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Pros : Performance, Mileage and Pick up

Cons : Less no. of Service stations and company could have added more features.

Look and Style Hello friends, four months back, I bought Volkswagen polo comfortline. I m pleased with its looks. The front body blends well and curves give it a sedan look. The interiors of the car are well crafted. Comfort Volkswagen has really boosted the car with full comfort features. Headrest is comfortable and there is ample of legroom space at the rear seat. Three people can comfortably sit at the rear seat. Pickup Pick up, performance and acceleration of Polo is perfect. The 1.2 litre is very powerful and holds the grip on the ground, providing an excellent driving experience. I also took the test drive of Ford Figo, Maruti Swift and Hyundai i20 but I found Polo better than any of these and I think that I have made the right decision. Mileage No doubt, this German hatchback is fuel efficient, I m getting mileage around 12 kmpl in city conditions and 15-17 kmpl on highways. Best Features The interiors of Polo are excellent, the quality of plastics and fabrics used in the car are excellent. Needs to improve Service centres should be increased as I have to drive to Bangalore for service. Overall Experience My experience with the car has been fantastic. Initially, the mileage was quite low but I am getting a decent mileage after the first service. The only problem I face is driving 150 kms from my hometown to Bangalore due to unavailability of work station in the home town.

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  • sriram |20 Dec,2010 01:38:09 PM

    Thanks for your review.. I bought Polo 1.2L Petrol Trendline 4 days back.... Its simply superb car...

    Ajith |22 Dec,2010 07:32:54 AM

    Just the brand value. Stylish look. But pathetic features and very costly. Mileage is also very poor. Very few service stations. Fiat Punto is a better choice for the amount.

    Amit_Shelar |22 Dec,2010 08:48:25 AM

    Dont compare Fiat with VW.......VW is always much better than fiat

    som |22 Dec,2010 02:43:56 PM

    In waht way Ajith?i own a polo..after i bought it I thought that i am is much better in after sales and spares..wait until you experience...none of the parts are available in india and minimum one take care dont drive much and keep it in garage to show to people that u own a VW...

    som |22 Dec,2010 02:42:18 PM

    I also completely agree though I am a owner of highline petrol polo..,after sales service is worst,and if you think it doesnt bother better be aware,In my case due to some non availability of parts they are having my vehicle from 3 months and still i am waiting to hear from them.Atleast dont buy it from vidyut motors pune as it will add morte pathetic feeling of VW.

    sriram |23 Dec,2010 03:59:12 PM

    I own a Petrol Trendline... I have great time with my polo.. Service is good as far as i concern.. But i still didnt face any big problem with the car.. But Car is really best.. Punto & other cars are really not even think to be comparable with Polo.. Polo is best.... I already touched 1200Kms in just 2 weeks... Car is awesome...

    vivek kamat |29 Jan,2011 01:05:10 PM

    I do agree with that,after sales service is poor at Vidyut motors,VW should look into that seriously.No discount on sales. while washing cars water enters in the car from door,poor pick up,poor milage,less features compare to other cars,very less accesories given in car, this will add more financial burden on is very disappointint when we purchase car comfort line 5.5 lacs and NO music SYSTEM provided and insist us to us to purchase the music system of Rs 14/20 thousand from M/s vidut motors otherwise warranty lapses. this ttally emotionally and blackmail to customer. VW should look into that seriously.what will happen same music system fit at other agency for less price than vidyut motos. i bought this car with proud As German car VW , i need clarification for above. Vivek kamat

  • chandrakant |22 Dec,2010 10:02:22 AM

    supreb car,lovly interior and shape,truly best car in these segment

  • greg |22 Dec,2010 10:40:00 AM

    helo dude.. ajith is right, vw as decent look, features are loaded with very costly, only 72 dealership. look at fiat 172 dealership. the best value for money fiat puntoemotion pack.. all yu get , blue nd me,mounted steering controls, abs,and lot more, wot yu get in vw.. i feel rear as chepo look compare to front...

