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Jeep Wrangler Review


June 29, 2012: In a tussle to grab the bigger market share, Fiat India has been trying everything it can from dealer expansion to introduction of new brands and vehicles. Introduction of the iconic Jeep brand is considered to be one of the biggest decisions taken by Fiat India. Initially the company is planning to launch its two flagship products Grand Cherokee and Wrangler to India, while compact Cherokee will come an year later. Jeep Wrangler which is doing test-runs in India for quite sometime now, has been caught once again on Mumbai Streets. The wrangler will be powered by a 2.8-litre diesel mill, capable of producing the power output of 200bhp and 460Nm of torque. Initially, the Wrangler will be brought as CBU, so it would cost around Rs 20-25 lakh, once the local production starts, the prices will come down.


The Jeep wrangler redefines the true definition of raw adventure. The robust design with powerful mechanics liberate the ultimate power within. The iconic framework marks a huge on-road presence with the huge wheels and tall boy design. The imposing Wrangler has a purposeful appearance with its unique hood, black tail lamp guards, rock rails, bumpers and fuel filler door. The brawny Jeep wrangler has been designed with advanced technologies to explore the unexplored corners of earth. The Wrangler is wrought with an athletic ability to navigate narrow gaps and dodge emergency situation. The best in class ground clearance of Jeep Wrangler helps it to head out onto any uneven terrain with confidence. The Wrangler is embedded with a trail rated traction system that enables it to climb on snowy back roads, icy bridges, sand dunes, muddy tracks, the works. The car's body design conveys a signature of premium rugged look with its macho man style and would be the first preference for robust adventure freaks. This bruiser is a raw aggressive throwback that redefines an authentic ride. The new redefined model is more frugal, spacious and has been kept much lighter. The aggressive look is made marvelous with the acoustic windscreen. Every Jeep Wrangler is scientifically designed to deliver extreme rock climbing ability. Technology is consolidated at its core, that is much research is done to enhance its strength, power and controlling mechanism. The raw look is imparted via the body on frame design technique that has been implemented in the SUV. The driving machine is built on a frame that is fully boxed for strength, stiffness and durability. The extra tough body mounted rails provide additional rocker panel protection. The durability to this design is basically imparted from heavy shafts, stiff housing, large pinion bearings and other heavy duty solid axles. The Jeep Wrangler is available in two door and four door wrangler Unlimited versions. Each of them based on specifications and add-ons, are tagged as Sport, Sahara and Rubicon. It imbibes loads of safety attributes and driving specifications that makes it all the more adventurous and exciting. While driving and handling is an easy affair with simple and functional attributes. The vehicle encloses a 3.6-liter powermill with VVT configuration, and delivers the power to grace the legendary brawn. The pulsating powerhouse cranks 285bhp with 353Nm of torque. This efficient powertrain is crafted out of light weight aluminum and consumes regular octane gas. The engine is mated with a 5-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick or a 6-speed manual transmission depending on the variant in question .

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Jeep Wrangler is the original 4X4 antique freedom device from the American auto-giant. The authentic raw design is manufactured with an extra tough body with additional rocker panel protection. The Jeep Wrangler is available in two door and four door wrangler unlimited versions. Each based on their specifications and add-ons are tagged as Sport, Sahara and Rubicon. The brawny tall boy offers the ultimate off-roading capability without compromising style or looks. Jeep Wrangler appears appealing with its classy raw exterior specifications. The incredible tall boy look is given via the removable doors and fold-down windshield. The exciting adventure of freedom to sway with air in the open jeep is amazing. The Wrangler exhibits the iconic 7 slot radiator grille that facilitates handsome amounts of air transition for the powerhouse beneath the hood. The details are finely forged whether it be the functional hood latches or the bolted door hinges. The aggressive design is made raw with the robust stitching and heritage stamped grab handles. The transcendent open head look is exciting while the removable doors add fun to the ride. The huge front windshield is supplemented with wipers and washers with remote sensing function. The front exterior is highlighted with round composite halogen headlamps that use the latest technology in halogen bulbs. The polycarbonate clear lens are impact resistant and add extra durability and are inexpensive to replace. Advanced computer simulation tools have been used to develop the light placement for illumination, down road placement and spreads. The distinctly big hood is complemented with forged aluminum hood latches that work very well and are beautifully crafted. The deeply crafted wheel arches are made up of high impact polystyrene and polyurethane to help prevent dents and resist corrosion. The wide fenders help accentuate the traditional Jeep trapezoidal wheel openings. The black colourws big front bumper incorporates true fog lamps with a low, wide beam that illuminates the area immediately ahead of the vehicle. The Wrangler encapsulates a big gas tank and under-hood insulation. Wildness is exuded out of the wide 16-inch steel wheels. An available modular hardtop allows for controlled sun exposure by segmenting into 3 parts. Wrangler is adorned with heated power exterior mirrors. The rugged strength comes from the Dana front axle that works well with the Dana 44 heavy duty rear axle.


