A very good sedan..... will beat Honda city..buyed vento diesel and drived 3500kilometers ....

By for Volkswagen Vento 2010-2013 from chennai 2010-12-01 22:19:53.0
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Look and Style : Simple and neat straight line makes the car looks professionaly appealing....not have any curves but looks a solid look.. a polo front with sedan output makes  the car with more beauty. Comfort : good comfort level... maual ac vents make me chill.. and bottle holder are very useful front arm rests are ajustable... u can use it porperly... since i had gone for trendline model with out audio player I had gonefor jvscplayer with touch screen and rear camera... It makes me more comfort insdie the car....... Pickup : U can't even feel as a disel car......Excellent pick up even in traffic... my old car was i10 era... it matches with that car it city drive...( but i think we can't compare)...in highway i can easily touch 100 in 11 odd seconds and it reach 130 very quick...it makes me more enthusiatic.. but i miss ABS... so i stick to 130 to 140...but disk brakes are very good... I Love my suspension of car....it is better than my friend's HONDA city ( sorry my dear freind). It is better than any of petrol car in this cc upto 1500CC........ great pickup Mileage : i had drived 3500 kilometers........i had spend fro diesel of rs9,000.. say about 200 liters.....in city 1000 km and in highways 2500km........my average is 17.5km/l... but in highways around 20 and in  city around 16......( mainly i drived based on gear recommendation that will come in my displayand if U keep foot lightly on clutch U will not see UR gear recomendation... so this will help in milegae) this is CALLED VW GERMAN engineering...... Best Features : Sterring EPS ... very good.... since a polo front it is easy to drive in city traffic..turning in corners also easy...rear ac vents... central display with gear recomendations.mainly cost 9.3 lakhs onroad....Low level boot makes to me load more luggage......even i had my bigger woofer and amp Needs to improve : Locking system it can be opened from inside even ot is locked... Overall Experience : VERY GOOD CAR FOR MY MONEY.....tested all sedan from 7 to 8 lakhs...i am saving in my fuel expenses for a professional business like me( an architect)  with self driving.. it is sedan matches...for 9.3 laks I OWN a social vechile.........( others area Skoda,audi,benze etc)

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  • C.VIJAYAKUMAR |02 Dec,2010 07:07:10 AM


  • karthi |13 Dec,2010 12:41:01 AM

    @ C.Vijayakumar sir, I have a question on vento diesel.. what about the engine performance?? i have heard that it has good pick up, but somebody said that engine is noisy. engine is noisy could you please give your feedback on this.. it would be very helpful for me.. Thanks in advance.

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |13 Dec,2010 11:47:15 AM

    Hi karthik sir, Performance is nice it is Turbo diesel engine sir. Usually diesel engines are little bit noisy,This vento engine is not that much noisy, it is like a petrol engine only.My old car was i10, I feel same as i10noise inside the cabin.I am telling this after driving 5000kilometers.I think U are planning vento diesel... My kind advice is please go fortrendline model it will come for an on road of 9,30,000. If you spend around 50k it is better than highlinine.... ABS and airbags will not be that much usefull for our indian roads that to 10,60,000

    Babu |08 Feb,2011 12:09:47 PM

    hi vijayakumar what do u mean by ABS and airbags will not be that much usefull for our indian roads that to 10,60,000

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |10 Feb,2011 10:37:14 AM

    hai babu sir,I don't know whether you had drives both version of Vento..braking system is almost simliar, (ordinary disk brakes of trendline model is equal to ABS of highline...please drive both in some corners with some speed) airbags they are providing only in front that is equal to without airbags) so only i had told the above point that too if you want highline disele you have to wait for 6 months...i had taken my trend line by 1 month.... waiting makes us to think... it is coming for on road price of 10,75,000 i think please check....

