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` 2.4 - 2.9 Lac*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
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  • Colors
  • Economy
    14.7 kmpl
    Service cost
    2,792 /yr
  • Performance
    796 cc
  • Comfort
    Power Steering
  • Safety
    Central Lock
    Brake Assist
  • EMI
    5 years


24 January, 2013 : Maruti Suzuki India has launched a limited edition version of its flagship vehicle, the Omni van. The special edition Omni gets many new features including floor mats , new seat covers, a CD player with four-speakers and AUX input support and the left side ORVM. The engine however remains the same 3-cylinder, 796cc petrol engine that churns out the maximum power output of 37bhp and 62Nm of torque.

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    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.7 kmpl
    `2.4 Lac*
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.7 kmpl
    `2.6 Lac*
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.7 kmpl
    `2.6 Lac*
    MPI Ambulance
    796 cc, Manual, Petrol, 14.7 kmpl
    `2.9 Lac*



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*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi

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    All New Maruti Omni 2011


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    Maruti Omni - The roomy roadster


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Maruti Omni Color Options

  • Fantasy Black

  • Metallic Pearl Blue Blaze

  • Metallic silky silver

  • Superior white

Maruti Omni Specifications

Variants Fuel Type Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power
City Highway
MPI CARGO Petrol Manual 796cc
11.2 14.7 34.2bhp @ 5000rpm
MPI STD Manual 796cc
11.2 14.7 34.2bhp @ 5000rpm
E MPI STD BS IV Manual 796cc
11.2 14.7 34.2bhp @ 5000rpm
MPI Ambulance Manual 796cc
11.2 14.7 34.2bhp @ 5000rpm

Maruti Omni Review


Maruti Suzuki is among the companies that drives the Indian car industry, pioneering great innovations with each release and each revamp of its models. This is a brand that holds a greatly prominent share of the car market in our country, and has been a major player in this industry for more than three decades now. Most of the machines that the company drives to city roads are meant for utility more than style and glamor, and come with a nominal price tag meant to cater to the common man's needs. The company holds true to its simple and functional design with all of its models, and manages to keep most of them at the top of its audience's list without having to go out of the way with adding style and luxury. Among the great vehicles that the company has set forth is the Omni, a mini van. This is a machine that was originally released by Suzuki under the name of 'Carry'. When originally set out in other countries, it was brought out with a variantly different format. The machine went through numerous revisions and upgrades, and was eventually released in India under the title 'Omni'. This is among the most modest and humbly built Vans in history, yet capable of serving its purpose and keeping the necessities fulfilled within it. The mini van comes with a greatly illustrious history that defies the expectations that were set forth upon it both by conventional thought and by the company. It was taken up by numerous agencies as the primary vehicle. Today, most of the ambulances we see on the roads of our cities are Omnis, helping to bridge the modest needs of common man and to provide service to them through all means. The van is also taken up by numerous other companies and fields of work. It was originally brought out in 1988, and since then, the van has been a large part of the Indian roads. The mini van is meant for humble and contained driving ability. It has a 4 stoke cycle, water cooled engine. The power plant has 6 valves integrated together, and delivers a displacement value of 796cc. All of this together yields a greatly formidable performance. Furthermore, it touches a top speed of about 126kmph, and this is also spectacular heart from this modest machine.

The interior finish of the vehicle is meant for delight of a different type. The seats and the cabin arena is covered with a good choice of cloth, along with accents of metal and wood for a better overall feel. This is a minivan, and as a result, it has an exalting space within it. Altogether, the cabin of the machine has the capacity to seat 8 adults. It is the perfect buy for large families and for those looking to gather a crowd and head for a road-trip. It is also meant for a good amount of luxury for its passengers whilst seated inside it. Beside its seating, it has ample cargo space at the back for the most loaded good carrying facilities. The rear trunk space issues enormous room for luggage from the passengers. Reclinable front seats provide comfort for the passengers at the front, alongside adjustable front seat head restraints. The driver's seat has a sliding facility, and this brings an extra mile in terms of the pampering that the man behind the wheel is served by the vehicle. A rear view mirror is present on the inside, giving optimum fielded view for the best comfort and safety in one. The floors of the machine have carpets for a cleaner field and vision always. A steering lock provides safety as well as convenience. The vehicle also has compartments for holding spare items, such as a glove compartment with locking facility. The dashboard has a cup holder present within it. Standard seatbelts arm the front and rear seats, with a static facility in the rear seatbelts for added safety. Assist grips exhaust all comfort necessities of the passengers, present at both the front and back. All of this is together wrapped whole with the coolly designed, two tone upholstery that is befitted to the vehicle's inside.

