Chevrolet Cruze

` 14.3 - 16.9 Lac*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
4.0 / 5based on 65 reviews
  • Economy
    14.8 kmpl
    Service cost
    10,774 /yr
  • Performance
    1998 cc
  • Comfort
    Rear AC Vents
  • Safety
    Driver Airbag
  • EMI
    36 months

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*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi

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Cruze Color Options

  • Velvet Red

  • Sand Drift Grey

  • Switch Blade Silver

  • White Diamond

  • Summit White

  • Caviar Black

Cruze Specifications

Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power AC Power Steering Central Locking
City Highway
Manual 1998cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
14.0 17.3 163.7bhp @ 3800rpm Standard Standard Not Available
Manual 1998cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
14.0 17.3 163.7bhp @ 3800rpm Standard Standard Not Available
Automatic 1998cc
4 Cylinder 16 Valve
11.16 14.81 163.7bhp @ 3800rpm Standard Standard Not Available

Chevrolet Cruze Review


December 5, 2014: Chevrolet Cruze , which recently got a facelift in India, is being offered with year-end benefits upto INR 60,000. Though the new model is mechanically identical to the predecessor, but carries some minor changes inside-out. Some minor tweaks on the front bumper, new front-grille and the chrome detailing around the fog lamps, are some the prominent exterior changes.


This company, which has a standard in the world markets always design its commodities with superior technology. This series of Chevrolet Cruze too is one amongst such units of which a huge lot of appreciation has been received by the company. This vehicle is manufactured with great care to allure a targeted customer base, which expect certain kinds of features in its category of automobiles. The looks are quite decent and along with that even the performance is very impressive. In order to make it a safe vehicle, it is enriched with quite many safety features, which offer strong protection. Mechanisms such as an engine immobilizer, anti-theft alarm, auto-door locking and unlocking are a few such features, which are made available in all the variants. Apart from these, there are child seat provisions, height adjustable seatbelts, dual airbags for enhanced protection along with side airbags are a few other features, which offer great protection to the occupants. The battery rundown protection, dual horn and an anti-lock braking system are functions that offer convenience to the driver and makes the drive more feasible. The external image is so well decorated with elements such as a company's bowtie, which is in gold and lits up the look from the front. The radiator grille is in chrome and is of dual port design. The front bumper is layered in body color and rear one is of dual tone and this along with the external mirrors, door handles too being in the body color makes the overall body look uniform and thus very elegant. The cabin is designed to have monotone jet black seats with titanium stitch highlights and these are mated with the premium black and titanium wraparound theme. This makes the cabin look very diverse and trendy at the same time. The top end trims are offered with leather upholstery and leather covered gear shift knobs too for richer feel and look. The triple pod instrument cluster has lot of notifications available within it. This further is given a blue illumination, which gives appeal to the cabin. A lot of storage space is offered in the compartment with storage in the front armrest and rear armrest with cup holders. Good lighting is available for having a pair of reading lamps fitted at the front and rear of the cabin. Now, when it comes to the driver centered functions, there are features like power steering with tilt and telescopic functions to it. This reduces the effort of the driver and hence offers a great comfort. Further, there is a clutch foot rest fitted too. The air conditioning unit is tropicalized electronic auto air conditioning unit with well placed vents. There is an audio system which can support multiple players and has been blessed with Bluetooth streaming as well.

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The outer image of this car looks fabulous with its sheen and glossy body paint that glorifies all its edgy design. The front grille has a large radiator grille, which is divided with a thick body colored strip, which has a golden company's insignia on it. This gives it a signature look and gives it a custom built appearance. Then there are headlamps that sit on either sides of the bumper, which have a dual bezel design to them. Whereas at the rear end, there are tail lamps which are given a split design. All the three variants are bestowed with a set of alloy wheels, which makes it look very stylish. Additionally, a spare wheel has also been equipped in the boot compartment. This enhances the overall image of this sedan from the sides and front as well. The bumpers which are in the front and at the rear are painted in the body color to give a harmonious image to the entire vehicle. This creates a classy picture of this car and makes the elements on the body look more smooth. The outside rear view mirrors are layered in the body color, which stand in tune with the bumpers. These external mirrors are integrated with turn indicators to them. The front radiator grille is vast and this is further painted in chrome for richer look. Then the side profile too is much decorated for enriching the appearance much further by applying chrome garnish over the window sills. Additionally, the door handles too are painted in chrome. All the trims have been integrated with an antenna which comes with a printed image. The windshield glass plus the window glasses are tinted. The exhaust pipe is given a chrome finishing, which keeps the view from the rear side too rather bright. The top end variants of manual and automatic versions of LTZ is integrated with electric sunroof. Further this roof is bestowed with a pinch guard protection plus there is a protective mesh to it. This feature is absent in the base trim, LT. The rear view is even more made glamorous by adding a chrome touch to the trunklid.

