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Mahindra launches India's first body on frame sub 4-m compact SUV exclusively designed for rough roads pioneering the sub 4m segment with twin stage 1.5L turbo mCR100 engine. Eye popping with its vibrant colors, brawny and robust look at the front fascia while the black footsteps, alloy wheels, roof rails, rear tail lamp and the smartly placed rear spare wheels presents a sporty picture of Quanto. Outside rear view mirror could be automatically adjusted proving ease to the driver, whereas the body design ensures reduced NVH level inside the car. Stepping into this SUV will be pleasurable experience as it will delight you with classy, high tech interiors and decent furnishing. Quanto is well versed with all the features which are technologically advanced such as new generation state of art derived MGP-320 gear box, Digital drive assist system, Inteli power reverse assist, SRS airbags, combination of drum & disk brakes and engine immobilizer to give a smooth and pleasurable driving experience. Add on features such as sun glass holder, wider space and digital display adds to the comfort .
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