Now steering to a more bold outlook, the vehicle is built for a feel of loud menace mingled with soft elegance. The mini van has a most modest build, no larger than a large car. It has a rectangular, clean cut shape that has little sensual appeal imbibed in it, and yet manages to stand out by its own accord. The front is shaped with a slight lean from the windscreen to the bumper. A thin grille is posted below the windscreen, with the headlamps by either side. The emblem of the company is right over the centre of the grille. It rises to the roof in the most crisp and inelegant manner, and runs down towards the rear. The fenders by the side are small and humble, with a more miniature sized wheel for the sides of the vehicle. By the sides of the rear, the headlamps are thin and rectangular, with little stylizing. Body graphics paint additional splendor to the look of the vehicle. A host of other features give the vehicle an enhanced appeal, including a front and rear thermoplastic bumper, a laminated glass windscreen, mud flaps at the front and rear, and clear lens headlamps. The machine has been gifted with a great balance and precision system to go along with its performance. Being a minivan as it is, the Omni needs to strike the right stability to keep itself together with the lanky posture that it takes up. As a result, Maruti leaves nothing unturned in providing the perfect blend of braking and suspension for the benefit of those seated in this vehicle. The calipers arming the brakes at the front and rear are advanced and upto the mark, with discs at the front and drums at the rear. Additional stability is provided with the help of a good suspension system as well. The front axle has McPherson strut, while the rear axle gets a leap spring with shock absorbers for maximum ease when driving. All put together, the Omni is given the benefit of a truly extraordinary stability and balance for the length of its drive. Coming to the last and the most prime instrument of a vehicle's design, the Omni has top notch safety design within it. It is upto-date on all conventional features of safety, and it brings to the fore three point seatbelts and a good body format for optimum impact protection. A 2 speed windshield wiper keeps the screen clean during rain and other rough conditions. All of this put together, this is a machine that guarantees the very best to its passengers, fulfilling its purpose as a machine of function that delivers everything that one needs.


The Omni is a minivan that also carries a touch of well sculpted granduer. The obtuse vehicle has a sheath of aerodynamic superiority, giving it the ability to weave through the roads gracefully and with least resistance. For a minivan, it is rather short and timid in its appearance. This is a mask for the true power that it means to bring to the roads, for with its streamlined shape comes a great appearance, along with an agility on the roads. Therefore, the minivan is complete with a shroud of numerous elements that together raise it from a gross appearance in most people's minds, to a true performer on the roads that also stuns with appeal. The front of the machine slopes downwards, giving it a better look, and at the same time, allowing it to cut through the air with a thin line. Propped at the front is a grille with the company's symbol adorned at the top. On either side are the headlamps, both of them wide and obtuse in design. The headlamps are integrated with all the necessities of the road, including turn indicators and other courtesy lights. The side profile of the machine is boxed in with a look of pure function, not delving too deeply into aspects of style and attraction. However, it has wheels that are designed for better overall appearance as well. The graphics by the sides of the van add to the beauty and elegance that the machine is designed for. The glass windows are laminated for a better rigidity in its poise as well. The handles are small, and with a black lining at the rear end parallel with them. The rear of the van is complete with squared headlamps that also have LEDs, turn indicators and courtesy lights for the full design on safety. Additional elements give the vehicle its beauty, and these include a thermoplastic bumper at the front and the rear. The glass windows on all sides are of laminated glass, and made for better visibility from the inside. A rear view mirror by the right hand side of the front provides view of the field behind the machine, for attraction as well as the best safety for the driver at all times. The headlamps are of clear lens make, giving the ride its much needed accessory at the front and the rear, and also leveling up the looks for the best.

