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4 June, 2012 : Audi has released the new sporty and gamey Audi S4 with a price tag of Rs. 45,31,000 lakh onwards (ex-showroom Maharashtra) . Audi India has introduced this car after receiving a strong response to the campaign,’ Vote for the S4 and bring it to India’ on the social media sites.  Audi S4 comes powered by a V6 3.0 TFSI engine that churns out 333 hp of peak power and 440 Nm of torque. The mileage of Audi S4 is 10.34 km/l as per ARAI. The S4 sedan is the incarnation of the tamed sportiness typical of the German auto manufacturer. The revamped model comes with refreshed bumpers, hexagonal single-frame grille, wedge-shaped xenon headlamps incorporated in the LED daytime lights and LED rear lights.


There is something about Audi that keeps it apart from its competitors. Be it the artistic logo or the innovative engineering and even the irresistible design features. Audi never ceases to keep its customers and loyal followers engaged with each and every launch from its stable. The German legend constantly witnessed an ever increasing customer curiosity and anxiety for every launch the company makes. It is not just impressive to see the way Audi carried on its engineering and design excellence, since its launch in 1909, but it is equally amazing to see the way innovation always transformed from its parent companies and other automakers in creating a distinct and unique world class brand. Audi proved its prowess once again with the amazing luxury executive car Audi S4 . To prove the demand, Audi started the “Vote for S4 and bring it to India” campaign on Twitter allowing customers to choose the sporty sedan. As anticipated, the campaign met with a unanimous response, which was filled with curiosity and an undoubted desire to have the engineering marvel in the country. Audi humbly considered the feedback a good ode and launched the vehicle in Indian automobile market. The vehicle is a notch ahead with its 3.0-litre 6-cylinder TFSI engine . The vehicle is reported to generate a maximum output of 333bhp. The seven speed S-tronic gearbox also enables a maximum torque of 440Nm, which is really amazing considering the speed this vehicle offers. An astounding pick up of 0 to 100 Kmph in a mere 5 seconds is an indication of its sporty sedan DNA. ARAI analyses the Audi S4’s mileage to be at 10.34 Kmpl which is really a rare thing to see in the present high end sport vehicles and certainly are rare in international luxury vehicles.

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Audi S4 Exterior

The exteriors of Audi S4 are pertinent for a luxury car. The excessive weight of the vehicle does seem to be an issue, but it does explain the vehicle’s power. It is reflected by the way it works on roads. The firm grip it offers compared to other luxury vehicles is something Indian automobile market is sure to appreciate. The company launched the Audi S4 as an attempt to cherish the success it achieved with the Audi A4. The transition of the exterior details are so minute yet seamless that they feature an exciting appeal to the vehicle. The powerful Audi S4 offers a front fascia filled with the front grille and air intake valves that is more or less predominant in the Audi designing. The front fascia does offer a heavy appeal to the vehicle design, however the excessive masculinity is balanced with a decent amount of detailing on the body. The vehicle offers a sporty appeal and is actually expected to compete with the mainstream sporting vehicles with its paddle shifters and dual clutch systems. The competitive design is also transferred from interior features to the exterior design. The exteriors of the Audi S4 offer the uber stylish five twin alloy wheels, which extend almost till the fenders. The front fascia offers a distinct futuristic look with fog lamps decorating the air intakes. The xenon head lamps offer a distinct luminescent lighting. The side profile offers a classic executive feel. The liquid design of the vehicle is extremely eye catching with an appealing design. The S4 has a hexagonal single framed grill which has the innovative new design bumpers that offer some of the most impressive design updates. The radiator grill insert is platinum Grey colored, which gives an elegant feel to the vehicle. The small reflector lamps on side mirrors offer a distinct appeal too. The rear however is where the vehicle actually scores. With an amazingly sculpted rear which has a beautiful design and the curves pass through the headlamps to the boot door through the side detailing. The aluminum finish enhances the glossy metallic detailing which offers a futuristic design to the vehicle.


Exterior Measurement:


The Audi S4 measures at a perfect sporty dimensions with a robust width of 1826mm. The length of the car is a good 4716mm which explains the interior comfort as well as the exterior massive wheelbase. The height of the Audi S4 is maintained perfectly at a simple 1406mm, so that the aerodynamics of the vehicle do not get effected by the excessive uneven build. As a whole, the sporty look of the vehicle is retained at its finest.

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Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4 Interior

Ed's Take: The interiors of the S4 are tweaked from that of the A4. It gets bucket-like seats with suede leather, and of course a lot more option settings.


Audi S4’s interiors offer a sporty appeal which creates a perfect balance between comfort and performance. The leather sporting steering wheel caters multiple functions such as wireless features and basic steering controls. The flat bottom rims are however available in a rather sporty look. With a matte brushed aluminum finish and an over all interiors colored in black, the car offers a rather elegant appeal. The interiors also score exceptionally well in terms of technical excellence with their adjustable steering wheel which is one of the features that sets a sporting car from Audi apart from others. The panel illumination and day counter along with an on-board computer are some of the high end interior features in the Audi S4. The seats can be heated based on requirement and the interiors can be dimmed automatically. The audio controls on the steering wheel and its navigation system offer a unique appeal to the vehicle. The comfort of the car is reflected in its interior features of power windows, power steering, automatic air conditioning, cruise control and parking sensors.


