Check these FAQ's to answer all your basic questions about TrustMark


Inspection FAQ's
  • What is TrustMark Inspection Service?
  • What does your inspection cover?
  • What do you get with the car-inspection ?
  • What is a CarDekho certification criteria ?
  • Are your inspectors qualified automotive technicians?
  • Is warranty offered on all inspected cars? If the car meets certified criterion, can I purchase any warranty product?
  • I am uncomfortable allowing my car for test-drive. Is test-drive important for the inspection process?
  • Is service history covered as part of the inspection process?
  • Can I avail CarDekho inspection services for buying a used-car? In this case, where is the car inspection conducted?
  • How much time will it take to inspect the car?
  • Which cities are covered by CarDekho inspection services?
  • I have certain queries on the car inspection report ?
  • I want to get 5 shortlisted cars inspected before I decide on which car to purchase. Can I avail discount?
  • Can I view a sample report before purchasing CarDekho TrustMark inspection service?
  • What if the car sells before the inspection?
  • I have lost the email with the inspection report? Can I receive the duplicate copy of the inspection report?
  • Under what circumstance, can the car inspection cost would be waived?
  • Is the inspection report mandatorily listed on the website?
  • What are the inspection slots?
Warranty FAQ's
  • What is TrustMark ?
  • What is TrustMark Certification?
  • How many checks are carried out?
  • Are the cars accident free?
  • Do you give a guarantee on odometer?
  • Who does the certification?
  • Can I purchase a TrustMark certified car without warranty?
  • What all is covered under warranty?
  • Where all can I buy TrustMark certified used cars?
  • Where should I go if I have a problem?
  • How do I avail my warranty?
  • Some dealer is selling me CarDekho TrustMark warranty? Is that Genuine ?
  • How do I register my complaint ?
  • I have identified a used Car for purchase from my own source, will you certify and provide warranty on it?
  • What are the conditions under which my warranty lapses?
  • Is it mandatory to avail paid service from authorised service provider?
  • Is my warranty transferable?
  • I am moving to another city, can I avail warranty and services in the new city?
  • What all documents I must carry to avail warranty?
  • Where are the authorised service centre / workshop located?
  • Which all models are covered under warranty?
  • Do I get breakdown assistance under warranty?
  • what is not covered in warranty ?
  • What are the things I should keep in mind to ensure my warranty remains valid ?
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