Exterior Measurements:

It has an overall length of 4597mm and a total width of about 1788mm without external mirrors. It stands at a good height of 1477mm. Its wheelbase is 2685mm and has a ground clearance of 165mm.

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Front Angle High View
Front Angle Low View
Front Low Wide
Full Front View
Top View
Passengers Side View Door Open
Wiper View
Grille View
Front Fog Lamp
Turn Indicator Outside Rear View Mirror
Branding Name

Editor's take : The Cruze has a very modern interior design, with a lot of features like keyless entry, button start and stop, flowing centre console that makes the inside look like a cockpit. The space is a bit cramped, especially the rear and so is ingress and egress.


The cabin is well furbished with multiple essential and decorative features. The interior theme is offered in premium black and titanium wraparound, which looks very much in consent to the other features. The seats are quite cushiony and offer much comfort and pleasure to the occupants. These seats are in monotone jet black, which have been layered with titanium stitch highlights. The top end LT trims have their seats wrapped in a good quality leather that gives added richness. Furthermore, the gear shift knob as well as the steering wheel too is covered with leather. This feature not only gives comfort to the driver, but also offers great lavishness to the cabin. This steering wheel is designed with three spokes to it. And then, there is corvette inspired dual cockpit interior design that gives the insides a trendy look. There is an instrument cluster which has three pods and this has been enabled with an icy blue illumination. This function gives a lavish picture to the compartment. There is an armrest fitted at the center of the front part of the cabin for the convenience of the front occupants. This armrest is enabled with storage and has a sliding lid too to it. An armrest is attached to the rear seats as well and this is offered with cup holders to it. There is an electronic trip computer available, which displays the driver useful information. This includes notifications such as, trip distance, average fuel consumption, average speed, distance to empty and instantaneous fuel consumption as well. A couple of lamps are fitted at the front and rear part of the cabin, which provide ample lighting for reading or any other necessity too. The instrument cluster is offered with illumination control function enabled to it.

Interior Comfort:

All the variants of this series are equipped with many comfort features, which offer convenience to the passengers along with the driver too. The very first function which serves as an immense benefit to the driver is to have power steering. This mechanism reduces the amount of effort that the driver has to put into the driving. The steering is further incorporated with tilt and telescopic steering. For the regulation of the inside temperature of the compartment, there is an air conditioning unit integrated into all the variants. This unit is the tropicalized electronic auto air-conditioning system, which has automated functions enabled within it. For the sake of entertainment, there is an audio system, which is equipped inside the cabin. This unit has the capacity to support CD/MP3 and has a radio too. There is an Aux-in and USB port too available. A smart screen is available in the cabin that can be programmable. The audio controls are mounted onto the steering wheel, which is an immense benefit to the driver. Premium speakers are fitted into the cabin which help in better sound distribution with enhanced sound quality. The outside rear view mirrors can be electronically adjustable. There are follow me home headlamps which are equipped into all the variants. This feature is helpful during the darker hours of the day. All the doors have power windows integrated to them and additionally they have express down function enabled switches to them. The rear windscreen is built with a defogger to it. For further comfort to the driver, there is a clutch foot rest made available in the foot area. The trunk room too is offered with plenty of illumination. The front as well as the rear seats are fitted with headrests which have height adjustable facility to them. Foldable keys are offered in this series which has a remote control to it that can lock or unlock the doors, has boot release function as well as an anti-theft function too is integrated to them. After ignition is off, there is a function which delays the operation of the outside rear view mirrors. A cigarette lighter is offered in all the variants for preferable comfort of the occupants. And then there is a sunglass holder too available in these trims. There is a programmable keyless entry with one push start/stop button. Apart from the audio controls, even the cruise control switch too is integrated to the steering wheel. The higher trims of LTZ are fitted with a driver seat, which have eight way power adjustments. This is very useful for the convenience to the driver. These trims have a windscreen, which are fitted with a set of wipers that has rain sensing system to them. There is a four channel rear parking assistance, which is offered to these variants, that is quite helpful to the driver. The driver side window has express up function which is offered with an anti-pinch guard to it. The inside rear view mirror has an auto dimming function. Having a Bluetooth connectivity enabled music streaming in these trims is a highlight feature. A power socket is fitted at the rear side of the cabin which can be utilized for charging electronic devices. The vanity mirrors which are fitted to the visors have an illumination to them.

Interior Measurements:

This sedan has a lot of internal space which can accommodate about five occupants quite comfortably. It has a headroom of 999mm at front and 963mm at rear side of the cabin. The legroom is of 1074mm at front and 917mm at rear and has a shoulder room of about 1391mm at front and 1370mm at rear.