Interior Comfort:


When a luxury vehicle is discussed, interior accessories are obviously a parameter to be considered. When a sports vehicle is discussed a different set accessories and design statement is preferred. Audi made a bold move by clubbing these two segments and creating an entirely new segment. With an enormous leg room and an exceptional head room, Audi S4 seems a massive vehicle but hits the right chords. The vehicle never ceases to impress the rider with its enormous list of accomplishments which range not just in terms of the accessories included in the vehicle but also in terms of the functioning of the same. Audi S4 being a Sports vehicle comes with a sporty interiors but the features like auto air conditioning and interior panel lights actually work supporting the vehicles functioning to a large extent.


Interior Measurement:


The interiors of Audi S4, match the sporty appeal of the vehicle. However the vehicle can have a better sporty detailing to the framework. The large wheelbase of 2811mm certainly gives the vehicle a better interior spacing . Though the wheelbase is an evident 20 mm less than the Audi A4, the sportier appeal of the vehicle nullifies the details as they remain insignificant.

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Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4
Audi S4 Color Options
Glacier white Metallic
Misano Red Pearl Effect
Brilliant Black
Estoril Blue Crysta
Monsoon Gray Metallic
Lava Grey
Volcano Red
Audi S4 Gear
Acceleration & Pick-Up

Ed's Take: The acceleration produced by the S4 sufficient to push you back into your seat.


Audi is a company that has been known over the years to have best in class pickup and exceptional top speed generation. Audi S4, being a sports executive version is no exception to this tradition and plays its part perfectly by offering a more powerful engine, which is basically a V6 design and offers an astounding pick up of 0 to 100 Kmph in a mere five seconds . With a top speed of 250 Kmph, this implies that the vehicle can transfer from its lowest speed to top speed in a matter of seconds which, even considering Audi’s own might, is really unbelievable. Though Audi stepped down from the higher V8 engine to V6 engine, the technical modifications to the six cylinder actually helps the engine perform equally seamless and the supercharger, which is appended to the engine further enhances the performance by several levels. This innovative design not only helps the vehicle in offering a powerful performance, but also helps it offer a competitive fuel economy as the emission standards of the vehicle are also kept in check aptly.

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Audi S4 Engine
Engine and Performance

Ed's Take: The 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine of the S4 has good outright performance and its power isn’t too much to burn rubber on the road and not even too less for daily usage.


Audi S4 is nothing less than an engineering marvel. Though the company decided to use a V6 engine over its powerful V8 engine , the high end technical excellence achieved in the V6 leaves no room for additional performance quality that could have been filled by a V8 engine. What the V8 engine does with eight hefty cylinders, this V6 engine does it with a six cylinder structure with equally more power and a rather improved torque. The maximum output offered by Audi S4 is 333bhp at 5500 to 6500rpm. The torque however is a competitive 440Nm at 2900 to 5300rpm. This petrol mill has four valves per cylinder with a DOHC configuration, which offers exceptional power to the vehicle. The engine is also compliant to the latest emission requirements as evident in the almost 15 per cent reduction it offers in the heat loss and fuel combustion at relatively low exhaust emissions which allow the vehicle to perform well. Equipped with a supercharger, the air compressor induces the internal combustion by force, so that the mass flow rate can be improved which implies high amounts of oxygen are obtained which in turn allow burning of fuel at a more efficient rate thereby improving the output power generated by the engine.

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Audi S4 TachoMeter

Ed's Take: The mileage of the S4 isn’t of any importance to the buyer as his main motive is performance.


Audi S4 is equipped with a 3.0-litre V6 engine, which is further enhanced for high end performance with S-tronic transmission system that is considerably more fuel efficient. Under perfect driving conditions the vehicle can offer a mileage of 10.34 Kmpl, which has been verified by ARAI. As the Audi S4 employs direct fuel injection for its engine, the excessive heat and pressure wastage is effectively avoided. This petrol mill also offers surprisingly little fuel and air in the combustion chamber, which is an innovative way of maintaining a fuel efficient system. Though petrol prices are constantly on a verge on rising up, it is companies like Audi with innovative products like S4 that reassure the power of the petrol vehicles when offered with a decent fuel economic design.

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Audi S4 Photos
Power of Audi S4

Ed's Take: The power produced by the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 is good on paper, as the S4 produces about 330bhp and the other A4 comes with a maximum power of 245bhp.


Audi S4 is equipped with the award winning powerful 3.0-litre V6 supercharged engine. The petrol mill is also capable of producing an amazing output of 333bhp at 5500 to 6500rpm , while the torque goes to a peak of 440Nm at 2900 to 5300rpm. The power of the vehicle partly becomes obvious as this engine has a sports differential component, which distributes the variable amounts of drive power and force to each of the rear wheel, so that the extensive rides do not effect the vehicle to wear and tear and it definitely helps the vehicle in avoiding high speed skids and imbalances, which can also be avoided more efficiently with the direct steering characteristics of the Audi S4’s steering wheel, which surprisingly demands less steering effort despite offering swift handling.

