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Maruti Ritz Mileage User Reviews

Maruti Ritz
This car model has expired
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Mileage User Reviews of Maruti Ritz

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  • for VDi

    Excellent Car though it has few minute drawbacks

    Look and Style: The front looks like a powerhouse while the rear looks more like an alien design. Comfort: Remarkably good though the clutch paddle height is too high and driver sitting position is slightly angled to the left. Pickup: Should say that the pickup is just superb when it crosses 2000rpm Mileage: Excellent... 20kmpl on highways Best Fea...Read More

    By mithun
    On: Sep 03, 2011 | 3491 Views
  • for VXi

    Power and Fuel Economy

    Innovative design can feel like sitting in an SUV. Comfortable, high seating position and visibility is Excellent. Thanks to the Powerful engine. Mileage is one of the Best features. My experience after 3rd service 7000+ km:  it is giving 18.5 at city with AC and 15 + in the city. Best Features are Mileage, Power, Tall boy design Needs to improve O...Read More

    By subhash
    On: Sep 14, 2011 | 2397 Views
  • for VDi

    My New Babe-Ritz VDI

    Look and Style: It's really amazing and i am vexed on seeing the swift, as everywhere in Bangalore i can see a swift. Comfort: It's more comfortable driving with Good seats and good leg/Head room Pickup: It's superb with the DDis engine Mileage: I am getting 17 kms in city and 23 in Highway without a/c Best Features: Water fall console, Easy shifta...Read More

    By karthik
    On: Sep 13, 2011 | 2482 Views
  • for VXi


    Look and Style: Unique look separates it from the other cars, the tail lamps are better than any other car. Comfort: Very high Pickup: very good Mileage: best among the petrol cars of the same class. Best Features: tallboy design gives a very spacious feeling, waterfall console is very elegant. Read More

    By prashant
    On: Sep 09, 2011 | 1198 Views
  • for VXi

    Best in Class Petrol Mileage

    Look and Style: Overall very good SUV type shape Comfort: Best ride quality Pickup: Excellent Mileage: Very good with AC in mixed conditions. I am getting 16.5 Km with 100% AC and on highway it is 18+ with AC Best Features: Mileage, Spacious and Power Needs to improve: Can add some more features like Audio and climate control Overall Experience: Su...Read More

    By nirmal
    On: Aug 24, 2011 | 2474 Views
  • Don buy anybody in nellore very worst and pathetic service..

    Pickup good, Mileage good, Best Features are style and comfort,  Needs to improve MARUTI DEALERS Overall Experience with vehicle is good but bad with its dealers

    By bharti
    On: Aug 24, 2011 | 1804 Views
  • for VXi

    Ritz A Good Family Car

    Comfort: Ride level is very comfortable Pickup: Ritz VXI pick up is amazing Mileage: Getting mileage around 16km Best Features: Handling is very good, a.c is very powerful Overall Experience: I just luv this car   Read More

    By amarpreet singh dev
    On: Jul 21, 2011 | 3025 Views
  • for VDi

    Little Monster on Road

    Look and Style: Awesome, Comfort: Average, Pickup: better than swift, Mileage: very good, Best Features: Engine

    By hemant
    On: Jul 21, 2011 | 1760 Views
  • for ZXi

    Unsafe Rear Side View Mirror

    Look and Style: good, Comfort: good, Pickup: excellent, Mileage: good, Best Features: comfort,  Needs to improve: Need to replace the rear side view mirrors because it cannot be folded fully for safety. Unsafe for people walking on the side of this car as it can hit and break it any moment even with the vehicle passing close-by. Maruti should repla...Read More

    By b.michael
    On: Jul 11, 2011 | 3693 Views
  • for VXi

    If you want Mileage then...