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Central Console
Gear Shifter
Passenger Seat
Power Accessories outlet view
Acceleration & Pick-Up

Editor's take : The acceleration of the Cruze is good, and the upgraded power and increased number of gears has further enhanced the power. The 6-speed manual has well spread-out ratios.


The LT and LTZ variants are mated with a six speed manual transmission gear box, whereas the LTZ automatic trim is fitted with a six speed automatic transmission gear box. They can breach the 100 Kmph mark within 9.7 seconds and they can reach a top speed of about 184 Kmph. It has a potential to displace about 1998cc.

Engine and Performance

Editor's take : The performance of an engine is good, and this is the reason why Chevrolet calls it the Diesel Rocket. The 163bhp of power is sufficient, though we will recommend the manual over the automatic.


This series is offered in three variants of which are of diesel versions. All of these trims are equipped with 2.0-litre diesel engine that can displace about 1998cc. The motor is based on in-line, advanced variable geometry turbo common rail direct injection fuel supply system. It has a potential to generate a power of around 163.7bhp at 3800rpm and a torque output of 380Nm at 2000rpm.


Editor's take : The Cruze being a diesel has good fuel economy despite a powerful engine. This adds on to the advantage of the vehicle.


This vehicle is available in diesel versions only and is integrated with a 2.0-litre VCDi diesel engine, which can displace about 1998cc. It has four cylinders and sixteen valves within it and is based on the standard common rail direct injection fuel supply system. This series can deliver a mileage of about 14 Kmpl under city conditions and on the highways it can go upto 17.3 Kmpl with the manual transmission variants. Whereas, the automatic trims have a mileage of 14.2 Kmpl on highways and 12 Kmpl in the city.

Power of Chevrolet Cruze

Editor's take : The 163 horses produced by the Cruze makes it one of the most powerful sedans in its segment, either petrol or diesel.


It has been integrated with a motor that can generate a maximum power of about 163.7bhp at 3800rpm and can produce a torque output of around 380Nm at 2000rpm.

Stereo & Accessories

Editor's take : The Cruze gets an integrated music system, with controls on the steering, push start button, keyless entry. Electrically adjustable driver’s seat.


This series of is packed with an audio system which has a CD and MP3 player. It has an Auxiliary input and a USB port as well. The audio controls are mounted onto the steering wheel which is of a great benefit to the driver. This sedan can be additionally customized with multiple features like floor mats, fancy stickers, roof rails and spoilers for extra style and many other such accessories to personalize the car.

You can now buy Chevrolet Cruze accessories online. Great discounts available.
Braking & Handling

Editor's take :  The handling of the Cruze is good and alacrity of the chassis isn’t as good as the European competition, but it does the job of sticking to the ground.


The front wheels as well as the rear ones are fitted with ventilated disc brakes, which are very efficient. Further, the braking mechanism is made much efficient by incorporating an anti-lock braking system within. This will help in getting much better grip over all kinds of roads. Even the suspension of this series is well built for having its front axle equipped with McPherson strut with linear cylindrical coil spring and tubular stabilizer bar system. While, its rear axle is integrated with compound crank type with non-linear and mini-block coil spring. This suspension helps in having smoother and controlled drives.

Safety & Security

Editor's take : The safety features on the Cruze include airbags, ABS and even EBD. There is also a provision to attach child’s seat.


The safety of this series is well taken care of with multiple elements to safeguard the vehicle as well as the occupants at the same time. It is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, which helps in providing better grip over all kinds of roads. Airbags are offered to the driver and the co-passenger too which are very necessary for any vehicle for protecting the front occupants from hitting themselves to the windows and the steering wheel. An engine immobilizer which works as an anti-theft function is a mechanism that freezes the engine when it detects any unauthorized access. Further there is an anti-theft alarm system as well that is integrated to the vehicle, which serves as an added protection. An auto door locking system is enabled to all the doors, which can be of great assistance to the driver and makes it safer to the passengers as well. But when in case of crash, doors get automatically unlocked and this function is very useful. Both the front and rear bumpers have an impact proof, which can be up to almost four kilometers. There is an under-body coating available which protects the chassis from getting rusted or from any other damages. The front seats are fitted with seatbelts which have height adjustment facility to them. Its front end is fitted with a pair of fog lamps, which offer clear visibility and is quite helpful to the driving. There is a dual horn function which helps in producing a horn sound that is of double impact. There is a battery run down protection offered, which alerts the driver whenever the battery is on the verge of discharging completely. There are provisions for integrating child seats, which makes this vehicle family friendly. A pair of side airbags are fitted in the top end trims, which are of extra assistance.

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All the variants are fitted with a set of stylish alloy wheels which are of size 16 inches. These wheels are covered with a robust set of tyres of size 205/60 R16. The company has also given a full size spare wheel, which is fitted in the boot compartment along with other tools to change a flat tyre.


