Maruthi Swift LXI or Maruthi Swift VDi

By bachijobs from HyderabadDecember 05, 2010 | 37731 Views | 52 Comments

Maruti Swift

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I am fully confused in PETROL or DIESEL(Maruthi Swift LXI or Maruthi Swift VDi)? Which one is good, Showroom guys says if u r travelling around 100Km/per day go for VDI otherwise go for LXI.... They told dat it will be maintenance problem for Diesel(VDI).Per day i will go 30 - 50Km Please can any one suggest on the same.
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Asked By karan 05 Dec,2010 01:03:48 PM

deisel pick up is good than petrol deisel & petrol there are few difference in noice if you have to drive more than 25 km than take vdi

Reply By sandeep 14 Jan,2011 11:09:06 PM

there are no differences

Reply By riyas k 23 Jan,2011 01:55:14 AM

maruti swift booking

Reply By puneet pathakjdjwkayebdbd jsjdbddbxk sjejnsnd 25 Nov,2014 03:27:06 PM

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Reply By puneet pathakjdjwkayebdbd jsjdbddbxk sjejnsnd 25 Nov,2014 03:41:05 PM


Reply By yagzhflrdbrahweu hugghk 14 Mar,2015 10:59:26 AM

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Asked By Ipe Sam 10 Dec,2010 11:48:18 AM

Im travelling within 30 km everyday. Once in a quarter may go for a long ride apart from the city. What do you suggest(Vdi/vxi or LDi/Lxi)?

Reply By ivon 05 Jul,2011 11:35:04 AM

use travels

Reply By ellyas 30 May,2015 09:42:50 PM

Vdi suitable

Reply By b bngjfb 17 Jun,2015 12:15:46 PM


Reply By kumaresan 14 Oct,2011 03:12:34 PM

please go by town bus

Reply By Suguna Isabel 02 Feb,2013 12:07:21 AM

Town bus (city bus) will not give the comfort and flexibility of travel that a car Vxi or Vdi will give to Ipe Sam. If Ipe is looking for comparison of economy, capital cost difference between diesel and petrol models should also be considered. Added to that, the low usage of 30 km a day will make the decision in favour of a petrol vehicle. If the family has already a petrol vehicle, the second vehicle could be a diesel one.

Reply By sheikh sahid 31 Jan,2015 02:05:04 PM

Vdi select....this too good for your inquiry

Reply By km 27 Feb,2015 12:32:16 PM

Then you can tack VDi or ldi both of them is good option

Asked By CarDekho Team 11 Dec,2010 02:32:49 PM

You need a Diesel car if your usage is at least 80-100kms daily, for your usage stick to the Petrol Lxi or Vxi variant Thanks, CarDekho Team

Asked By bonny 20 Dec,2010 11:21:19 PM

wt is the diff btwn old swift and new swift 2011?

Reply By ivon 05 Jul,2011 11:38:28 AM

old model was launched in 2010 and new model was launched in 2011!!!!!

Asked By sameer 30 Dec,2010 09:46:29 AM

if yours runing not 100 km per day than i suggest you go to swift petrol

Reply By puneet pathakjdjwkayebdbd jsjdbddbxk sjejnsnd 25 Nov,2014 03:49:20 PM


Asked By PREMKUMAR 30 Dec,2010 06:25:25 PM

Wil Diesel Swift can give starting troubles in cold place like ooty

Reply By sandeep 14 Jan,2011 11:09:46 PM

no nothing happen

Asked By sandeep 14 Jan,2011 11:08:06 PM

super car its my favourite car

Asked By mpsingh 25 Jan,2011 12:35:56 PM

when do we expect swift 2011 (face lift. Any one having any any idea.

Asked By p.eswaramoorthi 02 Feb,2011 11:26:58 AM

back body type unfairy

Asked By piyu 09 Feb,2011 07:29:31 PM

i planning to give gift to my parents. can some tell me which madel should i purchase for them?

Reply By CarDekho Team 10 Feb,2011 06:21:18 PM

Dear User, if your per month running is more than 1500 kilometers you can opt for the diesel variant of Swift. If its less than 1500 kilometers you can opt for petrol variant. Thanks

Reply By ivon 05 Jul,2011 11:36:16 AM

giv them a auto

Asked By rasheed 08 Mar,2011 04:09:19 PM

Hellooo.. everybody .i like buy to buy maruti swift..but i am working in k.s.a may i vaccaution use only.pls inform me which one is good diesel or petrol...

