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BMW X6 Review


June, 06 2014: The Bavarian Automaker has globally introduced the second generation of its 'Sports Activity Coupe' - X6 . X6 was first launched in 2008 and since then this is the first major upgrade. The updated vehicle will go on sale in the last month of 2014 in US and Indian debut is likely to happen soon after it. The new X6 offers several engine options. The top of the line V8 petrol churns out 450bhp. Almost all the variants of X6 offers full-time all-wheel-drive, except one which offers rear-wheel-drive layout. Like most of the recent BMW facelifts, the new X6 also features BMW's LED lighting system.


The world of cars has been leveled to the grandeur and plushness that we know today only with the innovativeness, skill and excellence of its leaders. When narrowing down to the class of luxury cars, BMW is undoubtedly the world acclaimed leader in putting out the most exalting of luxury machines ever. This is a company that has defied all barriers of the industry, touching new heights and taking the entire industry along with it. It pioneers engineering of the finest, and manages to blend class, luxury and elegance into its high model sports machines, ensuring that the range of vehicles it brings out are top notch in every form possible. The BMW X6 is one such enigmatic innovation from the chambers of this company. Not only is it the world’s very first sports active coupe, but it is also something of a crossover between a luxury car and an SUV. The coupe comes as BMW’s very latest addition to the ‘X’ range of cars. It is set to launch in India somewhere by the second half of 2015, and it is generating a great anticipation by automotive audiences here. Like its international version, it is expected to come with two engine variants, an eight cylinder petrol trim and a six cylinder diesel trim. Both of them file at around the same performance, but the diesel engine makes for uniquely lower fuel consumption. Its top end version is blessed with a powerful 8-cylinder mill that displaces 4395cc. It guns down the road with a max power of 407bhp, and carries a peak torque value of 600Nm. These figures bring the best onto the road, as the hefty machine can roar down the roads with a top speed of 250 Kmph. Furthermore, it can rage from naught to 100 Kmph in a stunning 5.4 seconds, which is rather astonishing considering its size, build and immense capacity.

Now turning to softer functions, this is a vehicle with a most enticing array of features present for its interiors. It has the most exquisitely modeled interior format. Fine metallic accents layer the cabin, adorning the inside of the car with elegance that few would expect from the internal craft of a machine. The seats and massive, comfortable and well cushioned, ensuring that the passengers benefits are always put before everything else. The most rich leather upholstery together decorates the interior of the car, filling the cabin in the most luxurious air. Together with a range of accessories and comfort functions, the finest of design elements, and a well tuned audio system, this is a vehicle that builds a ride experience meant to be revered and relished. The exterior of the vehicle is crafted with the most delicate make possible. The metallic skin covering the car is flawless and smooth, made with a message of prominence and grandeur for the roads. A robust, well designed size is aided with an aerodynamic swiftness and agility to assist it when revving down the streets. All of this brought together, BMW tops itself off with the addition of this finely modeled machine to its range of cars.


The exterior make of this vehicle is above most others this company has made, blending the best of form and function. The X6 is a vehicle designed for luxury, but its intimidating build is meant to strike the most compelling of poises. Robust and heavy in shape, it is guarded by a well toned body that takes all impact and resists, but at the same time, gives the car a stunning look as well. The hefty build of this vehicle is not separated from stealth on the roads. Its high grade design mechanics imbibe it with an agility with the help of streamlined beauty and the best aerodynamic capacity. It is suited for speed enhancement in addition to its robust and well toned shape. The vehicle scores as a one of a kind blend of luxury and performance. The well designed aerodynamic stealth that the vehicle is also incorporated with elements of lavishness. The make of the vehicle is blended to host a menacing, robust form as well. It has a large, wide front portion that is striking, with headlamps that are bold and prominent. The double kidney grille creates a formidable picture on the roads, with the BMW emblem adorned right atop it. On either side are well trimmed headlights, complete with LED lights and all other functions. Positioned below this are fog lights that make driving in the dark easier. Its roofline is slender and well modeled, bending down seamlessly to blend with the rear of the car, with rear lights that are integrated with LEDs, turn indicators and courtesy lights. The side profile of the vehicle is by no means let down. It has large fenders with wheels made with larger and more imposing boldness. A set of 19 inch light alloy wheels on the front and rear exhaust all of its looks in the finest grandeur possible. It is made with a flawless outer covering, its metallic skin made to impose the highest perfection in its lines. Its paintwork takes the brilliance of its outer design many levels finer. High tech paint ensures this, along with the meticulous craftsmanship of the company workers.

