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Pros : good look, neat interiors

Cons : long waiting time, poor service, worst dealers

Polo is a very good vehicle with german technology which is superior to any class available in India. But I do not know what is wrong with the policy of volkswagen in India. It appears that they have failed to judge the Indian market. Their dealers collect heafty advance and do not deliver the vehilce even after 5-6 months. For service also, you have to book in advance of two weeks! Spares also is not readily available. Spare costs 4-5 times of equivalent part of SWIFT. At present, Polo is available only in showcase and for test driving. In todays competetive maarket, people wont wait for such a long time and polo would be out of the market despite it is a quality product. Probably it will repeat the Fiat or Dawoo Story!

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  • Sriram M |01 Sep,2010 12:34:04 PM

    Thanks for your review. Which variant of polo you bought?... I booked 1.2L Petrol Trendline last week. It costs Rs.5,09,500 on road. I paid 50K advance. The VW dealer and service people in madurai promised that they will deliver with in 90 days and the service will be at their best level. Will it be true?.. I am very confused now and planning to cancel the booking and move to SWIFT. Please let us know your feedback...

    ankit |27 Nov,2010 08:38:34 PM

    i suggest that go for the i-20.its really winner in the hatchback.polo still not satisfy the customer.poor pick,and vibration on high speed. i-20 has comfort like sedan car,with full featured.with wide service net work.i suggest that dont go for the polo,go with i-20.

  • Rajyavardhan |01 Sep,2010 01:36:43 PM

    @Ramanujam: I am really surprised with people mentioning that they did not get vehicle on the promised date. When i booked the vehicle I was told I will get the car's delivery in 4 months and I got the delivery in 105 days i.e. 3.5 months. Booking amount is 50k. Rest of the money is to be paid on delivery, so where does hefty amount being paid in advance comes in picture. Now if you can wait for 4 months is your choice. And which spare are you talking about which costs 4 to 5 times than Swift. If you have done so much of research, can you please publish the comparison data???

  • Sriram M |01 Sep,2010 01:42:59 PM

    Hi Mr.Rajyavardhan, Can you please let me know which model of polo you have bought?... What about your experience with Polo. Your feedbacks will be very useful for me. Thanks in advance.

  • Rajyavardhan |02 Sep,2010 03:42:05 AM

    I've Highline Petrol. btw There is no difference in the engine,suspension as compared to trendline which you have booked. My experience has been awesome so far except for the customer service which is long way to go for the dealer. The car will not disappoint you at all. Dont go for features on paper. Many other cars would have more feature than Polo however it is the built quality, the comfort, response from the steering that makes the difference. You will not regret buying this one for sure. I dont deny that its spare parts would be expensive than a Maruti Suzuki but how often you are replacing the spare?

  • Rajyavardhan |02 Sep,2010 03:43:39 AM

    To add on................. Polo is being manufactured since 1973. This is the fifth generation Polo. Already tried and tested in entire Europe and Australia. They have also made a few changes for Indian Roads. So you need not worry about performance and quality.

    Raviprasad |10 Sep,2013 11:45:40 AM

    Hi Rajyavardhan, I was going through this website for VW Polo reviews and was wondering why there are so many bad reviews. I hope I have got the right person to ask for reviews. I am planning to go for vw Polo Comfortline 1.2 (P), in 2 months. I would mostly be using car on weekends for a short road trip and hardly twice a week to commute to office (6KM). Could you please let me know if I have chosen the right car for my needs? FYI: Buying Polo was my dream and I need suggestions on variants. I can spend max 6.5Lakh.

  • Hemant |04 Sep,2010 09:32:07 AM

    Mr. Rajyavardhan you are totally right . . . I too have a polo and do not have any such problems. And the wait is worth it. : )

    bharat |26 Jun,2014 07:12:08 PM

    u aer wrong i have polo and now its in garage but i cant find car part in gujarat and some time found but its not match so how to say car is good and service is good by deler :

  • ranbir Singh Balwada |04 Sep,2010 06:02:44 PM

    I have a flair for POLO the day I saw it but a bit confused to book after seeing the coments about its spares and service.

    ranabir |20 Jun,2013 11:33:24 PM

    i too want to book a polo..but now confused after reading the comments about service and cost

  • nitin chhabra |05 Sep,2010 06:57:44 PM

    @mr.ramanujam-i had booked the polo in the month of july and they said they would deliver it after 3 -3.5 months..but i got the delivery in 2 months itself!!

  • nitin chhabra |05 Sep,2010 06:58:33 PM


  • Sriram M |06 Sep,2010 12:26:47 PM

    hello nitin, which model you bought?...

