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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
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    Maruti Swift 2018
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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
    Rs   5.44 - 7.38 Lakh*
    Maruti Swift
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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
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    Toyota Etios Liva
    Toyota Etios Liva
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Judgement based on 8 hatchbacks : Liva Not a Good buy at all.

By for Toyota Etios Liva from Kochi 2011-07-03 00:11:10.0
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  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Value For Money
  • Fuel Economy
  • Overall Satisfaction

Pros : Toyota Brand Name, Cheaper Car

Cons : Not having a great Looks, Cheaper plastics, AC vent not designed correctly.

After Test drive of 8 Hatch Backs judgement. After a Liva drive.My feelings Look and Style Exterior Even though it looks similar to Etios from Front, I like the rear part,its deisgned more better than Etois.Etios has a Ambasador or Ceilo back,something uncommon.In case of Liva toyota has given more care as it has beutifully designed rear. In the lot for exterior style : I feel Fiat Punto wins,followed by Suzuki Swift,Liva,hyndai i10,Ford Figo, Ritz, Micra, Vista, Interiors : Main issue in Liva is its position of Speedometer which is in the centre.Why Liva & Vista has placed it in centre. Eventhough it is becoming common, personally I feel is looks odd.Quality of Seat, postion of AC vents, Stereo and seats Liva look very much odd in the lot. My rating for Interors will beSwift, Ritz, hyundai i10, Fiat Punto, Ford Figo, Micra followed by Liva & Vista. Comfort For Long drive: Order will be Hyndai i10, Ritz, Swift, Fiat Punto, Micra, Vista, Liva, Figo. For City drive : Order will be Ritz,Micra,Figo,Hyndai i10, Swift, Fiat Punto, Vista, Liva. Pickup Swift, Ritz, Hyndai i10,Fiat Punto,Figo, Vista, Micra, Liva Mileage Fiat Punto,Vista, Figo, Ritz,Swift,Hyndai i20,Liva, Micra Best Features Nothing specific only Toyota Badge. Needs to improve Interiors and Good engine. Overall Experience Choose Better options available. Thinkof Service centres, spare cost, features, security, stability for long drives, and Mileage. My Rating for Hatch backs will be 1. Fiat Punto, 2. Swift, 3. Ritz (for people who like the rear) , 4. Hyndai i10 5. Vista 6. Figo 7. Micra 8.Liva

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  • navneet singh |03 Jul,2011 10:28:39 AM

    you haven't mention polo and fabia... hottest hatches around...i would have appreciated if u had taken them into account..neways...punto is my another favourite beside these two.cheers

    Anoop Das |03 Jul,2011 11:33:15 PM

    I dint inlclude both bacause of the cost factor,,. If i include both Rating for Hatch backs will be 1. Fiat Punto, 2. Swift, 3. Polo 4. Ritz (for people who like the rear) , 5. Hyndai i10 6. Vista 7. Figo 8. Micra 9.Liva 10. Fabia (Price as well as Spares Cost very high)

    Akshay |27 Apr,2012 11:03:48 PM

    Hi Anoop, Just based upon the test drive how you conclude Liva is not a good car ? I can say Liva is number 1 in batchback section in India. Also how would you say this is cheaper car? Do yu have any idea about the Toyata Liva price tag? I can say liva is excellent car for City & long , I bought the car 2 months back , brilliant performance , expected milage 15 in city (petrol variant) , long 19 kmpl . Looking brillant & impressive .high comfort & finally better than any car you have mention . Please do not give wrong comment in the public form , First you own it then share your experience , I am sorry if I hurt you .

    ramesh |30 Apr,2012 07:25:48 AM

    100 % agree with Akshay !!

    Ashok kumar |06 Apr,2013 07:04:54 PM

    100% agreed with Akshay,Very comfortable drive on highway and good fuel efficiency of 18kmpl in petrol

    Vijay |06 Mar,2015 11:17:08 PM

    100% agree...nice hatchback. Toyota has taken care utmost care for back seater also. I like that.

    kumar gaurav |26 May,2012 04:51:21 PM

    Hey akshay are you sure that live has a mileage of 15 in city ? if yes is it with ac or w/o ac. I ask this coz I bought one (petrol - G) 3 almost a month back and the mileage is 10 in city and 14 on highway. I am dissapointed big time, I trusted toyota to deliver the quality which they promised but it did not happen.

    Harsha vardhan |03 Sep,2013 08:23:19 AM

    i bought toyoata etios liva gd it gives 19.2 i am very satisfied.first u check air filter or check engine oil else u go to service center .....

    shashankparab |04 Nov,2014 06:16:53 PM

    I own a 2012 Liva and the mileage figures were the same when i did a long drive during nov 2012. However, recently i did a long drive and got a mileage of 17.5 with 3 ppl and 1 child, full AC, music system on etc. The drive on western ghats and bumpy roads reduced the mileage to 16.8, which i think is reasonable. I guess the mileage we got was something to do with first service. how much do you get nowadays?

    aaryan |23 Jul,2012 11:54:33 AM

    dear anoop in completely agree with u i dnt knw what sort of rubbish talks these people are doing i own a liva gd model its an awesome car it just lacks the features which are not useful for us at all mileage is quite good looks so funky main thing its not having a box shape like swift ritz n figo interior plastic quality is nt bad at al its v comfortable

    Praveen |14 Sep,2012 09:30:24 PM

    Hi Anup, overall live is good car but its not value for money as its interior is very poorly done and bild quality and metal thinkness is very poor..for sure it is not a safe car.

    Santosh |02 Dec,2012 11:50:16 PM

    Hi, I am proud owner of Liva GD model. I took this car 2 months back. So far I drove this car 3500 KM ....And I find this car, above my expectation. On high way(after 1 service),I am getting 21+ KMPL( With A\C) ,in city I am getting 19+... Car gear box is so smooth, I liked the back passengers Leg space...I drove this car on top speed of 145KM on Yamuna express High way ....and believe me its so stable and rock solid. I love this car.....

    Chandrasekhar Reddy T |07 Jul,2015 11:23:17 PM

    Thq Im planing 2 take liva diesel. ..is it ok

    Bedanta Borah |27 Dec,2012 11:44:05 PM

    Akshay is right ! I have owned a Liva (petrol) and have been using it for 1 year. I found it excellent. No comparison to i10, forget Vista ! City mileage (mostly on 2-3 gear, AC on) 10-13. Highway 17-18 kmpl . Not bad mileage looking at its size, that is comparable to i20. Greater space for the backseater, very good pick up and great AC. The interior may not be stunning but not bad too! Among all the cars mentioned here Liva is No. 1 from interior space, which is the mostly required thing for a long drive.

    E.Gnanaraj |27 Jan,2013 07:28:54 PM

    My Liva G petrol has crossed 7000 kms in one year and the second service costs only Rs.1248.Most Indians go for mileage but not for stability in braking.Liva is a stable car on bad roads.After sale service is excellent from Anaamalais Toyota Tirunelveli.They ask us to give a feedback.

    E.Gnanaraj |09 May,2013 03:56:30 PM

    April 2013 Toyota sales has been survived by Etios and Liva.The service cost is less than many companies.

    E.Gnanaraj |09 May,2013 04:16:50 PM

    Hi Akshay / There are many people in India reading others news papers without owning one. Like that test drivewale exaggerated the few cons despite hiding the pros and features..Swift is a copy of MINI.But Liva has many safety features.Cardekho has now posted the maintenance cost of the Diesel Liva.New Swift has also cost cutting measures.My Liva G petrol second service after one year was rs 1248.

    aswin |17 Jul,2013 04:31:03 PM

    My brother is getting 12 as mileage in city and 15 in long drives. Petrol G version of Etios Liva.

    sudhir |12 Dec,2015 06:57:21 PM

    As I feel i hv 2011 model liva cons. Only for interior otherside low cost mentnence other then reguler service. Best car then swift and i20. only guys who have best knowledge about the automobile he can better judgement for toyota diesle engine.

    Gaurav Chavan |23 Jan,2017 10:49:29 AM

    100% best in class.... I have Liva GD (D) great power, mileage, comfort.. It is a complete package.

    E.Gnanaraj |27 Jan,2013 07:45:43 PM

    Anoop hides the fact that Swift is a rip a copy of BMW Mini Cooper. Search it on Google search. You can also find many dealers in India.Swift is not stable on bad roads and above 120 kmph.But Liva is stable with good braking.

    Roy |15 Oct,2013 12:01:10 PM

    Anoop , Guess u got it totally wrong with Liva . I am a proud Owner of liva GD . I accept that the plastic quality , body is cheap and a lil weaker compared to other competitors . But its just brilliant with engine ,decent design , driving pleasure in /outta city , the hatch boot space , leg space and above all the mileage and service cost . for a country obsessed wit mileage and space and pricing this is the best choice . I feel liva and swift are the best considering all aspects .

    E.Gnanaraj |16 Feb,2014 10:00:18 PM

    Hi Anoop Das your Punto has rating 2 out of 5 for the past 6 months given the users in Car Dekho. But LIVA is inching high steadily.Time will tell your review is higly biased.Swift export is declining.But LIVA export is steady.It is popular in Brazil.Its rank among 50 car models is climbing to the top.It is stable and reliable.

    Gopal |04 Aug,2014 11:32:04 AM

    Hi Gnanaraj, It seems you are from Tirunelveli. My native is Tuticorin. I think to buy LIVA. shall i go for that ? kindly suggest.

    E.Gnanaraj |09 Aug,2014 09:15:43 AM

    You can buy it. the new liva has more features than the old one. I occasionally comes to Tuticorin.I get more than 18 kmpl petrol.Driving is easy in rough roads. You can have a test drive.After sales service is excellent. It is not costly. Driver leg room is good for a six feet man.A.C.is very good.