Exterior Measurements:

In India, this vehicle is most likely to be introduced as a CBU version and hence, there may not be any variation in terms of its external dimensions. The car is built for a striking, hefty build that is blended with aerodynamic grit at the same time. It stretches for a massive length of 4877mm. This, in addition to a decent width of 1983mm makes it a mean machine to prowl the roads. The vehicle's wheelbase is 2933mm long. It stands tall and lanky at a height of 1669mm.


The inside of this vehicle is decorated for the highest of luxury, meant to carry out an atmosphere of immense wealth. It is anticipated to come with fine metallic accents polishing different layers of the cabin, and soaking in the richest aura possible. The seats are to be large and cushioned, meant for providing comfort to suit the high speed thrills that the ride offers. The upholstery is a combination of all the finest adornments. The seating is complemented by the finest leather and well refined coloring. It is supposed to present with a range of equipment to fulfill the needs of the passengers, ranging from the Bluetooth system, to the camera system to a media snap in adapter option to connect external devices. It has a wide and spacious rear storage compartment. An additional holder at the rear for your iPad or other equipment also brings measured aid to all needs of the passengers.

Interior Comfort:

The premium leather that decorates the interior is of the finest quality possible. It is known that the interior of the vehicle would present in the most rich materials' decoration. In addition to its natural grain leather upholstery, it also has the most intense coloring to go along with the premium material. A Bluetooth function should be present inside of the car, making for the best connectivity and taking care of the needs of the passengers. Loads of other accessories are expected to adorn the cabin, including an iPod connector function, a well tuned stereo and radio, a holder for other devices, and many more.

Interior Measurements:

BMW has always given its passengers the glory of comfort and convenience like few other vehicle brands could afford. The high grade manufacture of this machine is complete with the most aromatic and spacious of ride experiences that does not hold back. The inside of the car is aided with a large and spacious cabin. Tall people, and people with lankly builds are all allowed to enjoy the benefits of this car with ample room to stretch and enjoy themselves. It also has a large trunk space to go along with the inside of the cabin. The spacious rear trunk can hold 460-litres, possibly a figure astounding its passengers like no other vehicle has before.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

The BMW X6 is a one of a kind machine, an engineering marvel within the range of vehicles that this company has made. It supersedes all other previous innovations that have been made by this company. The diesel drive train is supposed to come with the most powerful engine. With the power it builds, the machine smashes all borders of speed and performance, accelerating to the 100 kmph mark within 5.4 seconds. This makes it one of the most defining speed machines on the streets, possibly tailing behind only a handful of the world's very finest sports machines. Furthermore, it guns to a top speed of 250 kmph, which is extraordinary considering the vehicle's weight and its immense build. As for the petrol variant, the acceleration timing drops to 6.5 seconds, and it has a similar top speed of about 220 kmph. Nevertheless, for the size, build and shape that the car adopts, the performance figures are truly remarkable, and most audiences laud this vehicle and its speed capacity as well.

