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Tata Venture has now been launched in Maharashtra today making this state the second market for this MPV after the tourist city, Rajasthan. The MPV has been priced at 4.07 lakh (ex showroom, Thane) . It is powered by a 1.4 L TDI diesel engine offering a maximum output of 69 bhp at 4500 rpm and a top torque of 13.7 kgm at 2500 rpm. The mileage offered is 15.42 kmpl.

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Tata Venture Review

Tata Venture
Tata Venture Pictures

Tata Motors is a company whose legacy runs through the nation beyond automobiles. It is a company which defined automobiles over years and was a true pioneer in every sense. With innovative designs and some of the iconic automobiles created from its stable, Tata Motors constantly evolved in its designs. The company forayed into various automobile segments and even acted as a pioneer in quite a few segments. After ruling the hatchback market with its iconic Indica Vista and acquiring the legend Jaguar as well as the charming SUV Land Rover, Tata Motors decided to venture into the regular commuter segment in the nation. One of the recent attempts by the company is the Tata Venture , which is designed to enable a comfortable drive to eight passengers, who can be seated in three front facing rows. To cater the needs of a slightly personalized customer base, Tata Venture is also designed for five and seven seater capacity. The luggage can also be settled in the vehicle aptly and being a true van, it can accommodate a perfect picnic adventure for its customers. The Tata Venture is designed to handle heavy loads with ease. The exclusive space for bottles, maps and books which can be arranged in a certain position, so that the overall trip can be rather organized instead of creating a clutter for the customers. Comfort is one of the factors Tata Motors never took for granted. Be it the hatchback Tata Vista or the recent innovative Tata Nano, all these vehicles offer promising performance and comfortable ride. These features are something, which make Tata Motors distinct from its counterparts. With features like power steering, air conditioning, keyless entry and power windows, which are further added with an engine immobilizer rear wipers, all of which reflect contemporary design features and innovative engineering expertise, which not just makes the ride in Tata Venture a pleasure, but also makes it classy and appealing in all ways. The dashboard of Tata Venture is devoid of any massive buttons and confusing options, but was rather kept to bare minimum with just the instrument panel and easy to operate set of buttons.


The interior upholstery is designed in a two tone fashion with beige and black theme. The looks of interiors are not just the only defining factors as the exteriors are also innovative and distinct from other vehicles in the market. This vehicle is offered in three variants to suit individual personal requirements. Tata Venture LX, Tata Venture EX and Tata Venture GX are the three variants offered in the vehicles. Tata Venture is fitted with 1.4-litre turbo engine which manages to create a maximum output of 70bhp. The fuel economy of the Tata Venture is 15.42 Kmpl as certified by ARAI. The engine is fit under the seat in the front. Tata Motors claims that Venture offers a two year or 75000 Kms warranty, whichever comes first, which is really a promising service by the company and reflects its confidence in the engineering design. The most important feature however remains in the design principles of the vehicle, which makes it a promising vehicle in the market, which may actually rewrite the minivan and commuter designs.

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Tata Venture Models

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Diesel Models

  • Tata Venture LX

    All the variants of Tata Venture have been equipped with a 1.4-litre, IDI diesel power plant, which is incorporated with a turbocharger and an inter-cooler. It has 4-cylinders and 16-valves that can displace 1405cc. It can produce 70Bhp at 4500rpm with 135Nm at just 2500rpm. This engine is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox that distributes the torque to the front wheels. This variant comes with features like front crash reinforcement, side impact protection beams, high mount stop lamps, collapsible steering wheel and child lock. It also comes with a provision to incorporate a music system, flat folding 3rd row seats, butterfly type 3-speed front wipers, digital clock and digital information system, roof lamp, retractable inner grab handles, mobile charger, cigarette lighter and two glove boxes.

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  • Tata Venture EX

    In addition to the features that are given to the LX trim, this variant is equipped with injection molded passenger cabin trim, stylized wheel caps, rear utility cover, tachometer and a proficient HVAC unit featuring a dual air conditioning system with roof integrated louvers.