  • sriram |22 Dec,2010 11:54:41 AM

    Those people who own other cars just have a look at Polo, have a test drive and see its quality then compare your car with Polo. The all above comments about comparison is just a comparison on the papaer.. VW Polo is a great car in this segment. Do you really need a steering mounted controls on your car?... It is not fully loaded with additional features, but it is the best car in this segment than any other.. I own a VW Polo 1.2L Petrol Trendline which costs 5.08 Lacks which is cheaper than i20 Era Petrol & Swift VXI. I am very happy with my car.. Steering is very soft and gear box is very efficient & soft... I get mileage of 13 in city with AC at Medium rate. In highways i get 16... Mind you i am not a drive expert & i use clutch very often...

    som |22 Dec,2010 02:45:45 PM

    Where are the sales figures if its such a great car..until i got my polo i used to write same way but once you face some problem and response from vw or dealer you will change your views...hey vw is not great in india..and cant be also..

    sriram |23 Dec,2010 04:03:22 PM

    Hello SOM, Wait and see how much success Polo gets in india... For me the service is good still now. The service advisor helps me a lot to fix all issues i faced till now... I dont know whether u will believe or not, In madurai VW showroom alone, almost over 300 people are awaiting for getting polo. I got my polo after 100 days from booking date... So lets see what happens in future.... My Car is very very great... Punto & other Cars in this segment can even never stand next to Polo....

    SARATH RAJAN |13 May,2011 07:49:39 AM

    Sir I would like to know about the maintenance cost of vw polo.Please help

  • Arunkumar |22 Dec,2010 06:43:07 PM

    plz help me friends i will buy a car on jan2011 . but i dont know which car i have to buy which is the best i20 or VW polo ? my range 8lac plz giveme replay

    sriram |23 Dec,2010 04:04:13 PM

    buy VW vento or increase your budget and Honda City...

    sunil pillai |25 Dec,2010 01:03:43 PM

    I would suggest you go for VW Vento,midsize salloon.starts at 7.68 lacs mumbai

    Mohit |30 Dec,2010 04:28:56 PM

    Arun, you should check Ford Fiesta diesel, I have it for 4 years and it has been great. It started with an average of 20 per lit and even now I get 16-17 (in city). Now I am getting a second car as Polo just because I can't afford a decent SUV right now but need a second car.

    Gagandeep |31 Dec,2010 04:52:50 PM

    You should go for Polo...if even higher budget go for Honda City

  • geeta |22 Dec,2010 08:21:29 PM

    Hello friends, After searching from many of new car models I found Volkswagen Polo is very economical and great in looks. Its features are marvelous compared to other same priced car's available in the market.The interiors of the car is mind blowing. It is having a mileage of 12 km/litre in cities and 15-16 in highways. Really am planning to buy this car as soon as possible.Don't miss the chance to go for a test drive!

  • rocksolid |22 Dec,2010 10:38:06 PM

    I just inquired about a spare part - clutch plate at VW showroom in Pune. VW polo clutch plate costs about 23K and MarutiSuz costs 4-5k I am told. If this is the way it is going to cost for spares Polo will cost more than Honda city. When I visited Pune dealer. About 20 people were there to check out the polo car. There were more checking other models as well. All 20 of them were unhappy about the leg space in the back of polo and I could hardly move out from behind the steering wheel. Boot space is great no doubt. Also It's look is robust but that is all. After standing at the showroom for about an hour with my family not a single person came up to tell me features of the car. About 3 persons were handling a mob of 50 potential buyers. One person bought a Venta and remaining 49 went to Hyundai or Maruti probably. I would not buy it simply because there is hardly any space for legs and I am of medium height. My son is six foot and he had to push the driver seat all the way back to get out of the car. I did check Fiat Punto, Hyudai i10 and i20, Beat, Figo and Ritz. Overall I liked Ritz considering Indian conditions. Figo is very good but people are unhappy about the service. So it goes out though its diesel version is getting grreat reviews. Punto I did not like personally because of plasticy interior and bulky size.But there are many happy Punto users.Service is a great concern. 3 of my friends have bought Ritz diesel and are getting about 21 km milage plus great Maruti service. I did like i10 automatic for driving in city. Just have a drive in i10 automatic and you would start thinking all over again. i20 also is great if you buy Asta model. It's diesel version Automatic is is good but very expensive almost close to Honda Jazz. I am presently narrowing on Ritz and I20/i10 automatic. let us see if my purse allows me a good deal.