Engine and Performance

Like mentioned above, this yet to be launched vehicle is supposed to come with two engine options. For those in search of performance, the machine comes packed with an eight cylinder petrol trim. It has a displacement value of 4395cc. It produces a peak power of 406bhp, and a peak torque that revs at 600Nm. All of this put together, the car blasts down the streets, touching top speeds of nearly 250kmph. Furthermore, it files high on the acceleration chart, crossing naught to 100kmph within just 5.4 seconds, remarkable for a car of its size and build. Coming to the other engine variant, the six cylinder diesel trim, it has a displacement capacity of 2993cc. The torque and power values are similar to the original at 600Nm and 306bhp respectively. It flies down the road with a top speed of 220kmph, and the ability to cross the 100kmph within 6.5 seconds.


BMW has embraced mechanics like few other car makers have ever accomplished. The fine design of its cars ensure that no feature is left missing. The best of all benefits are secured with the high grade engineering that this manufacturer holds in its walls. The BMW X6 has a topped off speed capacity, especially for its size and build. However, what really makes it a rare engineering marvel, is its fuel consumption as well. The eight cylinder diesel engine delivers the finest mileage of 12.5 kmpl, which is nothing short of astounding for the size and build of the car, as well as its might on the roads. The eight cylinder diesel trim drops this value to 7.5 kmpl, which is nevertheless good for the segment that this car is.

Power of BMW X6

This is a coupe with class and elegance, but at the same time, roaring speed capacity as well. The India bond version is expected to come with two engine formats like the international version. Among them, the eight cylinder engine variant that makes it a formidable machine on the roads. A displacement capacity of 4395cc is pitch perfect for this crossover machine. Further going along with this is the peak torque value of 600Nm and a maximum. The other engine variant, the six cylinder petrol variant, has a displacement capacity of 2993cc. Furthermore, it guns a peak torque of 600Nm, the same as the other variant, and a peak power value of 306hp.

Stereo & Accessories

The performance and luxury of this upcoming vehicle goes hand in hand with a soothing experience for the ride. It is meant to come with a well formatted audio system with speakers strategically positioned about the car for the most alluring sound functions. A Bluetooth interface ensures the highest connectivity for the passengers, and also brings the best of other functions as well. In addition to all of this, special and unique BMW apps are supposed to make it to the final list of features for best comfort, which eventually relieves the passengers the need of using their phones for their necessities.

You can now buy BMW X6 accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

The powerful capacity, along with its large size and build, is balanced out with a great braking and control system. This vehicle, which is already available in international markets has an advanced braking system, with superior braking calipers equipping the wheels. The suspension system is just as top notch, keeping the vehicle firmly seated with balance throughout. Further upgrading stability during the drive are techno aids, such as anti brake system and a brake energy regeneration feature. Tyres with reduced rolling resistance ensure the best smoothness, comfort and stability during the drive.

Safety & Security

The quality that BMW stands for is not complete without the best and the most important element in automobile safety. The BMW X6 is supposed to arrive with the very finest safety features, and it goes out of the way to secure the lives entrusted within it. A powerful, well built body is complete on impact absorption technology. Furthermore, on the inside, seatbelts strap its passengers in and airbags shield them always, with the lowest deployment time. Beside these, several other top-notch safety features are also expected to make it to the final list.


The sophistication of the vehicle extends to all features, including its wheels. It is most likely that company might offer it with a set of 19 inch light alloy wheels as standard feature. They are adorned with high performance radials that ensures a smooth performance.


1. Robust and hefty build for additional space and better looks.

2. A great luxury and elegance made to befit inside of the vehicle.

3. Truly spectacular performance, especially for a vehicle of this segment.

4. Comfort and convenience features at top-notch, and the best lavishness coats the inside of the machine.

5. It is a one of a kind build in the entire world, a combination of a coupe and SUV.


1. It could be expensive, even for BMW’s standards.

2. The diesel variant has a rather low mileage.

3. The inner decorations are grand, but with the space it has, could be enhanced.

4. It has a rather low ground clearance.

5. It could use more advanced technology to improve on safety.

Road Test

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  • Is BMW X6 coming to India?

    Yes, BMW X6 Will come in india in second half of 2015.  

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