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  • Tata Venture GX

    This is the top end variant and it is blessed with advanced features like an engine immobilizer, front fog lamps, reverse guide system, body colored bumpers, ORVMs and door handles, external antenna, music system with 4-speakers, front power windows, key less entry, rear washer with wiper and demister, vanity mirror and accessory power sockets in front and rear cabin. Apart from these, this variant has been fitted with all the features that are already in the EX trim.

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Tata Venture TachoMeter

When a minivan or a commuter comes into the automobile market, it has to face a tough competition from the existing players while also matching the expectations of the customers, who might be finding some flaws in the existing models, which might have led them to venture into this new vehicle. Tata Motors, for one, has been well known to offer a decent mileage and a very fuel economic design. The multi utility vehicle or the minivan version Tata Venture too offers similar comfortable design parameters. The 1.4-litre TCIC engine of the vehicle ensures in providing a promising performance, which scores both in the drive comfort with speed and control as well as the mileage it runs the vehicle on. The spacious vehicle which accommodates a large Indian family with ease is designed to run on diesel, which means that it will obviously assure a better mileage though the performance might not be as flawless as petrol. The Tata Venture comes with a four cylinder, 1.4-litre turbo diesel engine with a displacement of 1405cc and is capable of producing about 15.42 Kmpl, when driven under standard conditions.

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Power of Tata Venture

Tata Venture Photos

When a vehicle is designed to handle almost eight passengers, it is destined to have enough power to get rolling. Tata Venture stayed true to its promise of providing a genuinely powerful vehicle. With a 1405cc engine offers a promising power to sustain long drives at peace. The 70bhp of maximum output at 4500rpm is enough considering the simple desig n, which is actually interesting as it does not weigh as much as conventional eight seater's do. The torque of 135rpm at 2500rpm is a satisfactory number. The multi utility segment anyways is an evolving segment and not everyday do vehicles offering a superior performance and excellent build at an affordable range are available. And when they do, mostly they are made by companies as versatile and as innovative as Tata Motors. With the superior features which do not consume much of vehicles power, while maintaining the basic defining factors of a multi utility vehicle, Tata Venture definitely is a powerful vehicle. The fact that the vehicle runs on diesel just acts as an icing providing an even durable fuel efficiency and a better vehicle functioning.

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Colors available with all variants of Tata Venture
  • Ivory White
  • Champagne Gold
  • Sardinia Red
  • Castle Grey
  • Lunar Silver
  • School Yellow
  • Arctic White

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Tata Venture Gear

For a multi utility vehicle, Tata Venture does a pretty decent job in offering a comfortable ride at top speeds such as 60 Kmph to 90 Kmph. This is actually enhanced and to an extent made possible by the 1405cc engine. The powerful acceleration of the vehicle is evident in the way it cruises at speeds as high as 70 Kmph. The pick up of the Tata Venture too earns perfect points as it takes on most of its contemporaries probably due to the simple design or the perfect weight distribution of the structure.

Tata Venture Exteriors

Tata Venture Exterior

Exteriors are a factor which actually act as a deal breaker for any utility vehicle. No matter how comfortable and well equipped the vehicle is, without the perfect exterior build, the vehicle is mostly doomed to fail. Tata Motors however did an amazing job in coming up with a vehicle that is not just technically perfect but also scores in design aspects. The extremely beautiful curves run across the vehicle from the front and rear profile while the mid section is maintained perfectly geometrical. The futuristic design of Tata Venture is proudly displayed to public for the very first time in Auto Expo 2010. Indian Automobile customers ever since considered the Venture, one of the most anticipated vehicles and Tata Motors ensured not to disappoint the customers. The look does seem reminiscent of the European design ethics. The aesthetically appealing design of Tata Venture also makes it a versatile build, which can easily transform from being a transportation vehicle to a family vehicle. It can easily blend into any market on any terrain. The MUV is given a four door build of which two side doors are sliding. The windows have a subtle yet prominent crease in black running along the edges which act as an eyeliner to eye fulfilling similar purpose, enhancing the vehicle's beauty. The front fascia offers a simple design, which enhances the necessary aspects to suit the customers. The front windshield is exceptionally large and its evenly distributed design certainly makes the vehicle more connected to the surroundings. The front grille makes a subtle design statement, where the logo of Tata embellishes the grille under its chrome lining. The headlamp cluster is placed aptly along the edges, so that the front elements do not look cramped yet succeed in providing a better traveling appeal. The headlamps have small tail lamps situated right under them. A front air intake section is positioned between the tail lamps and the front grille, which successfully transforms these elements into a synchronized surreal hour glass.