The sports edition gets removable front air dams with front and rear tow hooks. The sports edition is dynamic with full framed removable doors, crank windows, manual locks and mirrors. The sports tall boy rides on 17-inch, 5-spoke sparkle silver painted aluminum wheels (sport “S”) . The sports trim gets an optional limited-slip differential and half door that is packed with plastic side windows. The Wrangler Sahara inherits all the basic attributes of Wrangler and as an added attraction, it gets optional 18-inch alloy wheels, an upgraded suspension, under-hood insulation, side steps, automatic headlamps, and body coloured wheel arch flares. The Wrangler Unlimited gets a bigger gas tank, and four doors apart from the generic lineage. The Rubicon which is the most advanced, is loaded with features and inherits the most robust off-road credentials. It is equipped with 17-inch wheels, heavy duty axles, transfer case, electronic front and rear locking differentials, rock rails, etc. The two-door Rubicon gets an optional limited-slip differential and half door that is packed with plastic side windows. The power convenience group including remote keyless entry and security system, is optional on two doors but comes as standard on the Unlimited version . The front and rear tow hooks and removable soft top, crank windows and manual locks all together furnish the sportiness of the car.


Exterior Measurements


The aggressive design is geometrically proportionate and hence developed intelligently to match with all kind of weather and all kind of terrain. Jeep Wrangler is 3882mm long, has a complementing width of 1872mm. The tall boy look is imparted with a height of 1801mm. The wheelbase is kept 2423 to suit the mechanics. The best in class ground clearance of 224mm enables the car to tackle all uneven roads and rocks. The huge vehicle weighs upto 2213 kgs.

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Ed's take: The interiors of the Wrangler are simple and basic. The fit and finish is good, but the quality could have been better.


The rough and tough look encapsulates a soft and functional interior. The new seat fabrics and redesigned seats stand a notch above the others. The interior is redesigned for a more authentic and organic look. The material, switches and buttons are distinct. Though being improved much compared to its predecessor, it still lacks on many fronts. One of them being the limited legroom space and foot room at the front. The front seats with full adjustments and new fabric choices feature high seating position. The leather trimmed seats in Sahara and Rubicon are embroidered with the trim logo on the backrest. The optional heated type seats add to your driving experience. The Sport edition comes with a leather wrapped steering wheel with speed/audio controls. The interior exhibits a full center console with locking storage. Moreover the trips are made easy with the wash out interiors that have removable carpet and drain plugs. The Jeep Wrangler Sport has a reversible cargo mat that is tagged with Jeep logo. The Sahara trim finds its place a notch higher then the Sport and gets all the interior specifications as Sport plus embroidered cloth and leather seating with heating system. The Rubicon comes with a leather wrapped steering wheel . The standard new RUBICON embroidered cloth and leather seating has high seating position for better on-road visibility.


Interior Comfort


The big comfortable seats with heating mechanism offer hassle free driving experience. The driver side door storage with net holds is perfect for small articles. The lockable center console has plenty of room to accommodate CDs, camera, MP3 player and other functional items. The Sport trim showcases removable front air dams and the steering wheel is stacked with audio control. The SUV design gets a Sunrider soft top. Long trips are made more exciting with washable interiors and removable carpet and drain out features. The new interior lights illuminate the front console cup holder well. The electro chromatic rear view mirror automatically darkens to help eliminate the blinding glare of headlamps. The Jeep Wrangler offers various ways to interact with its occupants. It is packed with a range of communication and entertainment services, all integrated with a UCONNECT system.  The dynamic audio system has a CD/DVD/, MP3, and USB port with auxiliary jack and hard disc storage . The advanced voice command supports SiriusXM satellite radio and Bluetooth streaming audio. The UCONNECT system embedded within the car is voice activated and allows you to talk on your phone virtually hands free. The advanced Gramin GPS navigation system helps you to find important places and locations while driving in unknown places. It also displays lane assist and junction view. The voice command within the Jeep Wrangler helps keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheels. The AM/FM radio station can be selected with your voice commands. The Jeep Wrangler features an intelligent Internet system that enables you to connect through WiFi and browse the web at broadband speeds.