    CarDekho Team |14 Dec,2010 11:38:59 AM

    The VW Vento has a very refined and efficient engine, its nowhere noisy in the cabin and yes its true that the VW Vento has a very good pick up. Thanks, CarDekho Team

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |15 Dec,2010 10:02:03 AM

    Thankyou cardekho team for supporting my driving expereince statement

    Vinay |05 Mar,2011 03:27:19 PM

    seriously DUDE VW vento has a very superb pickup.......once the engine is heateed up.......the tires skid wen we accelerate continuously in turbo.! AWESUM.....! actually vw vento has a greater pickup than SKODA OCTAVIA

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |05 Mar,2011 03:42:06 PM

    your are right mr vinay.... I like mainly the pick up of the car, that too in city traffic... pick up up really awesome

  • harsha |13 Dec,2010 10:28:38 PM

    Thank you very much for your feedback sir... how about the seating comfort?? especially back seat.. do u have any negative comments on vento diesel??

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |14 Dec,2010 01:20:36 PM

    Hai harsa sir, seating comfort is fine...especially in back seat viewing on sides on corner is more beauty...we friends had gone to tirinelveli for a marriage ...we four peopoles in back feel very comfort...adujustable arm rest in front makes us more comfort. Nothing harsha sir... I had gone fro trendline model... since in highline it is costing 1,30,000.... but according to me it is not worth... abs and airbag... not needed for our road... height adjustabe seat... already fixed postion in my vechicle is itself good... CD player is not good... according tome trendline is fine...

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |14 Dec,2010 04:31:12 PM

    leg room at the rear and the front to be more than that of the Honda City and the Hyundai Verna which are the direct rivals of the Vento

    Samuel Gunachandran |03 Jan,2011 03:53:38 PM

    Thank you Mr.Vijai As you suggest I will go for Trendline petrol and upgrade with accessaries for 50k. Wish you a very happy and prosperous New year Guna

  • harsha |13 Dec,2010 10:30:16 PM

    Also what are the accessories you have added for 50k??

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |14 Dec,2010 01:28:08 PM

    JVC touchscreen ..dvd player with video screen,usb port... plok speaker.. front compenet, rear coaxial speaker with amp and woofer rear view camera remote locking for doors,powerwindows, seatcovers. film

  • karthi |14 Dec,2010 08:41:23 PM

    Thank you for your review. it is really useful for me.

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |14 Dec,2010 09:08:34 PM

    You are welcome karthi... u need nay clarfication...please give me call my num is 9884093331

    karthi |15 Dec,2010 10:28:33 PM

    Sure will do.

  • sakthi |15 Dec,2010 07:44:23 PM

    very good stylish car das auto was very leading brand in car industry for worldwide they are improve in india their dealers example in tamilnadu located only 3 dealers atleast increase in cities are vellore, trichy tirunelveli salem in tamilnadu dealers and pondicherry because of anyone of the minor problem onje customer if tanjore he will go to nearest madurai or chennai it'snot possible for all times so increase their dealer very soon

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |15 Dec,2010 08:11:16 PM

    u ARE RIGHT SIR,I am at chennai... so it is easy for me..tanjore means it is very diffcult

  • sanjeev jain |27 Dec,2010 12:36:57 AM

    today i drive desial ver... this car look like such an a** h*le to me. the engine is nosiey like tata indica.. so its all over!!! pls. comment

  • Samuel Gunachandran |03 Jan,2011 03:55:49 PM

    I really enjoyed the reviews. It is verymuch useful for me to go for Trendline petrol. Guna

  • Amber Mathur |20 Jan,2011 07:08:12 PM

    what about the maintainance cost of vento..are d parts easily available?Are they costly?

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |21 Jan,2011 10:17:15 AM

    It is very cheaper, that too for first two years any kilometer's company is taking care. I had damaged my tail light while taking reverse, I had changed new one.The tail light is just 2,200 it is cheaper than indica's tail light.. same applicaple for all parts...

    CarDekho Team |21 Jan,2011 02:30:03 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Volkswagen Vento's maintenance cost and spare parts are slightly higher then the ruling auto majors like Hyundai and Maruti. Thanks

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |21 Jan,2011 02:55:05 PM

    but it is lesser than HONDA and ford........

  • SaNa |24 Jan,2011 09:54:42 PM

    Vijayakumar, I heard abt 2 major problem, 1) Clutch vibration 2) Dragging towards left/right. Cud u please tell us about yr experience on thest two ?

