration rate of 5.4 seconds. The turbo variant raises it to a top speed of 266 Kmph, and the ability to touch 100 Kmph in a stunning 4.8 seconds. The S Diesel variant scores at a top speed of 230 Kmph and an acceleration of 6.3 seconds.


The great performance that the vehicle has is aided by all the other necessary features. The good speed capacity is also aided with a great fuel efficiency. The Macan S delivers a mileage value of 8.6kmpl. The Macan Turbo manages a value of 8.4 Kmpl. The diesel powered variant is the most empowered in terms of fuel efficiency, with a strong mileage value of 14.5 Kmpl.

Power of Porsche Macan

All the variants come with a greatly capable V6 engine, building a great performance and possibly one of the best for the segment of compact SUVs. The Macan S has a displacement capacity of 2997cc. Furthermore, it gives a peak power of 340hp and a peak torque of 460Nm. The diesel trim has a turbo engine with a displacement capacity of 2967cc. Also, it enables a power of 258hp and a maximum torque of 580Nm. The Macan turbo is the most powerful of the lot, with a displacement value of 3604cc. It roars with a peak power of 400hp and a peak torque of 550Nm.

Stereo & Accessories

The vehicle is designed to host the most high end drive system, giving the most fulfilled experience to its passengers on all levels. The audio system is sophisticated, with a CDR plus audio system, and an additional Burmester high-end surround sound-system. This ensures that the musical treat that the driver is entitled to is top notch, with nothing left amiss. The high end spectacle that the audio systems make for is sealed with the powerful BOSE surround sound-system, giving the audience the best speaker and sound quality. The Porsche Communication Management System is a powerful, multifunctional element in the vehicle's interior design. It is equipped with a 7-inch colour touchscreen, 42 memory presets and an FM twin tuner. The optional universal audio interface allows you to save up to 5,000 MP3 files on the 40 GB internal hard drive of the Porsche communication management. Optional features include a TV tuner for receiving television broadcasts and a digital radio. A panoramic roof system levels up the luxury of the car to its very best, giving the passengers the view of the skies whenever needed to relieve them of the feeling of being confined in a car.

You can now buy Porsche Macan accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

A vehicle of this size, with its performance capacity, is meant to go alongside the best braking and control system. And this model does not fall short of this requirement. It is cutting-edge on all braking and suspension requirements befalling vehicles of the day. Superior brake calipers arm the brakes, ensuring a good hold when in need of stopping. In addition, it has an advanced steel spring suspension that gives it the best control. In addition to all of this, this vehicle ventures into the technological frontier to bring the best control and handling aid to its driver. The Porsche active suspension management system is a high tech feature that levels up the control that the suspension of the vehicle makes for. Porsche torque vectoring plus, a feature available in most Porsche cars of the day, spreads the torque to the rear and enables swifter and easier cornering.

Safety & Security

The vehicle is sealed on its benefits with the highest safety requirements locked in. It has tight seatbelts holding its passengers down always, in addition to airbags shielding them at all times. It has a body format made for the best resistance to impacts and absorption of collisions. In addition to this, it has technological aids that bring a firmer control and prevent mishaps before they occur. The Porsche active suspension management helps to build an equal and stable control always, and the Porsche torque vectoring plus features the best ease during cornering. A tyre pressure monitoring system keeps the driver in tabs with the needs of the tyre always, helping to bring knowledge about all safety requirements beforehand itself. All put together, the very best performance, ride quality and control is provided with this vehicle, topped off with a firm safety provided always.

Porsche Macan Wheels


It has standard 18 inch wheels. However, the personalization of the vehicle allows the wheel size to be taken upto 21 inches, making this vehicle adaptable according to its owner's needs.



1. Great engine capacity, especially for an SUV.

2. It has an eye catching, well styled exterior build.

3. It has wide, spacious interiors.

4. The best comfort features decorate the cabin, immersing it in the most atmospheric tone.

5. It comes with a host of personalization and customization features, further leveling up the ride quality.




1. Its large size and good performance take a toll on its mileage and fuel economy.

2. A weak ground clearance is a downside of this model.

3. It lacks comfort features when compared to some other SUV models of other brands.

4. The size of the vehicle leads to its great performance and speed badly matched with handling.

5. It could use better safety features, with its size and speed capacity.

Porsche Macan Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
S Diesel
1,00,00,000 1,01,78,000 98,18,000 - - - 1,02,73,000   Get On Road Price  
1,10,00,000 1,12,97,000 1,08,98,000 - - - 1,14,03,000   Get On Road Price  

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