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Audi S4 Specifications
Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power AC Power Steering Central Locking
City Highway
V6 3.0 TFSI
Automatic 2995cc
6 Cylinder 24 Valve
7.15 10.34 328.5bhp @ 5500-6500rpm Standard Standard Standard
Stereo & Accessories

Ed's Take: The S4 gets all the bells and whistles one will want in a luxury vehicle, and several are available as options too.


The Audi S4 has a complete infotainment system, which caters to all the needs of a sports enthusiast as well as a comfort seeker. With the Audi sound system that is equipped with ten speakers and a sub-woofer, which can successfully generate a 180 watts of total power. The interior accessories also houses a concert radio which caters a CD drive, SDHC memory card reader so that multiple music formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG can be supported. The 6.5 inch color screen display which has MMI operating logic that amplifies the interior ambiance of the vehicle. The AUX in connection of the interior system enables additional gadgets to be used for music and media playing. The music system also caters provision for Bluetooth interface, so that audio systems and mobile systems can be connected and used seamlessly. The TP memo in the Audi S4 allows the driver to automatically save the traffic news, so that the driving experience is eventually enhanced better. The MMI operating logic which the system in equipped with actually helps in guiding the passengers through the selected destination with audio visual support through a Driver Information system.

You can now buy Audi S4 accessories online. Great discounts available.
Braking & Handling

Ed's Take: The handling of the S4 phenomenal and much better than the A4, the suspension is tuned for better handling.


Being a luxury car, the enhanced braking system in the Audi S4 is further improved with ventilated disc brakes in the front, while the rear section has normal disc brakes. The Audi S4 also comes equipped with anti-lock braking system, EBD and brake assistant, which as a whole improve the braking mechanism of the vehicle. The EBD technology functions by varying the force applied on the vehicle’s individual brakes, so that when the brakes are applied individual brakes are offered enough stopping power to stop the vehicle in the perfect fashion without having to fear about successive accidents. The fact still remains that the ABS system is required to offer a perfect braking transition. The seven speed transmission in the Audi S4 is actually an S-tronic dual clutch transmission design, which not just improves the beauty of functioning, but also makes the overall drive, a beautiful experience. The Audi S4 has its S sport suspension further lowered by 20mm. By including multi-link screw springs in both front and rear, the noises and bumps are successfully avoided, which also reduce the vibrations successfully offering a comfortable drive. Breaking guard triggers visual as well as acoustic alarm in the vehicle, so that the rear end collision of the vehicle can be successfully avoided.

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Safety & Security

Ed's Take: The safety features list on the Audi S4 is huge with multiple airbags, ABS, all-wheel drive Quattro to never run out of grip, ESP and traction control.


Audi S4 incorporates some of the most advanced features in the industry, which makes it an irresistible purchase. The seven speed S-Tronic dual clutch transmission allows the vehicle to offer uninterrupted power, so that smooth driving is successfully ensured. The list of safety features included in this sedan are central locking, power door locks, child safety features, anti theft alarm system and several other such aspects. The front and rear seat belts of the vehicle function perfectly well with their warning systems. The car is equipped with xenon headlamps, airbags for both driver as well as co-driver. The airbags are also fitted for the front side and head areas. The brakes in the Audi S4 work efficiently by analyzing the drivers behaviors using the parameterless such as steering wheel, pedals, gear level alterations, etc. The ESP system in the vehicle also enhances its safety as it is equipped with limited slip-off differential. ISOFIX child seat mounting, light, rain and rear parking sensors are sensible offerings from the company. The rear parking sensor operates by indicating the vehicles distance from obstacles using acoustic indicators. The stability focused features include crash sensors, engine check warning lamp and the vehicle stability control system.

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Audi S4 Wheels

Being a sports executive vehicle and an Audi at heart, Audi S4 is equipped with the best of features, so that its functioning is never compromised due to inadequate matches. The Audi S4 has 18 inch tyres which have 8.5j five double spoke S-designed alloy wheels , which actually signify the sports feel and enhance the rough appeal of the vehicle.

Audi S4 Pros

1. Innovative comfort features are a big plus.

2. Safety levels are much higher in comparison to other sedans.

3. Tremendous engine performance with perkier acceleration.

4. Marvelous interior design with innovative features.

5. S line package makes the exteriors look sophisticated.


Audi S4 Cons

1. Low ground clearance and its massive length makes it slightly difficult to drive.

2. Initial cost of ownership is quite expensive.

3. Fuel economy is below par in comparison to its competitors.

4. Maintenance and spare part cost is too high.

5. Boot space capacity is rather less.

Audi S4 Price
Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
V6 3.0 TFSI
52,64,000 53,68,000 52,64,000 53,68,000 52,64,000 53,68,000 54,19,000   Get On Road Price  
Audi S4 prices were updated on September 04, 2014
It is a known fact that the A4 is one of the bestselling premium sedans from the German car maker, Audi for the past 39 years. This German car maker has sold more than 10 million A4s worldwide which will easily get you the real picture of its global popularity.  ... [read more]
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