    Ramesh N |08 Aug,2017 12:58:29 PM

    Hi Anoop First of all ,Please learn to write a review, scribbling something with the name of the cars doesn't make u a reviewer.

    Girish |07 Jul,2011 04:46:48 PM

    What you have told is right except the figo man. Figo is damn good for our indian roads....

    John Daniel |19 Sep,2011 10:17:43 PM

    Sorry Mr.NAvneet Singh my reply was wrongly placed here. pls ignore it. I mentioned about Mr Anoop's review.

    Arvind |06 Jan,2012 10:03:47 PM

    Hi, Anoop I have seen series of comments and strong recommendation for Punto but, How many Punto are there on Road, like Liva and Etios we don't see many Punto on Road also

    Shankar |29 Jul,2013 10:00:30 PM

    I have purchased the new Liva G petrol 2 months back. The updated Liva looks marginally better than the outgoing version. I'm satisfied with the car's performance till date. Liva is a practical no nonsense car and I feel its quite underrated. It may not have the stunning looks nor will it win any drag races. However this car is more of an all rounder and will serve you well over the years. Other cars that I have done extensive driving with are Ritz Zxi and i20 Magna (within family). Among the three, Ritz scores with its responsive engine and handling. i20 is the best looking, great interiors and has all those gadgets built in. Liva on the other hand is the most spacious, well suited for long drives and Toyota brand name (low maintenance as well). The downside of Liva is its interiors and lack of bottom end power. However, I feel Liva G is good value for money.

  • Anoop Das |03 Jul,2011 11:59:54 PM

    Reason for FIAT Punto to get the first place is 1. Mileage 2. Safety (ABS and 5 Star rating by EuronCap) http://www.euroncap.com/tests/fiat_punto_2005/238.aspx 3. feature rich (Bluetooth from Microsoft, Km to Empty,Instant Consumption,Strong Body, Sporty Steering) 4. Superb Service Backup from Tata. Under the Tata badge FIAT has improved the Technical facility). Availability of Service Centre everywhere. 5.Cheaper Spares. Polo Has decent mileage, Classic interiors - World class. Disadvantages are Costly parts, Service Cost and non availability of service centre.

  • Akshay Agarwal |05 Jul,2011 01:09:04 PM

    Hey Anoop ,I think your rating when it comes to interiors, should not put Figo too far towards the trailing end. Figo has far better interiors when compared to Ritz, Swift and i10 and punto. It is always a good idea to have a deep look and use your mind while rating.

    Anoop |05 Jul,2011 02:41:07 PM

    Hey Akshay I accept your comments.Figo Interiors are are Good.But i dont accept its better than Hyndai i10 or Punto. Just check with nearest Car Accesories Dealer who provides seat covers. Discuss the quality of seats. I have provided my rating not just based on the Seats and Plastics. overall taking into consideration Steering,Dashboard, Stereo (for high end),AC, durability of Switches and Electricals. etc. Considering all those factors I have rated it.

  • ANOOP |05 Jul,2011 02:15:40 PM

    Figo is another worst car as its exterior is like a toy car and have odd headlights.I dont think micra to be in last position as its exterior is good best milege and well suitable city car.

    Akshay Agarwal |05 Jul,2011 04:25:32 PM

    Exterior looks are good or bad, depends on your choice.If you like micra that much and considers Figo's looks a toy car one, then you set youself aside from those 1,00,000 people who bought Figo just getting fasinated by its interior as well as exterior looks(shape,headlight). Micra's sale in India itself speaks of its value.Its not supporting one and discriminating other, as at the end of the day the sales figures speaks the truth. Large number of guys there to go for Figo instead of Micra.

  • karishilla |05 Jul,2011 08:18:22 PM

    Hello, do you rate Hyundai I20 better car than all those above cars?

    Jimmy George |06 Jul,2011 10:18:43 AM

    Dear All, Wer is I20 which u all not mentioned and it is a considerable best in the segment. If you consider the engine performnce or interior or exterior or stability..everywhere I20 beats all....cheersssss...my dream car...........

    Anoop |06 Jul,2011 12:33:36 PM

    Hai Hyndai i20 anothwer which could have been included in the lot. But in my point of view it is verymuch overpriced. Same is the case for Honda Jazz. That is the reason I havent included the Honda Jazz and Hyundai i20 in the lot. Let take differetiate as below. In Hatch Backs Entry Hatch Batchs (A ) will be Swift,Ritz,Hyndai i10,Figo,Micra,Liva,Indica Premium Hatch Batchs (A ) will be Fiat Punto,Polo,Vista,Hyndai i20, Fabia, Honda Jazz. In this Hyndai i20, Fabia and Honda Jazz priced high for the feataures they provide.

    venkat |06 Jul,2011 10:42:45 PM

    Dear Anoop Jazz is now being offered with a price which is with very good discount as the honda city price has been revised and compared to Liva top model 600000 insurance registration and tax i think will be around 710000 and Jazz Select onroad is with the current discounts you can get at 755000 which has alloy wheels and CD player in addition to what Liva top model

    Anoop |07 Jul,2011 11:17:11 AM

    Taking Spare part Cost and Service cost into consideration Honda JAzz is not a good buy. I understand that in Petrol Cars there is Honda is global leader. But in this period of rising petrol Cost, its time for Honda Team to think of Mileage aspect too. Why you should spent more than 6 Lakhs for a Petrol Hatch Back. if you are going with your heart you can go for Honda Jazz, but if you are going with your brain go for FIAT Punto or POLO. Mileage and looks in one pack also in the price range of 5.5 Lakhs to Lakhs on Road Full option.

    venkat |07 Jul,2011 06:51:09 PM

    Dear Anoop I am getting 15-16 average in City with A/c and in long about -19-20 which is far better than any other cars . so please you need to consider the quality of the product which is top in class compared to any and paying a little more does not pinch but in longrun it pays off.

    Anoop |07 Jul,2011 07:06:58 PM

    What abt the features, Spare part Cost, Service Charges, availability of good service Centre or authorised Service Centre. These are some other major concerns about the Honda Jazz. Keepin all this into consideration is it worth spending 7.5 Lakhs.

    venkat |07 Jul,2011 07:22:35 PM

    Dear Anoop Service charges are very minimal and here are the few facts when you compare on the the spare of honda with others coolant oil to be changed only after 500000 km , spark plugs are to be changed only after 120000 kms also many people have a track record of not having any major repairing situation for even more than 7 years and normal service cost will be only 3800 rupees

    Anoop |07 Jul,2011 07:36:05 PM

    Whereas For Fiat Punto its cost just 1600 for the second service. Also for Polo's second service the cost is 2300. Which is less than that of Honda Jazz. You havent commented anything about the features, availability of good service Centre or authorised Service Centre.Is it worth spending 7.5 Lakhs for Hatchback that too Petrol.Also if you ahve spent 7.5 Lakhs just comment on the Insurance amoutn you are paying,every year.

    jerry |14 Dec,2011 11:20:54 AM

    honda jazz is 6.5 lakhs and it worth the price in any ways. and it is the best in class for any of the hatchback. i was also thought of buying it but they said the waiting period is till march 2012. which is 6 months when i asked.

    Mansur |01 Feb,2012 10:26:55 PM

    @Jimmy george, Hey Jimmy..I agree partially that, i20 is good in look wise.If you take into account of engine,its same engine used of i10.(1197 cc for petrol)

    Anoop Das |25 May,2012 02:50:56 PM

    When you consider new i20, compare the cost and mileage factor also.

  • Anoop |06 Jul,2011 12:37:53 PM

    Hai Hyndai i20 another car which could have been included in the lot. But in my point of view, it is very much overpriced. Same is the case for Honda Jazz and Fabia. That is the reason I haven't included the Honda Jazz, Fabia and Hyundai i20 in the lot. We can differentiate as below. In Hatch Backs Entry Hatch Batchs (A PLUS) will be Swift,Ritz,Hyndai i10,Figo,Micra,Liva,Indica. Premium Hatch Batchs (A PLUS PLUS) will be Fiat Punto,Polo,Vista,Hyndai i20, Fabia, Honda Jazz. In this Hyndai i20, Fabia and Honda Jazz priced high for the feataures they provide.

  • Anoop |06 Jul,2011 01:13:05 PM

    Base Liva version of Liva not having Power steering. Where toyota is heading to..

    E.Gnanaraj |27 Jan,2013 07:39:27 PM

    Now the base Liva J has power steering.

  • Anoop |06 Jul,2011 01:23:19 PM

    Liva's stearing is light and inital pickup is ok. Power can be felt only after tachometer shows 3000 RPM, whereas in Swift its from 1200rpm and in Punto and Polo its 2000 rpm. Liva lacks power in second gear.The breaking is good. Its Boot space has enough space to carry two suitcases of 21 inches and two medium size handbags again Polo, Figo and Punto has more boot space when compared. The rear seats will not be comfortable for passengers having height more than 5 ft.

  • naveen |06 Jul,2011 07:01:04 PM

    i disagree with ur rating of figo ...really ritz & swift ? ru serious ? how come punto spares are cheap ? dude ...kindly check ur facts.figo is a way better car than ur rating .the sales volume speaks for it .the comfort , the handling , the roomy interior , great engine (diesel)...it can match with polo n fabia ...man swift is so congested and vista premium hatch ?lol

    Anoop |06 Jul,2011 10:39:19 PM

    Hai Mr Naveen Check with Figo Customer, Amount that he/she spent for Service. Also Check with the Service team for the spare cost. FORD (FIX OR REPAIR and DRIVE) Also please check the current Second hand market value of Ford Fiesta or Ikon, you understand it clearly the market value. Also dont forget to ask to Customer who has completed more than 1 Lakh Km in Figo. Just check and revert.

    naveen |11 Jul,2011 06:42:59 PM

    hello anoop , i drive a figo diesel for 3 months...i have driven skoda fabia ...pubto diesel.i can bet punto service is more than figo , after sale values is less compared to figo..punto being in the market for so long y it isnt a hit like figo ? cardekho experts have confirmed at so many blogs punto service n spares are way too expensive...i like punto vry much ..but definitly its not vfm car ...let ask wat the experts say...then importantly is vista a premium hatchback ?

