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By for Volkswagen Vento 2010-2013 from Faridkot 2010-08-30 13:28:32.0
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Hi, I was planning to buy swift dzire and then came to knw that vento is being launched. Now I'm eagerly waiting for a test drive and final booking. Though it was supposed to be available for a demo on 31st Auf but now Im being told to wait for another week. Anyways, really a good car and vaue for money. Regards Navdeep

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  • SANGRAM BEHERA |01 Sep,2010 01:26:03 AM

    I am waiting eagerly to test drive and if comfortable buy the car on same day. I hope I will not have to stay in que for a long time.

    pradip shah |16 Feb,2013 11:07:17 PM

    recently there was two full page advt in the Times of India wherein the company was totally silent on the quality and the performance of the engine and mainly mention about the building of the car.Are customers buying a armour tank or a car ?

  • Haren saikia |01 Sep,2010 01:49:58 PM

    I was planning to buy a Honda City VMT. But as I came to know that Volskwagen Vento going to hit the Indian road I dropped the idea. But being a resident of Assam, I don't know when my dream will come true. I want to buy it within a month.

  • anil kumar |01 Sep,2010 03:29:30 PM

    iam intrested volkswagen vento diesel highline pls send all detail and expected time to dileverd

  • Manpreet Singh |02 Sep,2010 02:50:30 PM

    Please if possible, Send me its full detail 1. Price 2. Features 3. Extra quality comparable to others 4. All images including interior

    gurdeep singh |17 Jul,2011 03:36:29 PM

    Please if possible, Send me its full detail 1. Price vento highline desil 2. Features 3. Extra quality comparable to others 4. All images including interior service cost i am from chandighar

  • Thangavel |04 Sep,2010 07:09:00 PM

    I have plan to buy a new car, I am anlaizing all branded cars, still i am waiting for test drive of vento, also I would like to know vento price and other things

  • S K DEO |15 Sep,2010 02:10:30 PM

    I need a vw vento diesel immediately.

  • S K DEO |15 Sep,2010 02:28:25 PM

    Is it available, I am ready.

  • darun |20 Sep,2010 03:32:28 AM

    why thisss manyyy doubts... vento is not available ready or not

  • Kamlesh |24 Sep,2010 03:15:47 PM

    It's a nice car.and it is actually better than that of honda city in terms of comfort ,mileage.

  • vansh |25 Sep,2010 09:06:50 PM

    it is d sexy car it is having high booking n i have book my vento diesel highline i have taken d test drive its sexoooooooo

  • krishna passary |01 Oct,2010 11:44:43 AM

    Hi, I was planning to buy swift dzire and then came to knw that vento is being launched. Now I'm eagerly waiting for a test drive and final booking. Regards Krishna

  • DR BASHEER |13 Oct,2010 11:33:21 PM

    exellent one

  • tharun.k.kailash |15 Oct,2010 05:18:09 PM

    the awesome car that vw ever realesed.i am waiting for the delivary

  • narinder channi |17 Oct,2010 12:00:47 AM

    i want vento i love vento i see vento.i think vento is no.1 car of the year.

  • Vinay |20 Oct,2010 01:00:34 PM

    Hi Guys..I got the Vento Diesel Delivery last sunday, its a awasome car with all the luxury features and Competitive price. Very good mileage, confirtable me 18KM/L, The only small problem is engine is little noisy..but can manage as it has all the other best in class advantages.. Cheers !! Vinay

    Sanjeev |14 Nov,2010 10:32:28 PM

    Dude, it doesnt have ..all the luxury features...theres no bluetooth,usb port or steering mounted controls...which even an i10 has nowadays....

    artim |29 Nov,2010 03:52:20 PM

    also, no foldable seats, no auxiliary input on audio, no EBD and shabby interiors.

    sumanth |16 Feb,2011 06:47:11 PM

    Artim u r wrong. The interiors may look a bit old but its quality cannot be even compared to the bad plastics in honda city! i prefer vento is a better buy over honda city and moreover USB music system is not standard but u can choose another music system with USB and auxillary port as an accessory ( about 18k )! Moreover Honda City is much expensive than VW Vento and there are not even AirBags in Honda City. Vento which is just 9.23 lakhs you can 2 Airbags which is interesting! So finally Germans look into the safety of the passenger first not like the japanese. Safety is much important and you can get that at a price of 9.23 lakhs Cheers!