1. Interiors look very trendy and modern.

2. Insides are spacious for the massive wheelbase.

3. All the trims have alloy wheels to them.

4. The external image looks quite splendid.

5. A lot of comfort factors are available.


1. Ground clearance is not up to the mark.

2. Leather upholstery is missing in the base variant.

3. There is no navigation system available.

4. Mileage is not that great.

5. Price range can be more reasonable.

Chevrolet Cruze Price
Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata
14,26,681 14,50,908 14,96,309 14,50,885 14,25,633 14,50,884 14,64,923   Get On Road Price  
15,80,924 16,07,899 16,58,188 16,07,876 15,79,882 16,07,875 16,23,425   Get On Road Price  
16,85,730 17,14,558 17,68,271 17,14,535 16,84,678 17,14,534 17,31,130   Get On Road Price  
The Cruze has always been a centrepiece for General Motors in India. Its powerful diesel engine and muscular design captured the heart of many who bought it and stuck with it. Since its first iteration in 2009, the Cruze has always been considered an American muscle with brilliant styling and a bomb of an engine in the 2.0 litre guise. But with the tension between the D-segment cars building up, GM gave the Cruze some more room to breathe in.... [read more]
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  • Mixed Bag
    By Supreeth| | 270 Views
    I own a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze AT. This car has been a mixed bag. Here is why- Pros - Amazing pickup, car designed for performance, comfortable (it's a sports car, shouldn't be more comfortable), great looks, multiple features, decent interiors. Cons - Very expensive maintenance, pathetic service from the companies (Kropex and Trident, Bangalore), low on mileage. Every service has costed me a minimum of Rs 20,000/- or more. The highest I ha... Read Full Review
  • Very bad car
    By rajat| | 1289 Views
    Look and Style: Yes it looks great but in market new cars have much better looks like Corolla Altis, Skoda Laura and Volkswagon Jetta. Comfort: The seats of this car is very bad, my one friend has Maruti Suzuki Swift which is extremely comfortable than this car. I am 23 year old boy and I love to drive but now I am suffering from back pain because of this car. Pickup: Not too great not too bad, at this price segment most of the cars have same pic... Read Full Review
  • Chevrolet Cruze: A Diesel Beast
    By Sartaj| | 2252 Views
    Look and Style: Couldn't have asked for any thing better than this in this segment. I compared it with Octavia, Elantra, Jetta and Fluence but it beats them hands down. Its never let's the youth go out of you. Comfort: I'll say is good on okay roads but amazing on highways. You never feel tired after driving it even after 500 kms at a stretch. Pickup: Oh it makes you feel that you have invested in the best.... Mileage: Its okay, could... Read Full Review
  • Cool Cruz
    By Raghu| | 2445 Views
    Look and Style: For the price, cannot complain about looks. It is a long car, has sunroof and pretty much most features of cars in an even higher segment. Comfort Is OK, leather seats can be of a better quality, leather a bit rough. Space at rear not adequate for a large sedan like Cruz. Pickup Excellent, on a straight highway, you can accelerate and overtake at will. The LTZ AT also has a semi-manual option. It gives a double fun owing a AT but,... Read Full Review
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  • Chevrolet Cruze crosses three million sales mark globally
    Posted On | | 1892 Views

    Chevrolet Cruze crossed the two millionth sales mark just 16 months ago. Now the American automobile major has crossed yet another milestone by touching the three million sales mark for thier global model. Launched in 2008 globally, Chevrolet's best-selling saloon is built in 11 different manufacturing facilities across the globe and retailed in 100+ countries.

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  • Nex-gen Chevrolet Cruze interiors revealed
    Posted On | | 3057 Views

    Chevrolet revealed the interiors of the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Cruze, the sedan will go on sale in China later this year. Chevrolet showcased the new Cruze at the Beijing Motor Show couple of months ago, while the interiors were under-the-wraps up until now. The sedan gets an all-new body along with all-new interiors and is based on the Tru-140S concept, the company showcased at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show.

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  • 2015 Chevrolet Cruze unveiled; India launch later this year
    Posted On | | 8937 Views

    GM unveiled the new 2015 Chevrolet Cruze ahead of 2014 New York Motor Show starting this Friday- April 18. It looks like the Cruze that leaked in the China is purely for the Chinese market, it surely looses the true American muscle car essence which we all love about the current Cruze. Well its all good that ends good, we will be getting this updated Cruze in the falls of 2014. The new car offers host of new features and it retains the beefy bolder looks of the Cruze. The new Cruze will compete against the likes of Skoda Octavia, new Toyota Corolla Altis, Renault Fluence and Hyundai Elantra.

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