  • venkat |06 Jul,2011 10:37:48 PM

    dear Anoop You did not take Honda Jazz into the comparision chart

    Anoop |06 Jul,2011 10:42:51 PM

    Hai Hyndai i20 another car which could have been included in the lot. But in my point of view, it is very much overpriced. Same is the case for Honda Jazz and Fabia. That is the reason I haven't included the Honda Jazz, Fabia and Hyundai i20 in the lot. We can differentiate as below. In Hatch Backs Entry Hatch Batchs (A PLUS) will be Swift,Ritz,Hyndai i10,Figo,Micra,Liva,Indica. Premium Hatch Batchs (A PLUS PLUS) will be Fiat Punto,Polo,Vista,Hyndai i20, Fabia, Honda Jazz. In this Hyndai i20, Fabia and Honda Jazz priced high for the feataures they provide.

  • Anoop |07 Jul,2011 07:43:17 PM

    Chaos to Toyota Quaility of Service. They have superb facilty in all their service centre..

  • unni |08 Jul,2011 01:33:41 PM

    micra is not a good car??????????? I want to buy it. whts its disadvantages????????? punto base model better than micra ????? i looing a petrol version. Plz replay me

    Anoop |08 Jul,2011 02:26:13 PM

    Micra is good car it be more specific its a Good City Petrol Car.Advantages : Good Interiors, Push button Start, Good Smart Petrol Engine, superb Turning Radius. Disadvantages : Safety Fetures are less, not having a strong body compared to FIAT Punto, Wheel Base less, not spacious, nonavialability of Service centre everywhere, Spare Costs. If you are verymuch concious about mileage, comapring to Micra you can go for FIAT Punto 1.2. or else you can go for FIAT Punto 1.4. Benefits of Punto I have detailed it my previous posts.You can also have a give a try for POLO.

  • CarDekho Team |08 Jul,2011 01:39:02 PM

    @ unni - If you are looking at the Micra its a good choice, the only thing against is the dealer and service network that are very few. In other aspects the Micra makes a very good option.

  • unnims |09 Jul,2011 07:56:11 AM

    i read ur replay. my budget around below 5.25 and i need a car which gives good quality, after sales service. My lists of cars are micra, punto, liva, swift, figo My running in a month only around 500km. So plz give me replay with details which one i pick. Now i am in totally confused.

    Anoop Das |09 Jul,2011 05:43:57 PM

    Dear Unni ..Let me know where you stay?are you from Kerala? Let me know if you are ready to consider POLO also in your list.If POLO service centre is there near you, go for that.Volkswagen Polo Petrol Comfortline 1.2L will be good buy. ALSO If you ready to wait for new Swift, wait for that. Let the new Swift also hit the roads,so that you should not regret that I should have waited for new Swift. Also you have diesel option in your mind, you can blindly for for Punto.

  • unni |09 Jul,2011 08:14:52 AM

    Anoop i am unni from alappuzha ,the previous post is from me. I wait for a good replay

  • unni |10 Jul,2011 06:54:01 AM

    k annop. I am from alappuzha. Do U know the features of new swift base model? Micra people calling me . I am totally confused. Am looking for a petrol version because it's use only for family trip. there is the service centre for micra and polo at EKM around 60KM from alappuzha.

  • Anoop |10 Jul,2011 10:16:45 AM

    shortly you will have Polo service centre also in Alapuzha.Micra is good car it be more specific its a Good City Petrol Car.Advantages : Good Interiors, Push button Start, Good Smart Petrol Engine, superb Turning Radius. Disadvantages : Safety Fetures are less, not having a strong body compared to FIAT Punto, Wheel Base less, not spacious, nonavialability of Service centre everywhere, Spare Costs. If you are verymuch concious about mileage, comapring to Micra you can go for FIAT Punto 1.2. or else you can go for FIAT Punto 1.4. Benefits of Punto I have detailed it my previous posts.You can also have a give a try for POLO too..I never insist a person to take a particular car.It should be your decision.

  • Anoop |10 Jul,2011 11:56:03 AM

    On the inside, the new Swift will get design elements from the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi such as the V-shaped instrument console. The instrument dials will also be refreshed. The rear leg room will be slightly more in the new model due to the slight increase in wheelbase.

  • Anoop |10 Jul,2011 11:56:33 AM

    Under the hood, the new Swift will retain the same engines, the 1.2 litre K-series petrol engine that makes 84 bhp of peak power and the 1.3 litre DDiS diesel engine that makes 75 bhp of peak power. The engines will be mated to 5-speed manual transmission. There is speculation that Maruti Suzuki may launch an automatic transmission for the petrol variant.

  • sudhir |11 Jul,2011 01:55:46 AM

    Hi anoop, these discussions are actually helpful and I never knew punto is so good. 1. Will you please specify more on punto on road delhi price? 2. Also what you think about comparing punto with swift diesel(and version yet to come) and 3. what other options to consider with same features into the market?4. People usually comment that diesel hatchback is having shorter life then petrol, plz gimme ur views on it. 5. Last is can u suggest me some sites to have good and unbiased comparison of premium hatch back category. I can understand, I have asked too much but will be very grateful if you find some time to reply the same point wise. Thanks buddy. Regards, sudhir

  • sudhir |11 Jul,2011 01:59:10 AM

    Hi anoop, these discussions are actually helpful and I never knew punto is so good. 1. Will you please specify more on punto on road delhi price? 2. Also what you think about comparing punto with swift diesel(and version yet to come) and 3. what other options to consider with same features into the market?4. People usually comment that diesel hatchback is having shorter life then petrol, plz gimme ur views on it. 5. Last is can u suggest me some sites to have good and unbiased comparison of premium hatch back category. I can understand, I have asked too much but will be very grateful if you find some time to reply the same point wise. Thanks buddy. Regards, sudhir

  • Anoop |12 Jul,2011 05:48:53 PM

    You can't compare the stability and safety feature that Punto offers you with Figo. After Sale depends on the TATA Service Provider in your town. I wont say the spares are cheaper than FIGO.But comparitively maintanece cost Punto is less. Just check the value of second hand Figo in the market, after 1 Lakh KM FORD Duratorq TDCi engine of no use, check with any FORD Fiesta user. you were telling abt the numbers. You can check with any dealer in your town all others number of bookings were becuase of the Launch hipe given or the marketing stratergy of FORD.Dont just believe in Advertisements. Same is the case for LIVA & ETIOs, all were avaiting the launch of ETIOS,but see number of cars on the roads. You can win the Indian just with ADS. How many of them goes based these type of reviews, its jsut few of them. Only car company in India which doesnot requrie much Advertisemtn in India is Maruthi Suzuki.All others wins because of ADS.

    mohamed afsal |02 Jan,2012 09:41:59 PM

    i cant completely agree with you Mr.Anoop, we cant tell that ETIOS and LIVA are going to capture the minds of Indians not because of the ADS,itz becoz of the unique quality that Toyoto is providing. Mauruti Suzuki does not require much ADS since they are very much known to Indian market and even cheap, good serviceabilitty, easy availability of parts etc.

    E Gnanaraj |06 Nov,2013 07:32:51 PM

    No Maruthi Suzuki is in a position to give more ads because of declining sales.Have you noticed them Anoop.Etios series gains by exporting to Brazil and South Africa.My Liva has climbed MANJOLAI a hill station in TamilNadu noted for TEA estates. New Liva has many features including seat height adjustment. Liva survives for its performance.CARDEKHO Team has posted a chart for LIVA GD maintenance and is less than many companies.Pelting stones on new entry cars including Honda Amaze is seen only in INDIA.But ANOOP like people pelted many stones on TOYOTA.They also have an excellent service network and a feed back.

  • radhey |12 Jul,2011 11:06:25 PM

    whts abt fiat punto mileage

    vijaya |23 Jun,2012 12:21:56 AM

    Hi, can anyone tell me differance between Toyota etios liva and Toyota liva?

  • Anoop |13 Jul,2011 06:45:23 PM

    Hi Radhey..am getting a mileage of 17 to 19 in the city and the 21 to 23 in highway.

    aaryan |23 Jul,2012 12:01:13 PM

    bullshit not possible its a cheap car with no resale value

  • nitin |14 Jul,2011 03:19:44 AM

    hey guys why dont u go and check GM BEAT no one has mentioned it in list i m very impressed with its interior and exterior as well after sales service is also good and reasonably priced. IT should also come in above list of judgement.

  • Anoop |15 Jul,2011 01:10:21 PM

    GM BEAT, could havebeen added to this list, only reason it was it doesnt belong to this class. GM Car which meets requirements in this class is GM Yuva. BEAT is superb car in that class. Its superb Petrol CAR, Superb AC,best class interiors and Exteriors.Only proble that i could find in BEAT is rear seat doesnot have enough space.Service Centres and the quliaty of Service are also superb.

  • sourabh chauhan |17 Jul,2011 12:54:13 PM

    hi anoop thanx for your suggestions...i have booked liva 2 weeks ago and now after readin your comments on liva i m totally confused pls tell me the best option in this segment...can i go for swift petrol?? and pls tell me the milage of swift also..i will be thankfull to you..

