Beat-Gear troubling in 1st Month

By hemant from BangaloreMarch 21, 2010 | 10725 Views | 38 Comments

Chevrolet Beat

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Pros : Good styling
Cons : Rough & Noisy Gear Box ( 1-2 & Reverse Gear in particular)

Never judge a book by its cover- I bought my 1st car Chevrolet Beat-LS a month back just because it's from Chevrolet.I never knew that such good looks are hiding behind some serious Gear troubles which will take away the joy of driving a Chevrolet. On the 1st month service request sheet, I mentioned that the Gear Box is Rough & Noisy ( 1-2 & Reverse Gear in particular). I did not see any improvement on this front after 1st service. I hope to take this matter with higher officials before the company warranty on my car fades off. Wish All Safe Driving Hemant 9663111882
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User Comments

Asked By v8growl 22 Mar,2010 06:11:08 AM

iam planning to book beatLT, i also have doubt about the Korean box which experts say is never as slick as japanese .beat users please give update.

Reply By shubham verma 16 May,2011 09:53:23 AM

i am using beat lt it's picup problem is not a minor problem as it becomes very difficult to overtake a vehicle with beat.i also have swift dzire beat picup is 10times poorer than swift dzire

Reply By kamal 29 Aug,2011 09:35:31 PM

i have a beat lt 2011 model 5500 km. wana cell kindly contact if required

Reply By kamal 29 Aug,2011 09:36:20 PM

want to sell going abroad

Reply By subhag 11 Dec,2011 05:48:19 PM

want purnhase beat diesel

Reply By parveen jhingan 29 Apr,2012 02:51:18 PM

call back i intend to buy a beet desile conform the price 9899699843

Asked By George 22 Mar,2010 10:50:35 AM

I have to change my mind from buying a Beat as I see the above comment.Will you add company own made gear box.

Asked By Poonam 22 Mar,2010 12:00:00 PM

It happened not good, I am also make a mind to purchase its little stylish Beat. Now i will thought than try to buy it.

Asked By Tarun 24 Mar,2010 05:00:08 PM

i am facing same problem...i bought BEAT LS on 19 FAB but at my first drive i found problem in gear box.....representative told me that every thing will be ok after he did first servicing,,,,,let's see what happen....

Asked By nitin yadav 26 Mar,2010 12:09:03 PM

no matter guys, every owner of beat has some complaints about their fancy ride like gear box is harsh and noisy pick up is sluggish and do not feels like a 1200 car boot space is smaller than every other car in competition 170 ltrs no under thigh support in rear seats mileage is not as promised, giving 11 - 12 kmpl mostly rear suspensions makes a thud sound on potholes otherwise the car is perfect.........lolz its just a beauty to stare at not a real performer

Reply By Sam Molloy 04 Apr,2011 09:55:01 PM

I'm glad to see the Beat coming to the US, they are remodeling a factory in Ohio to make it. With a 1.8l, most should be automatics here. I had a Chevy S-10 small pickup with an Isuzu 5 speed gearbox. It shifted beautifully but a slight hiss in all gears got progressively worse and Lucas tratment only helped a little. I guess it had 80,000 miles on it when I traded it.

Reply By sukhsagar 12 Apr,2011 12:12:53 PM

no no... its totally a false statement either dont know to drive a new generation car or never touched a car . just drive a wagon r and beat, you will feel the difference . beat gear shift is smooth like butter, hilly mud rod with 9 people in second gear with ac its pulls smart. and never got below 15 avrge . let me tell one thing those who are crtsng never used this vehicle. my family got two cars wagon r and beat , and every body wants to drive only beat now wagon r is all time in garage taking rest.... those who owned beat cant say no to beat...if chvrolet cant increase its sales figure...its only bcoz their fate...other wise it would have bcme best selling htch back in india

Asked By Mujassim Hussain 29 Mar,2010 06:02:54 AM

Funky looks!

Reply By Arindam Banik 16 Dec,2010 05:34:22 PM

awesome looks...bugg off u!!

Reply By Pratik 20 Feb,2013 12:56:20 AM

Where is ur Car

Asked By Bilash Banerjee 31 Mar,2010 03:46:52 AM

There will be issues with gearbox. They wanted to replicate the drive by wire of Maruti but they cant be Maruti.

