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Rating of Volkswagen Polo 2009-2013
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Horrendous experience with brand new POLO

for Petrol Comfortline 1.2L

Friends, I was amongst the first ones to buy the Polo. I thought that German engineering will be excellent, but I was in for a rude shock. The car keeps pulling to the left - so much that within 100 meters of driving you will be in the 4th lane from the 1st. I have taken the car to the workshop thrice in the last 4 weeks. The first time they said its an alignment issue which they have rectified and returned the car - but the defect was never rectified. I had to take the car back to the service station the very next day. This time around they claim that they got Engineers from their Pune plant to check. The alignment was fine tuned again and I was told that the car is fine. Far from it! I really wonder what the Engineer from Pune did, but the car kept pulling to the left - and that too heavy pulling. And the service manager had the audacity to tell me that I may have driven the car over pot holes and thats why this problem may have occured. I did give him a piece of my mind - there are potholes all over Mumbai. I think VW expects that people should buy their car in Mumbai but drive in Germany!! So I had to call the service station again and tell them that the problem continues. This time I insisted that an Engineer should come and do a test drive with me. They were kind enough to send an engineer and we did a joint trial, only to the acute embarassment of the engineer who had to sheepishly admit that the heavy pulling still continues. So the car was back to the service station for the 3rd time. After keeping the car for more than a week, the wise Engineers from VW came to the conclusion that the tyres are faulty and need to be replaced. Brilliant!! so what are you waiting for? Just replace the tyres.. Not so easy.... The tyre vendor - Apollo Tyres needs to come and check. And Apollo Tyres did come and check, and what did they have to say - there is no fault with their tyres. They are perfectly fine. And then the service engineer again calls me to inform that the tyres are fine and the car is now fine.... so then i ask why and how did your engineers conclude that the tyres were faulty?? ANswer - they THOUGHT the tyres were faulty, but apparently they are not. the car is now fine (which is what they told me thrice before). So I am now stuck!! There is a manufacturing defect which the company refuses to admit and I am being forced to take the car back WITHOUT the defect being rectified. Such is the ROTTEN service levels of Volkswagen - a supposedly reputed German engineering company!!! I dont know what to do and feel completely anguished and helpless. I am thinking of taking the Company to the Consumer Court - hopefully that should wake up the Company! It's worth trying. But new buyers - beware!! They have only 1 service station in Mumbai, and if you land up in a similar problem - GOD save you, because VW certainly wont.

Sunil Munot
On: Aug 26, 2010 | 3153 Views
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