    Anoop |18 Jul,2011 11:50:49 AM

    Hi Sourabh, Swift will be good option, if you can wait for another 2 more months it would be great. New Swift 2011 will be here within 2 months.Hold on the seats lets see it on the roads. Now I have heard that new Swift 2011 booking have also started in the Maruthi showrooms. If you are in a hurry you can go for POLO,Punto or i20 they are good options. If you have a service centre for POLO in your town it would be best option. For Petrol hatch backs these three cars are the best. Test drive these cars, i20 will be little costly for your pockets as mentioned in my previous posts.

  • R K Srivastava |25 Jul,2011 05:32:17 PM

    Here including i20 is a debatable. It is underpowered but overpriced vehicle.

  • Anoop |25 Jul,2011 06:42:25 PM

    i20 is not underpowered, but it is overpriced.

  • Shashank |27 Jul,2011 02:11:07 PM

    What about i10? I think overall.ie. interiors/exteriors/features/engine/mileage/service centers/cost/maintenance ... it is lot better than any other car. You dont seem to get better package than that. Considered that many say Ritz, Swift blah blah...but ritz has poor design..causes nausia. Maruti dealers them self say that ritz n swift have hardly any difference expect that ritz has more height. If thats so, why is swift so heavily priced.

  • B.S.Ballagan |31 Jul,2011 12:52:23 PM

    hi anoop my price budget is 6-7 lacs which car do u suggest in petrol and diesel engine .. on daily basis i drive around 30 kms on semi highway... read ur comments on toyota liva but i liked toyota liva and hyundai i20. i m confused if u could help me out.

    Anoop |03 Aug,2011 02:59:35 PM

    dont look back just go for Hyndai i20. Its a good Car.

    jerry |14 Dec,2011 11:53:52 AM

    TD both I20 and Liva. you will settledown at Liva diesel. just dont go by reviews or what others say. trust your sense, think about your family comfort and safety you will end up with liva without doubt.

    ajay |12 Oct,2012 06:42:10 PM

    cool !!!

  • avinash |03 Aug,2011 12:06:40 PM

    Liva's rear tail light distracts the sight sense and proportionality. Too ugly. Not impressive plastics. Nominal up slope required shifting to lower gear. Version G(SP)and above has safety features at higher cost. Figo's rear shape and small height is disgusting and insulting to Indians. These designers perhaps (Americans) imagine Indians are dwarfs ( height less than 4.6' is an insult. Luring buyers with Advertisement of 1 lakh customers is rather pathetic of buyers with lack of simple common sense. Certainly in a country of 1.2 billion population it is possible to fool some. If one looks at the technical brochure (more importance given to cheap features like mobile connectivity, key less start, etc rather than more important and critical parameters) and makes comparison with other makes the difference is seen. Punto is Great car. But TATA dealers ( FIAT and TATA tie up) are responsible for slow sale of Punto. Several factors other than technical specifications are needed to be taken into consideration in deciding which car. FIAT supplies engines to other car makers. Matiz are still seen after 12 years. The GM's ( they took over Daewoo) Spark and Beat in comparison are still far behind.

    Anoop |03 Aug,2011 10:48:33 PM

    you said it,.. I feell you have reviewed all cars very well

    avinash |04 Aug,2011 10:17:58 AM

    Thanks for compliments. No Sirji. U r the Master Guru of cars. I enjoyed reading your reviews and felt I had experienced identical so had the courage to write .. I have undertaken test rides of Punto, Fabia, Micra, Liva, Etios, now waiting for i20, new swift, Punto Evo but still not made mind to buy new. May buy next year ( from among the survival of the best). My 2000 Matiz SD ( at Goa) cannot be replaced.. i think so.

  • avinash |04 Aug,2011 10:27:01 AM

    What you feel will be likely scenario in cars in next 2 years : diesel cars will increase and prices come down? petrol cars ? fuel cost?. between i20; swift new or Punto Evo ( after launching) which one u wud opt.

  • Anoop |04 Aug,2011 10:49:30 AM

    Nothing can be predicted.Avinash it all depends on Diesel Price as you rightly said. In dont think Diesel cars price will go up in the next two years. Next two years i dont hink there will be any change in the Car technology also. I feel only technology that can come in place is the hybrid tehncology used in Honda CIVIC , Toyota PRIUS. AS well as Electric Cars that is Chevorlet BEAT Electric will be a new introduciton. But all this technology will be very costly.

  • avinash |09 Aug,2011 03:07:27 PM

    How will you rate Sedans? Fluidic Verna, Fiesta, Linea... and why?

  • Anoop |09 Aug,2011 03:44:01 PM

    Lets not have the discussion for Sedans in this post.if you want you can post me in anoopsmailbox@gmail.com

  • rohit joshi |13 Aug,2011 05:15:58 PM

    after reading your comments i did a bit of research in the market and found your knowledge about cars is very hypothetical or biased.Punto is at the bottom of the league when it comes to maintenance and features of Liva are way better then you suggested especially the safety features,and excuse me,,,,,figo's pick up is a shame!!!

  • ANU |28 Aug,2011 11:38:48 PM

    Hi Anoop, really impressed by your knowledge on cars and thanks for the help you are providing us. I was on verge of buying Liva when I heard some bad comments, that Liva has very light body parts. I haven't used a diesel car so far. Is it good for city use? One of my friends who is using Indica diesel says he gets tired shifting gears too often. Also the maintenance expense of diesel cars is more and resale value less. Will Punto diesel emotion be a good buy if you consider comfort and city use? Toyota dealers say that the lighter body parts are purposely done as a safety measure, that the impact of a collision will be equally transmitted to every part. Is there any truth in this? Can you suggest me a car in the 5- 6 lakh range. Your advice and help will be really appreciated..

  • vikky |31 Aug,2011 05:14:37 PM

    hi@anoop,suggest me, i m planning to buy i 10 sportz.

  • vijay |06 Sep,2011 03:24:26 PM

    hi I am vijay from baroda gujarat. recently i booked a LIVA G. I want to know about its performance. this is my first car so i am confused, Is liva a better car than figo,ritz, i10, santro????? Reply me must

  • yogesh |06 Sep,2011 04:05:31 PM

    I want 20 mileage (city) highway (23 )and should be diesel car. should be spacious and good for long drive and safety is must ..I am from Pune. for 5 to 6 lakhs(can stretch by 10 to 20 thousands depending on options) I am waiting for Brio but not sure if they are launching Diesel car? How about Live diesel, New swift diesel(waiting period is too much :( ) ? Please guide

    vijay |06 Sep,2011 05:04:03 PM

    its beeter to purchase indica ev2 25kmpl diesel

    Anoop Das |11 Sep,2011 09:07:33 AM

    If you are going planning for diesel car with mileage,spacious and good safety features go either for Punto (with full option) but it will be little costly as it will cost yout around 7 Lakhs. best diesel engine inthat class , you can also go for Ritz (if you are a fan of maruthi) or Tata Vista (if you are fine with Tata badge) both gives you good milege but safety you may have to compromise little. Punto, i20 (costly) and Polo ( not good diesel car) are best havinf best in class safety features.

    Anoop |11 Sep,2011 09:10:30 AM

    Brio will not have diesel option initially also new swift waiting will rise to more than 4 months at least. For Pune-Mumbai drive , I personally feel Punto/ritz/Vista will be best option.

    jerry |14 Dec,2011 11:16:27 AM

    two of my office friends just regret as they bought a fiat punto diesel. it gives 12 kmpl in city driving. both get the same mileage and they just said dont go for punto. may be you have to ask a person who own it before going for it. until fiat have its service center dont go for it. for that you can go for tata product since those service guys will know much about tata product than fiat.

  • ALOK |07 Sep,2011 02:17:25 PM

    Gone thru your feedbacks, now suggest me for which car should I go out of I10, Ritz, Vista and Punto keeping into consideration of the following key factors: Space, Safety and Impressive Interiors.

    Anoop Das |11 Sep,2011 09:14:19 AM

    Dear Alok, are you looking for a diesel or Petrol option. If its the case of Diesel don't look back its Punto the best.(120 is not having a diesel version).If its the Petrol option, it will be better if you add Polo also in your list and that will be best car.in Petrol Ritz also is good option as it has a maruthi Kseries engine badge.

  • brijesh kumar |10 Sep,2011 04:57:55 PM

    i want to purchase a diesel car of range 6 lakh to 6.5 lakh. plz suggest weather i purchase Hyundai i20 or newly launched Toyota liva desel version. thanks a lot

    Anoop Das |11 Sep,2011 09:16:03 AM

    if you have come down to Hyundai i20 or Liva, I will surely suggest for i20 Diesel but you will get only the Sports option of i20 in the price range.

  • Avineet |10 Sep,2011 10:54:22 PM

    The way you explained is really good. I am confused with Swift vDi and Toyota Etios Diesel GD with Safety. Can you, please let me know which one is the better in terms of Fuel Efficiency, Maintenance Cost, Interior Material and Features. Please give me your overall rating. If you would have to go for either of the above, which on you would have?

    Anoop Das |11 Sep,2011 09:18:23 AM

    You can go for Swift VDI it has a FIAT Diesel engine,new swift has good interiors, fuel efficient,class interior Material and features.

    Avineet |11 Sep,2011 05:37:01 PM

    Thanks Anoop. Based on your feedback I will go ahead with Maruti Swift vDi. One more question, if you can let me know. Since this is my first car, and I am not aware of many things. I had seen that Swift vDi does not have Music player hence does swift have the music player slot (box) and will the Sony music player will be adjusted in the slot? Appreciate you help!!

  • Ajmer Singh |16 Sep,2011 06:33:01 PM

    Hi anoop, I want to purchase a petrol car 5 lakhs range. I am confused with New Swift VXI and Toyota Etios LIVA G. Can you, please let me know which one is the better in terms of Fuel Efficiency, Maintenance Cost, Interior Material and Features. As per ur opnion TOYOTA Quality is not good.

