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Mini Cooper Clubman Review


24 May, 2012: BMW launched Mini brand in India while Auto Expo 2012. This car brand launched three of its models during the Expo in Delhi which were quite liked by the audience. The British car maker will bring its entire range of cars constituting hatchbacks, coupe, convertibles, clubman, countryman and other models in the coming years. The models already available in India are Mini Cooper, Mini Convertible and Mini Countryman. However, Mini Cooper Clubman would be an exclusive model in India if launched. Mini Cooper Clubman price shall be tagged at Rs 23 lakh. The body style is designed for easy ingress and exit and the classic exteriors of this car will let you fall in love with it.


MINI is a British automotive marque owned by Bavarian Motor Works, which specialises in small luxury cars. Mini originated as a specific vehicle which was the small car originally known as Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven. These were launched by the British Motor Corporation in 1959, and developed into a brand that encompasses a range of small luxury cars. The range includes the Countryman, Moke and Clubman. The original two-door Mini continued in production until the year 2000. Development of a successor began in 1995 and the new generation car was launched in 2001. The current Mini range includes the Hardtop, Hatch, Convertible, Clubman, Countryman (crossover) and Coupe/Roadster. The Mini was originally a product of the British Motor Corporation, which in the year 1966 became a part of British Motor Holdings. British Motor Holdings merged with Leyland Motors in 1968 to form British Leyland. Mini became a marque in its own right in 1969. In the 1980s, British Leyland was broken-up and in 1988 Rover Group, including Mini, was acquired by British Aerospace. In 1994, Rover Group was acquired by BMW. In 2000, Rover Group was broken up by BMW and after so much of juggling; Mini was finally retained by BMW. Currently BMW is the umbrella brand for Mini.

The Mini Hatch/Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Coupe and Roadster are assembled at Plant Oxford in Cowley, United Kingdom, and the Countryman and Paceman are assembled by Magna Steyr in Austria.  The Mini Clubman is an estate Mini, introduced for the 2008 model year and available in One, Cooper, Cooper S, and Cooper D variations. While identical to the Hatch/Hardtop from the B-pillars forward, the Clubman is 240mm longer overall, with a correspondingly stretched wheelbase that is 80mm longer; this provides more rear-seat leg room and substantially increased cargo space when compared to the Hardtop — 160mm longer, giving 260 litres of space. It has twin "barn doors," alternately referred to as "the Splitdoor," enclosing the boot instead of a pull-up hatch, and also features a "Clubdoor" on the right-hand side regardless of the intended market. This means that in right-hand drive markets the rear door is on the road side of the car, requiring rear passengers to exit into the road.

Engine and transmission selections are identical to those used in the Hatch/Hardtop model, except the 89bhp One diesel; and the rear suspension set-up shares many of the same designs features including the rear trailing arms and the anti-roll bars. The use of the name "Clubman" for the Mini estate van was a break with classic Mini tradition. The new BMW Mini Cooper Clubman is absolutely strong and sturdy under the hood. The car gets an impressive 1.6-litre petrol engine with a displacement of 1598cc that has the stamina to produce 121bhp along with 170Nm of torque. The acceleration of the car is excellent and clocks the top speed of 185kmph in just 11.1 seconds, which is absolutely fantastic. The carbon dioxide emission has been kept under control and this ensures that the fuel economy is perfect. The other models of BMW Mini Clubman range, including Mini Cooper S Clubman 184bhp, Mini Cooper D Clubman 112bhp, Mini Cooper One D Clubman 90bhp, and Mini One Clubman 98bhp  has the same displacement as Mini Cooper Clubman, whereas BMW Mini Cooper SD Clubman has a bigger 2.0-litre engine of the displacement of 1995cc. Mini Clubman possess go-kart handling.

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Appearance wise, BMW Mini Clubman has a unique character of its own and the design features like its exterior mirror and chrome finished radiator grille add more charisma to the car. The two club doors at both the sides, accompanied with its exceptional split door at the back gives the car a very vintage look. To add more class to the car, this car features alloy wheels especially developed for Mini cars. These alloy wheels ensure a complete enjoyable, safe and comfortable driving experience. On the inside, BMW Mini Clubman defines luxury quite accurately. The car offers space to adjust up to 5 adults with ease and comfort along with ample of luggage space. Furthermore, the interiors are pretty lavish and elegant that gives a very calm and sophisticated ambience. The exteriors of the car give Mini, as mentioned earlier, a very unique identification which makes it stand out in the crowd. It is this design and body structure that makes Mini a value for money for anyone who wants to make a style statement with something different from the rest.

