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My VW Polo Petrol Trendline is at 1600 KMs

for Petrol Trendline 1.2L

Dear Friends, This is my review of My White VW Polo Petrol Trendline at 1600 KMs... First of all i must say that this is the best hatch car available in india for the moment (May be atleast for the next  three years).... There is lot of speculation & negatives about this car & the service... Any how i will write my experience with Polo & VW. 1) I got my car after 100 days from booking. I booked Red color but white only was available after 100 days then i choosed white. 2) Car costs 5.10 Lacks on road (including the temporary & permanent registrations) and 7K for seat cover, 1300 rupees car cover, 1800 rupees floor mat, 800 rupees mud flap... Except Seat & car Cover, remaining things are 25 % more costlier than Maruti.. Seat is high quality than Maruti & Hyndai. 3) VW Service is not so good and not bad. They do their job. But waiting time is very long and you never get update from the sales person until your car is alloted. 4) Good about the Car - It is fantastic car. No question about it. You will never feel the travel tired. Maruti Swift & Hyndai i20 can not even stand next to it. You will experience it... Pickup is good.. I touched 140KM and what a stability at 140KM... Wonderful. Sure you will not get it from any other car in this segment... I get 13 milegae in City & solidly 16/17 in highways. Car balance is good. You have many unknown features in the car something like alarm when you dont turn off the headlight, when you dont release the handbreak, Parking LED status at the driver door, the 3 state move of the door when you open/close the door fastly etc. It has a 1.2L 3cylinder unit engine but you can not feel any difference. Swift & i20 has 4 cylinder unit and the engine performance may be 2% to 5% better than Polo. In all other aspects, Polo is the real Master....Interior is great. Seat is very good.Gear shift is very nice & soft... I drove 1630 KMs with my polo and i am very very happy with it. Here is some list of issues i faced. * The driver side power window suddenly was not working for 5 minutes. I faced this when i kept the car ON for sometime say 5 minutes with out driving it and later started to drive, i faced this issue. Till now i faced this issue twice... After few minutes again i tried to open the window, it worked.. I dont know what problem it is. I already informed the dealer and when i am free i will deliver the car for check up. * The horn is not good in trendline as it has a single horn. Comfort & Highlines have double horns... The horn button is not soft. * While driving fastly, you will feel the noise of the seat belt if it is not used... * Rear seat is good enough to hold 3 average sized members. The extension finish of gear box is more height which extends till the middle seat of rear side. This will make the middle passenger to sit uncomfortable by keeping the leg each side of that finish. You can not keep your feet in that extension finish surface as it is more heighter... So a small sized (50 - 60Kg & 5.6ft) person only can sit comfortably at middle. * I hit my car on a small wall and it made front side bumber bend & scratch for about 5 inches and i took the car to VW showroom. They estimated the cost of repair would be from RS 1200 - 1500 max to make it as it was when the car was delivered. Service advisor gave his card to contact him at anytime for any problem with the car. I dont think that it is very expensive, bcos even for same situation with ALTO, minimum cost of repair would be 1000 Rupees. * I yet to know the cost of major spare parts. It is expected to be high. I will update about it in my next review. * The music player available at VW showroom is Kenwood and they quote it very costly. I am not happy at all with it. All parts available at showroom like Parking sensor, Navigation, Bluetooth are costly. * Many people critisizing the Reverser Gear Position. I feel it is very good and it is a protection. Many times i have noticed that a driver driving a swift, when shifting gear from 5th to 4th, he puts wrongly reverse gear which is dangerous... So i feel good with Reverse gear position of VW Polo. * But surely i dont like the Indicator & Wiper control position. In Europe, many people uses left hand. But in India, Most of the people uses their right hand. So for putting indicators, i need to use my left hand which is difficult for a fst moment. Also when you drive different cars, you feel lot of difficulty. I wrongly turn on wiper many times when i drive my friends car and they did same when they drive my Polo. Aprt of these small issues, i never faced any major issue and My car is so far so & well good and may rate as best and i am very happy with Polo... I hope i will enjoy more & more with my car.... This is my personal fair review and it is applicable only to Polo 1.2L Petrol Trendline version. I didnt drive any other Polo... I wish all new buyers of Polo to have a nice & safe car...

On: Feb 03, 2011 | 16524 Views
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