    sriram |23 Dec,2010 04:15:12 PM

    in Polo, the gear box height is more which distrubs the rear seat middle passenger.. Maintenance is high. But to maintain polo's quality, you need to expend more than your bad looking Ritz (sorry, this is my personal opinion)... Dont compare i10 with polo and its milage. Polo is 1050Kg weight. Which is little more than Swift.. i10 will be jerked when you reach 120KmPH.. In Polo you can solidly go till 150KMPH.. So buy the car according to your needs.. If you need mileage, buy wagonR/Alto/Ritz/i10. If you need stylish & comfort, Polo is best which i decided to go for. My car is very great as it is at 1200KMs.. I hit my car on a small wall which made my bumper scratchy & little bend. I spent 1200 Rupees for repairing it and got the car as it was when i took delivery. I am very happy. Only thing is i need to travel 15Kms away from Madurai to VW showroom and it took 5 hours for repair it. I let my car in the morning and took back it in the evening....

  • navjot kailay |22 Dec,2010 10:40:42 PM

    it is true that polo is very stylish and awesome loook but in same segment cars, polo is very costly and low milage,i read that rising the price of polo from jan 2011. I think so it is not favour to polo and not middle class family'car

    Arunkumar |23 Dec,2010 03:52:43 PM

    hi sir so which is best polo or i20

    sunil pillai |25 Dec,2010 01:09:24 PM

    Dont compare polo with I20.My self Sales Consultant,VW mumbai

  • Shekhar Sinha |23 Dec,2010 10:40:30 AM

    Very good informations provided through this channel.Keep it up.

  • Arunkumar |23 Dec,2010 03:53:13 PM

    hi sir so which is best polo or i20

    Gagandeep |31 Dec,2010 04:59:21 PM

    polo is better than i 20

  • Arunkumar |23 Dec,2010 03:53:50 PM

    which is the low mantince car ? polo or i20

    sriram |23 Dec,2010 04:08:39 PM

    i20 is low maintenance.. but it is not better than Polo.

  • CarDekho Team |23 Dec,2010 04:12:04 PM

    Hi Mr. Arun Kumar, We would like to inform you that no doubt Volkswagen Polo is more stylish as compared to Hyundai i20, pick up and acceleration of Volkswagen Polo is excellent. You can opt for Hyundai i20 because it is more spacious, the resale value is more, the maintenance cost is less and dealership network of Hyundai is widely spread. Thanks

  • geeta |24 Dec,2010 12:06:32 AM

    Hi saransh, If your budget is 8 lakhs don't go for micra, polo, the service and parts availabilty is not good for both. If you are in India you try to opt for Maruti Dezire or ZX4, which are good in long drive. It is having much space and create a feeling of traveling in a luxury car. If you are looking for a small size car you can select I20, Ritz, Or swift. Among these swift is more good bcs of space and comfort while driving. I am just sharing my knowledge about these cars. Don't consider my words as the final decision of your selection process. Make a comparison of features with all similar priced cars. Try to go for test drive for all cars that will help you to take a right decision.

    Saransh |24 Dec,2010 11:27:15 AM

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    Utkarsh |26 Dec,2010 06:30:48 PM

    Hello Mr.Saransh. Yes this is true that vw polo is a low maintanece car. And this also true that they do service after every 15000 kms. The parts are also less coslty. But the most important thing is that it has a word famous brand name VOLKSWAGEN which is above maruti and hyundai and all. If your budget is upto 8 lakhs then you shoudl take polo diesel highline which is very good. It has absolutely great features. If you want comfort then you should definately take polo(from my side but still the choice is yours). Im just sharing my xperience as i also bought vw polo 3 months back. I was also very confused between polo and i20 bt finally I am happy with my choice of POLO. It is best of all sir! Thank You! :)