    Look and Style: Now after seeing from last 2 years .. It is a unique fresh design Comfort: Very good and high seating positions Pickup: Excellent Mileage: Again excellent (Ritz gives excellent mileage with Power and this is the two plus for this car). On my last trip, I tested and got 19 KM with 80 % AC and 65 Highway and 35 city with a lot of sign...Read More

    By mithun
    On: Jun 20, 2011 | 3818 Views
  • for ZXi

    Ritz best in class

    Look and Style: front look is very impressive , Back look is now accepted.. Comfort: Excellent driving comfort Pickup 100 % mark for K series for mileage and power Mileage 18 KMPH over 8000 km .. Best Features Power ,Mileage , tallboy design Overall Experience: My experience from last 15 months, it is the best Hatch available in India now. I Test d...Read More

    By nikhil
    On: May 03, 2011 | 2063 Views
  • for VXi

    Performance with great mileage

    Look and Style: Unique design Tall boy, feels like an SUV and very good drivability Comfort : Better than Swift Pickup : Excellent 85 BHP K series is a true winner Mileage : My car gives a mileage of 15.5 with AC 60% highway and 40% city Best Features: Mileage and Power Needs to improve : More features like MP3 Overall Experience: Excellent vehicle...Read More

    By nikhil
    On: Jun 02, 2011 | 1618 Views
  • for VDi

    Small is Big

    Look and Style: a very stylish car Comfort: comfort level is good in the class Pickup: no question about it. i touched 145 kmp with AC & 5 people in the car without breaking a sweat. Mileage: excellent, that's the best part which is around 20 kmpl Best Features: pick up, torque, fuel efficiency Needs to improve: ride comfort Overall Experience: a v...Read More

    By randhir kshatriya
    On: Jun 17, 2011 | 1921 Views
  • for ZXi

    Value For Money

    Look and Style: looks & style wise itz better den other models such as i10 & micra AS PER MY OBSERVATION Comfort : very spacious & very comfortable Pickup: 0-100 13-14 secs depends on how u drive car. It is steady even at the speed of 100km/hr   Mileage: 14-16 in city lyk MUMBAI 18-19 on highway Best Features: in less price we get the feel of drivi...Read More

    By akash
    On: Jun 05, 2011 | 1816 Views
  • for ZXi

    Maruti Ritz ZXi mileage observed over a year

    Hi, I have bought Ritz ZXi a year back. Check the post-Maruti Ritz ZXi accessories. I haven't spent anything on repairs etc. I have got the 3 regular free services done. Till this date, the car is trouble free. I am very much satisfied with the car. I have kept a record of the number of litres of petrol that I have filled in my car. Till this date,...Read More

    By syam
    On: Jun 05, 2011 | 3950 Views
  • for VDi

    SUZUKI - Don't forget you have risen with India

    Look and Style: Great Profile, aggressive front, unconventional back Comfort total Pickup great Mileage good Best Features are smart pickup with good mileage Needs to improve: put rear view mirror on the windshield and provide rear view camera, since rear visibility is poor. Overall Experience happy with my choice, could have been more. Read More

    By prakash uniyal
    On: Jun 02, 2011 | 1350 Views
  • for VXi

    Ritz Mileage is the best

    Look and Style : It is pretty Ok , SUV Model with High seating position Comfort : Best Drivability and comfort Pickup : OK series , 85 BHP best in class power Mileage : One of the best feature My petrol will give me a mileage of over  18.5 80% Ac at 50:50 in city plus highway  Best Features : Milage is the best feature Overall Experience: I am driv...Read More

    By sonu
    On: May 16, 2011 | 2067 Views
  • for VXi (ABS)

    Maruti Ritz a class vehicle

    Comfort: Best in class with lot of room inside, Pickup: excellent best in class, Mileage: very good mileage 16 + at 60% highway and 40% city with AC. Best Features: Mileage of the vehicle Needs to improve: Rear Design, Overall Experience: I purchased the vehicle from Sai service , Kochi, on last April 2010. Till now no issues I like ritz because of...Read More

    By manu
    On: May 07, 2011 | 1541 Views
  • Very low average and bad service station service

    Look and Style: gud, Comfort: gud,  Pickup: gud, Mileage: very very very very very poor, Best Features: only looks,  Needs to improve: service  and mileage, Overall Experience: i bought, its my fault ... not urs .. i have to drive .. otherwise ... with this mileage . i was happy with my old zen car .. Read More

