CarDekho Uplink

Smart GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Built for your peace of mind
stay connected with
your vehicle

Less worry more security

Feature rich and User friendly Mobile Apps

Live View

Real-time GPS tracking of your vehicle.


Quick glance of vehicle’s movement in a day.

Virtual Watchman

Get alerted if your parked vehicle is moved from its place.

Trip History

View all the trips done by your vehicle.

Usage Stats

Get insights into your vehicle usage with statistics.

Rash driving alerts

Get Alerted in case of Overspeeding, Hard Acceleration or Hard braking.


Mark important locations and get alerted whenever vehicle enters/exits that location

Driving Analysis

Analyse driving with the help of Speed and Acceleration Graphs.

Location broadcast

Share your vehicle live location with friends and family

God View

View all your vehicles in a single map.

CarDekho Uplink - Unboxing, Installation and Features Overview

How it works

Get connected with your vehicle in these simple steps

1Purchase Uplink

Order the device here and get it delivered on your doorsteps.

2Install in your vehicle

Follow these simple steps to install the device in your vehicle here;

3Link device and get connected

Download Mobile apps from here complete registration details and start receiving live data on your mobile.

Why Uplink is better

Some highlights.

Safe for your vehicle

Designed as per automotive grade, does not drain vehicle battery , no wire cutting.

User friendly mobile apps

Easy to use, feature rich mobile apps.

Easy to install plug & play

Very easy installation process and not wire cutting High Performance

What our Beta Testers have to Say

Some highlights.

  • Umesh Gaur

    Chartered Accountant

    My Car is used by multiple members in the family, so Uplink gives me the power to know how the vehicle is being used with complete tracking and Alerts me in case of any misuse. Quite happy with Uplink.

  • Shalini Singh


    My parents live alone so I have connected their car to my phone with Uplink. I am now assured of their Safety at all times. Fantastic product!

  • Rahul Mehra


    My last car was stolen so Uplink was now a must have for me. I can now park my car with total peace of mind. It has been a great investment.

  • Sumit Sharma

    Young Entrepreneur

    Uplink is not only a GPS device but it is a full package of related services. Apart from vehicle tracking i can share my journey with my family whenever on business trip.


have any queries?

1What is Uplink?
Uplink is a telematics device that lets you stay connected with your car all the time and ensure safety, security and surveillance. The smart device can be connected to any car allowing users to gain real-time access to a host of information such as location tracking, theft alerts, vehicle speed, usage statistics, and more.
2 How does it benefit me?
With Uplink, you get peace of mind.
By having access to the vehicle’s real-time location and speed, you know exactly where and how your vehicle is being used. No more wondering if your kids are being safely dropped to school, if your spouse is stuck in a jam due to an unusual delay or if your chauffeur is driving responsibly. In the unfortunate event of theft, Uplink also serves as a formidable tool to track the vehicle accurately and quickly.
3 How does it work?
There are three key components in the Uplink ecosystem: the device, the Internet and the mobile application. The device is the brains of the operation, gathering data from GPS satellites and sensors to send a host of live data including location, speed and orientation. Data is then encrypted and sent to a cloud server that validates, processes and stores it. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a mobile application or an easy-to- use web portal.
4 What’s the difference between (Variant 1) and (Variant 2)?
(Variant 1) plugs straight into the OBD port of the device. It’s discrete and remains out of view all the time. (Variant 2) plugs into the existing 12V charging socket of the vehicle. It looks like a standard charger and offers the additional benefit of two USB ports while protecting your vehicle.
5 What if the vehicle is out of network coverage area?
Uplink has been programmed to safely store information in the onboard data storage. Once a stable Internet connection is established, all of the data is securely sent to the cloud.
6 Will Uplink void my vehicle warranty?
No. Both variants of Uplink are plug and play devices that require no cutting or splicing of wires. It’s fully compatible with all standard warranties offered by manufacturers.

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