Interior Measurements


The well crafted cabin provides 41mm head room for the front end and 40mm at the rear end. The legroom space is generous with 41mm for the front passengers and 37mm for the rear seat passengers. The front seat occupants get 55mm of shoulder space while the back one's get 56mm.

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Engine and Performance

Ed's take: The engine performance is good too, and this torque is sufficient to drive on the road or even to pull it out during off-roading.


The aggressive Jeep Wrangler boast a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 configuration engine that exhibits Rock track 4WD system . The Rubicon 4WD system beats some of the worlds foremost four wheel drive systems. The 3.6-liter mill has VVT configurations . The pulsating powerhouse cranks out 285bhp with 353Nm of peak torque. This efficient mill is crafted out of light weight aluminum and consumes regular octane gas. The rock track 4WD system is standard and includes high and low range transfer case gears. The engine is mated with a 5-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick or a 6-speed manual depending on the variant. The transmission in turn is coupled with  a tilt power steering column. Being equipped with world's best technical specification Jeep Wrangler offers 7.20 kmpl mileage in city traffic while the highway mileage is 9 kmpl. The combined mileage stands fair with the figure of 7.65Kmph.The 6-speed manual transmission variant offers 6.80 kmpl within the city and 8.50 kmpl out on the highway.The standard manual transmission Jeep Wrangler goes from 0-100kmph in just 7.1 seconds. The much heavier automatic transmission Wrangler Unlimited does it in 8.8 seconds. 




Ed's takeThe power produced by the Jeep is good, be it petrol or diesel. It has a V6 diesel engine that produces a lot more power than what is required.


Jeep Wrangler imbibes the Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 configuration engine that exhibits Rock track 4WD system. This Rubicon 4WD system, beats one of the worlds foremost four wheel drive systems. The 3.6-liter mill has VVT configuration and delivers the power to grace the legendary brawn . The powertrain excels to produce 285bhp with 353Nm torque. This efficient powertrain is crafted out of light weight aluminum and  regular octane gas. The engine is mated with a 5-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick or a 6-speed manual transmission. The adventure is made more exciting with the open air freedom and raw mechanics.




Ed's takeThe acceleration of the Wrangler is good, and it does well in sprint performance.


The Wrangler imbibes the Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 DOHC engine. The mill propels to pump out 285bhp, that is accompanied with 353Nm of peak torque. The powertrain with variable valve timing and electronic throttle control mechanism helps improve the mileage. The engine is mated with 5-speed automatic transmission which is swift and responsive or a 6-speed manual transmission. With all theses driving specifications this rugged driving machine can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 8.1 seconds and has a top speed of 173 kmph .

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Ed's take: The mileage of the Jeep is what the buyer will look at, because it is an off-road machine not meant for daily usage.


The Jeep Wrangler engine is mated with a 5-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick or a 6-speed manual transmission. Being equipped with the world's best technical specification Jeep Wrangler 5-speed automatic offers 7.20 kmpl of fuel economy in city traffic that is pretty good, while the highway mileage is 9 kmpl . The combined mileage stands fair with the figure of 7.65 kmpl . The 6-speed manual transmission variant offers 6.80 kmpl within the city and 8.50 kmpl out on the highway .

Stereo & Accessories

Ed's take: The Wrangler comes with in-dash music system, steering mounted audio and even cruise control.