  • Anand |17 Sep,2011 05:20:22 PM

    Hi Anoop, Recently i booked New Swift VDI. I was having POLO & PUNTO as well in mind, but after considering service & maintenance - decided to go with swift. While booking they said it wud take 4 months time and u wud get it by mid of december. But now got a message from the dealer saying - due to factory strike, delivery wud be delayed. After seeing Liva diesel launch - i am confused. Whether to wait for new swift or go for Liva diesel. New Swift or LIVA or POLO or PUNTO(diesel version only) plz suggest..... Anand.

    dr. raj k prasad |02 Oct,2011 03:07:31 PM

    hi anoop, can u suggestion me which one is best among new swift vdi or etios liva in diesel varient

  • Anoop Das |03 Oct,2011 10:17:15 AM

    Hi Dr. Raj go for Swift Diesel, I assure you min 19 Km/l mileage in highway and min 17 Km/l in city (Powered by FIAT Multijet). Best in class interiors in Swift.go for it dont look back.

  • Lakshya |10 Oct,2011 05:59:30 PM

    Which one will be best for me from- liva, swift,polo,micra in diesel segment .. I need a car that gives good city mileage . Should have good looks.. Comfortable.. Which one will bel best for me... And is Honda brio will be coming in diesel

    Anoop |11 Oct,2011 12:56:09 PM

    My suggestion for you will be Swift Diesel ( if you are ready to wait for 3 months atleast) followed by Micra( if you have a service centre in your city, supporting factor is Good turning radius) followed by Polo diesel and Liva (diesel). Update me when you choose among these also tell me the reason.So that post will be lively.

  • mahesh |17 Oct,2011 04:57:14 PM

    i have planned to buy i20 sports petrol or ethios liva v petrol. is etios liva a successful one in d market and on road... plz suggest me which one is d best. ur direction will be very helpful for me...

    Anoop |17 Oct,2011 05:25:20 PM

    Go for Hyndai i20 sports.. but if you have secod though on Disel varinats try that also, because in the rising petrol prises it would be better if you switch to some Diesel engine cars like Swift,Punto, i20 (Diesel) or Liva Diesel.

  • bobby |17 Oct,2011 05:48:02 PM


  • abhijit |21 Oct,2011 01:13:17 PM

    I booked Liva Diesel before it was launched after taking a test drive of Petrol. I am very well aware of the fact about the differences in engine, drivebility, gear shift in petrol & diesel, but i thought it might be definitely good as it is Toyota & will fulfil my expectations of a good diesel car. I feel bad after taking decision to cancel this booking. Bad as all my expectations from Liva Diesel were shattered. I am surprised to see- how Toyota has not launched the top variant of diesel (only to catch hold of the disappointed swift buyers), How can Toyota make such an interior when they spend 3 years to design their first Diesel cars for India, How they can fool people of India. If i have to upgrade this GD (SP) variant to bring close to top model i need to shell 70k which will take the cost to 7.20lac . Ok was ready to even go for that, only for the Toyota engine. But that engine is also so noisy that it feels as if u r sitting in a Rickshaw? I feel sorry for Toyota

    jerry |14 Dec,2011 11:04:10 AM

    i think you speak out of reading blogs. GD SP is 6.84 in chennai. noice is like rickshaw? i just wonder. since i done TD twice for an hour each. nothing i can hear more when compared to Ritz (i done TD on this too). may be liva was initially like that in petrol versions, but diesel has got some enhancements from petrol siblings though they look alike. rather than reading these people's blogs taste the test drive. it is free. if you doubt your sense, get this as a list and check it in TD. you understand what your sense says.

  • Ashish Gupta |22 Oct,2011 11:41:56 AM

    Hi Anoop, I am planning to buy i20 Sportz petrol version.Still a bit confused if I am making a good choice?Please help. My drive mostly will be in city and budget will not exceed 7 Lacs. Regards, Ashish.

  • Anoop |24 Oct,2011 12:20:11 PM

    Yes its a good option. If you have decided with Petrol Other variants you can think of within the same price range is new Volkswagen Breeze Polo.It also would be a good option.

    AG |24 Oct,2011 02:11:39 PM

    Thanks Anoop.. I will update the thread once I make the choice.

  • saroop |02 Nov,2011 03:47:26 PM

    Hi All...This is Saroop. Planning to buy a hatchback Diesel.This would be my first car. Hardly any experience in cars. After going throuht most of the cars i have filtered Toyota Etios LIVA GD,Swift VDI,Ford Figo ZXI 1) Ford Figo is good suits my requirements but problem lies with Rear windows (half open) and i need to know its maintenance cost as compared to Swift. 2) Toyota Etios Liva : Really liked this one.But i havent seen many out there on Hyderabad roads.Can any one suggest on this one,who are actually using this car(abt mileage performance issues and maintenance costs) My preference is like : 1) Toyota Etios Liva 2) Ford Figo 3) Swift. Can any one suggest me on this, Thanks in advance. Saroop

    Anoop Das |02 Nov,2011 04:02:18 PM

    My rating for you options will be Swift VDI, Ford Figo, Toyota Liva. If you have budget include Hyundai i20, Volkwagen Polo and Punto. Then my List for Best Diesel Car would be Hyndai 120,Swift VDI, Punto, Volkwagen Polo, Ford Figo, and then goed Toyota Liva diesel. If your budget is very less you can go BEAT Disel also.It will also be a good option. but it will not much it will be good city car. Reply once you take the decision.

    jerry |19 Jan,2012 01:57:34 PM

    i think you have to rethink on Etios Liva. Today i have spotted 8 Etios and Etios Liva while to my office (10 kms to my office). hope Liva wins the future.

  • mahesh |04 Nov,2011 12:31:04 PM

    mr.anoop, i hav planned to buy ford figo petrol titanium or i20 sports petrol. plz guide me which one will be d best... i m in a great cofusion....

    Anoop Das |04 Nov,2011 12:55:38 PM

    Dear Mahesh, go for Hyndai i20 dont look back. Its the best option.

  • mahesh |05 Nov,2011 08:17:28 AM

    thanx anoop. will get back to you after getting i20

  • nithin |05 Nov,2011 03:23:58 PM

    hello anoop, bro i m in plan of buyin a car.but really confused which one to opt.i have an budget of 5.5 lakhs.really confused.beat,figo,brio i have enquired.mileage is better in which.pls fully confused.help me

  • niteen dandekat |05 Nov,2011 08:17:00 PM

    Hi Anoop I am interested to by a Car my daily drive is 150 km please suggest me a right disel hatchback car Niteen

  • Anurag Aggarwal |06 Nov,2011 10:18:20 PM

    Hi Anoop............please help me in finalizing a hatch back. My Monthly usage would be 1500 KM per month, mainly Delhi to Gurgaon and back on daily basis. Please help me by answering 2 questions:- 1)Petrol car or Diesel one. They say generally Diesel car is around 1 Lakh rupees expensive then Petrol car. So does it make sense to pay that much money extra upfront and then try to advantage of difference in fuel prices. 2)Which car should i buy. Budget would be 4.75 to 5.75 lakhs maximum. Goes without saying looking for VFM car. Sorry for bothering you so much, appreciate a quick reply.

  • Anoop Das |07 Nov,2011 12:02:03 PM

    Dear Anurag 1)I would suggest for Diesel car only, as there is a exception difference beteween Pterol price, past 2 years. On an average difference between Petrol price and Diesel price has become Rupees 20. So even if you for !Lakh price difference you can easily get it back within an year.(if you get a mileage of 18 on an average).So go for Diesel. 2) In your budget I would suggest you new Beat Diesel,as you can get top-end of Beat Diesel.It is definetely a value for Money car.You can also get a second option Figo or Micra Disel in this price range.Diesel i20,Swift,Punto and Ritz will be costly for you.Go Beat Diesel.

  • nithin |08 Nov,2011 12:04:46 AM

    hi Anoop,suggest me a best petrol car under 4 lacs?

    Anoop |08 Nov,2011 12:30:16 AM

    Under 4 Lakhs I would sugest for BEAT Petrol, followed by WagonR, EON, Ritz (entry level-costs little high but good option).

  • Shakti |21 Nov,2011 10:13:28 AM

    Livaa...=Best car in segment

    Anoop Das |22 Nov,2011 07:40:25 PM

    Please comment what makes it best in Class?

  • salman,, |28 Nov,2011 03:31:11 PM

    hey anoop , pls help me out , ma dad av booked a liva gd, but m not happy wid it, since its ma dad's choice,, so pls provide solid reasons so that i can make him cancel his bookin n go for figo or micra...

    jerry |14 Dec,2011 11:12:17 AM

    i think your dad has made the very best option. just accept it and you won't regret it in the future.

  • Rahul |29 Nov,2011 01:29:57 AM

    Hi, I am looking for a petrol car with good mileage and spacious, around a prince range of 5 lakhs. Is Liva a good choice?? My usage is not high (may drive 500-600 kms in a month), is diesel car a good option for me as it gives good mileage?? Please suggest

  • ANAND |05 Dec,2011 07:08:34 PM

    Hi anoop,can u sujjest me best budget car max 6.5lac diesel hatchback,in terms of Gud pick up,milage,spacious,service,safety.my options swift vdi,figo,punto ,i20,polo&micra.heard tat figo interiors not tat gud no noise proof is it true.howz polo regular service costing.I think swift spares r available everywhere can be repaired even at local shops r by self also.but for ford - inch tools r to be used ,which r not available with local mechanics.confirm is it the same with polo,micra&punto .to my knowledge maruthi & Tata service could be reasonable.

