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June 11, 2013: Mercedes-Benz India that launched the much anticipated A-Class luxury hatchback in India on 30th May, has already received over 400 bookings for this product. This makes the A-Class the first Mercedes-Benz car to get the highest ever bookings in the shortest time span. Launched both in the petrol and diesel versions, the A-Class has been priced at Rs 22. 73 lakh and Rs 21.93 lakh (prices are ex-showroom, Mumbai) respectively. The A-Class diesel returns the mileage of around 20.07kmpl, while the petrol too impresses with the ARAI claimed mileage of 15.5kmpl.

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* Mercedes Benz A Class Prices shown here are indicative prices only. The Ex-Showroom price range displays the lowest approximate price ofMercedes Benz A Class A180 CDI car model throughout India exclusive of tax, registration, insurance and cost of accessories. For exact prices of Mercedes Benz A Class, please contact the Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Mercedes Benz A Class Review

Mercedes Benz A Class
Mercedes Benz A Class Pictures

In the entire automobile industry very few names succeed in defining the industry by being synonymous to excellence and innovation. Mercedes Benz is most certainly one of them. Over the decades of its rule over the International automobile market, the German auto giant Mercedes Benz has surely become a symbol of constant anticipation among the auto enthusiasts. Some cars launched by the company happen to be class defining and trend setting, while others happen to offer unmatched excellence in performance, comfort as well as innovation. Going by this amazing rate of engineering, the company once again came out to offer the world another jewel with its Mercedes Benz A Class hatchback . As the company cited the interesting reference of the letter A to awesomeness, the car stands up to the tag in offering, what happens to be the next big thing from the Mercedes Benz after the Mercedes Benz G Class and Mercedes Benz S Class. The vehicle has amazing design aesthetics where the entire framework seems to be nothing less than a perfect impression of the wind flow. While most vehicles happen to offer perfect aerodynamic aspects in the design framework not many succeed in managing to offer a perfect design statement, which can explain the vehicle’s aerodynamics perfectly. The frontage has been bestowed with a diamond shaped radiator grille, which adds on to the classiness. The entire design has a strange sense of beauty to it, which successfully makes the somewhat compact design seem even more appealing. But the visual appeal is not just restricted to the exterior beauty, it is also evident in the interiors, which offers arguably the best in class features and other aspects any car can get. Being a luxury sports hatchback, the vehicle has the perfect dimensions to amplify the lasting impression it creates.


The mechanics too are however equally impressive with a thoughtful offering of both diesel and petrol engine variants. While the petrol variant comes with 1.6-litre four cylinder turbocharged engine, the diesel variant is offered with a 2.2-litre engine. What is impressive in this offering is the way these engines manage to create a perfect balance between the performance as well as efficiency. The petrol engine manages to creates a maximum output of 120.7bhp at 5000rpm along with 200Nm at 1250 - 4000rpm, while the diesel engine can offer an equally impressive power of 107.3bhp at 3200 – 4400rpm in combination with a peak torque yield of 250Nm at 1400 – 2800rpm, which is quite good. The vehicle comes as a completely built unit, which might result in making the vehicle an expensive affair. While the entire aesthetics seem undoubtedly targeted at the younger audience, the sporty feel does make the vehicle a sheer beauty for any range of customers. Though Mercedes Benz has not always been the commoners vehicle in the country, it definitely is one of the popular brand everyone aspires to own at some point of time in their life. The vehicle does matter a lot in the Indian automobile market, despite being an expensive vehicle because it would hopefully inspire a lot of automobiles entering the market not just in the Indian market but also the international scene. This is evident over the years when Mercedes Benz succeeded in opening up new technical and design avenues, which other companies were inspired from. The overall structure of this hatchback explains the contemporary design inspirations of curves along with well spaced and structured renderings, although it offers an unmistakable Mercedes Benz signature. The vehicle comes with a 7G-DCT (seven speed dual clutch transmission system) and the powerful engines in both the variants certainly manage to make perfect use of the same in offering not just a beautiful vehicle but also a powerful one. The best thing in this vehicle however undoubtedly remains the diesel option, which can offer a remarkable mileage and fuel economy compared to its petrol counterparts. What the future would be of this vehicle is most certainly unknown as of now, but whatever it is, it definitely manages to be an unforgettable inspiration to future generations of automobiles. The design of the vehicle is clearly unmatched to any other regular hatchbacks, which certainly reflects the authentic Mercedes Benz statement, signature and excellence.