  • Sopan |09 Sep,2010 10:30:36 PM

    Hi Friends, I have booked a Polo Highline. I have found one thing strange in this version that Stepheny wheel is 14 steel wheel

  • Rajesh |19 Sep,2010 09:25:15 PM

    some of the dealers are bringing bad name to such a good vehicle.In case it is the strategy of Volkswagen to release only a limited supply in India by having a shortage, it could backfire since today the consumer have many choices. VOLKSWAGEN, YOU CANNOT GET A LOST CUSTOMER BACK SINCE ONLY FEW PEOPLE BUY CARS EVERY YEAR!

    Gp Capt SV Kumar |18 Nov,2010 08:27:43 PM

    I am a proud owner of a candy white Trendline Petrol Version.I just love it for its looks,performance and comfort.I have carried out a detailed market survey on hatchbacks being produced in India.Polo beats all others in its class.Well,dealership is an issue which should improve with time.In an unpredictable world we live in,you and your loved ones are safe in it.This is truly my personal opinion, not for publicity to put others hatch backs down,but only to put other polo owners/buyers concerns to rest.Ultimately, can we question the choice 5 Crore owners in the world who have made it world car of the year.

  • yogesh jain |21 Sep,2010 07:18:32 PM

    Hi, i want to buy a car but i m very much confused after seeing comments. My budget is 5-5.5L, please help me in selecting the car from SWIFT, FIGO, FIAT PUNTO, I20 etc. Thanx.

    Anup Kumar |28 Feb,2011 05:06:40 PM

    Volkswagon 1.2L ( Petrol) Comfirtline PoLo car ( Rs. 5.6)

  • rocksolid |23 Sep,2010 11:18:50 PM

    Some who has driven all the cars in this segment says that Punto is the best if can afford it followed by Figo and Polo. cost of Spares are an important consideration along with security features, ground clearance and addon given for free.

  • Nikhil Shah |10 Oct,2010 01:08:03 PM

    I booked VW Polo Highline by paying 50 K as an advance and was tole delivery period as minimum 3 months but I got delivery in less than 1 month. But I faced big problem after sale. My vehicle is lying in dealer's garage since last 21 days due to manufacturing defect in engine and still no clue when i will get my car. No one neither from VW company nor dealer person is taking ownership of it and giveing any confirm status. My car is second in Pune which has faced similar engine problem. You emails are not heard by any one in VW company. Dealer refuses to give customer care of VW numbers. On their web site there is no proper contact information. Overall VW takes Indian customers granted but not seriously.

  • KALAVATHI RAI |22 Oct,2010 12:47:05 PM

    i am confused i want to buy a polo comfortline or highline can anybody guide me first of all is it worth going for polo Thanks

    ankit |27 Nov,2010 08:31:57 PM

    i suggest go for the i-20.its very comfortable,with large legroom.i-20 fly on the highway.

    madhu |13 Mar,2012 05:09:29 PM

    my friend dad is a hyundai dealer he says tht i10 is better than i20 bcoz engine and quality of i10 is better than i20

    Anup Kumar |28 Feb,2011 03:36:09 PM

    If you have 6.75 then go for H'line otherwise comfortline. Really you will enjoy this polo.

    RAJESH YADAV |01 Oct,2011 07:26:11 PM


  • sandip |25 Oct,2010 03:20:04 PM

    hi,i want buy a hatchback car and my budget is around 6lak.My confusion is between skoda fabia and vw polo.......anybody plz help me wit this thanx....

  • avdhesh |16 Feb,2011 09:42:55 PM

    hi every 1, everyone has got his own requirements ,even maruti 800 ruled the indian market . neutrally speaking all cars are gud...if u want power,u sacrifice on mileage, if u want turning heads u sacrifice money..... my dad owns polo highline diesel and i own i 20 but the comfort i get in driving polo is 100 times better then i 20 may rear leg space is lesser then i 20 but then who prefers a car over another for additinal 20 mm or 30 mm of leg room ... handling is better then i 20 and u drive at even 140 kmph u wont feel it in a polo...and definitely polo diesel gives my dad 21 kms in city traffic and a easy 25-30 on highway which is not the case with i 20 for all those who think of buying a polo or i 20 i suggest u to put yrself through a simple question can electronic ORVM's ,or a additional blower in front of co driver take over the credit from excellent handling,brakes control and last but not the least the number of turning heads. the boot of i 20 is larger then polo but the boot door of i 20 restricts keeping objects with larger width

    yogeshk |28 Jun,2011 04:22:17 PM

    if watever u said is true, then defiantly ur review is very very usefull & important to take not of. I needed somebody who hav compared both cars up close & personelly, as i could not do it.

  • Hemant Kumar |05 Mar,2011 11:37:03 PM

    Thanks a lot Mr. Avdhesh I was totally confused by the fake shine and electronics of i20 but you made it very clear to me thanks a lot...