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |25 Jan,2011 08:12:17 AM

    clutch vibration... I also felt when i take the vehicle( on nov), but it is not cable type clutch,( rod type). when you drive a litle long you will not find this problem.but some peoples drive by keeping leg on clutch...in that case you will feel the vibrstion Dragging problem is not at all there

    SaNa |26 Jan,2011 11:59:16 AM

    Thanks Vijayajumar

  • Samuel Gunachandran |27 Jan,2011 05:24:57 PM

    Thank you Mr.Vijay. Hello how r you sir,will the warantee void if we go for any upgradation? Guna.

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |27 Jan,2011 10:33:26 PM


  • Achal Gupta |02 Feb,2011 10:15:22 AM

    Hi Mr. Vijaykumar, Congratulation for owning VENTO DIESEL. Your reviews are really good. Planning to buy the same. What is the fuel efficiency of the car. How much is the running maintenance. I have heard that every yearly service would cost around Rs. 8000. Is it true. I have been told that 4 ltrs. of engine oil (around Rs. 1000 per litre as its synthetic oil) , oil filter (around Rs. 400/-), diesel filter (around Rs. 1500) and Air filter (around Rs. 500/-)is minimum changes required on every service after 15000 kms. In addition, service charges of dealers are in the range of 1200-1500. Don't you think maintenance would prove costly. Your feedback please.

  • C.VIJAYAKUMAR |02 Feb,2011 10:48:54 AM

    Dear sir, Thank for your breakup for service charges...I had drive around 12,000 kilometer only, after leaving my first service I will give feed back about this... Mileage is around 20 in highways and around 16 in city...but if you should follow gear recommendations as mentioned in display while driving.... Since for unmatched kilometers, they are giving warranty for 2 years, so according to me once in year spending 8,000 is ok becasuse all other vehicles is keeping service once in 7000 to 8000 km they are charging around 4,000 so i think it is ok. But vehicle performance is not even compared toany other vechiles of same budget.

  • kavin |12 Feb,2011 11:44:36 PM

    sir can i know how is the service care in the dealer points!!!!!!!!!!!!! ma nearest dealer point is coimbatore!!!!!!!!!! some are saying its worste!!!!!!!!! dealers are busy with jetta & passat!!!!!!!!!! if i book vento diesel trendline when will i get the car!!!!!!!!!!

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |13 Feb,2011 09:01:31 AM

    Hai kavin sir, I am native of Coimbatore, but i am put up at chennai, service care at chennai was really great,they will not treat worst,they will take your vechile by appointment, but if you have any emergency issue they will give priority to you... i had taken my vechicle vento disel trendline by one month of my booking date... now i think you will get by maximum of 45 days....IF IT IS TRENDLINE.......where U put up at coimbatore.....

  • Achal Gupta |08 Mar,2011 03:15:52 PM

    Hello Mr. Vijaykumar, I hope by now you would have completed 15000 kms and would have already got first service done for your car. What was the total expenditure, what all was replaced at the time of first service, how was your experience with the service centre. Kindly share your feedback on the above. Thanks

    C.VIJAYAKUMAR |08 Mar,2011 08:35:19 PM

    YES MR ACHAL GUPTA SIR, My car was the first vento car for service in Chennai,Really VW service was red carpet type.. very very good, the service was only for an interval of 15,000 kilometers They had changed oil( synthetic oil),oil filter, ac dust pollen filter. they had removed and cleaned breaks front & back, Tyre rotations,my windshield in wiper was problem that has been changed totally it has come around Rs9,000 including pickup& drop of vehicle. since mine is first vehicle, they had taken 2 and half days...service was really very good.....worthy...

  • hemal shah |17 Apr,2011 09:30:15 PM

    vento dam good car...

  • Naveen Patnaik |29 Sep,2011 10:48:57 PM

    Dear all, after testing all the cars in 8 to 12 lacs range, i just purchased Honda City VMT this month, its really really great!! Vento is no where in comparision to Hoinda City look, Cofmoft, stats value, serivce after sales etc, even i had chcked this Vento, man!! its really shit!! its looking like complete polo (hatchback) from front, it hasn't any cut, doesn't a attractive car, you will feel very poor when you will get in to the car, interior color combination is so bad, if someone is really concerned about fuel economy only then there are a lot of diesel car options in market, so Vento not at all, noway!~!! Thanks

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