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Mercedes Benz A Class Models

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Diesel Models

  • Mercedes Benz A Class A180 CDI

    The diesel engine variant of this hatchback series is called as the Mercedes Benz A Class A180 CDI. The company has priced it at Rs. 22.73 lakh (ex-showroom Mumbai). There are quite a number of features, which have been bestowed in this trim by the company. Some of them are a 14.7 cm color display, music system, which compatible with the iPhone, has a USB interface, an AUX-in input and also has Bluetooth connectivity as well. Other features include a stylish set of alloy wheels, Bi-Xenon lamps with day time running LED lights, ABS with EBD, Hill start assist, electric parking brake and many more such aspects, which will lure the buyers. This variant has been equipped with a 2.2-litre diesel mill, which can displace about 2143cc, which is rather incredible for the Indian road and traffic conditions. This engine can deliver 107.3bhp at 3200-4400rpm in combination with a 250Nm of peak torque at 1400-2800rpm, which is stupendous.

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Petrol Models

  • Mercedes Benz A Class A180 Sport

    The petrol variant of the latest hatchback series from the German automobile giant packs a punch. The company has fitted this variant with a powerful 1.6-litre petrol mill, which has four in-line cylinders and can displace close to 1595cc. This engine is mated with a 7-speed automatic gear box and can generate a 120.7bhp at 5000rpm along with a maximum torque of 200Nm at 1250-4000rpm, which is excellent. This petrol engine based hatchback takes about 9.2 seconds to cross the 100 Kmph barrier from a standstill and can attain a top speed of about 202 Kmph, which is rather impressive. The company has also equipped this version with quite a number of safety and comfort aspects, which will certainly entice the customers. Apart from these, this hatchback has also been given a robust braking system along with a well balanced suspension mechanism as well. The exteriors of this stylish hatchback are captivating and will entice the customers instantly.

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Mercedes Benz A Class TachoMeter

Since the vehicle is offered in both petrol and diesel variants, it opens up the doors for a decent amount of performance as well as fuel efficiency. The fuel efficiency is not compromised in the diesel variant, while a special focus is given to performance in the petrol variant. Though the vehicle comes with an impressive set of features as a whole, the interesting fuel average is what makes this vehicle a crown jewel for Mercedes Benz. The petrol variant offers a decent mileage of 15.50 Kmpl, while the diesel variant gives out an approximate 20.06 Kmpl , which is rather impressive for the Indian road and traffic conditions. Considering the fuel prices in India presently, such a mileage from the diesel variant sure comes as a relief for all the fuel economy concerned customers, who are a majority in the Indian market.

Power of Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes Benz A Class Photos

The 1.6-litre petrol engine is exceptionally powerful with the four cylinder structure. The vehicle manages to churn out an impressive 120.7bhp at 5000rpm output , while the diesel engine does not fall back with its 2.2-litre diesel engine. The diesel engine too offers a competitive 107.3bhp at 3200 – 4400rpm, which is quite impressive. The torque offered by the petrol engine is impressive with 200Nm at 1250 – 4000rpm, while the 2.2-litre diesel engine is capable of producing a maximum torque output of 250Nm at 1400 – 2800rpm , which is very good for the Indian road and traffic conditions.