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Rear Cross Side View
Full Rear View
Full Front View
Passengers Side View Door Open
Turn Indicator Outside Rear View Mirror
Front Cross Side View

Coming to the interiors, the four-seat 2013 Clubman has more interior space than the Mini Cooper, though it’s still not that much. Moderate adults will be cramped in the rear row because there isn’t a lot of legroom. Most appreciate the Clubman’s passenger-side access door, which eases back-seat entry and exit. It can be said that the front seats offer good headroom, but finds that climbing in the cabin is difficult because the Cooper Clubman rides low to the ground.  The 2013 Cooper Clubman comes standard with push-button start, a six-speaker stereo, Bluetooth, a USB adapter and HD Radio. Optional features include a Harman Kardon sound system, Mini Connected infotainment system, navigation system, satellite radio and rear parking sensors. Mini Connected infotainment system is a little hard to use, but not impossible to master with a little practice. It’s also mentionable that the climate controls aren’t labelled clearly and are hard to set. The stereo controls are also confusing because the format doesn’t make much sense. Although, the stereo systems, sound quality is good. The 2013 Cooper Clubman has 9.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up and 32.8 cubic feet with them folded. Test drivers say the Cooper Clubman doesn’t have much cargo room for the class when the rear seats are in use, though the cargo room is handy when the rear seats are folded. Some reviewers also say that the Clubman lacks sufficient small-item storage in the cabin. A retro touch, chrome toggle switches that look like something out of an airplane or race car cockpit, are positioned at the base of the centre stack to control the windows, auxiliary lights, and stability-control system. The toggles are duplicated above the rear view mirror to control interior lights, the optional sunroof and the Convertible top. The steering-column stalk switches for wipers and turn signals are pleasing to look and satisfying to use. The navigation or Mini Connected systems add a rectangular 6.5-inch video screen in the central speedometer, with a digitally generated speed needle around its perimeter. Maps are stored on a built-in flash drive. Both Mini Connected and the full navigation system add Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port, and they make it easy to integrate mobile devices. Audio can be streamed via Bluetooth, and album cover artwork and mobile-phone caller lists can be displayed on the monitor. BMW is a leader in this area.

Interior Comfort

Despite diminutive exterior dimensions, Mini cabins are surprisingly spacious up front. Even a 6-foot, 5-inch driver can be comfortable in the front seat. The basic manual levers, controlling height, seatback rake, and front-rear travel, allow just about everyone to easily find a comfortable spot. The Mini driving position is excellent.  The seats are comfortable for long-distance trips, and they're nicely bolstered to keep you in place when you inevitably hustle through the turns. The available sport seats are even better. A round, plastic transmitter replaces a conventional ignition key. It slides into a slot next to the steering column, and the driver fires the engine by pressing the adjacent a start/stop button. The button is cute and inoffensive, but no more effective than a standard key. The optional proximity key allows the driver to leave the transmitter in purse or pocket and just press the start button. Though many would prefer a traditional key, but that's not an option. All models follow Mini's sporty tradition of a big, round speedometer in the centre of the dash. The tachometer is mounted on the tilt/telescoping steering column, moving with the wheel as it's adjusted it up and down. The MINI has a unique open odometer next to the tachometer.  Heating and air conditioning controls sit below the speedometer, and they're straightforward in base models. The available automatic climate control system is cleverly configured in the shape of the winged Mini logo. The switch layout is generally effective, though sometimes it's a bit too clever.

Interior Measurement

The Clubman provides a more usable 9.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats, and a shade-type, pull out cargo cover is provided. With the rear seatbacks folded, it presents a flat load floor and nearly 33 cubic feet of space. The Split Rear Barn Doors are hinged on the rear pillars and open out, providing wide access.

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Front Seats
Acceleration & Pick-Up

The New MINI Cooper Clubman accelerates from 0 -100kmph in about 6.2 seconds, with a top speed of 220kmph. In the redrpm zone the car runs smoothly but does give an occasional grunt of engine rev as it touches 8000rpm peak. The lighter version with 98bhp of power and 120Nm of torque is peaked at 11.1 seconds for 0-100kmph.

Engine and Performance

The 1.6-liter engine in standard Mini Coopers delivers 121bhp at 6000rpm, 155Nm of torque at 4250rpm. The turbocharged, 1.6-liter in Cooper S models generates 181bhp at 5500rpm, with a minimum 240Nm available from 1600-5000rpm, plus an over boost feature that will deliver 261Nm in short bursts. The extra-racy John Cooper Works models peak at 208bhp at 6000rpm, 260.3Nm of torque at 1850-5000rpm plus an over boost delivering 281Nm when needed. Measured by specific output, a technical label for the amount of power an engine delivers for its size, the Mini JCW four is one of the most powerful engines in any automobile. All models have a standard 6-speed manual transmission. The 6-speed automatic transmission is optional. All Cooper Clubman models use premium gasoline. With either transmission, the base Cooper Clubman averages an EPA-estimated 11.48/14.88kmpl city/highway, which is good for the class. With the automatic transmission, the John Cooper Works model averages 13.23/15.62kmpl. Since the Cooper Clubman is heavier than the Mini Cooper Hardtop, one test driver thinks the Cooper Clubman is noticeably slower. However, most reviewers are impressed with the power any of the Cooper Clubman’s three engines provide. Though the 121bhp engine is the least powerful engine of the bunch, it delivers the spunky power they expect from a Mini. Mostly preferred is the manual transmission because it’s smooth and seems to improve the Cooper Clubman’s acceleration, though the automatic transmission performs just as well as the manual.