    JAGAN |07 Dec,2010 04:15:57 PM


    CarDekho Team |08 Dec,2010 05:00:40 PM

    The vento has 168mm of ground clearance, The Petrol version is super quiet while the Diesel one has slight engine noise as on any diesel car, VW has built the Vento with typical German fineness and it has superb vuild and fit-finish. Driving pleasure is also very good. Music system is good but the USB and AUX ports are missing. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • sukhvinder singh |24 Oct,2010 06:52:26 PM

    any comparisons to hyundai verna diesel?

    Rj |26 Jan,2012 08:11:30 PM

    Verna is no comparison to the vento WHAT A CAR....... AMAZING

  • Manish Kumar |26 Oct,2010 12:46:22 AM

    When it will come to Bihar or Jharkhand? If bought from Kolkata what about servicing? I don't know

  • sunny |30 Oct,2010 09:53:17 AM

    hows petrol model

  • Dr. Rakesh Sharma |07 Nov,2010 12:49:14 AM

    Hi, Is some one there to guide me. I am confused between Honda ivtec smt and vw high line petrol. Heart speaks for vw and mind says for Honda. Can some one clear the confusion, which car I should go for?

    stan |05 Jan,2011 03:48:24 PM

    go wit h ur is good only from outside....and customer satisfaction is not too great either

  • Ramesh |09 Nov,2010 03:00:54 PM

    Hi Rakesh, As you decided for petrol vento, defenitly City has edge over Vw. At the same time you must know that diesel verson is exceptional with no comparison with other cars in this group. I am using it and can say it for sure. Disel is a bit noisy but manageble.

  • Dr. Rakesh Sharma |09 Nov,2010 05:35:46 PM

    Thanks a lot Ramesh for your clear opinion in favor of City. As I hardly drive more than a thousand km per month, I prefer petrol car. Though Vw impressed me a lot but the dealer is about 250 km away from my town. At the same time after sell service of that dealer is said to be inferior than City dealers.I think i will go for Honda City which is available in my own town.

  • sathish kumar |12 Nov,2010 03:51:29 PM

    Hai please send any disadvantages is vento highline diesel model in my E mail please Thankyou

    CarDekho Team |26 Nov,2010 09:48:34 AM

    The Vento Diesel is powered by an powerful 1.6 CRDi engine thats got 105 PS of power and 250Nm of torque. Its a solidly built car and has very good fit finish. Best in class efficiency,power figures that of 18kmpl overall is its hallmark and if you want a typical German looking elegant sedan then just go for the Vento. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Sanjeev |14 Nov,2010 10:30:29 PM

    It is a high priced car. Its as if you are paying only for the VW name. The diesel highline doesnt even have steering mounted audio controls and bluetooth and USB, which surprisingly even small cars like Figo and i10 have nowadays. Only 2 airbags are available. Also leg room in the rear isnt so great. The gearbox orientation is a little wierd (for reverse)and the turn indicator knob and wiper control knobs are fitted according to left hand drive vehicle arrangement. I dont know what i will be paying for if i decide to buy this car. The ride quality and gearbox smoothness is excellent...maybe thats what will go in its favour.....still i feel its better to wait for city-diesel or new diesel car by renault early next year.

    stan |05 Jan,2011 03:52:32 PM

    steering audio control is not the only thing to look for in a car.