    Anoop |14 Dec,2011 11:14:59 AM

    i20 Diesel Sportz model would be best option,second option would be Swift Diesel(if you can wait for 6months) followed by Punto Emotion 75hp Diesel (Feature rich and safety wise). .....Figo Interiors are good, but you cant consider in the same premium hatchback segment. .....Polo regular service will cost upto 6000 per service(15000Kms periodical). ....As you rightly said Maruthi and Tata service is reasonable.Ford,Micra service will be also costly.

  • jerry |14 Dec,2011 10:53:51 AM

    I think you lost your sense while testing a sensible Liva. its a very good car. if you think beauty is good then Liva is not. on other hand it is a very good practical car. any gadget from toyota will be used in day to day life and was vigrously tested and hence you can trust toyota.

    Anoop Das |14 Dec,2011 11:03:32 AM

    Please dont give generic statements like this lets list out good things that you found in Liva. If you were saying abt Liva Diesel I would have appreciated, because of the mileage.

    jerry |14 Dec,2011 11:06:11 AM

    i say about liva diesel. done a TD its the car that has good suspension, space, sporty look, good performance, good handling. what else you expect more?

    Anoop |14 Dec,2011 11:30:31 AM

    Do you own one, dont tell with external looks and just test drive.Liva diesel is in the competion.but the sound and quality of plastics and the weight less doors and safety features are the concerns. ... Also please tell why you dont see much Cars on the road evenafter Liva Diesel was revealed 6 months back. You can rate it as 6th car in the diesel hatch car segment.As i had mentioned in the earlier. Current Rating for Diesel Hatch back between 6-7Lakhs... 1. i20 Diesel 2. New Swift Diesel 3. Punto Emotion Diesel 4. Polo Diesel TDI Highline 5. Skoda Fabia Diesel 6. Liva Diesel G 7.Micra Diesel 8. Ford Figo Diesel Titanium 9. Ritz diesel 10. Tata Vista Sedan Class

    Faiz |15 Dec,2011 07:16:32 AM

    Liva diesel was not launched 6 months back. Was launched just 3 months back on sep 9 or 8 th. and it has a waiting period of roughly 2 months, so the Liva diesels have just started appearing in the roads. So you have to wait for another 2 to 3 months to see Liva diesl frequently in road. And regarding punto, can u explain why it (diesel and petrol together) is selling a paltry 1000 to 1500 cars per month even after a long period after the diesels launch ?

    ahammed sha |19 Dec,2011 10:21:36 AM

    I am a user of Liva Gd. I have been using it for the last 2 months. I havent found any issues with this car. For me, this car is giving good mileage about 20 kmpl, and is very comfortable. As a con of this car, u can show the interiors. But trust me, interiors may not be looking good, but it is really practical as it has so many storage spaces, cooled glove box, and many bottle holders which will help u when u are going out for a long journey. The quality of plastic is good IMO, but the design is not up to date. The car is having no turbo lag when compared to swift, and its braking is wonderful. Toyota is known for its practicality, not for looks. if u look at all toyota cars, they neither look good and nor enthusiasts cars.. but they always keep their fundamentals strong... am really happy with my liva gd. the service that i got from toyota was really great when compared to maruti, chevrolet ( i owned a maruti and chevy cars) etc.

    Faiz |19 Dec,2011 12:44:05 PM

    You are perfectly right Ahammed. It's just a matter of time before Etios and Liva smash all it's competitors especially in the diesel segment. At the end of the day what we all want is total peace of mind regarding our car. And Toyota take cares of it in every way.

    Anoop Das |19 Dec,2011 12:56:06 PM

    Ahammed, Thats a good review, accept your comments for Liva Diesel. Its good to hear from you that you are getting 20 Km/l. Enjoy riding.

  • ahammed sha |19 Dec,2011 01:07:42 PM

    Thanks anoop for ur compliment.. I have clocked 4500 kms. with my Liva. No complaints and going great... qualis was not also considered as great car when it introduced.. but over a period of time, people recognised its reliability and still people are using it.. my uncle owns one and amazingly it had covered around 500000kms. this made me to think for liva... and it is satisfying me completely till now.. its ultra light steering (the lightest steering in its class IMO) and other controls gives a joyful drive...

    jerry |20 Dec,2011 07:22:10 AM

    nice said ahammed and enjoy your ride.

    Anoop |21 Dec,2011 11:34:47 AM

    Ahammed sha,, Wht was your on road price for Liva Diesel..it must be 7.5 Lakhs right. Does it have the Features of the price,?

    jerry |21 Dec,2011 11:41:11 AM

    its 6.4L for me. and guess it has all.

    Faiz |21 Dec,2011 12:29:17 PM

    6.1 lakhs on road for GD variant with ABS power windows, central locking, power steering, immobilizer and 6.4 lakhs on road for GD variant with safety pack which includes both driver side and passenger airbag and seat belt warning lamp

    jerry |21 Dec,2011 12:58:54 PM

    is it so Faiz? in chennai they told 6.4 L for GD and 6.85L for GD with safety. may be i will check them again. Anoop, what is your point, whether you want me to say punto is good? or need a valid list of features? Liva diesel got very Light steering, good breaking mechanisum, good shock observing structure arround the frames, gone through crash testing, good suspension, fatique free long driving and city driving, 4 short gears and 1 long gear to accomodate both city and highway driving a near zero turbo lag and high speed with lesser RPM, tilt steering, adjustable seats, has a freezing glove box, it gives 24 km/l, flat floor at back seat, accomodate 5 people comfortably, nice paint work. what else feature does you need from a car? you want a tachometer - is we are deaf to change gear by seeing tachometer? you want electronic mirror? once set we are done for the whole trip. for which you need a electronic mirror and if the switch or motor that controls blows off we have to spend extra. poor interior? it is not poor quality but dull interior to avoid normal stains. since it was aimed for middle class people. who have no large money to maintain seats daily. Light weight doors? toyota got crash testing done. even tata nano has a crash testing. otherwise these pieces cannot be on indian roads. What else you expect as a feature Anoop? yes i know punto is a very good car but the only draw back is its weight. which put it down to last in the list. the same fiat engine which drives punto is used in maruti (not now, since maruti new swift put its own engine on the place of fiat) which works well than punto?

    ahammed sha |25 Dec,2011 10:18:46 PM

    my car's on road price was Rs.6.1 lakhs. I had done some accessories also from the showroom itself. Toyota's service is really wonderful..!! I am really happy with my car... It was indeed a good decision...

    mohamed afsal |02 Jan,2012 09:52:49 PM

    Ahammed in calicut also Liva cost 6.1 L on road. me enquired about that and even booked for one. can u please tell me wot are the acessories u got with 6.1L pack??

    ahammed sha |02 Jan,2012 11:25:45 PM

    afsal, i am frm malappuram... u can call me on 9539036669... i will explain u in detail.. i bought my liva frm amana toyota...

    mohamed afsal |02 Jan,2012 11:43:26 PM

    yeah itz intresting me also from malappuram,,exactly from kottakkal.

  • Faiz |21 Dec,2011 01:18:23 PM

    Yea Infact I am still waiting for my Liva diesel with safety pack for which I am paying a little extra (around 4000 more than normal insurance) to make the insurance a full cover one which covers any damage to car including airbags bumper damage glass breakage headlamps virtually any damage. It's already been around 5 weeks since my booking and the slight delay due to more demand for white colour in our place. I am expecting delivery in the first week of January.

    mohamed afsal |02 Jan,2012 09:57:29 PM

    Faiz you may please check with the price that Liva diesel with safety pack may have 40000 rs more than ordinary and it is not 4000 rs,, am i right?

  • Chinni |22 Dec,2011 12:02:10 PM

    Hey Guddiess, I have gone through your conversation, would you please mind to suggest me if I could buy a Liva petrol v version. Request you to suggest me if the specifications or other stuffs are well n good? Thanks in advance;

    jerry |23 Dec,2011 10:05:56 AM

    Petrol version I Havent TD, but on seeing everyone's blog it seems they are bit loud and bla bla bla. the same i heard when I looked for liva diesel but when i took TD, i forgot about 1000's of posts that said toyota liva a trash. you TD on a worst road with Liva and Swift you understand that you are at home when you drive liva. power seems lesser but for a lesser weight car why it need bigger power? when you drive both liva and swift you wont understand liva is behind. so TD than asking on Blog. you end up booking it.

  • Mandy |22 Dec,2011 05:27:37 PM

    Hey Guys, after reading so much about the hatchback segment, my mind is all messed up on which one to select. Btw, I owned Swift ZXI for 3 yrs and then traveled out of India. I belong to Pune whr roads r not to be talked about. I've got a typical 5 ppl family, bt i dont wanna get into buying Sedans coz I need to traverse from smaller lanes and parking issues thereafter. I'm a frequent traveler to mumbai, but my running is not more than 1000KM/Month. Finally I dont wanna wait too long and cash is how I would want to purchase

    jerry |23 Dec,2011 10:00:38 AM

    you can go for liva diesel. do a TD then you wont have queries and will book it. take Liva diesel, swift, and other car you wish TD on the same day. you can compare them well. take your family with you they will feel the luxury and comfort when you sit at driver seat. ----------- sure you end up with Liva diesel.

  • Vinay |26 Dec,2011 04:57:15 PM

    Actually, I am confused betwn New Swift VXI and Toyota Etios Liva G. I would be very happy if anybody help me. which one is the perfect family car. I can't change my car yearwise, so I need a car which should have a long life with low maintenance.

    jerry |26 Dec,2011 10:08:54 PM

    both are good car

    jerry |31 Dec,2011 08:21:22 PM

    This i took from one of the blog where the owner of Toyota etios liva G (Petrol) has given his review about the car. i am surprised Second refill for the day - 461 kms - 22.08 litres - 20.88 kmpl. I am quite surprised by this number. Please note the cruising speed was 90-100 kmph and not pedal to metal stuff. ---- This is Toyota Liva G (Petrol)where the company promised 18.5 kmpl but he get 20.88 kmpl. so i think toyota making its promise a real.

