Tata Indica EV2 - The Mileage King

By Dinesh from VishakhapatnamMarch 28, 2011 | 19798 Views | 18 Comments

Tata Indica V2

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Pros : Mileage undoubtly, Long drive comforts
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Tata Indica is my car I can truly say it. As I have my business and have to keep to and fro alot on the Indian highways and trust me it is a God sent car atleast for. This small car is only small because of its size. However, when we talk about its engine, space and comfort it is no less than a sedan. Yes not exaggerating I am just saying what i feel. And the new one has blown over my mind. The new EV2 is great with mileage, though its very fresh just out of the nest so it is delivering the mileage it promised. But I have been driving cars from 10 years from now and my calculations say it will stay here for a very long time. Look and StyleTata Car frankly dont offer much in looks, with other Indica's also looks was something which it cannot be though of. But for this new car they have made few good changes. The exterior are well done net finishes, thought its broadness is still the same. Inside is great here, comfortable seating, Drivers easy reach at the music system, dashboard. Rear has a great space too and boot is what i like. ComfortComfort is what Indica has always given me. Half of my time I am driving. For me car is my second office. I have to go for long drives to reach to my clients and work. This is one car which has given me a great support in that. The new Indica ev2 has been great in terms of its seating and space. Well cushioned seats, great front view all great. PickupPick up of this car is great. Basically it is a heavy car not like its other maruti, hyundai cars. Probably thats why i prefer it. Pick up is great evening in great cold it comfortable for me. MileageThis is the best part of the Indica ev2. Yes the mileage as promised the most fuel efficient car. The car is great in that atleast for a person like me who has to juggle between highways for work. It is great value for money, smooth run, great speed and big comfort. Best FeaturesThe comforts of long drives, great great mileage, powerful brakes, great seats, damm good space. Needs to improveFor me none!
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User Comments

Asked By Bharat 28 Mar,2011 11:33:13 PM

i want required mahindra max pickup or mahindra maxi truck up to 2 year old

Asked By amit 29 Mar,2011 12:08:08 AM

Tata Indica EV2 Mileage and photos

Asked By n,.nd 29 Mar,2011 12:33:58 AM

Its a true value car...

Asked By n.g.ramamoorti 30 Mar,2011 07:46:22 AM

hope new ev2 diesel cr4 engine attract many entry level buyers, but after sales,service is main attraction 2 lead in competitive market....

Asked By a.kambiah 30 Mar,2011 07:44:00 PM

excellent in mileage car. i want to buy this car any way in near future.

Asked By paramjeet 01 Apr,2011 11:18:15 PM

after launching this ev2 i just booked it, because i can't wait for any more

Asked By tusar ranjan sahu 02 Apr,2011 10:18:32 AM

was indica ev2 petrol verson also give 25 milage/per ltrs

Asked By sanjay 17 Apr,2011 11:40:42 AM

Yes i also booked one for me . I had an indica 3 years back , but this is looking good not to many changes look wise but interior changed and at last an indian made.

Asked By kt 17 Apr,2011 04:46:18 PM

congrats for all indica EV2 buyers as u r about to b an owner of taxi car

Reply By Ashok 25 Dec,2011 04:11:06 PM

very true. Chhee... car is nice but not according to my status.

Asked By kt 17 Apr,2011 04:47:28 PM

EV2 is not a mileage king it is a king of all taxis...

Asked By RAVI NATHAR 18 Apr,2011 09:15:23 PM

this vehical is realy king of mileage

Asked By Vishal D.J 03 May,2011 08:30:22 PM

The Indica that i am using is Sept 2004 DLX - Diesele. I am happy with its performance but i feel due to its age now the pickup takes time, especially when you apply brakes when your car is in good motion. Car is sturdy n strong. Safe on Highways. Mumbai city average is 14kms, where as on Highways is 18kms. AC cooling is excellent. Suspension is poor. Over all car is good hence planning to buy eV2 now.

Asked By jovins 18 May,2011 09:47:43 PM

i am planning to buy ev2 but the two basic versions first one without ac,power steering,and the second one without power steering,only the top version has ac and power steering,yhat needs to be improved.

Asked By pavan 18 Jul,2011 10:57:54 AM

What ever you told is absolutely correct

Asked By anand mittal 28 Jul,2011 02:42:43 PM

Agreed. I bought a Diesel EV2, LX Model, fully loaded, on 15th July... So far done 700 Kms. The average is 16 km per litre, but I expect it to rise after the first service next month. The comfort, pickup, space, appearance are all No. 1. Wish the engine was a bit quieter though!!!!! My compliments to the Tata Motors Engineers... :-)

Asked By Ilayaraja 04 Aug,2011 09:57:56 PM

Indica EV2 excellent mileage after first service,It gives 22 to 24 inside the city itself.Im running it in chennai for CAB purpose. EV2 worth for the money.Pickup is excellent.

Asked By vivek g nambiar 17 Nov,2012 10:49:58 AM

yess my dear friends..eV2 is a good car. and i saw a friend mentioned this car as a king of taxi..if u go to mumbai or delhi there u cant find indica taxis there are corollas and bmw taxis in more number than indica. so leave that. for keeping the price under a competitive band tata have compromised alot in quality of plastics used.but its faaar faaar better than any cramped maruti petrol cars .because atleast u can stretch ur legs and keep the ac confidently switched on.i have an alto and wagon r duos .inthat while going on highways i used to take my cousin along with me to operate air con switch while overtaking.wagon r lpg is horrible in pickup terms...so accept the truth .....

Asked By mathur 05 Dec,2014 12:43:42 PM

Chugg bucfugg. Hcfhhdgdhc viccy

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