The design statement is simply a pleasure to watch. The door knobs are embedded in the design. The mid row seat doors are a sliding structured and are perfect for the segment. There hardly seems a match for this vehicle due to the stylish appeal it creates. The front door surprisingly extends almost till the front framework. By reducing the framework clutter, Tata Venture does what its predecessors could not totally achieve, create a spacious vehicle out of a small structure. The 14 inch wheels are enough to maintain a decent off road capability as the wheel distribution in the framework and out of the framework is pretty balanced. The sliding door is a perfect geometrical structure which extends across the framework with ease. The wheel arches are perfectly built with a simple design transition and subtle details. The fuel tank is positioned behind the rear wheel system. The most impressive feature in the design can be noted in the window strength, which extends from the B pillar to the rear in a synchronized way as a whole block rather than intermediate pillar details. The glass offers a glossy finish to this block window structure, which successfully gives the vehicle a futuristic look. The detailing in the front with subtle aerodynamic lines make the vehicle a pleasure to drive and a possession to possess.


Exterior Measurement:


The exteriors dimensions of Tata Venture are by far its highest scorers as far as design is concerned. Tata miraculously maintained a simple dimension set without compromising with the interiors. The overall length is a mere 3950mm, which helps it maneuver through the streets with ease. The width of the vehicle is also settled at 1565mm, while the height of 1878mm ensures that even taller people can have a comfortable ride. The wheel base of Tata Venture is 2100mm and the ground clearance offered by the vehicle is 160mm.

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Exterior Images
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture

Tata Venture Interior

Tata Venture Interior

Interiors of Tata Venture are a reflection of the growing contemporary design ethics of Tata Motors. Offering efficient build quality and exceptional designing, Tata Venture's interiors offer a refreshing appeal. The space is one of the first things that comes to customers mind when Tata Venture is to be explained. Despite its relatively small exterior dimensions, Tata Venture did not leave anything small in the interiors. The leg room and head room of the vehicle are exceptionally big making the vehicle a worthy commuter. The front dash is designed with the controls situated in the middle in a different tone from the dashboard. The appealing symmetric dashboard offers a futuristic design statement. With two glove boxes, 12 V electrical ports and the music system provision, the interiors create a revolutionary design out of the vehicle. Despite being an economical model, the interiors are not compromised and offer exceptional comfort. The three spoke steering wheel gives a sporty feel to the vehicle and the information panel cluster is accurately designed to explain only elements required to be accessed.


Interior Comfort:


Interiors of Tata Venture are designed to offer comfort not just in terms of space but also in terms of the feel it offers in the space provided. With the co driver seat being as luxurious as the drivers, the front drive would become an experience worth having. The rear seats are very well designed so that eight passengers could sit with ease in the vehicle. The rear seats are spacious and offer a proper leg room and head room. The safety features such as seat belts are taken care of. Cup holders are placed for the rear passengers, so that the ride can transform into a pleasurable one. With a music system with four speakers, power windows, HVAC with dual air conditioning and roof mounted louvers, power steering in the front and vanity mirrors, Tata Venture offers best in class comfort. The keyless entry system and the engine immobilizer offer an efficient design statement. Moreover, the vehicle features an innovative rear seat window design where the ventilation is maintained, but the vehicle remains more securely built as it would not particularly sabotage its design with sliding windows as seen in regular vehicles because, in that case the robust build of the framework cannot be created.


Interior Measurement:


With an over all length of 3950mm, Tata Venture features a decent interior spacing to allocate sufficient space for all the eight passengers. And the 1565mm width just ensures that the allotment would be in a more comfortable manner. As the width increases, so does the comfort associated with it and the passengers need not feel crammed in the vehicle, but can rather enjoy the luxurious ride offered by it. The vehicle has a gross weight of 1990 kgs, which is considerably low but considering the passengers it allots, reducing the vehicle weight acts in favor of the Tata Venture as the engine does not face much load. The fuel tank has a capacity to accommodate 35 litres of fuel, so that long rides can be handled with ease.