The vehicle is embedded with the UCONNECT system that brings in a range of communication methods and provides varied entertainment services inside the vehicle. The practical design helps you stay connected where ever you roam around the globe. Such strong connectivity is a gift of the Gramin NAV- one of the most recognized GPS systems . The vehicle inherits the SiriusXM Travel Link and SIRIUS Select for maintaining proper connectivity and retrieving information. The vehicle provides a varied range of ways to access audio with CD/DVD, MP3 and through remote USB port. The UCONNECT phone system of the Wrangler allows you to talk on your Bluetooth compatible phone without the hassle of taking your hands off the wheel. The navigation system assisted with Gramin GPS works with voice recognition as well. It helps you discover near by restaurants, airports, and other important places while traveling through remote and unknown places. The voice command feature in the vehicle helps the driver to keep his eyes on the road and hands on the wheels. The system also helps to select AM/ FM radio stations and Sirius XM satellite radio channels . The power of high-speed Internet in the vehicle comes with UCONNECT web services which enables the passengers to effortlessly connect any WiFi enabled device to the Internet at broadband speeds.

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Braking & Handling

Ed's take: The brakes and handling of the Wrangler are good, however the heavy weight takes some time for it to stop.


The Wrangler is equipped with various advanced control mechanisms that impart ultimate control over this wild beast. A world class braking system helps it to climb on every rugged terrain. The confidence to explore uneven corners of the world comes out thanks to the great handling system.Jeep Wrangler has brake assistance and hill start. The TRU-lock front and rear locking differentials are complemented with an off-road Rock TRAC transfer case. The electronic stability control is designed to assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle at all times. The 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System imparts proper controlling power to the driver. The brakes are power vented disc at the front and power solid disc brakes at the rear . The all speed traction control with automatic locking hubs defines the handling quotient of the SUV. The energy absorbing standard front rail extensioners are of the collapsible type and offer low-speed protection. The Halogen headlamps and fog lamps improve on-road visibility for the driver. The advanced multi-stage front air bags are standard and provide instantaneous protection in the event of a collision. The vehicle comes with supplemental front seat mounted side air bags which deploy from the outboard side of each front seat.The intelligent Jeep Wrangler has EARS for post sensing any accidents. The enhanced accident response system(EARS) makes it easier for emergency personnel to see and reach passengers in case of any accidents with an array of attributes. The EARS acts by turning on interior lighting, flashing hazard lamps and unlocking doors after air bag deployment. It also stops further flow of fuel into the engine .

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Safety & Security

Ed's take: The safety features on the Jeep Wrangler are airbag and ABS.


The Jeep Wrangler is packed with numerous anti-theft & lock features to insure against any risk . All trims of Wrangler have power door locks that are operated via remote and internal switch. The Jeep has valet lockout and child safety door locks for rear doors. It is loaded with anti-theft alarm sentry key(TM) and engine immobiliser . The accident-proof vehicle is crammed with a flurry of airbags to prevent injury to the occupants in the event of any accidents. The passenger airbags come with cut-off sensors, while in the Rubicon and Unlimited trims the passenger airbags come with the multi-stage deployment feature. The seats are complemented with front & rear 3-point seat belts and the front seatbelt is made more responsive with the helps of  pre-tensioners. The front seat belts come with height adjusts for ergonomic advantage of the occupants. The side guard door beams and fixed hoop safety roll bar add to the safety features of the vehicle.The hill start assist and hill descent control works by preventing the Wrangler from skidding or rolling up or down the hill.


The robust machine has great shock absorbing mechanism as well. The suspension for the front part is coil spring, gas charged shock absorbers and is of the performance ride type. This front suspension type is complimented with an electronic disconnecting front stabiliser bar . The rear suspension is the coil springs, gas charged shock absorbers and performance ride type.

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The Wrangler runs on 17-inches alloy wheels. The wheel dimension is SBRLT225/75 R17 . The sport edition runs on 17-inches 5-spoke sparkle silver painted aluminum wheels . The Sahara huge 18-inches sparkle silver wheels. While the Rubicon rolls on 17-inches polished aluminum gray wheels.

Jeep Wrangler Pros

The Jeep Wrangler is a mind blowing vehicle for off-road camping and good for driving in any condition. Removable doors and top roof are one of the many impeccable features.

Jeep Wrangler Cons

Not much has been offered in terms of luxury. Low fuel economy along with limited cargo and passenger room are a few of the turn offs.

Jeep has a long association with India, however the connect has been through Mahindra. The Indian importer of Jeep-design based products— in reality the Willys. Now, the American company is back in India with Fiat, as the company has procured the Chrysler and Jeep brands. Jeep has been the best and first-off-roading vehicle in the world made for the American army during the Second World War. The company still continues to make its trademark off-roader, but now it under the Wrangler badge. We get our hands on this model and test some of its capabilities.... [read more]
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