Colors available with all variants of Mercedes Benz A Class
  • canyon beige metallic
  • Polar Silver
  • Night Black
  • South seas blue
  • Universe Blue
  • Cirrus White
  • Jupiter Red
  • Mountain grey
  • Monolith grey
  • Cosmos Black

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Mercedes Benz A Class Gear

Though the vehicle is perfectly capable of offering varied fuel efficient performance for both the petrol and diesel variants, the acceleration and pick up ultimately remain priceless. The Mercedes Benz A Class is a comfortable hatchback, which successfully offers a splendid pickup, where in it reaches the 100 Kmph mark from standstill in a mere 9.2 seconds for the petrol version and can also attain a top speed of close to 202 Kmph, which is rather incredible. On the other hand the diesel engine can propel the hatchback from 0-100 in about 10.6 seconds, which this 2.2-litre engine has the ability to reach a top speed of 190 Kmph, which is impressive.

Mercedes Benz A Class Exteriors

Mercedes Benz A Class Exterior

The exteriors of the Mercedes Benz A Class hatchback offers a refreshing look, which is deemed to redefine the hatchback market at least to some extent. The entire design follows a magical rendering, which will certainly attract the buyers instantly. The front fascia of this hatchback comes with a beautiful design statement, which depicts an authoritative masculinity. The radiator grille section is worth a mention as it has been bestowed with a diamond shaped design statements , which seem visually breathtaking with the chrome details on it. The front grille is depicted to be in the true Mercedes Benz form with its highly acclaimed insignia embossed in the center. The headlamps have their distinct design statement which is utterly elegant. The side profile offers a remarkable improvement to anything, the hatchback audience are offered till now. The front air intake vents are impressive with beautiful front bumper renderings. The front bonnet however comes with a rather subtle statement with simple renderings and devoid of extravagant curves. The side profile gives a splendid design with the rear tail lamps entering the side profile mildly. The rear offers an equally curvy design where in the rear windshield has a beautiful spoiler decorating it on the top and the bumper blending in with the rear profile with impeccable precision. The air exhausts in the rear come at a decent spacing too.


Exterior Measurements:


Being essentially a hatchback by design broadly, the Mercedes Benz A Class comes in perfect dimensions, which will not only offer exceptional thrill over highway drives , but also in the city streets where the car can navigate seamlessly. The overall length of the vehicle is 4292mm, while the overall width and the height are 2022mm (including external wing mirrors) and 1433mm respectively.

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Exterior Images
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes Benz A Class Interior

Mercedes Benz A Class Interior

Elegance and Grandeur are two words that best describe the interiors of the Mercedes Benz A Class. The car comes with an obvious rich interiors and sturdy appeal. The seats are ergonomically designed to be comfortable and efficient at the same time. The interiors have a decent color complexion making them utterly desirable enough to make it a luxury possession . The seven speed automatic transmission system is perfectly placed between the two front seats and the texture of the vehicle is efficient. The front dash offers a sturdy texture amplifying the luxury ambiance of the vehicle. The rear seats are also designed to amplify the elegance of the vehicle and give out an unmatched style statement.


Interior Comfort:


The vehicle comes with perfect spacing in terms of leg room as well as head space. The front row of the vehicle offers an elegant and rich design and texture making the vehicle an apt choice for a luxury ride. The air conditioning system is powerful and cools the entire cabin within no time . The entire rear section of the vehicle has a beautiful statement that works aptly with the fabulous exterior design as well. On the whole, this Mercedes Benz A Class hatchback is certainly one of the company’s finest vehicles made till date.


Interior Measurements:


Though the vehicle is effectively a hatchback, it has an enormous spacing in the interiors making it a luxury vehicle that gives enough competition to the companies very own high end Mercedes Benz S Class. The wheelbase of the vehicle is 2699mm, which gives it enough flexibility around the busy corners of the urban streets.

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Interior Images
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz A Class

Engine and Performance

The Mercedes Benz A Class hatchback comes with two engine options offering a varied performance characteristics to the vehicles. The first one is the 1.6-litre, in-line four cylinder based petrol engine and the other one is a 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel engine. Both the engines are compliant to the pollution norms best suited for the current statistics. The petrol engine offers a maximum output of 120.7bhp at 5000rpm along with 200Nm at 1250 – 4000rpm . While the diesel engine can offer an equally impressive power of 107.3bhp at 3200 – 4400rpm in combination with a peak torque yield of 250Nm at 1400 – 2800rpm, which is excellent.