Exterior Measurements:

The external build gives a glimpse of the research and study that the manufacturer has based the designing of the van on, ensuring that order prevails on all facets of its make. It stretches for a length of 3370mm. Its width stands at 1410mm, and its low profile gives it the height of 1610mm. Its wheelbase is good at 1840mm. The van gives a great ground clearance value of 165mm. It is a rather light machine, weighing just about 800kg.


Editor's Take : The instrument panel design of the Omni is about two decades old and hence the styling looks aged. However, this is the most comfortable five-seater that is sold at this price.

The inside of the vehicle makes to give a refined and tranquil atmosphere as far as possible, despite the low level and simple manufacture that it hosts. The cabin hosts a double tone upholstery that stretches from the design of the seats to the sides of the doors. Furthermore, the overall feel of the cabin is further reined in for the finest air with lights decorating it. A 3 position cabin light is gifted to the inside of the machine. The spacious feel of the inside is accentuated with the positioning of the seats, which face each other at the rear. The trunk compartment is massive, giving way for the greatest storage possible. The seats are large and well structured, based on fine ergonomic discipline. Comfort is provided with a touch of luxury as well. The seats have reclining facility, along with adjustable head rests, both at the front. A carpet covers the floor, making for cleanliness within the cabin and a better elegance as well. The centre console has holders for numerous facilities, including a cup holder and space for other spare items. A glove compartment with a lock is also present, so that the passengers can make use of the best features that the machine offers, and immerse themselves in a truly pampered drive experience. A demister means to refine the air within the cabin, and keep the aura within the cabin at its finest plane always.

Interior Comfort:

The Maruti Omni is a vehicle of a rather decent build, and in terms of interior comfort, it hardly suffices by standards of the modernized age. However, it still has unique features that make it a pleasurable ride experience for its passengers. This includes a large, spacious hall for the passengers, with enough seating capacity to stretch upto 8 passengers. Furthermore, the seats are large and well structured, meant for maximum elegance and comfort. Two tone upholstery decorates the cabin, bringing it the best feel from all rounds. The centre console has a storage for cups, and an additional storage for other spare items. The windows are made of laminated glass, giving the best protection from the sun from the inside, and giving it a unique aura on the inside. The front seats are reclinable, and have headrests. A sliding facility exists in the driver's seat. A rear view mirror arms the cabin for a blend of comfort and safety. A floor carpet ensures cleanliness from the inside, and levels up the purity of the interior trim. Assist grips exist at the front and rear, along with static seatbelts at the rear. A steering lock makes sure that security is affirmed to its finest. All of this and more makes the Omni a pleasant surprise with regard to the inner atmosphere that it offers.

Interior Measurements:

Being a minivan, there is little need for describing the measure of convenience and space that the Omni's cabin has. It has a wide, spacious inside that is fulfilled on all terms of convenience. The seats are large and spacious, and meant for accommodating all. There is more than enough space for fitting in large, hefty, and tall people with head, shoulder and knee space that suffices for all.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Editor's Take : The acceleration produced by Omni is good only if kept in the correct gear. The four-speed transmission is a bit rubbery as well.

The machine can zoom from naught to 100kmph within a smashing 10 seconds and allows it to climb to a top speed of 126 Kmph.

Engine and Performance

Editor's Take : The three-cylinder 800cc engine of the Omni has also been propelling M800 and Altos for about 26 years. Most of us who drive would have driven this engine at some point in our life.

As mentioned before, the 4 stoke engine that arms the vehicle is designed with four cylinders. The engine has a displacement value of 796cc. The torque and power also resonate good performance for the minivan segment. A peak torque of 59Nm at 2500rmp, and a peak power of 34 at 5000rmp gives the best that one could expect of this vehicle. The performance of the machine is also backed with great figures on the road, beside just technicalities.

Maruti Omni Mileage


Editor's Take : The Omni has always been a fuel-efficient van and one of India’s largest selling mini van.

With a decent mileage value of 16.8 kmpl, this is a machine that secures all aspects of the drive. For its segment and for the structure of build that it has, this is a truly spectacular value for fuel consumption, one that highlights the greatness of Maruti's build.

Power of Maruti Omni

Editor's Take : India’s highest sold 796cc petrol engine powers the Omni and the power it produces for the price tag is decent.