  • ranjitsinh |25 Nov,2010 05:09:45 PM

    Hai please send any disadvantages is vento highline diesel model in my E mail please Thankyou

    manohar |04 Dec,2010 07:09:20 PM

    No disadvantage except Noise.....

  • ranjitsinh |25 Nov,2010 05:11:21 PM

    Hai please send any disadvantages is vento highline diesel model in my E mail please Thankyou.

  • gknaik |27 Nov,2010 06:27:22 PM

    Hi, Please send me any disadvantages in VENTO HIGHLINE DIESEL model in my e-mail please. OR Thank you

    riten |28 Nov,2010 06:55:50 PM

    THERE IS NO DISADVANTAGE IN THIS CAR except steering mounted audio controls i know about this car very well because i own this car

    artim |29 Nov,2010 03:54:37 PM

    good to see some one who owns the diesel version. I booked and i am still waiting. how is the visibility from cabin for driver?

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |06 Dec,2010 03:51:55 PM

    It is ok ...I own trendline verson of is not noisy also compared to other diesel cars

    sanjeev jain |27 Dec,2010 01:10:23 AM

    Good pick up and little vibrations inside car but felt some vibrations on clutch which were getting transferred to my left leg. in short in 9k vento de. is a such an a** h*ole !!

    gary |09 May,2011 09:57:46 PM

    The clutch vibration is not an issue. It is a feature from Volkswagen and they call it That clutch is talking. According to this feature, the clutch keeps vibrating so that you come to know whether your foot is on the clutch or not. If it is, then pull it away. You are not supposed to keep the foot on the clutch in case of normal driving, and the vibration in the clutch reminds you of the same.

    Avinash |18 Feb,2012 06:39:59 PM

    Hi User, I owned a Vento Diesel and it has run over 22000 kilometer. I have been visiting to workshop EVERY MONTH AFTER FIRST SERVICE for repairing of body noise and door noise which is always there. The rear brake noise is also there. I am very tired and annoyed of its performance. Can someone suggest me what to do in this situation. Thanks!

    gary |20 Feb,2012 08:40:37 PM

    Strange, a Volkswagen should not do that. I think you should go to the showroom from where you bought the car and talk to the manager regarding the issue. This is perhaps a last resort, you may want to talk to a servicing mechanic first. Regarding the brake noise, is it metal clinking noise or screeching noise? If its screeching, don't worry about that. Tell the mechanic to fix the alignment of the disk pad or the disk plate of the rear tires. If the brakes are drum, tell him to replace the shoe, may be its faulty. If its metal clinking noise, then its a problem. I really have no idea what could be causing that problem.

    sabari |07 Dec,2010 12:59:34 AM

    Hai please send any disadvantages if trr any ting plzzzzzzz in vento highline diesel model in my please Thankyou.

  • rajesh.mandhani |05 Dec,2010 06:39:03 PM

    Any body there who used earlier honda city and now using vento diesel? i am confused city and vento.

  • giri |05 Dec,2010 10:40:24 PM

    DISADVANTAGES are Availability,Customer respect in showrooms,Music system (a simple CD player )searing mount controls for audio and displays. It would be great if we have Comfortline. ps.worried about service backup,though we do not have to go often for servicing we have to think of breakdowns,spares replacement and accident backups.

  • sabari |07 Dec,2010 12:57:28 AM

    Hai please send any disadvantages is vento highline diesel model in my please Thankyou.

  • sabari |07 Dec,2010 01:02:55 AM

    verna or vento which is goood

    giri |07 Dec,2010 08:58:34 PM

    Its surely Vento ,cannot compare verna for vento on quality,perfomance and looks

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |15 Dec,2010 06:04:13 PM


    Blessing,, |16 Apr,2012 05:45:26 PM

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  • CarDekho Team |08 Dec,2010 04:56:01 PM

    The Vento is much fresher and more well built than the Verna, while the Verna has a more powerful Diesel option. The all new Verna is just around the corner so await that one too. Thanks, CarDekho Team

  • Kumar |11 Dec,2010 01:07:56 PM

    Is Auto Transmision available in Vento Diesel ? Auto transmission is very good for female drivers, They love it because they can use car with ease like Kinettic Honda or other two wheelers with out manual gears.