Stereo & Accessories

Mercedes Benz A Class Accessories

When Mercedes Benz does a job, it sure does a job worth applaud, respect and certainly worth a lingering look. The interiors and exteriors are splendid as is, but it also offers high end gadgets in the interiors to make the car even more breathtaking. The car features a high end crisp resolution 800x480 Audio 20 system . The Audio 20 CD works perfectly with the 14.7 inch display with TFT technology and the system is completely capable of playing, MP3, WMA, AAC formats. The Audio 20 CD can be operated from the mounted buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. The wireless control can operate effectively with the six speakers in this hatchback.

You can now buy Mercedes Benz A Class accessories online. Great discounts available.


Mercedes Benz A Class Wheels

The exteriors of the Mercedes Benz have never been complete without their wheels. Everything about the car is exquisite and the stylish twin five spoke 17inch light weight alloy wheels , which decorate the vehicle perfectly making it even more desirable. These classy set of rims have been further equipped with robust tubeless radial tyres of size 225/45 R 17 , which have a superior road grip on any terrain.

Braking & Handling

Mercedes Benz A Class DashBoard

Both these hatchbacks come with perfect ambiance in the design as well as superior handling capabilities. However the interesting aspect remains the perfect balance the vehicle maintains between its Eco-friendly design and sporty performance. With the ECO start stop function the handling of the vehicle is proficient. Even at relatively high speeds, the car can come down to a standstill with less energy consumption. This BlueEfficiency technology along with the attention assist, hill start assist, brake assist system and the bi-xenon headlamps make the vehicle a perfect system in terms of handling. There are reportedly 11 electronic assistance features available in the vehicle. The car comes with ABS system so the braking is also deemed to be efficient. The Mercedes Benz A Class comes with ventilated disc brakes for both the front as well as the rear wheels.

Safety and Security

This Mercedes Benz A Class is indeed awesome as the company has bestowed it with quite a number of impeccable safety features and efficient handling capabilities. This hatchback comes with several electronic assist systems , which improve the handling efficiency. Along with them the seven airbags offered along with other high end features such as acceleration skid control, adaptive brake lights and electric parking brake and also the tyre pressure loss warning system. Since the car comes with ABS system along with ESP, it certainly offers a superior control and braking system, which ultimately guarantees a safe ride.

Pros & Cons

Mercedes Benz A Class Pros :

Remarkable design, efficient performance, decent mileage.

Mercedes Benz A Class Cons :

Price tag can be competitive, internal head space can be better.

Mercedes Benz A Class Specifications

Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power AC Power Steering Central Locking
City Highway
A180 CDI
Automatic 2143cc
4 Cylinder 12 Valve
17.9 20.06 107.3bhp @ 3200-4400rpm Standard Standard Standard
A180 Sport
Automatic 1595cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
12.03 15.5 120.7bhp @ 5000rpm Standard Standard Standard

Mercedes Benz A Class Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
A180 CDI
25,64,000 26,09,582 26,48,696 25,20,934 23,79,338 26,09,582 27,20,533   Get On Road Price  
A180 Sport
26,56,200 27,03,421 27,45,563 26,16,707 24,77,777 27,03,421 28,15,309   Get On Road Price  
Mercedes Benz A Class prices were updated on April 10, 2014
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  • Recently we had driven the A-Class is Germany, but now we have this hatchback in the country as the new entry-level product in the three-pointed star portfolio. The Stuttgart-based manufacturer is the first to introduce a premium hatchback in India and soon others are following too. The Volvo V40 is already here and BMW has begun the promotion of the 1 Series. We were impressed with the A-Class in Germany, and now we see how good is the Indian spec car are. Read further as we share our review.  ...
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