Asked By poonam vaidya 03 Apr,2010 10:52:40 AM

Hey! all Beat users. I'm planning to change my alto for a beat. Will you please suggest me whether I should go for it or not. Well beat has a very stylish look, I especially like the shape of the windows and the interior (dash board). Beat looks quite impressive, promising a 15-18 mileage. Are the complaints regarding the MP3 player, gear, pick up and Korean box true. Please do reply. You may contact me on either 9300770395 or Thanks a lot!

Asked By Pooja 03 Apr,2010 12:20:19 PM

I am planning to have Beat Would would you please suggest me to go gor it or not as i am living in Shimla. Is this car suitable for hilly terrain roads or not

Asked By hemant 04 Apr,2010 10:04:57 AM

Hello Users, Though my review (Beat-Gear troubling in 1st Month)might have disheartened some , I want to share an exciting news- Over this long weekend I drove my Beat to Coorg and back.Pick-up isn't as good as great(I believe its being done to improve mileage ) but 1st gear has enough power to tame any kind of hilly terrain Guess what my Beat gave an mileage of 17.9kmpl to be exact with AC, high speeds and in hilly terrain. Its a pleasant surprised. Drive quality on highways and even hills is good with better grip. Ground clearance falls a little short at times. But after this long trip in Beat " I AM LOVING MY BEAT" its like driving a swift and getting an excellent mileage of 17-18 kmpl . I strongly believe it will perform even better after 3rd service. ALL THE BEST

Reply By puneet 23 Nov,2010 02:48:48 PM

kya sir hemant ji , aap ne to mood hi change kar diya tha

Asked By hemant 04 Apr,2010 10:08:57 AM

Just to clarify the above review- I drove from Bangalore to Coorg and back with my wife and Dog it took 6Hrs one way. Happy Driving Hemant-9663111882

Asked By vijay 11 May,2010 03:51:04 PM

I am an owner of Chevrolet beat I do have the same trouble on gear box. There are some sounds and vibrations coming in. And comparatively to other segments I am not at all satisfied because I am an owner of maruti suzuki alto too I almost everyday get a hit under the cars body due to bad roads but nothing has happened till date from past four years but unfortunately my beat which is run only 555kms has hit its under body part that to very slightly which resulted in a very big damage. From this guys I am sure the vehicle has its class on looks but below average on its machinaries. I am really disappointed so think twice before you go on this brand...

Reply By kedar 19 Dec,2010 02:02:13 PM

I m planning to go for zen estilo or chevolet beat which is better car? regarding engine maintenance? and avg

Asked By arpan kamal 12 Aug,2010 03:46:05 PM

i confuse among zen estilo lxi beat ps or ford figo we are five members family. i live in dehli.figo lxi petrol has better space amonge all but millege is not good plz tel my tell which car will be best for me

Asked By Hemant Pal 12 Aug,2010 05:54:10 PM

please do not compare Zen Estilo with BEAT

Asked By ashok 13 Aug,2010 07:09:35 PM

You are right,Dont go for looks . Bought beat LT one month ago, Been to the service station 4-5 times.Gear oil leaking, sound under feet while changing gears, regret havinng bought BEAT. ashok

Asked By hemant pal 13 Aug,2010 08:02:50 PM

I am Happy with my Beat, its giving 13.2 Avg in city like bangalore and 18 on Highways. Gear becomes smooth with time as I have experienced in 6 months. Really sorry for you Ashok.It was just a Bad Luck I would say. Hemant

Asked By Rajesh 18 Aug,2010 08:45:50 AM

Have to buy a car in this week and since last 1 week i am struggling between Beat and Estilo .. believe me guys for a new user there isnt any diff .. estilo looks more value for money . . it has Marutis backup and model is upgraded where they have refined everything which was considered not right earlier.. if someone is taLking about problem its just the space here and there .. I'v also spoken with few guys who confirms the same .. anyways .. without test drive i wont own one.. Beat is also a very nice car ..looks very attractive .ppl are talking about the problem in pickup with AC on .. gear shifting .. no response in 2nd gear which AC on ..and you can also figure out the low bumper ..yahan gurgaon me 15 -20 cm pani roads pe bhar jata hai , i v seen on TV Delhi is also not better ..

Asked By Rajesh 18 Aug,2010 08:55:42 AM

and yes i forgot to tell you my views about the major diff which is 1.2 litrs engine .. there isnt any use of it .. we drive in city only .. where roads are really not good .. cant drive over 60 for a min .. mostly m worried about mileage There is one more point .. new buyer is not more aware of the tid bids here and there .. and grossly ignorant to minor changes which experts write about cars in review section.. this will fall on me after an year or something but till then i will be used to my car :-D .. Also maruti is offering more discounts .. its more than 30 k.. and on beat m getting only corporate discount. chalo ji ,, will keep you guys posted if i could find this page again.