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Interior Images
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture
  • Tata Venture

Engine and Performance

Tata Venture comes with the four cylinder 1.4litre turbo diesel engine, which is capable of producing an output of 70bhp at 4500rpm and an equally powerful 135Nm torque at 2500rpm. This engine is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission gear box.

Stereo & Accessories

Tata Venture essentially is a commuter and hence main focus was laid on the functioning excellence of the vehicle rather than the interior luxury extensions. This is probably the reason Tata Venture is not equipped any advanced or heavy duty stereo system. But it does offer a decent music system, which does the job equally good . The main advantage however remains in pleasing the first time commuters who can stay completely entertained with the offered speaker, which is equipped with four speakers so that the entertainment factor does not go out of the luxurious travel offered by Tata Venture.

You can now buy Tata Venture accessories online. Great discounts available.


Tata Venture Wheels

Tata Venture has a hefty build and the tyres should go according to that structure, so that excessive commuting can be facilitated without any hassles. This vehicle features 165 R14 LT 8PR tyres. These 14 inch tyres help the vehicle in not just offering a comfortable travel, but also helps it in offering a visually appealing look.

Braking & Handling

Tata Venture DashBoard

Tata Venture definitely is a vehicle to look forward to not just for its striking exteriors or innovative machinery, but also for the way the interiors. It is equipped with drum brakes both in the front and rear sections. Apparently Tata Motors tried to make it a promising commuter vehicle by offering it the agility and strength to withstand any type of terrain and this attempt is evident in its over all design. The front section of the vehicle features independent strut type anti roll bar suspension, while the rear offers multi link suspension with coil springs.

Safety and Security

Tata Venture Safety

With striking exteriors and highly appealing interiors, Tata Venture has everything to offer in terms of comfort, safety and an exceptional handling. The Tata Venture is designed to comply the safety norms asserted by the Indian government. The company has tried to create a balance between the nostalgic design features and evolving technological elements which reflects the reasons to buy this vehicle even more. With collapsible steering and the front crash reinforcement, side impact protection beam offer the required safety features. These are further enhanced by the engine immobilizer, child lock, fog lamps in front fascia and reverse guide system. The Tata Venture also handles pretty decently inspite of its heavy passenger and baggage handling capability.

Pros & Cons

Tata Venture Pros :

1. Initial Cost of ownership is very economical.

2. Fuel economy is quite good.

3. An ideal vehicle families to plan a long holiday trip.

4. Very spacious interiors with eight seater capacity

5. Utility features are quite good.


Tata Venture Cons :

1. Exterior appearance can be better.

2. Interior plastic quality is cheap.

3. A few more safety and comfort features can be added.

4. No fabric upholstery and HVAC in base variants.

5. No anti lock braking system.

Tata Venture Specifications

Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power AC Power Steering Central Locking
City Highway
Manual 1405cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
11.5 15.42 70bhp @ 4500rpm Not Available Standard Not Available
Manual 1405cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
11.5 15.42 70bhp @ 4500rpm Standard Standard Standard
Manual 1405cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
11.5 15.42 70bhp @ 4500rpm Standard Standard Standard