Reply By ivon 05 Jul,2011 11:36:48 AM

go for cng

Asked By abhishek chavan 16 Apr,2011 06:27:14 PM

sir my daily use is not tat much ... as d office is nearby and i prefer to go on byk in city traffic bt i travel to my native once in evry month ... running is around 1300 kms ... wat do u suggest .. swift diesel or petrol

Reply By ivon 05 Jul,2011 11:35:51 AM

go in train better

Reply By abhishek 10 Jul,2011 01:41:55 PM

k... i ll do tat ....

Reply By saurabh 13 May,2015 01:57:01 PM

You book your reservation ticket of train and it will be more comfortable journey in comparison of car.

Asked By pradeep 19 May,2011 03:57:33 PM

plaes new car photose

Asked By ivon 05 Jul,2011 11:34:05 AM

better go in bus

Asked By jaseer kp 23 Jul,2011 05:50:00 PM


Asked By shibu 01 Aug,2011 12:24:05 AM

We have a plan to by a Maruti Swift. But in a confussion - opt for petrol or diesel. I am working abrod, and so no much usage of car in home. When i go for vacation, we travel for nearly 2000 KM in 15 days time. Could u pls advise which is better - petrol or diesel?

Asked By dada 12 Aug,2011 05:49:13 PM

Hire a cab and njoy the trip,,,

Asked By Sudhir 25 Aug,2011 02:55:32 PM

Pickep up patrol ka jayda hai diesel, VDI & VXI mai pickup kes ka batter hai ?

Asked By MUNEER.T.M 03 Sep,2011 01:46:42 AM

i wat diesel

Reply By MUNEER.T.M 03 Sep,2011 01:47:52 AM

i want maruthi swift vdi disel

Asked By anant 15 Sep,2011 05:48:15 AM

i'm planning to buy swift but confused petrol or diesel. i've to use car once in a month & running would be around 800kms. i heard that diesel engines creates problem when not used for one month. i request u all plz advise me cardekho team thanx

Asked By Rahul 23 Sep,2011 03:14:06 AM

I want to buy the New SWIFT ... but can someone tell me why we need to buy petrol, if the daily trip is 30 kms. Is it suggested as the fuel cost won't be much for that distance or based on cost of the car? or are there any technical issues that diesel engine cannot perform well for 800 to 1000 kms per month ... Cardekho team plz clarify this as majority of people have this doubt? not just which one but WHY?? Thanks in advance ...

Asked By K.Shreenivasha Rao 20 Oct,2011 10:46:06 PM

I want to buy a Wagon R VXI BIV. Is it a good decision ?

Asked By yatheendra.das 28 Dec,2011 05:32:53 PM

Sales exicutive always say go for petrol coz they want to sell the same .. but inteligent people will go for vdi

Reply By jaffar kv 16 Sep,2012 09:03:40 PM

i dnt belive that . for mor than 1500 km vdi or ther is no confusion absolutly vdi ... and guys please note diesel cost also goin to increase

Asked By Alexandar 03 Jan,2012 09:46:31 PM

I would like to buy a maruthi car. Whether maruthi wagonR duo is better or maruthi swift lxi? my usage per month is about 300 kmts. please anyone guide me.

Asked By Gagandeep 30 Jan,2012 01:13:43 PM

Hi, I want to purchase Maruti Vxi and get a CNG Kit fir into it after using it for couple of years (Warranty period) would it be ok please help

Asked By Gagandeep 30 Jan,2012 01:15:29 PM

What would be impact on the engine of the Maruti Swift VXI car if i get a CNG kit fit into it and how mmuch would the maintenance cost increase because of this , please guide

Asked By Krishna 09 Feb,2012 08:30:44 PM

Hi All, I am also planning to buy a new swift, and I wanted to check reviews before buying it. After reading all the reviews, one thing I cannot understand is that, when you travel 30 to 50 kms per day, would it be less cost when you go for a petrol car? It is the matter how frequently you use the car..I heard that diesel cars have had some maintenance costs when you keep the car at home for long time. Except this maintenance , I do not see any benifit in petrol car. When you use the car 365 days, then it is always better to go for a diesel car..