  • kashyap n. Thumar |15 Dec,2010 02:54:44 AM

    i have decided to buy this vento diesel car but it is large differance in price, city to city.... so can i purchase from another city at least price.

  • aravind |16 Dec,2010 11:26:08 PM

    whtzz the overall mileage of diesel vento in cities and highway respectively...

  • giri |18 Dec,2010 11:49:43 PM

    would like to know the cost of spares and it expensive ?

  • sanjeev jain |27 Dec,2010 01:09:11 AM

    Good pick up and little vibrations inside car but felt some vibrations on clutch which were getting transferred to my left leg. in short, 9k vento de. is a such an a** h*ole !!

  • amit tandon |07 Jan,2011 11:28:56 AM

    guys what about optra magnum diesel in this comparision.. 8.4lacs

    CarDekho Team |07 Jan,2011 12:31:35 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that You can opt for Volkswagen Vento as it has got fine interiors, value for money product, big brand name and stylish looks. Thanks

  • Vinay |27 Jan,2011 12:23:40 PM

    Hi Guys..Did anyone notice that Vento does not have Door lookoing system from inside, means you cant lock the doors. this is the major drawback.

  • Arun gogoi |13 Feb,2011 09:01:44 AM

    I wish to buy a car between Vento DieselHighline and Honda City V MT in terms of performance, Interior, Look and Style and other important factors attracting features of a car. Kindly guide me soon.

  • satish |01 Mar,2011 04:17:38 PM

    i am a proud owner vento iam afraid when the logo will vanish i want the company to announce in the media that logos are freely avlaiable so that no bothers to steal

  • Sumit |04 Mar,2011 03:23:01 PM

    Hi everyone, I m planning to buy vento diesel trendline. Pls tl m weather my decision is fair or not. Or thr any othr btr car in this segement. Thanks

  • Harshvir Singh |11 Apr,2011 11:29:54 AM

    PL. suggest. Economywise & mile age wise. Should one buy Petrol Version or diesel version??

  • niraj |08 May,2011 04:59:57 PM

    Features mentioned is car dekho site for vento says there is no CD Player. Then how come Reply By CarDekho Team 08 Dec,2010 05:00:40 PM says Music system is good but the USB and AUX ports are missing. PL CLARIFY IF ITS PROVIDED BY VW OR EXTERNALLY FITTED AND IF EXTERNALLY FITTED THEN CAR DEKHO TEAM SHOULD BE CAREFUL & SPECIFIC IN REPLYING.

  • K.M.Jain |23 May,2011 12:53:31 PM

    Please anyone can tell about vento and new verna...which 1 to buy...???

  • CarDekho Team |23 May,2011 12:56:43 PM

    @ Mr Jain - If you want best in class fit finish and quality get the VW Vento but if you desire a long list of equipment and variety of engine options with low running cost then get the Hyundai Verna.

  • SilverShadow |29 May,2011 09:59:25 PM

    I have read a lot of reviews on Vento, also seen videos on the Vento, seems the desel engine is the one to go for, however what I learn from my reserach s that the diesel engine seems to be noisy and over a period of few thousand kms of run it gets noisier, can anyone share their exp?

  • dayanand gowda |09 Jun,2011 12:43:36 PM

    no matter vento is a very good car .but the delars dont keep up thier word on thier delivery date.i have booked a trend line disel 3 months back ,and still i have not recived any conformation on the delivery date.Its really not professionhyalism .Hundai fludic cars are delivered within fifteen days .Why cant VW can deliver it.If the demand is so high why the hell do you want to take the booking and make false promises.