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The New MINI Cooper Clubman has two versions to be launched in India. The MINI Cooper Clubman with its 4-cylinder, 1.6-litre automatic S6 engine returns a city average of 11.48kmpl, and highway average of 14.88kmpl. While on the other hand the MINI Cooper Clubman with the similar 4-cylinder, 1.6-litre, 6-speed manual powertrain averages about 11.90kmpl in the city and 15.35kmpl on highways. For a car in this price segment, the mileage returned is one of the best. The mileage along with the superb technologies and BMW assurance makes Mini worth a buy and a hot selling luxurious hatch. 

Power of Mini Cooper Clubman

The MINI Cooper Clubman produces 121bhp with its 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder engine. With 170Nm of torque and revs limits is 8000rpm in the red zone. On the other hand, for the awesome transmission and smooth driving, the rev limit is between 3000-4000rpm. Easily touching the 185kmph mark, Mini reaches its top speed in just 11.1 seconds. The cars with the manual transmission can accelerate from 0-100kmph in just about 7.8 seconds and the automatic version of the car does the same in about 6.2 seconds. The higher revved and high torqued 185bhp version does the same; 0 to 100 in about 5.7 seconds. 

Stereo & Accessories

The 2013 Cooper Clubman comes standard with push-button start, a six-speaker stereo, Bluetooth, a USB adapter and HD Radio. Optional features include a Harman Kardon sound system,The engine revs are not up to the mark, the low bhp sometimes takes out the fun of the driving, and the cost and proper maintenance is a burden on the pocket and time.. The new Cooper Clubman houses ABS (4-Wheel), keyless entry, keyless start, air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, cruise control, power steering, tilt & telescoping wheel, AM/FM stereo, MP3 (single disc), Bluetooth wireless, dual air bags, side air bags, head curtain air bags, panorama roof, leather, traction control, and premium wheels.  Also provided are options for the 6-speed automatic transmission which include manual gear toggling w/shift handle, 17" X 7.0" infinite stream alloy wheels, P205/45R17 tires limited availability, multi-function Mini sport leather tilt/telescopic steering wheel, black bonnet stripes , and black top & mirror caps (N/A w/3AN C-Pillars, A94 or B43 Paint).

You can now buy Mini Cooper Clubman accessories online. Great discounts available.
Braking & Handling

The 6-speed automatic transmission works reasonably well with both the standard and turbocharged engines. Paddles on the steering wheel let the driver override the automatic and shift manually; and when the driver stops using them, the transmission reverts to Drive, picking the gears itself. Automatics also come with a Sport mode button that switches to a more aggressive shift algorithm that holds gears longer to keep more power on tap. On all models, the Sport button quickens throttle response and chooses a quicker steering ratio. The 6-speed manual gearbox offers more driver engagement than the automatic and wrings the most from the Mini's small engine. We strongly recommend the manual for the low-powered base models, and prefer it for the high-powered models. It's crisp, precise, and makes the driving experience more fun. Mini brakes are first-rate. The four-wheel discs are large for cars of the Mini's weight, and they provide quick, stable stops with good, consistent pedal feel. They're also managed by one of the slickest control programs in small cars. Both the base and S models benefit from Mini's brake cornering control, which can use the ABS to apply individual brakes to inside wheels to help get the car through a corner

Safety & Security

The Clubman is nearly as fun to drive as the regular Mini Cooper Hardtop, and its extra length is an advantage in some ways. The longer wheelbase makes the Clubman a bit more stable in turns. The Hardtop is slightly more eager in quick changes of direction, but the Clubman is still nimble compared to similarly sized cars in tight quarters. On the road, most drivers should find the Clubman a little more comfortable than the Hardtop. The longer wheelbase makes for smoother ride quality. If ride comfort is a top priority, the Clubman should be the Mini Cooper of choice. BMW has never compromised with the safety of its owners. BMW cars are known for luxury and its safety features and BMW Mini Clubman doesn’t disappoint at all. The new BMW Mini One Clubman will surely make you feel safe and secure any time and anywhere. The presence of Automatic Stability Control along with traction will avert the front wheels from whirling thereby assuring idyllic starting condition and ample of traction. Adding more appeal to the safety features of the car, BMW is put in ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), CBC (Cornering Brake Control). The EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) perfectly manages the balance between the rear and front axle and the brake assist accelerates the process that enables the maximum braking pressure, which in turn minimize the braking distance.


MINI Cooper Clubman comes in a standard 15”, 16” and 17” tyres. Continental ContiTouring Contact, CH95 (All-season), Dunlop SP Sport 200 E (Performance), Michelin Energy XT1 (Performance), Pirelli P3000 Energy (Performance) 175/65 R15, 175/60 R16 and 195/55 R16, and 205/45 R17.


A good car even without much horsepower, excellent torque management, excellent leg room for driver and decent space for passengers.


The engine revs are not up to the mark, the low bhp sometimes takes out the fun of the driving, and the cost and proper maintenance is a burden on the pocket and time.

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