    geeta |27 Dec,2010 02:12:53 AM

    Hi Arun, Please don't buy volkswagen, no doubt the car is having good brand image and low maintenance. But leg space is very less. But the important thing is the non-availability of spare parts. The spare parts are very costly. If you are able to manage the costs like 20 to 25 thousand for spare parts you can opt it. But if you are in India go with Maruti or Hundai because service is good. But the brand image is there in Volkswagen. If you are financially very sound you can select Volkwagen.You know previously opel Corsa,it was very nice but now the model stopped. So we can't sure after some years the volkswagen production will stop or not.So if you are not so rich like me please don't take risk by buying Volkswagen. Don't believe the words from showroom people, they are marketing people they will try level best to sell their product. My personal opinion is Maruti Swift bcs of its service and trust. But by performance and comfort 120 is better than swift. But one thing is sure you don't have any problem if you choose Swift or I20. I like both cars.The other things depends on your taste. You don't worry go a head with Maruti Swift or I 20. My wishes and Prayers for you.

    geeta |27 Dec,2010 02:14:39 AM

    Hi Sorry saranash....

  • Arunkumar |25 Dec,2010 09:49:45 AM

    Hi sriram i would like to buy VW polo (High line) . but i have 1 doubt which version is best petrol or diesel ? please explain me what is the difference please

    sunil pillai |25 Dec,2010 01:16:31 PM

    I will help you arun.As per my research Polo Diesel is fuel efficiency and lil costly than Petrol.If your dialy travelin is 15-20km then go for petrol or if its more than go for diesel.But i would suggest go for highline best in hatchback Series.Best of Luck.Drive safely and TC bye

    Arunkumar |25 Dec,2010 03:46:42 PM

    Thank you sunil pillai sir .

    geeta |27 Dec,2010 02:19:24 AM

    Please don't buy volkswagen, leg space is very less and the costs of spare parts is very high.

    Arunkumar |27 Dec,2010 06:25:31 PM

    hi geeta how u know volkswagen leg space is very less ? u have polo car

    geeta |28 Dec,2010 10:07:25 PM

    Hi..No i don't have Polo car but I have much knowledge regarding cars. It is a luxury car and branded image is there. But really comfort is not so good. Regarding leg space its a depressing one. You go for test drive and try to adjust your seat to back then you can understand the people who are sitting back can't able to rest their foot comfortably.

    Sriram |29 Dec,2010 12:47:46 PM

    Hi Arun, I own a Polo 1.2L Petrol Trendline... Wat ever geeta says is half true... Comfortwise Polo is the best. Leg Space at the back is less compared with i20. But both Swift & Polo has same leg space. The Problem is the middle rear seat. Bcos the gear box is put in very higher position to make easy access for driver (like in all VW, Skoda & Audi) which is very good. But the gear box finish extends to the Rear middle seat. So u feel uncomfortable at the middle bcos u cant keep ur leg in the top of that gear box finishing surface. U have to keep it centre and keep your legs each one side. But for me & my family, this was not a big concern to avoid polo. In any Car, if you extend your driver or co driver seat to back, there will be problem for the rear seat members at leg space... If you need any help, give me ur email id or send mail to I will send you the pictures of the rear seat...

  • Arunkumar |25 Dec,2010 03:50:56 PM

    sir i have one dought swift have 4 Cylinders and 1248CC . but VW polo have 3 cylinders and 1199CC . so which car is best pickup and nice driving and comfort swift or polo(highline)Diesel.

    sriram |29 Dec,2010 12:51:15 PM

    Pick up is very good in Polo than Swift. But Swift uses K-series engine which is better than Polo's TDI engines. It differs only 2 seconds in the comparision of reaching time for attaining 100KM Speed. I think swift done it at 12.5 Seconds where as polo does it in 14.2 seconds.. Mind you that you are not going to participate in any race right?....

    Arunkumar |29 Dec,2010 05:43:10 PM

    yes right brother my email id :-

    Gagandeep |31 Dec,2010 05:07:28 PM

    Arun, buy a polo highline without any doubt.

  • john |27 Dec,2010 03:10:54 PM

    Are there any upcoming cars by volkswagen in india.I feel Polo in the international markete is much more stylish looking then the indian model.