  • shiju |29 Dec,2011 07:07:28 PM

    Hi Anoop...im planning to buy a petrol car..honda brio,micra,liwa..which one do u recommend..i like the looks of brio..would it be a good buy?

    Anoop Das |30 Dec,2011 05:03:31 PM

    If you are going for Petrol, I would suggest you Volkwagen Polo Shiju, its a superb hatch back. As a second option you can go for new Maruthi Swift.

    shiju |30 Dec,2011 11:39:08 PM

    thanks anoop...wht wld be the on the road cst in kerala?any idea(polo)..i prefer the model with ac n pwr steerimg....i don prefer swift because most my friends n relatives hve the same..i want hve something different..

    tapan |02 Feb,2012 01:15:05 PM

    brio is excellent car

  • mohamed afsal |02 Jan,2012 09:46:04 PM

    Guys clearly give me the complete details about LIVA, whats its drawbacks, features, mileage. Whether it is affordable to a middle class family to buy? how smooth it is on highways, traffic, and even in pocket roads? whats its problem with rear seats?

  • sanil |07 Jan,2012 02:49:47 AM

    dear anoop pls suggest swift vdi or liva diesel GD the best

    jerry |19 Jan,2012 02:09:08 PM

    Blogs can be used to narrow down what you require. so you have done that to two cars Swift and Liva. just do a TD on both the car on same day on same road. your heart will understand the betterness and book the car what your heart says.

  • ava |13 Jan,2012 08:34:11 PM

    swift and liva (diesels) required waiting period. So why can't wait for the GM's SAIL diesel. It will be a sure bet instead swift, punto and liva. SAIL and SWIFT (diesel) will be with same diesel motor.

  • praveen |17 Jan,2012 11:38:30 AM

    Hi, going through all these arguments about various hatchback cars what i hv understood that those who prefer looks (interior / exterior / dashboard etc) would suggest to go for Punto, I20 or even swift...(like Anoop), & those who prefer performance (mileage / boot space / brake / engine quality, quality of service & piece of mind, over the looks, would prefer Toyota Liva (like Jerry & Ahammed sha)...it's now ur choice friends.....

    jerry |19 Jan,2012 02:05:14 PM

    Perfect Praveen.

    ahammed sha |19 Jan,2012 06:22:54 PM

    Thats well said Mr.Praveen... Now my liva gd clocked 6500kms..I am totally happy with my car... its giving me 21kmpl and complete peace of mind.. its great car.....

    Anoop Das |27 Jan,2012 05:12:48 PM

    Mr. Praven Just try new FIAT Punto 2012 edition. Reply back after you TD.

  • Satheesha |26 Jan,2012 02:02:19 PM

    Hi, going through all your arguments. Fast one month trying to finalise one car. I may use it for city regular use. around 30 kms per day. once in a while long trip (twice a year). I am confuse. finaly I have decided three models. whether to go for Swift (Petrol) VXi, Toyota Liva (Petrol)g or i10?

    shailesh |02 Feb,2012 01:12:28 PM

    go with honda brio (S mt) excellent car.

  • satheesha |03 Feb,2012 11:03:58 PM

    Shailesh, Suppose to be excellent car. I like to engine 1.2. However, I didnot like design. It looks very very small car. I have got a quote for i10. insurance free 8K work spares free 3K corporate discount. Swift mid variant equivalent to dezire first variant. Yet to check with Liva. I am still confuse with swift or dezire or i10 (1.2 VTVT)? When compare to swift. i10 is 80K less.

    Vaibhav |08 May,2012 11:52:17 PM

    Hi all, I am from Panvel, Raigad Maharashtra I have got a quote for i10. insurance free 8K accessories free 3K corporate discount.For Liva insurance free 8K accessories free. I am still confuse with Liva G or i10 (1.2 VTVT)? When compare to Leva. i10 is 40K less. Did dealers offers any pre - monsoon discount? Kindly advice.

    Anoop Das |26 May,2012 07:38:50 PM

    Mr. Viabav, being a Punto as well as Hyundai i20 user I would suggest you to try new FIAT Punto 2012 edition. Reply back after you TD.

  • jijoy |14 Feb,2012 08:10:09 PM

    whatyou think about Renault pulse

  • Manu |16 Feb,2012 10:38:49 AM

    Are u really obsessed by LIVA

  • Pargat |04 Mar,2012 07:49:47 AM

    Sir i have offer of Swift Vdi and Renault pulse RXL ,,,,, which oone is the best car from all the pros and cons points

  • jerry |05 Mar,2012 02:09:16 AM

    Hi all I am back. Now I am going to speak with my experience on Toyota etios liva gd. I got my car a last week and drove 800 kms next day to tuticorin. I got an mileage of 26 kmpl with full ac and highways. The soft suspension makes the car to kiss often the bad roads. Engine sound not much. The interior color was improved. The doors are thicker than earlier version.

    krishna |23 Mar,2012 10:00:57 PM

    sir how is ur experience with liva pls mention whether u got the deisel /petrol version of the car i hear the problems with liva are poor road clearance,moderate looking interiors,lack of safety features and pls mention wat are all the options available for the deisel variant of liva thanks in advance

    premjith |21 Apr,2012 07:17:53 PM

    Jerry, what is the sound people are speaking about while driving liva? is it really touching the ground when passing bumps? is it same milage are you getting what they offered ? is it doors and interiors are improved from past ones? How do you compare it with swift VDI in overall? please advise

    jerry |12 Jun,2012 01:58:57 PM

    Sorry for my comments about soft suspension. it may be my initial tought of too much caring mood so i use to drive the car slower than walking speed on tall speed breakers. when i tried driving bit faster about 10-20 kmph above the speed breaker and i havent found even a single incident it scratched. I have crossed 5500 kms in 2 months due to more highway drive. now i am into city where 80% of the distance i travel at 1-3 gear due to bad traffic, road and some drainage constructions. in which i receive 20 kmpl with full ac and no highway driving. yes doors and interiors improved but interiors does not look as classy as swift. both swift and liva is good, i bought liva since i need a high safety features with soft suspension.

  • anusha |15 Mar,2012 04:12:58 PM

    hi anoop can u jus tel me da best among new swift,pulse and punto

  • anusha |15 Mar,2012 04:15:06 PM

    best among pulse,punto and new swift?

    Anoop Das |15 Mar,2012 04:24:04 PM

    Hi Anusha, Whether you are looking for a City use or mainly Highway use. Also tell me wheather Petrol or Diesel?

    ANUSHA |21 Mar,2012 06:39:10 PM

    its diesel 4 city use

    Anoop Das |21 Mar,2012 07:02:00 PM

    Go for FIAT Punto Diesel 1.3 Emotion or if you can wait go for Swift Diesel. Both gives a mileage of 21 KM/Lr and high features.

    ANUSHA |21 Mar,2012 08:32:27 PM

    thanks anoop.

  • anusha |21 Mar,2012 06:53:00 PM

    hi Anoop im planning 2 buy in dis mnth.if u r offline now jus tel me da right option.i wl check later

  • anusha |21 Mar,2012 07:22:47 PM

    abs is lacking in pulse.wat say

  • Anoop Das |22 Mar,2012 12:12:00 PM

    Renault Pulse doesnot offer ABS.In addition to that there are no much features in Renault Pulse. But I can say it is good City car, with a good mileage and good turning radius.

  • Sanjeev Kumar Sharma |27 Mar,2012 05:11:28 PM

    What about Brio?

  • premjith |21 Apr,2012 07:09:20 PM

    Dear Anup, could you please advise me in terms of milage,space,cost and resale value, which is the best option to go for ? swift VDI,Fiat punto or Liva diesel and why?.

    Anoop Das |21 Apr,2012 08:42:04 PM

    Dear Prem, My ranking for your choices based on milage,space,cost and resale value will be in the same order in which you have listed cars. Suzuki Swift Diesel , Fiat Punto Diesel and Toyota Liva Diesel.

    Raja |19 Nov,2012 04:22:48 PM

    Hi Anoop, Are you agent for Fiat?

  • Anoop Das |02 May,2012 05:52:07 PM

    Take a look on this link.. www.cartoq.com hot-hatchbacks-small-cars-with-a-big-heart

  • Anoop Das |03 May,2012 02:06:29 PM

    www.bsmotoring.com news bsm ftd test honda brio vs maruti suzuki swift vs fiat punto 90 vs skoda fabia downhatch 4906

  • Kailash |28 May,2012 03:59:45 PM

    I read all the above. I'm just planning to buy my first car, planning for Toyota Etios Liva-GD. I've shortlisted Ford Figo-ZXI(6.5l) and Liva-GD(7l). Feature-wise Figo is good but look-wise Liva is best. My priorities are Family car with GOOD Mileage, COMFORT & LOOKS. Which one to follow, pls help.

    unni |06 Aug,2012 12:25:31 PM

    Why u consider polo, its good car in body build quality polo and fabia beats all other cars in their bodies. Please check the door wait when we open the door. Once u visit for polo i think u like it. And also the service duration only in one year or 15000.All cars needs to pay the same amount in one year service charges.

  • Soumya Ghose |02 Jun,2012 07:13:21 PM

    Can anyone please give me the idea about CHEVY BEAT....my problem is thatI am having a CHEVY SPARK PS of 2009 sept...35000km..I need to exchange it with a new diesel car..now wen I opt for SWIFT..true value gave me an offer of 110000..its really less....again wen I opt for TATA VISTA they offered me 170000.again now my only need is a good diesel hatchback with good mileage and high resale value and also atleast a good offer on my current car...Can anyone help me with my problem...cars in my considering..SWIFT VDI,VISTA,LIVA,BEAT,POLO,PUNTO..RESALE VALUE is a most important consideration..