    By gaurav
    On: May 02, 2011 | 4678 Views
  • for VXi

    Ritz Superb Mileage

    Look and Style : Great Model  Comfort : Drivabilty Very good  Pickup : Excellent Pickup , Powerful engine Mileage : I am getting best mileage. Very good mileage for my petrol model Best Features : Tall Boy design and power Overall Experience : Very good performance,  Superb mileage- approx 16 per ltr  petol + so far 6500 km. For me, this is the bes...Read More

    By nikhil
    On: Apr 27, 2011 | 3458 Views
  • for VDi

    Maruti Ritz Diesel, value for money car

    Look and Style: Hi, I became the proud owner of Maruti Ritz VDi and I think I have made the right choice by opting it. Looks of the car are sober and sporty. The built and design is perfect and symmetric except the rear half cuts the bumper design. Comfort: Maruti Ritz is equipped with comfortable and class interiors which give a feel of premium ha...Read More

    By vishal bhargava
    On: Feb 14, 2011 | 3570 Views
  • for VXi (ABS)

    Maruti Ritz: Cool hatch for a short family

    Friends, a car lover wants to purchase an all rounder car which can provide maximum reliability, impressive riding experience, and mileage. So I found Maruti Ritz as a superb hatch for my short family. The car was purchased before the launch of its celebration edition Maruti Ritz genus and till now there is no problem here, running well and providi...Read More

    By amit
    On: Apr 23, 2011 | 4402 Views
  • for VXi

    Best Hatch : Value for money

    I own Ritz vxi model. I am saitsfied with the performance of the vehicle. smooth drive, low NVH, powerfull drive with good pick up; makes the city drive very smooth. Interior is good and spacious. 3 people can sit comfortably in the back seat. Plastics are of good quality. I have done only 650 kms, so mileage calculation may not be accurate, anyway...Read More

    By dr. tony thomas
    On: Apr 14, 2011 | 1879 Views
  • for VXi

    Ritz Vxi Dazzle

    Look and Style: great styling.. boomerang behind looks great.. front is great as well Comfort: very spacious and comfy, Pickup: good, Mileage: haven't checked, Best Features: driving experience, Bluetooth handsfree, alpine integrated HU, art leather seat covers Needs to improve: I haven't driven the car much.. but I find the brakes a little less ef...Read More

    By akshay goyal
    On: Apr 07, 2011 | 2442 Views
  • for VXi

    Ritz Great Petrol Mileage

    Look and Style: Interior space (Front seats and dash almost feel like from a bigger car), High seating position (SUV among hatchbacks!) Comfort: Great smooth drive, Pickup: Excellent since it has an 85 BHP engine, Mileage: Mine is a Petrol, 18 KM so far 5000/- KM city, 50+ highway, 50 with 90%  time Ac Best Features: Brilliant petrol motor Needs to...Read More

    By jayakumar
    On: Apr 02, 2011 | 2407 Views
  • Ritz I like it.. why ?

    Look and Style: Fresh Look Overall good, Comfort: Very good, Pickup: Great, Mileage: Plus point good mileage even for petrol it is best in class, Best Features: Mileage & Power, Resale Value.. Overall Experience: In this period of Petrol hike you will get maximum 17 if you are at 55- 60, you will get more even with AC. The other plus points are: As...Read More

    By rajeev
    On: Mar 03, 2011 | 1326 Views
  • for VXi

    Ritz Performance Car

    Look and Style : Fresh Look and feel (rear view is ok now) Comfort : Excellent steady at high speeds Pickup : Great (test drive and feel it) Mileage : Good  after 5000 km getting 15 + with Ac, 50 :50 city + highway Best Features : Mileage and Pickup & tall body design Needs to improve: ABS to be added in VXI  Overall Experience: Very good (Test dri...Read More

    By vikram
    On: Feb 18, 2011 | 1323 Views
  • Recurring throttle body problem maruti can't rectify

    Look and Style: Fine looks, no matter rear doesn't appeal to many Comfort: comfortable inside, wide space Pickup: excellent, Mileage: 15kmpl Best Features: Power Needs to improve: Throttle body problem which can immobilize the vehicle anytime Overall Experience: not good due to throttle body problem which maruti's authorised centres can't rectify. ...Read More

    By s mittal
    On: Feb 18, 2011 | 4269 Views
  • for LDi

    Beware !!!