    CarDekho Team |27 Dec,2010 05:14:39 PM

    Hi John, We would like to inform you that Volkswagen is yet to come with Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Rocktan, Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Up by next year. Thanks

  • Milap patel |02 Jan,2011 08:46:37 PM

    hey guys.....please help me i am planning to buy a car..and after read this review i confused... i want to know cost of service after 10000 km. 2)after sales service is costly or not. 3)this car will smoothly run in CNG or not . 4) overall cost in terms of bumper ,side mirror,clutch plt.etc

  • Lubhit |03 Jan,2011 10:31:00 PM

    Hi All, I am also planning to buy a car in Jan 2011, my budget is 6L. I am considering Polo 1.2 Comfortline vs. Hyunday i10 vs. other options from Maruti (not thought so far). Preference: Mileage: 8 (of 10) Maintenance: 7 (of 10) Looks: 6 (of 10) Safety: 8(of 10) I will always be based in METRO like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc. I am also eager to know if ABS can be setupped in Polo 1.2 Comfortline Petrol. Also, if people can comment / feedback on petrol vs. diesel performance in Polo.

    sriram |05 Jan,2011 01:12:47 PM

    Hi Lubhit, ABS can not be fit in Polo comfortline. Polo is a great car for style, luxury and comfort. Milegae is average as it is a premium hatchback. Maintenance is little more than hyundai/maruti.I own a Polo 1.2L petrol trendline which costs 5.10Lacks on road. I took petrol becasue the average KMs per day for me is 10Kms. If you travel more than 25Kms per day means go for diesel. i10 is not a premium hatch. So it gives more mileage but no comfort at driving. If milegae & safety is important, then go for i10 higher models or Rits or Astar higher models. Becasue Polo petrol higher model is more than 6Lacks which exceeds ur budget. According to me, Polo is the best car in hatchback.

  • sunny |06 Jan,2011 02:22:15 PM

    Hi.... m from himachal....i'm gonna buy a vw trendline petrol this a good car for hill stations ? ..n i wanna know about the mileage

    milap patel |07 Jan,2011 12:47:22 PM

    hey sunny....this car is good in mileage in this segment and in city 11 kpl and on highway 16 kpl.....and after sales service is 8500 rs every 15000 km or 1 year.....i personalty met many cars users of polo i got this information from that......

    Ankit |08 Jan,2011 01:01:29 AM

    @ MILAP i dont think so that it can cost dis much. on the other hand, polo was launched on 24 feb 2010. and service interval is 1 year. i am not able to understand how and where u have met the usersssss. and comparing with i 20, its service costs around 3000 rs every six months. 6000 a yr

    Milap patel |08 Jan,2011 08:49:41 PM

    @ ANKIT .... HEy dear i am from AHMEDABAD gujarat...i met one user he did one service on 15500 km...he told me that i also call in VW show room they GEVE me same answer . 4000 RS ENGINE(SYNTHETIC ) OIL out of 8500 :) and 1 year or 15000km whichever ever come first so here in this care no issue regarding time period .......also i came to know cost of side mirror is 2000 labour , 300 for wiper blade( RIGHT SIDE) ,LIGHT 2200....

  • ankit |17 Jan,2011 01:19:16 PM

    i think that sriram is ful luv with his car lik a gf ok first congrats sriram for ur polo yaah its awsome car as i own skoda fabia petrol version and we both share same engine but if u see features wise fabia hands down its base model gets airbad 60:40 folding seat ratio other than that its doesnt get power windows in base model but more space than polo and service network of skoda is more than vw .

    sriram |18 Jan,2011 12:45:10 PM

    Hello Ankit, Yes Skoda fabia is a good car and have good space than Polo. It has important features in base version itself. I appreciate that. I considered Fabia as well. But i dont like the appearance of the car and importantly the new skoda fabia (price reduced) is not as good as it was in old fabia.... Still it is a good car... Except the feature wise, Polo is a master of Fabia in all case though the share a common petrol engine where in polo, it has minor tweaks (in fuel injection part) to increase fuel efficiency.. Considering the style & build quality, Polo is best... Regarding the service, We all know the reason of failure of Old Skoda Fabia is becasue of the disasterous service plans by Skoda. Both Skoda & VW are of same group companies, and VW is well aware of the same situation of Skoda Fabia doesnt happen with Polo. For the moment, overall dealers of VW in 73 in india.