Reply By arul 02 Mar,2012 02:39:42 AM

@ krishna, frnd d new 2011 model of swift has an hassle-free engine. which means less amt of sludge or no sludge gets deposited in d diesel engine.

Asked By Alankreit 02 Apr,2012 01:48:14 PM

hi i suggest u to buy audi a4 rather than this swift

Asked By PRAMOD GODARA 09 May,2012 04:08:45 PM

Hi, please suggest me that what the difference in maintenance of SWIFT VDI OR SWIFT LXI PLEASE TELL ME NOW ABHI

Asked By KRISHNAPRAKASH 03 Jun,2012 05:15:21 PM

I have booked for Swift LDi and the waiting period is around 7 months.Can u tell me whether the wait is worth enough and the average mileage one can expect

Asked By PIYUSH 02 Aug,2012 12:26:52 PM

I want to purchase MARUTI SWIFT. My monthly usage is less than 5000 km per month. Which variant should I prefer petrol or diesel???? CARDEKHO team plz guide me accordingly.

Reply By Tushar 03 Aug,2012 11:53:49 AM

Piyush, I think you should go for a Diesel Car.

Asked By PIYUSH 02 Aug,2012 12:59:31 PM

SORRY yearly useage is not more than 5000 km per year. which variant should i prefer petrol or diesel???

Asked By Suguna Isabel 01 Feb,2013 11:53:20 PM

Maruti's literature in the show room and other internet advertisements state that Swift Vdi car has a Width of 1695 mm. But the actual width is about 200 mm more. What exactly is the width? (Maruti show room staff do not have this information, nor are they interested in measuring and providing the correct width to the prospective customers). Why is this wrong information finding a place in Maruti literature. This research is delaying me in deciding upon the make of new car that I am planning to buy.

Asked By yash sharma 21 Jun,2013 01:32:05 PM

Hii , i want info about swift car.. Regards yash

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Asked By puneet pathakjdjwkayebdbd jsjdbddbxk sjejnsnd 25 Nov,2014 03:30:18 PM

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Asked By arpit mathur from jaipur bbbbbbbbbb 25 Nov,2014 03:59:50 PM

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Asked By arpit mathur from jaipur bbbbbbbbbb 25 Nov,2014 07:31:12 PM

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Asked By arpit mathur from jaipur bbbbbbbbbb 25 Nov,2014 07:31:12 PM

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Asked By arpit mathur from jaipur bbbbbbbbbb 25 Nov,2014 07:31:12 PM

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Asked By arpit mathur from jaipur bbbbbbbbbb 25 Nov,2014 07:31:12 PM

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Asked By arpit mathur from jaipur bbbbbbbbbb 25 Nov,2014 07:43:27 PM

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Reply By puneet pathak 08 Dec,2014 04:45:04 PM

Reply 2 arpit

Asked By puneet pathak 08 Dec,2014 04:43:59 PM

8 dec reply

Asked By sheikh sahid 31 Jan,2015 02:03:29 PM

Dear sir you select swift vdi this is perfect to you, for any kind qus. Plz contact me 7697147686

Asked By amit k 29 Mar,2015 11:59:57 PM

Wats butter in car petrol car or diseal car. I last month purchase new maruti swift vxi friend told me diseal car is best compar to petrol .plz sugges

Asked By vishal Bhaskar Shejwal 14 Apr,2015 11:47:09 PM

Petrol. ..vxi

Asked By Aditya 19 Apr,2015 11:07:47 PM

If you drive more than 100 km only then choose diesel otherwise extra money you are paying for the diesel model is waste (2 lakhs paying for that car who's maintenance cost is much higher than the petrol model )

Asked By Shubham saraf 22 Apr,2015 08:19:18 PM

Go for the swift vdi.

Asked By peeyush 24 Apr,2015 06:57:59 PM

Best car for me

Reply By peeyush 24 Apr,2015 06:58:23 PM

It is the best car

Reply By peeyush 24 Apr,2015 06:58:23 PM

It is the best car

Reply By peeyush 24 Apr,2015 06:58:25 PM

It is the best car

Reply By peeyush 24 Apr,2015 06:58:51 PM

Check it for car

Asked By b bngjfb 17 Jun,2015 12:15:22 PM

bhjbhjbhjbhb hjbhb

Asked By amit kumar bansal 26 Jun,2015 03:00:38 PM

Hi mai gadi lena chahta huswift lxi option Lu ya vxi

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