    Look and Style: Okay, Comfort: okay,  Mileage: okay,  Best Features: nil,  Needs to improve: repeated failure, right from the first month. Failure of ECM, Wheel bearing failure, and now the front dashboard fittings are falling, within 12 months of purchase. Overall Experience: NOT SO GOOD Read More

    By tr.chandrasekaran
    On: Mar 04, 2011 | 3288 Views
  • Ritz a Great Vehicle

    Look and Style: Fresh and power packed engine, Comfort: Very nice to travel, Pickup: 85 BHP is more than enough ..best in the segment, Mileage: My VXi is now 7000 kms and getting a mileage of 14 in city with AC and 18 + on highway with AC on,  Best Features: Engine power and spacious Overall Experience: Best hatchback in this segment, Higher Resale...Read More

    By nath
    On: Mar 01, 2011 | 1204 Views
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Compare Variants of Maruti Ritz

  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Ritz Genus VDiCurrently Viewing
    Rs.5,31,519*EMI: Rs.
    21.1 kmplManual
    Key Features
    • Ritz LDiCurrently Viewing
      Rs.5,50,004*EMI: Rs.
      23.2 kmplManual
      Pay 18,485 more to get
      • Immobilizer (iCATS)
      • Power Steering
      • AC with heater
    • Ritz Elate Edition VDiCurrently Viewing
      Rs.5,78,750*EMI: Rs.
      23.2 kmplManual
      Pay 28,746 more to get
      • Ritz VDiCurrently Viewing
        Rs.5,97,876*EMI: Rs.
        23.2 kmplManual
        Pay 19,126 more to get
        • Rear And Front Fog Lamps
        • Auto Power Door Locks
        • Multi-information Display
      • Ritz VDI (ABS)Currently Viewing
        Rs.6,16,801*EMI: Rs.
        23.2 kmplManual
        Pay 18,925 more to get
        • Auto Power Door Locks
        • Multi-information Display
        • ABS With EBD
      • Ritz ZDiCurrently Viewing
        Rs.6,58,205*EMI: Rs.
        23.2 kmplManual
        Pay 41,404 more to get
        • Multifunction Steering Wheel
        • Dual Front Airbags
        • Key-less Entry
      • Ritz LXiCurrently Viewing
        Rs.4,30,004*EMI: Rs.
        18.5 kmplManual
        Key Features
        • Immobilizer (iCATS)
        • Power Steering
        • AC with heater
      • Ritz Genus VXiCurrently Viewing
        Rs.4,52,459*EMI: Rs.
        18.5 kmplManual
        Pay 22,455 more to get
        • Ritz Elate Edition VXiCurrently Viewing
          Rs.4,76,896*EMI: Rs.
          18.5 kmplManual
          Pay 24,437 more to get
          • Ritz VXiCurrently Viewing
            Rs.4,89,163*EMI: Rs.
            18.5 kmplManual
            Pay 12,267 more to get
            • Front And Rear Fog Lamps
            • Auto Power Door Locks
            • Multi-information Display
          • Ritz VXi (ABS)Currently Viewing
            Rs.5,13,902*EMI: Rs.
            18.5 kmplManual
            Pay 24,739 more to get
            • Multi-information Display
            • Auto Power Door Lock
            • ABS With EBD
          • Ritz ZXiCurrently Viewing
            Rs.5,49,738*EMI: Rs.
            18.5 kmplManual
            Pay 35,836 more to get
            • Key-less Entry
            • Multifunction Steering Wheel
            • Dual Front Airbags
          • Ritz ATCurrently Viewing
            Rs.6,14,253*EMI: Rs.
            17.16 kmplAutomatic
            Pay 64,515 more to get
            • ABS With EBD
            • Automatic transmission
            • Multi-information Display

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