Asked By subhro 20 Aug,2010 06:27:04 PM

Hi, I am planning for purchasing my first car, but I am confused between selecting Wagon R VXi,i10-Magna1.2 and Beat(LS), kindly suggest me to choose the best option

Asked By HEMANT 20 Aug,2010 11:54:01 PM


Asked By hemant 20 Aug,2010 11:56:31 PM

its so bad, sometimes you write a comment and after you submit, the page publishes whatever they want and not what you have written

Asked By Premnath 30 Aug,2010 07:43:56 PM

I dont know whether you ll get any response from higher officials. Please take up your problem in writing so that you can fight it out legally later. My mail to higher ups on a different matter(not providing me with Rs5999/= offer of 3yrs/45000km free maintenance)dated 16th Aug has not yet been replied. All the best.

Asked By Valay Tripathi 30 Aug,2010 11:48:01 PM

planning to buy Beat this month............. plz let me know , should i go for it?????????????????????

Asked By MITESH 07 Sep,2010 10:07:56 PM


Reply By shubham verma 16 May,2011 09:30:36 AM

i suggest you to buy wagonr top model besause it is better than beat in all aspects

Asked By s. biswas 15 Sep,2010 12:37:24 AM

I am bother only the mileage of the car. Kindly suggest me the best car in this car segment.

Asked By Hemant pal 15 Sep,2010 11:35:14 AM

go for a BEAT if you looking for a good mileage. Valay & Mitesh if ur budget is 4 then you have only two choices FIGO or BEAT take few test drives and decide between the two.

Asked By kannan 09 Dec,2010 09:34:42 PM

hi i boght beat 2009 feb.since nw 14000 kms done.nice performance no ratlles.13 in city 17 in highway approximately.pick up is bit low in 2nd speed 140 it cruise nicely at 120 all day long

Asked By kannan 09 Dec,2010 09:36:10 PM

sorry 2010 feb

Asked By rahul 01 Mar,2011 06:23:55 PM

im planning 2 buy beat,,,,,,, pls tell me is it really nice or gud car,,,,,,

Asked By rahul 01 Mar,2011 06:28:13 PM

me really confuse,,,,,,,,, wid beat or wagonr cng,,,,,, pls tell me gud advice,,,,,

Reply By CarDekho Team 03 Mar,2011 01:29:04 PM

Dear User, We would like to inform you that Maruti Wagon R is a better option over Chevrolet Beat. Wagon R has been ruling the hatchback segment since a decade. The major advantage of purchasing Maruti Wagon R can be its low maintenance cost, good resale value and strong service & dealership. Chevrolet Beat is no doubt a good car powered by 1.2 liter petrol engine but its resale value is less as compared to Maruti Wagon R,. Thanks

Asked By hemant 02 Mar,2011 08:23:26 AM

Its not fair to compare the two. Beat is superior to WAGON-R

Asked By gaurav 03 Mar,2011 03:30:28 PM

is beat available in diesel??????????

Reply By Kathir 22 Mar,2011 12:50:20 PM

Yes. Recently Chevy introduced the Diesel variant.

Asked By gaurav 03 Mar,2011 03:32:38 PM

suggest me 4lack tak kon si diesel car buy karu jo ki us range mai best buy ho need ur help

Asked By Arun 27 Apr,2011 11:24:58 AM

I bought Beat LT in Feb 2011. I also facing the gear shifting problem. They are not at all smooth...First Gear - if push the gear stick slightly to the left, the gear doesn't seem to be shifting smooth... same with second gear too.. specially while shifting back from 3rd to 2nd. In first service i told the customer executive... they didn't fix the problem. And, when the a/c is on... the car doesn't feel like a 1200cc car. And, chevy takes customer satisfaction call, i believe the questions asked are not appropriate...

Asked By JKSingh 21 Jun,2011 05:40:52 PM

Please tell me about the problems one can face after purchasing this car. JKSINGH

Asked By jinoy 07 Aug,2011 11:32:25 PM


Asked By shibu 15 Sep,2011 05:17:49 PM

i am going to buy a beat have any suggesion

Asked By mehrab 22 Apr,2012 09:45:37 AM

I am planning to buy Beat 1.0 LT Diesel Engine,can you suggest is this comparatively good in this segment. thanx

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