Tata Venture Price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
4,83,758 5,06,692 5,10,082 5,10,317 4,98,088 5,08,700 5,09,506   Get On Road Price  
5,10,725 5,32,403 5,35,903 5,36,028 5,23,331 5,34,411 5,35,457   Get On Road Price  
5,61,525 5,92,081 5,96,605 5,95,706 5,82,621 5,94,089 5,95,715   Get On Road Price  
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  • watch out the gear shift cable
    By joby | |899 Views
    3 people found it helpful.
    Look and Style  I bought the ventue done up to 16000 km  Comfor good with 8people   Pickup  very poor when climbing hills and uneven tracks   Mileage 12 per km   Best Features  folding seats very good for multipurpose usage    Needs to improve   Overall Experience  ... read full review
  • tata venture
    By hitendra patel | |1145 Views
    7 people found it helpful.
    Look and Style : great   Comfort : worst for driver   Pickup : no expectation   Mileage : only god knows after ratan tata   Best Features : nobody can produce such worst vehicle   Needs to improve : can do some sympathy to consumer STOP FOOLING THEM!   Overall Experience : WANT TO DO SUCIDE. BUT I CAN'T.  ... read full review
  • showing personal expierience of my cars.
    By VIJAY N. BHATT | |1341 Views
    5 people found it helpful.
    Look and Style :- best. imported & unique   Comfort :- best. feel like traveling in a volvo bus   Pickup:- ok. but not enough when the car was full   Mileage :- ok. but not more than 12 KM per litre   Best Features :- dual AC, Front & middle seats Push back,spacious   Needs to improve :- car finishing & service centers   Overall Experience :- like.................. thik hai.  ... read full review
  • Good stylish Car : I bought on 1.5.2011. In begining ther problems of mileage and gear shifting,But
    By chandrakant | |2024 Views
    16 people found it helpful.
    Look and Style  Good   Comfort Good   Pickup : Good   Mileage :; 16 to 17 on highways with speet of 60 to 65 km/ph Best Features : Its AC is the best . It cools the entire car within 1 to 2 minutes.    Needs to improve : Right side door should be given    Overall Experience  ... read full review
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  • Service Camp for Tata Venture owners
    Posted On | 1431 Views

    Tata Motors will soon launch a nation-wide service camp for Tata Venture owners called Tata Venture Service Camp. The service camp will be held from May 24 – 26, 2012, across 281 Tata Motors authorised dealerships in the country. According to Mr. Ashesh Dhar, Head- Utility Vehicle Product Group, PCBU, Tata Motors, “At Tata Motors, we consider after-sales as a key differentiator for our products. The Service Camp that we extend to our customers is our way of proactively reaching out to customers, and reassuring them that the company in constantly involved in the life of their vehicles.

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  • Tata Motors Group global wholesales grow by 14% at 102,411 vehicles in February 2011
    Posted On | 1352 Views

    The Tata Motors Group global wholesales, including Jaguar Land Rover, were 102,411 nos. in February 2011, a growth of 14% over February 2010. Cumulative sales for the fiscal (April 2010 – February 2011) are 970,129 higher by 26% compared to the corresponding period in 2009-10.

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  • Indian Passenger car segment to reach 48.5 lakh sales by 2016
    Posted On | 2468 Views

    The Indian automobile market achieved a record breaking hight in the last year. The industry faced a tremendous growth in year 2010 which resulted in multiple launches from manufacturers of different countries. Though the growth rate has been reduced it is still among the world’s fastest growing auto market. As per the latest reports, submitted by ICRA, the Indian passenger vehicle segment will reach a sale of 48.6 lakh units by year 2015-16.

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    Posted By BINSON |
  • Is the Venture ,EX or GX available as a cargo van? I am looking for a 2-front sweater a/c, heater Cargo van. Just 2 seats in the front must be very comfortable for long drives. The rear space to be open/ vacant/empty. | Reply
    Posted By Chaitanya Trivedi |
  • price of tata venture | Reply
    Posted By VENKATESHAM |
  • how is tata venture many people told for failure model, how is tata venture GX | Reply
    Posted By ahamedkalifa |
  • How is the performance of Tata Venture?

    The Indian automaker Tata is a renowned manufacturer of diesel engines. Tata Venture comes loaded with a 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 1.4-litre, diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler, which can ...read more

  • What are the safety features in Tata Venture?

    The Tata Venture comes with an array of safety features, which ensures the safety of the occupants in accidents. Venture is bestowed with some impressive safety features such as collapsible steerin ...read more

  • What is Onroad price of Tata Venture in India?

    Tata Venture on-road price depends on which state you are living in, because the on-road price is Ex-showroom price + sales tax + vehicle registration + other duties.

    The Ex-showroom price of Ta ...read more

  • How many colours are available in Tata Venture?

    The Tata Venture is available in 5 different colours namely Glossy Black, Ivory White, Champagne Gold, Lunar Silver, and Arctic White.


    ...read more

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