  • John Daniel |07 Jul,2011 09:55:40 PM

    Well, I booked a Polo Hiline Diesel on the 5th of July; the dealer offered delivery within two weeks. But I offered to take delivery on the 17th August. My Globe trotting son, gave me no choice, put his foot down and said that I don't see beyond the Polo and Polo is the car I should drive in Bangalore City. I drive about 70 Kms a day and his contention is, a saloon is not practical for my usage in city, I save about Rs.6/- per Kms on running cost compared to my faithful Santro which turns out 9 Kms in city, the Livion seats soothe my back, AC is powerful, more stability and safety on my occasional soujourns on the highway so on and so forth. His popular statement Why Korian when you have German!

  • shibli |12 Jul,2011 02:41:14 PM

    iam planning to buy a car and my option is fabia & polo.out of these which is the best.please tell me...

  • Anil Bhati |18 Jul,2011 02:40:24 PM

    I have seen the comparision of VW polo with almost all the cars (i20/figo/punto/swift) and found no doubt Polo wins the race. but can anyone from Delhi who drive the polo car tell me what is the after sale service impact comes. As seen spare parts are costly and parts will take time to deliver. Is this problem comes in delhi also. Pls tel me about the on road side assistance also. As I want to take Polo - Trendline(petrol).

  • Dr. Ajay |29 Jul,2011 10:14:11 PM

    I booked Polo TDI Highline on 20th May'11 and was delivered on 8th July...two weeks before the promised delivery time. Sales person was very cordial and helpful. But the best thing was the build quality of the car and high-class interiors. Though some creature comforts are absent (USB port, Aux port,Climate control,Steering mounted audio control,Automatic folding ORVM), my main requirements were ride quality(which I feel no other hatch-back can match that of Polo)and fuel efficiency. Even though, the engine is new, still being run-in and I am driving it in bumper-to-bumper traffic and on steep hills...it's returning an average of 14 KMPL, which I feel will improve further after I cross 2000-3000 KMs. There is an audible clatter of diesel engine (which fades off as you pick speed and roll you windows up)...but surprisingly I can not feel any vibration in the cabin. Overall, I am very happy with my Polo.

  • lalit jain |02 Aug,2011 08:16:35 PM

    I am planning to buy a polo trendline petrol. Small confusion between i20, New Swift which is coming on 17th Aug-11, and Polo. Can any body Guide???

  • Dhruv gautam |24 Aug,2011 04:48:00 PM

    i wish to know that what is the mileage of polo diesel versions(comfortline)

  • faizalkv |24 Aug,2011 08:15:55 PM

    Hi, I want to buy a diesel version of car (Hatchback). Amoung Swift & Polo which one will the best option. My budjet is up to 7 lkhs and i need my car after March 2012.

    mathew |18 Dec,2011 12:41:24 AM

    Go for i20 1.4L CRDI engine.the best one in the diesel segment or POLO

  • mathew |18 Dec,2011 12:39:14 AM

    i am also planing to buy a hatchback, i like polo but there is not more option like usb port,aux,... etc, the most problem is the boot space,tell me about that my friends.

  • Yogesh |21 Jul,2012 11:32:27 AM

    I am thinking to book Polo Petrol Comfortline. Your suggestion regarding my decision as my running is hardly 500km permonth

  • sarita |22 Jul,2012 11:18:21 AM

    hi, can any 1 suggest me out of- polo, i 10, honda brio , ford figo(diesel model). which 1 wd b best keeping in mind the mileage given by car , price of the car. leg space nd sitting of 3 ppl at back regards

  • ATUL JAIN |24 Jul,2012 06:43:37 PM


  • Rajshekar |02 Nov,2012 04:49:30 PM

    Hi All, Anybody pls comment on my query having in Vw polo Diesel highline. 1. Mileage in City 2. Mileage in Highway 3. Maintenance cost compare to Swift diesel & i20 diesel 4. Waiting period for diesel Vw polo after booking 5. Maintenance cost after running 2-3 years 6. Initial cost compare to Swift diesel & i20 diesel ALSO PLS COMMENTS, Since I will drive per day 30KM in city & 3 month once to my native around 600KM up & down. Which type fuel is best to my according to my usage? Since I am planning to buy this is my first CAR?--?¬?¦.!!!!! Somebody pls help. You can cal my mobile no# also to share feedback ?--?¬-?? M:09945456536 (Bangalore no#) Many Thanks in advance.

  • chandrashekhar singh |21 Nov,2012 04:34:59 PM

    hi all i m confused between i20 & polo petrol highline? First of all should I go for Petro, highline.? I live in delhi & drive almost 50-60 km a day. my budget is 5-6.5 lac.

  • mohan abhi |15 Jan,2013 12:21:58 PM

    @ adhvesh, ur absolutely right.

  • Vijayan |26 Mar,2013 07:51:04 PM

    can anybody tell me what is amc certificate to get first free service for vw polo? also let us know it is default one for all the polo customers?

  • agnelron |20 Dec,2013 06:14:24 PM

    my budget is 5.4L, i booked for a ritz vaxi...but after test driving polo I just fall in love with it.....? What do you say about this....?Am i going to right direction? .

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