    ankit |18 Jan,2011 04:57:50 PM

    ohk thanks for the reply u gav me and i believe u will enjoy ur new car and me too

  • ankit |17 Jan,2011 01:23:06 PM

    and ofcoure a small vaccum clearner , airfilter on the roof , acvents for rear pesengers under front seats and i got fabia base model @ 4.80 in delhi . Skoda fabia really a fab

  • ankit |18 Jan,2011 05:01:25 PM

    ohk thanks sriram u gave a nice reply i would consider it and enjoy ur new car and mee too

  • manish |19 Jan,2011 01:02:27 AM

    POLO mint with a hole .... VW POLO hole in ur purse ; ))) Nowadays see many POLO with no VW logo ..... so tried to find out how much does it cost to the owners .... and it is a whopping Rs 1600 / - , Gosh how much they will charge for the other spare parts then !!!!

  • Ankit |22 Jan,2011 10:15:13 AM

    All polo users come on nd write ur comment on this car

  • Francis |01 Feb,2011 01:03:12 PM

    I want to know the average the polo gives in the city traffic as well as out station route

    CarDekho Team |01 Feb,2011 04:27:54 PM

    Dear User, We would like to inform you that Volkwagen Polo petrol gives mileage of 12.5 kmpl in city conditions and 17.0 kmpl on highways, whereas the diesel variant of Volkswagen Polo gives mileage of 15.5 kmpl in city conditions and 21.0 kmpl on highways. For further assistance you can send us your contact details on our id and one of our auto experts will assist you. Thanks

    Kaustubh |20 Feb,2011 09:03:01 PM

    is it true that the cost of clutch plate of VW Polo is 25k?does any1 having info about this?????

  • ankit |08 Feb,2011 10:00:16 AM

    thanks cardekho team ...

  • sreevallabhan |11 Feb,2011 11:15:31 AM

    Anurag In your reviiew you mentioned that after the first service you get a decent milage. In Volks wagen polo the first service only after one year or run after 15000 Km. polo lounched middle of 2010. you cross the 15000km,please replay sreevallabhan

  • antony |13 Feb,2011 12:46:42 PM

    according to me polo is a great buy.. it has a stylish look,comfort,millage,n a luxury feeling toO.. i m happy wit ma VW POLO 1.2L comfrotline diesel.. overall its the WORLD CAR OF THE YEAR 2010..

  • Brijesh |14 Feb,2011 01:14:37 PM

    Do Polo comfortline 1.2 have driver air bag ?

    CarDekho Team |14 Feb,2011 06:14:00 PM

    Dear user, We would like to inform you that Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1.2 is not equipped with Driver Airbag. Thanks

  • Prad |06 Mar,2011 10:04:24 AM

    Does the waiting period still remains to be 3-4 months

  • Akash ghosh |10 Mar,2011 12:58:24 PM

    I love polo...please tell me Beat or polo??

    PMV |19 Apr,2011 04:32:28 PM

    Dear Akash Ghosh, Please don't compare Polo with Beat.

  • arun |20 Mar,2011 12:57:00 PM budject is 7lakh ...suggest me a good and comfort...disel car ...

  • bankim |11 Apr,2011 07:26:15 PM

    im a little confused bout the polo 1.2l petrol comfortline. I am keen on getting the car but am worried about the cost of maintaining the vehicle and cost of spares. Could anyone shed some light on this??my budget is not more than 6lakh (on road price) and any suggestions would be appreciated

  • Abhi |31 May,2011 10:44:32 AM

    I own it and now I am thinking why I own it... completed around 11000 kms first service cost around 10000/- worst car with poor service network and costly spares

  • sandeep |23 Apr,2012 03:46:23 PM

    Sir I would like to know about the maintenance cost of vw polo.Please help and give more information about vw polo

  • Basanth |21 Nov,2012 10:05:00 PM

    while igniting the key there is showing helicopter symbol, what its problem.

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