It has a unique 4 stoke engine, with four valves integrated in one. The machine commands a displacement value of 796cc, and also perfects other fields of technicalities, with a torque of 59Nm at 2500rmp, and a peak power of 34 at 5000rmp.

Stereo & Accessories

Editor's Take : The Omni doesn’t get power windows or even a stereo. However, factory-fitted AC Omnis are available.

The machine is a humble build, and it lacks the high end musical and stereo systems that more advanced vehicles of the day are gifted. However, a limited edition version of the vehicle comes with a CD player that hosts an auxiliary post and 4 speakers, meant for optimum pleasure for its passengers.

You can now buy Maruti Omni accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Editor's Take : Being a mini van, the focus of suspension tuning is more on the ride than handling. The Omni has good braking.

The advanced performance is also matched with a good braking and handling system. The front brakes have discs, while the rear have drums. This ensures that the braking and halting is kept tight and well secured always. The suspension of the machine is also raised to the finest. The front axle of the suspension has McPherson struts, while the rear gets a leaf spring with shock absorbers that guarantee a truly comfortable and safe ride. As a result, the Omni's driving capacity is kept within bars of the best drive stability always.

Safety & Security

Editor's Take : The Omni gets seat belts for all its passengers. That’s the only safety feature it offers.

This is a petite Minivan, and it comes with the aim of carrying a large load of passengers. As a result, the foremost requirement that it needs to meet with regard to its manufacturing, is of course safety. Three point seatbelts strap the passengers in at all times, keeping them secure and well retained. The rear seatbelts are static type, making for a better restraint. Additional elements of safety include an advanced and rigid body design that ensures a blanket of impact absorption for the passengers within, protecting them to the greatest level possible. The suspension and braking systems are top notch, striving to build safety during the ride and preventing mishaps to the greatest degree. Multi function levers gift the interior mechanisms, further picking up the ride stability from the inside. The headlamps have all necessary elements, including courtesy lights and turn indicators, and thus, when driving on the roads, the precautionary measures needed to be taken are always taken with this van. The glass windows are all laminated, and a 2 speed windscreen wiper sits upfront, keeping the view field clean on all weather conditions for optimum visual base for the driver. All put together, the conditions that make a great vehicle are all fulfilled with the Maruti Omni, right from the engine and performance down to the safety.

Maruti Omni Wheels


It is given a set of size 12 wheels, dressed with advanced tyres that give it speed and security when running on the streets.



1. Good performance for its segment.

2. A utility vehicle with great space.

3. Easy handling, going along with speed and performance.

4. Simple and inelegant formatting.

5. Built for sustained road driving.

6. Superior mileage value and better fuel savings.




1. It is a poor performance when compared to other segment vehicles.

2. Lacks sophistication on all elements of its design.

3. Does not have many comfort and convenience features at all.

4. Could use enhanced techno features from the inside.

5. Safety features could also be improved.


Maruti Omni Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
2,35,045 2,59,847 2,54,127 2,62,868 2,50,381 2,53,671 2,60,602   Get On Road Price  
2,56,243 2,81,007 2,78,955 2,84,012 2,71,228 2,77,720 2,84,907   Get On Road Price  
2,57,936 2,82,724 2,80,728 2,85,729 2,72,949 2,79,437 2,86,828   Get On Road Price  
MPI Ambulance
2,91,740 3,17,106 3,16,095 3,19,888 3,07,286 3,13,829 3,18,468   Get On Road Price  

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  • regarding omni van problem
    By manthan rao| July 31, 2010 | 12430 Views
    tere is a fault in maruti omni van manufactured in 2001, that when they r drive through 1ft water level on road rhey get off why so ,this problem is only in omni van not in any other models of maruti.but its efficiency n mileage is superb with loaded drive also. my best wishes to all marutians to increase salrs n grow more business opportunities... Read Full Review
    By SATYENDRA RATHOD| October 20, 2011 | 5769 Views
  • bad car
    By shiju p| August 27, 2012 | 4540 Views
    Look and Style   Comfort   Pickup   Mileage   Best Features   Needs to improve   Overall Experiencebad perfoprmance after 4 years . After 32000 kms its performance was not good. the steering box provided to this maruthi vehichle is very por in performance. I changed it twice within 2 years. more over this vehichle's overall performance is not good.  ... Read Full Review
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