  • Ram |05 Jun,2012 07:01:02 PM

    suggest me a good car in all aspects in the short listed diesel cars Etios liva, Etios,Punto,Micra,pulse.I use in City as well as highway drive. Consider not to get knee pain due to lowered seats (Seat height).

  • Anoop Das |05 Jun,2012 09:57:58 PM

    From ur choices I would suggest FIAT Punto. If you add new Swift or Swift dezire I would have suggested those.

  • Rakesh |12 Jun,2012 12:22:47 PM

    Hi Annop, I am planning to buy car, my budget is around 5 Laces, which car you recommend, as I have taken the options RITZ, Beat, Liva, I10 in consideration. My running is 1000 KM P.M. Waiting for your feedback.

  • vijaya |23 Jun,2012 12:27:08 AM

    Hi can anyone tell me differance between Toyota etios liva and Toyota liva?

  • Mateen |15 Jul,2012 07:33:38 PM

    Etios Liva and Liva are the same car

  • Rajesh |23 Jul,2012 12:34:08 AM

    Recently when i visited Bangalore i found almost more than 500 Etios in 1 day. Does it cost less there? or why people there are buying Etios?

  • aaryan |23 Jul,2012 12:17:43 PM

    i dnt knw what sort of rubbish talks these people are doing i own a liva gd model its an awesome car it just lacks the features which are not useful for us at all mileage is quite good looks so funky main thing its not having a box shape like swift ritz n figo interior plastic quality is nt bad at al its v comfortable in long routes also

  • nobel |27 Jul,2012 08:14:13 PM

    Hey i planned to buy Toyota liva top end diesel car ,what is your suggestion ? I have read all comments many of them not spoken great about this car .How for is it true ?

    ss |05 Aug,2012 11:05:42 AM

    This table only of Diesel cars..its my personal based experience ..i have 3 cars indica ev2,A star,beat..

  • ss |05 Aug,2012 08:37:16 AM

    buy beat..without any hasitation

  • ss |05 Aug,2012 11:08:40 AM

    This table only of Diesel cars..its my personal based experience ..i have 3 cars indica ev2,A star,beat.. cost (ascending order)- indica ev2 beat figo vista punto liva swift i20 fabia polo mileage-beat ev2 vista swift

  • sarbjit |05 Aug,2012 11:12:11 AM

    interior polo figo vista beat i20 swift exterior i20 beat polo punto figo liva swift spare parts costly(asnding order)..swift(but still parts r coming in waiting like swift own),ev2,vista,beat

  • PS Vijay |14 Nov,2012 03:20:52 PM

    I have booked Toyota Liva Petrol yesterday. please suggest me, what to do now? Whether leave Rs. 10,000 or continue.

    sampath |07 Aug,2013 05:04:27 PM

    Liva is good car , good comfort, good milage. low maintance and price also good compare to other cars. i have buy the car at oct 2011. it's very good for me and good comfort for long drive and in city drive. ABS is superb. i fell superb card. i recommend this car. i love Etios Liva.

  • Anoop Das |27 Jan,2013 08:13:16 PM

    Thanks for the huge response for my Comments. I think you all agree with my judgement. If not, you can understand by the number of Toyota Etios LIVA cars on the road, its very few. I had written this post 1.5 years back, I still stick to my Diesel car ratings 1. Fiat Punto (Drivers Car) 2. Swift Dezire (Family India Car) 3. Chevolet Beat (who love the instrument panel) 4. Volkswagen Polo 5. Ritz (for people who like the rear) 6. Hyndai i10 7. Vista 8. Figo 9. Micra 10 .Liva 11. Chevorlet Sail UVA

    suriya |05 Feb,2013 09:59:23 PM

    hi anoop.. i m planning to buy a hatchback.. this s my first car.. swift s not available and having a long waitin period.. while searchin got impressed wit RENAULT PULSE.. can u tel me pros n cons abt tht car.. pls help..

  • hitesh |15 Feb,2013 12:36:13 AM

    i was a swift lover just one month back i met an accident near beawar while coming from jodhpur to kota. On turn the vehicle gets unbalanced. Its gone in total loss the new swift is still very weak in strength compared to old one. Its only name now. My brother is in IMT MANESAR PLANT where this car is manufactured. So its a risk in this car.Very unbalanced car. Now today i went foe test drive. i took drive in ritz vdi swift vdi and toyota liva d. As far as controlling is concerned liva gd is best. Good boot space and good ground clearence. Tomorrow i will tst drive punto and sail uva. Lets see the difference. But i wii not go with swift or ritz as there boot space is very less. And controll is bla bla bla. So if any liva owner have suggestion tell me.

  • Neeraj Khurana |17 Mar,2013 12:36:18 PM

    can anyone please tell has brio sitting position is low in comparison to i 10?? i m confused between i10 & BRIO , swift due to its old look i am not consideting , and RITZ i dont like the back ,,i have a budget of 5 Lac. my driving will be around 500 km in city per month and around 150-300 average of weekends....PL SUGGEST ME the car for long driving comfort as i got tired in my Old 800 when go on HIghways on weekends..thanks a lot

  • madhu |05 Apr,2013 07:24:15 PM

    hi anoop i m from kolkata pls suggest me a petrol with abs+ebd with good mileage. 5 to 5.5 lakhs

    Anoop Das |06 Apr,2013 08:14:16 PM

    Swift with K Series Engine (proven engine) or go for Micra / Pulse.

    madhu |08 Apr,2013 05:02:11 AM

    thanx anoop

  • Anoop |06 Apr,2013 08:18:08 PM

    My ranking for Diesel choices based on milage,space,cost and resale value will be in the below order . Suzuki Fiat Punto Diesel , Hyundai i20, Swift Diesel

  • Shantanu |19 Dec,2013 02:55:59 PM

    My ranking for Toyota is very much higher than other companies. Now specially the segment Etios they have brought. If you go for Liva , in my opinion it is better than Swift which is the only performer in the market in this segment ( petrol below 5 lakhs) ......

  • jatinder |14 Jan,2014 02:54:13 PM

    i own a Liva GD diesel in march 2013, i am getting an impressive mileage of 22 kmpl with AC. at one journey even i got a mileage of 26 kmpl with ac, so its a better option to buy . in cities i am getting amileage of 17 kmpl

  • tss |28 Feb,2014 01:54:54 PM

    i am a medico professional,own a swift vdi since 7+ yrs - its a damm good car. I got myself a new Liva GDSP in feb 2014, its a no nonsense & practical car, like d interior space, driveabilty, stability slightly better than swift, its a car for sedated driving not 4 racing enthusiastics. swift driving is adrenalin fun on highway but again when ur single & liva is family hatchback with all d comforts & pleasure, NVH levels in liva is comparable to swift - just like in any diesel car - try complete floor matting along with company provided insulation ( in latest models ) 2 reduce NVH levels in liva. i20 is definitely a james bond ( gadgets loaded ) car for common indian but again its high end maintenance with all the electronics / gadgets ( in case of repair / failure ) and complaints of steering rattling issues still haunting it, rest all european models r high end maintenance cars with low mileage.

  • M.Pandurangareddy |07 Apr,2014 01:49:13 PM

    Dear Manufacture I have purchased Toyota Liva petrol car on March 5th 2013 . Up to to DEC 13 It is running OK .Since Dec on wards Battery was not Charging i,e Alternate is not function properly . Show room Team come taken my car rectified Problem ,they will taken at least four days .Again same problem has come on 5th of April .Show team has come taken away ,But what is status ,we have to wait .It is the manufacturing defect .pl rectify from source . Those who are purchasing similar car be careful . has com

  • Kiran |19 Apr,2014 12:00:51 PM

    Hi, I am retired NRI, settling down in INDIA with my wife. Planning to travel a lot by road with very high comfort. Short listed Mercedes ML 350 CDI, BMW X5 30d and Audi Q7 3.0 TDI. These are top quality cars and I have driven them overseas. I want some expert practical comment focussing for Indian road conditions and company maintenance for my selection. Thank you.

  • sudeep killedar |20 Sep,2014 05:12:13 PM

    hi, can anybdy help me in finding the good value for money car. as im using swift vxi from 2006 and know planning to change it. i have taken test drive of Hyundai grand i10, liva,vw polo but still not satisfied when compared with swift........can anyone suggest me which one should i buy.

  • abc |18 Nov,2014 07:31:20 PM

    Hsjj nsjbsbdnjd

  • s h |20 Nov,2014 06:29:05 PM

    Reply. hjshasd

  • Dnyaneshwar |03 Apr,2015 07:24:30 PM

    Hello dear All, In next two months I am planning to buy a diesel or petrol car not sure? But my budget is around 6.0 lacs. Pls suggest me a proper value of money car interms of 1.mileage,2.comfort,3.Engine noise, etc. It will be my first car.

  • manan |16 Nov,2015 09:27:02 PM

    Brought a new liva GD last week..and it was unbeliveable for anyone..i got milage of 24kmpl 😱..car is just wow

  • Amit |18 Nov,2015 06:49:37 PM

    poor rating for comfort as it's most comfortable car

  • Novin vincent |23 Dec,2016 01:11:27 AM

    Anoop ur judgement is wrong. I thunk u don't know abt liva. For a long journey liva is btr than swift and figo don't know abt others. Am owned liva gd 2016. Now finish 5 mnths and km is 15000. Got 20-22 milege in ac. Btr comfort for long and high range drive. Plz dont give bad judgement....

  • rakesh |24 Mar,2017 03:43:14 PM

    can any one suggest me which is the best car for hills . my budget is 6.6 lakhs

  • Vladislav Yakov |27 Oct,2017 01:14:48 PM

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