  • mukesh kumar |13 Jun,2011 12:08:00 PM

    Long waiting period has turned off many aspiring vento customers. Today, when there are ample options(read competition)customer needs to be treated well at dealers hand, VW must introduce a code of ethics for its dealers and not let them tarnish the VW image to drive away the customers to ever-eager competitors.

  • shreykonnur |11 Jul,2011 10:14:39 AM

    I want to book vento diesel. Before that need input on the following 1. Rattling of engine in gear 1,2,3 on uphill. 2.Jerking during shifting of gear, specially lower gears 1,2 &3. 3.The pick up of vento diesel. 4.The arm rest issues. 5.Rear view mirror does not provide a proper vision. 6.Is the steering wheel hard? 7.High engine noise. Please send in your feedback to

    Claret |26 Jul,2011 02:41:52 PM

    Hi , I have crossed 1500Km in diesel Vento and the performanc of engine is the best when compared with Verna fludic, New Fiesta..Gear Shifting is very smooth, the engine has more power as it goes like a jet... Many people have pointed out the ARM rest as wrong fit. But with my experience it very useful while driving on high way and can be used for city driving too where signal are less. If u don't require u can lift it up. Rear view mirror is not too bad as most of the people has claimed in many review. According t o me, it's just enought. Steering is very light. Compared to verna engine noise is more for vento and as the speed rises the noise level comes down in vento..

    shreykonnur |26 Jul,2011 06:50:20 PM

    thanks Claret... booked vento diesel....

  • dr ashok |02 Aug,2011 01:25:46 AM

    thank u folks for the above reveiw's ... i am tossed up between VW vento and fluidic verna- deisel ?really confused ? , will electronic gadets in fluidic more useful and ? does it have good life?.. 2 ? which one to opt if i go for VW vento -petrol or deisel ? pls suggest ?

    Saurabh |07 Aug,2011 01:12:09 PM

    let me know if u get any valueable inputs at

  • Saurabh |07 Aug,2011 01:10:19 PM

    hey dr.Ashok me too in the same confusion Vento or Verna....true suggesions please!!!

  • kota |18 Aug,2011 01:42:15 AM

    can some one please let me know the price of petrol& diesel versions of VW Vento at hyderabad.As I have been checking with ORION MOtors they are saying petrol verion highline costs around 10,30,000.But its absolutely different mentioned at cardekho.Feedback & suggestion is highly appreciated from anybody who had experienced.Thanks in advance Kota mail me at

  • dayanand gowda |30 Aug,2011 05:54:37 PM

    finally after a long waiting period i got my vento trendline disel .amazing car.and a fantastic mileage.had gone for a long drive and got a milage of 20 kmpl.The car has a good road grip even at 160 km/hr.guys if u r planing to buy a disel c segment car ,take my word plse choose vento undoubtedly.germans are the best in disel tecnology

  • Sanjeev |04 Sep,2011 11:32:30 PM

    I am planning to buy a new diesel sedan ..wanted to know which one is best Desire, Verna, SX4, Vento,Fiesta Classic, Fiesta New Is there any new launch near by in next month which i shd wait for in the range of 8-10 lac

  • vishal |31 Mar,2012 04:22:28 PM

    I took the test drive of Vento,Verna,Rapid,New Ford fiesta. As far the smooth driving and pick up is concerned New ford fiesta is the excellent!!.I took the test drive of Verna and the car was 1 year old car. I found Verna supensions are not better than other cars mentioned above. Verna is good for Interior (No comparison).Rapid is good car and test drive was good. Overall I like Vento because of below reasons - confort is excellent,Interior is not Zanky-Fanky and is a executive class interior, Supsnsions are excellent,pickup is good and Max speed is 240.ABS with overall breaking system is awesome. Overall I like Vento. But for Speed and smoothness some one can think of new ford fiesta which is really good car.

  • Blessing,, |16 Apr,2012 05:46:11 PM

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